The Man I Think I Know by Mike Gayle

The Man I Think I Know

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TitleThe Man I Think I Know
Release DateApr 19th, 2018
PublisherHodder & Stoughton

Reviews The Man I Think I Know

  • Rachel Gilbey
    Really no idea about to review this as the specifics that make James and Danny such special characters are best discovered by the reader. I truly believe going into this book with no preconceptions or thoughts as to what greatness would lie between its pages was the best way forward as anything else would have spoilt the surprise. I have always enjoyed Mike Gayle's writing but although this does feature male friendship this a book that is sweet, ...
  • Agi
    Having been a great fan of Mike Gayle since reading his first novel "My Legendary Girlfriend" I am always impatiently waiting for his new release. This time he let us wait long but it was worth the wait, as I think that "The Man I Think I Know" must be his best novel yet. Mike Gayle has always been a champion of writing about relationships but this time he's opted for a different one, this of a friendship, and still he pulled it off completely, d...
  • Rebecca Emin
    I have been a fan of Mike Gayle for many years so I was excited to read this book. However as I began reading I noticed a change in his writing, I can’t really describe what it is that made me think that but this book really grabbed me early on and made me realise it would be one that would stay with me long after turning the last page.James and Danny are introduced gradually from each of their point of view. This is really cleverly done as the...
  • Colin
    A scholarship boy and a boy from a wealthy family,compete for an academic prize,in the sixth form of the country’s top private school.Twenty years later they meet in a care home where the rich kid is having respite care because of a brain injury. The man from the poor family had his benefits taken away and has become a carer as a last resort.Eventually he ends up caring for the rich kid. Written in simple language with dull prose style I found ...
  • LindyLouMac
    Mike Gayle is one of Britain's favourite authors, I have to admit that is the first book of his that I have read! Thanks to LoveReading for giving me the opportunity to read and review 'The Man I Think I Know' I will now be looking out for more of his work.Having not read this author before or seeing any reviews prior to reading I was able to pick this up with absolutely no preconceptions and to be honest I was surprised as it was not what I expe...
  • Katherine Hayward
    Danny has had bad luck in life. Unemployed, he has just been given an ultimatum from his girlfriend- he has to find a job or she'll leave him. When he spots a job at a respite home, he's sure he's not cut out for it. He has no choice- if he doesn't want to end up alone, he has to take the job. James was living a privileged life as an MP and property developer. He had it all. This is, until "the Incident" that left him with Acquired Brain Injury (...
  • Diane Whiting
    If you are only going to read one book this year make sure that you don't waste your time and make it this one. Just occasionally I find myself reading something desperately trite and badly written and wonder just how I made the mistake of buying it. I think you sometimes have to be wary of Amazon recommendations. People seem to have liked this book but I found it so tedious. Even the two main characters were cardboard cutouts. I had to keep chec...
  • Clair
    I am a huge fan of Mike Gayle’s books and have loved every single one of them so to say I was going into this book with high expectations was an understatement. I am absolutely thrilled to say that this book lives up to all its predecessors, The Man I Think I Know is another fabulous, heartfelt and funny read with characters you fall in love with.At its heart, The Man I Think I Know is a book about an seemingly unlikely friendship between two v...
  • Hayley
    Oh man did this utterly tug at my heart strings. I’ve been a fan of Mike Gayle for years now, but this book utterly blew me away.James was once on the path to brilliance. He had just been elected a Labour MP after a huge successful career in property development. Then a violent attack left him brain damaged and unable to function on his own. He is utterly dependant on his parents.When his sister sends James’ mum and dad on a cruise for their ...
  • Mary
    Chick lit but made me cry
  • Son Agia
    Kualitas novel baru Mike Gayle hampir selalu lebih baik dari novel sebelumnya. Bukti autentik penulis konsisten.Mike Gayle nulis buku keren? Biasa.Mike Gayle nulis bromance? Brilian.Kalo aja punya banyak waktu luang, pengen banget saya nerjemahin The Man I Think I Know sebelum diambil sama penerbit yang biasa nyewa jasa google translate. Orang-orang layak baca buku ini secara utuh tanpa distraksi makna kalimat yang mengganggu. Barangkali penasara...
  • Fiona Mccormick
    This is a truly wonderful book! James and Danny attended public school together but when they they meet up in later life, it is in a totally unexpected situation. After initially denying they had ever met, the two go on to build up a wonderful, quirky friendship that none of them could ever have imagined.I could totally empathise with James's parents, they were so heartbroken for their son and found it hard to let him lead his own life. Danny was...
  • Sara Oxton
    The Man I think I know by Mike Gayle one of the most powerful books I will ever read. I have read several of the authors book before and enjoyed them, but this one blew me away. This was such a well written story, it touched my heart and made me openly weep it’s a powerful story of a different type of love, the love of friendship. I am even crying writing this review and smiling at some of the funny moments in the story, I think its touched me ...
  • Rea Cobb
    I have read many of Mike Gayle’s novels but having just finished reading his latest release The Man I Think I Know it is easy for me to say that this book is by far his best book yet and will be a book that everyone will be talking about.The storyline is told by James and Danny who both used to go to the same school but were more in competition with each other than friends. Being at such a thought after school the lads were destined for big thi...
  • Jo Furniss
    James de Witt and Danny Allen should be kings of the world. Instead, they are vanquished by life.Although they came from different backgrounds, both excelled at a school that breeds statesmen, champions of industry, thought-leaders. Years later, we meet the two men in their thirties; James survived a violent attack that left him with a brain injury, and Danny is determined to self-destruct after a mysterious incident that killed his sister. In a ...
  • Fiona Mccormick
    This is a truly wonderful book! James and Danny attended public school together but when they they meet up in later life, it is in a totally unexpected situation. After initially denying they had ever met, the two go on to build up a wonderful, quirky friendship that none of them could ever have imagined.I could totally empathise with James's parents, they were so heartbroken for their son and found it hard to let him lead his own life. Danny was...
  • Sharon
    This is an excellent read that had me engrossed from the first chapter. I've read many of this author's previous books and he never fails to deliver. This one is a gem!It tells the story of 2 men, James and Danny, both of whose lives intersected at school and then again in adulthood. I don't want to say anymore as it would spoil the read, but, it's a gripping tale about relationships, the tenuous thread of life and health and the ripple effect of...
  • Clo
    Please do a sequel to this 🙏This was the most amazing book I have read in such a long time. When I first read the blurb I had no idea what kind of book i was going to end up reading but my goodness what a book. I resonated with Danny more so than I have with any character in a long time. How real he was, the life he had, yet selflessly puts himself in the shoes of James and literally gives him a new lease of life. Trouble is I need to know the...
  • Natasha Ellis
    I love Mike Gayle and this didn’t disappoint. I loved both characters and their bromance. I found the story both sad and uplifting. I could have read more about them and the only reason it’s not 5 stars is because I found the ending rushed and didn’t really like the epilogue.
  • Liesbeth
    Absolutely loved this book!Best book I’ve had the pleasure to read in ages. James and Danny Allen. Attended the same boarding school, although didn’t really connect during their time there. Both lives took unexpected turns, and they meet again. This book is warm, very well written and never boring. I’ll miss James and Danny, didn’t want the book to end.
  • Judy Reynolds
    I couldn't put this down. Quite different from most of the books I usually read. Mike Gayle makes you very quickly care about the two main characters and want to know they are going to be ok.My only criticism would be that the ending seemed rushed and a little too neat. I wanted to stay with them for longer - I'm going to miss them!
  • Moose
    I have been a Mike Gayle fan for a loooong time and this book does not disappoint. Warm and compelling. I had the audio book in my car so I didn't have to stop reading it and the lovely voices made it come to life even more. loved it!
  • Lesley Halliday
    Didn’t know what to expect from this book, I’ve read previous books by Mike Gayle and have really enjoyed them. This didn’t disappoint, thoroughly enjoyed this story really lovely
  • Jan
    To me this was reminiscent of Me before you, by Jojo Moyes. I loved that so this one slightly missed compared to that one, but nevertheless was very good reading and quite inspirational.
  • Georgina Wyatt
    Finished this in one day, such a great book, inspirational, emotional and motivating. Its a story of how true friendship can heal in unexpected ways
  • Daniella Traill
    A charming tale about two men whose lives weren’t supposed to turn out the way they did, the brightest and most promising pupils at their prestigious boarding school: one whose depression consumes him and wastes all his opportunities, the other who has suffered a brain injury at the peak of his career. It is a story, fundamentally, about how unfair life is. This book… the plot was lovely and unique; it’s the type of book that could be made ...
  • Pat Osment
    This is a brilliant book about friendship ,the importance of true friends and the impact on the damaged lives of both Danny and James.It is warm,heartfelt at times very funny even though there is an underlying sadness at how both their lives have turned out.The writing style is simple but so enjoyable I didn,t want the book to end.Well worth reading.
  • Karen
    Brilliant, I just loved this book.
  • Peter Tennant
    Loved it!! Heart rending, emotional, a tricky storyline, that only Mike Gayle can handle!!! And plenty of mentions of Birmingham!!!
  • Paula Sealey
    A wonderfully uplifting read, I found myself thoroughly involved in this story about loss, love and friendships. When two old acquaintances meet after many years, their lives have both taken very different paths to those they invisaged, and not for the better. Through a renewed friendship though, they may just be able to save each other.It was refreshing to read about two male main characters. James and Danny are extremely well written and I was ...