84K by Claire North


What if your life were defined by a number?What if any crime could be committed without punishment, so long as you could afford to pay the fee assigned to that crime?Theo works in the Criminal Audit Office. He assesses each crime that crosses his desk and makes sure the correct debt to society is paid in full.But when Theo's ex-lover Dani is killed, it's different. This is one death he can't let become merely an entry on a balance sheet.Because w...

Details 84K

Release DateMay 24th, 2018
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Dystopia

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  • Liz Barnsley
    Easy 5* for me. EASY. Claire North writes so beautifully and in such a unique way sometimes I think it doesn't matter what story she is telling, it is all in the way she tells it. As it happens 84K has a brilliantly engaging theme and the whole thing is just wonderful. And a bit scary. Full review nearer to publication.
  • Kate
    A clever and challenging read with a great premise - every crime has a price. This is a world in which only the poor are guilty. While this is probably my least favourite of North's novels, largely due to its fragmented and jumpy style which meant I couldn't engage with characters or story as much as I would have liked, this author continues to astound with her imagination and ambition. Full review to follow closer to publication on For Winter Ni...
  • Andrea
    I've just read the first five chapters of this new book by Claire North - a pre-publication teaser - and now can barely wait to get hold of the full book. I haven't learned a great deal about the story beyond what's in the blurb, but I want more!So far I've liked everything by this author that I've read, and 84K looks to be no exception. The author quickly establishes the setting as London; a London that is kind of familiar, but somewhat disturbi...
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.Claire North, also known under the names of Catherine Webb and Kate Griffin, brings us a brand-new dystopian sci-fi story with 84K. Although I’ve only known her for her huge success upon releasing The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August—which I have yet to read myself—this introduction to her mind has been truly eye-opening. The world she creates in this story comes to life thanks to some o...
  • Aneta Bak
    This book is told from the perspective of Theo Miller, and is told in many different time lines. At times, the different time lines seem to blur together, but I think that made me want to read it even more. Theo Miller works in the Criminal Audit Office, where he evaluates crimes and puts a number to said crime. If the “criminal” can pay, they are free, if they cannot they go to the “patty line” where they practically become slave workers...
  • Kopratic
    84K was my first foray into the writing of Claire North, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. The description intrigued me, though, so I decided to give it a go. And wow.This book made me angry. It made me despair. At times it almost made me lose hope, but there was always a thread of hope running through the text. In short, I loved this book.The most frightening part about this book is that we aren’t really sure the time period it’s se...
  • Sandra
    I have attempted to read this book more than once and just cannot get into it.Its a shame as I loved the sound of the blurb, it sounded like it would be a fascinating read. However the pace of the book was too slow for me and it jumped about a lot. It basically left me feeling like it wasn't going anywhere fast.I'm afraid its a one star and a Did Not Finish from me.On a positive note I love the cover image, it's simplistic yet very intriguing at ...
  • USOM
    (Disclaimer: I received this free book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)I knew I'd be blown away by North's world building - by the concept of the Criminal Audit Office and the ways society is further breaking down. What can I say, I'm an intense nerd. But what I didn't really anticipate was how much Theo would resonate with me. Just how much his plight, his struggles, his motivations would move me...
  • Herminia Chow
    About the book: It’s a standalone sci-fi novel where rich people can commit crimes and pay them off instead of get punished. I received an advanced reader copy from Hachette.First impressions: I had no idea what to expect, but I was taken aback by the writing style. Nevertheless, the story slowly but surely started to grow on me.Characters: By the end of the novel, I liked the characters more than I did at the beginning. Theo, the protagonist, ...
  • Latkins
    I'm a huge fan of Clare North, and this one was a really good one. Maybe not as good as my favourite of hers, The Sudden Appearance of Hope, but that would be hard as that book is so brilliant. With a nod to Orwell's 1984, it's set in an all too believable Britain of extreme capitalism (rather than communism - and yet the two are eerily similar), where everything, even people's lives, comes down to money. Human rights have been abolished, and if ...
  • April
    2.5I got this book as an ARC at a library conference. The premise was fantastic and I was really excited to dive in, but the book itself just got tiresome. It started reading like a really long, exhausting, overly emotional poem with a bit of narrative prose thrown in. There just wasn’t enough plot to justify how long this book dragged on. In the end, it was a disappointment.
  • Paul
    The End of the Day was hands down my favourite novel of 2017, you can check me raving positively about it here. When I received a copy of 84K in the mail I was beyond excited. Turns out I had every cause to be. Claire North’s latest manages the trickiest of tasks. Not only does have something important to say, it is also a genuinely affecting tale. The author is extremely skilled when it comes to crafting her characters. Like most people, Theo ...
  • Books, Vertigo and Tea (Danielle)
    This review may also be found on Books, Vertigo & Tea.My Thoughts84k was my first experience with Claire North’s work. It is my understanding this is her pseudonym used for many of her adult fantasy stories. She has also published a collection of YA titles under her real name Catherine Webb and has works published under Kate Griffin. Quite honestly, I am still attempting to sort it all out. One thing is certain though, her writing speaks to me ...
  • Michaela
    Even though it was hard to follow at times, 84K is a great read and easy to recommend for those who like a futuristic suspenseful thriller. Its Black Mirror-esque look at a society under the rule of a single company is so relevant! Especially with what’s going on in he world now. The implications North explores through the life and times of the protagonist are simultaneously hard to stomach and completely plausible. She created a society where ...
  • Beth
    Short version: It's an odd book. Dystopian - but don't think Hunger Games. Think "The Corporation runs the world". Entire book is done pretty much stream-of-consciousness by the characters, none particularly likeable. Actually - none likeable at all. No connection, which made the constant adding up of crime costs through the book even more creepy than it might otherwise have been (Murder, for example, is worth a set amount, but if there are exten...
  • Laura
    At some point in the future, everything begins to belong to The Company. And The Company is nothing if not efficient - even crime has been monetized, so that every crime has a "dollar" amount (because this is Britain, it's really a pound amount) attached. "Theo", who really isn't Theo, but we never learn his birth name, works in an office that determines how much those crimes will cost the perpetrator, knowing that his very life is something of a...
  • Ed
    It does not surprise me at all that there is quoteon the cover from Cory Doctorow, the near-future not-quite-apocalypse is right up his alley.This is a really, intensely, depressingly plausible vision of a near future in which the natural progression of fiscal growth as the goal of society has gone unchecked. It poses a great question that should really be posed like a pistol at the head of western civilization; why do we want more? We are finite...
  • Jessica Rentcome
    84K by Claire North is a dark sci-fi novel that fans of 1984, Taken, and Brave New World will enjoy. In this British dystopian future, all civil services have been commercialized by The Company. Crimes are audited and valued and a price is established. The cost of murder is £84K. If you can’t pay the crime, you are sent to the patty line—a euphemism for forced labor camps. Theo Miller works in the Crime Audit Office, assigning and assessing ...
  • Sara Wingfield
    Originally posted here on my blogThe plot (in a spoiler-free nutshell): In a future where you can get away with any crime as long as you can pay the ‘indemnity’, Theo Miller, who works for the Criminal Audit Office putting a price on crimes and often the victims’ lives, investigates a murder that doesn’t quite add up.The author: Claire North, otherwise known as Catherine Webb and who also writes as Kate Griffin.It’s a bit like…a poeti...
  • Ti.Me
    I'm deeply sorry to have wasted hours of my life suffering through this tedious, drawn-out piece of dystopian gloom.
  • Tee Wai
    Money speaks in this depressing, sci-fi world with nothing in the name of human rights or mass petitioning.Read full review here: biblichor.com
  • Joe Jones
    What if everything had a price? Commit any crime you like and if you have enough money you can walk away with no consequences. Welcome to 84K and a world that seems all to plausible in today’s environment. We meet Theo Miller, who’s job it is to put a monetary price on crime. Everything changes for Theo when his latest case involves an old girlfriend being murdered. Now he must decide if he will honor her last wish to find the daughter he nev...