Accidental Heroes by Danielle Steel

Accidental Heroes

A decorated former Air Force pilot. A pregnant flight attendant. A dedicated TSA agent. The fates of these three, and many others, converge in Danielle Steel’s gripping new novel—a heart-stopping thriller that engages ordinary men and women in the fight of their lives during a flight from New York to San Francisco. On a beautiful May morning at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport, two planes have just departed for San Francisco—one a 757...

Details Accidental Heroes

TitleAccidental Heroes
Release DateMar 20th, 2018
PublisherDelacorte Press
GenreFiction, Romance, Adult Fiction, Adventure, Womens Fiction, Mystery, Contemporary

Reviews Accidental Heroes

  • Rhonda B
    I literally could not put this down. The best book she has ever written in my opinion. There is so much mystery revolving around a flight from New York to San Francisco each page is building upon who is responsible that I could not stop reading. Then in the end there is love, sigh. She couldn't leave us without a touch of romance thrown in. Highly recommended!! BTW, first five star of 2018
  • Sherri Thacker
    Sorry Danielle Steel, this one just didn’t do it for me. DNF
  • Simon
    With apologies to anyone who disagrees but rarely have I felt this negatively about any book in my entire life . . .Danielle Steel has done something quite out of the ordinary. She had a very interesting romantic notion about people becoming accidental heroes and tried making a thriller out of it. So did this best-selling author of romantic fiction and chick-lit succeed in turning it into a genuine suspense thriller as it is currently listed?No. ...
  • Camilla
    This is another winner for Danielle Steel. I don't know how she keeps up the prolific pace of her writing, but I'm surely glad she does. I always feel good after I read one of her books, and this one was no different. Thank you Ms. Steel for making my day.
  • Susan Weber
    A page turner! I couldn't put it down. A airport security finds a card that makes her feel like something awful might happen. She tells her supervisor who tells her it is nothing and to return to work.....but because of a nagging feeling she notifies security. Is the airplane that just took off going to have an incident or land without any problems. Normal people doing normal jobs and living their normal lives may be turned into heroes.
  • Allison
    Predictable Steel read. Everything is great, bad stuff happens, everything turns out great in the end. All wrapped up neatly in a bow. Good quick read. :)
  • Daphne Brownlee
    And she's back...............Finally! The Danielle Steel book I've been waiting for! I have been reading her books for over 40 years and for the most part have enjoyed most of them. But this is up there with some of her earlier books. Way to go, Ms. Steel!
  • Theresa Smith Writes
    You know those airport TV shows? Border Security, Aircrash Investigations, Blackbox? They’re the sort of TV shows that always seem to be on and I always find myself quite easily sucked into them. Accidental Heroes is exactly like one of those TV shows. I’ve been suffering from an illness these last few weeks and was feeling a bit flat and headachy, wanting something to read but wanting it to be quick and engaging, rather than deep and contemp...
  • Nancy Cormier
    I love to read Danielle Steel when I am pressed for time as her stories flow easily. There were a few times I closed to book to make sure it was a Danielle Steel book as it was of a different level of writing. I recommend this book to read. A real thriller.
  • Deborah Imhof
    Different I truly enjoyed this book. It wasn’t a typical DS romance. I did enjoy the “suspense” - so not a normal part of her writing. In the end romance wins and everything is tied up neatly with a pretty bow. Is it real life, no but who cares...I read fiction to escape.
  • Marsha Lambert
    RivetingI absolutely loved this book. It was superb! Heart pounding, edge of my seat, couldn’t stop reading until I finished it. To me it was a bit different in style than Danielle Steele usually writes and yet, it was a great read. A single mother who has her eye on the future and is determined to do the right thing, a woman who flew planes in the Air Force, lost her husband in a very public way and is now a single mother of 3 who flies commer...
  • Lisa
    Danielle Steel has a way of making the characters jump off the page. This book got me from page one. A solid commentary on something that, unfortunately, is almost commonplace in this day and age. Well written and very absorbing!!
  • Susan Mckee
    Loved this book! Suspenseful, with great characters. Story takes place over six hours of an airplanes flight from JFK in New York to San Francisco. Plot underscores the value of following your gut and Taft heroism is not something to plan for but, happens on accident.
  • Kim Cabanting
    I know I'm a Danielle Steel fanatic but this will go down as one of my faves. It was suspenseful, touching, and sweet.
  • sandra
    Danielle Steele comes through again!I usually read her books cover to cover! Love her characters and the great variety of settings in her books. Have to admit I like her happy endings to most of her novel
  • Patricia Tilton
    "Accidental Heroes" is a thrilling, suspenseful and timely book about a heroing experience aboard a flight from JFK to San Francisco. It is a short book, but I think Steel covered what was important on a five-hour flight -- even though I wanted to know more. As a writer, I think she didn't over write the story and left enough to the reader's imaginations. Steel gave readers a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at an airport that we rarely ...
  • Jan
    Accidental Heroes is Danielle Steele’s novel about a fateful airplane flight. She does a great job of developing characters and providing a suspenseful storyline. The book seems to be well-researched, except for the part about Air Traffic Controllers. With that being my husband’s profession, I have the inside skinny on it. In actuality, air traffic controllers at San Francisco would have had more info about the problem onboard the flight. I r...
  • Bhargles
    Danielle Steel writes about Homeland security working to figure out who has the potential to bring an airborne plane down on the Golden Gate Bridge. I read Danielle Steel when I want an easy read. I don’t mean that in a negative way, but I just don’t find her writing very descriptive or involved. She gets to the point quickly in her novels and you don’t need much interpretive skills to decipher what she is saying. That being said, it was a ...
  • Jennifer
    A story about a pilot and co-pilot who where in the cock pit together. They also had a veteran pilot with them that was being retired for a medical reason. The co-pilot was cocky. he made a comment about the pilot being a woman. Then at the terminal getting checked in he made a racial slur. Bernice checked them in to the plane. Later she found a postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge with a note that was threatening. She told her supervisor and she l...
  • Evana Nardi
    It had been decades since the last time I read a Danielle Steel book. when I saw this book prominently displayed at my local library and read the jacket, I was under the impression that this would be a mystery-thriller type of book - a genre that I truly enjoy -and a change from what she normally writes. Unfortunately, the book did not turn out to be very good. the first 1/2 dealt with the "mystery" part of the book and started off interesting en...
  • Sharon
    TSA Agent Bernice Adams finds a suspicious postcard and calls security, thus starting an investigation into whether or not someone on one of two planes headed for San Francisco has terrorism in mind. As the jets bear down on the Golden Gate Bridge, strangers team up together making them accidental heroes.I love to read Danielle Steel after a couple of heavy book club books. She rarely disappoints. I particularly enjoyed this one - the story was f...
  • Linda
    A TSA agent goes over her supervisor's head after finding a post card left in a tray after a plane's passengers had gone through their normal search. Her supervisor saw nothing worth reporting, but ended up glad she was ignored. After several agencies were brought into the decision making there were three people being looked at very closely. All were in the cockpit. What , if any, danger may there be to passengers and crew and what, if anything c...
  • Trisha Ontiveros
    This was one of those Danielle Steel books that surprised me. I didn’t read what the book was about first. Totally caught me off guard! I was caught up in this book from the moment I started reading. I enjoyed the different storylines about the lives of those involved. I was surprised by what happened. Can’t say I didn’t figure it out closer to the end. I can always count on a Danielle Steel book to draw me into the pages!
  • By Promise
    I just completed reading Accidental Heroes by Danielle Steel. Though not one of my favorite books by Steel it is worthy of reading. The book starts off slow with the introduction of the main characters but the suspense begins and continues progressively to keep you reading. The characters in this novel are different from characters usually found in Steel's novels but no less courageous and interesting.
  • Dawn
    This is the DS book that I have been waiting a long time for her to write. She is usually very formatic but she veered off the path and for me, it worked! The editing seem to be tighter as well. I felt like she didn't say the same thing over and over as she usually does. At least, not as much. Sometimes, I felt though like I was reading the female version of a book written about Captain Sully. Thanks DS for a book that I knew you had in you!
  • Rita
    I didn't want to put this one down, Ms Steel left her comfort zone for this one and she did a great job. First the characters were so well written, I felt like I knew each one of them before the actual story got started --- and then the story itself, what a page turner....I was nervous and crying and so emotional.And then to top it all off, when the main story ended she spent lots of time with all the main characters. Not just pages but chapters....
  • Ellen
    I’m not much of a Danielle Steele fan. However, the description of this book sounded like something I would enjoy. Unfortunately, her writing style is too “Dick and Jane” for me-not sure how else to describe it. I was disappointed in the interaction between the characters. There was really very little drama, and it was very predictable. The book was downhill after the climax so I skimmed the last several chapters.
  • Ginny
    I listened to the audio version of the book. The narrator did a fabulous job of conveying the story. This was a great story. I enjoyed how the Author haves us insight into the characters before the crux of the story. We really felt what the characters where experiencing. Their was strong character development and plenty of suspense to keep us on the edge of our seat and some tears shed along the way.
  • Laura Rash
    I always consider a DS book like comfort food. I’m rarely disappointed by one. This one was a tad different from her normal writing storylines with such excitement I thought I was reading a thriller! Of course some romance thrown in & a not so perfect/perfect ending made for an altogether fabulous read.