Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough

Blood Water Paint

A debut novel based on the true story of the iconic painter, Artemisia Gentileschi.Her mother died when she was twelve, and suddenly Artemisia Gentileschi had a stark choice: a life as a nun in a convent or a life grinding pigment for her father's paint.She chose paint.By the time she was seventeen, Artemisia did more than grind pigment. She was one of Rome's most talented painters, even if no one knew her name. But Rome in 1610 was a city where ...

Details Blood Water Paint

TitleBlood Water Paint
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherDutton Books for Young Readers
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Poetry

Reviews Blood Water Paint

  • destiny ☠ howling libraries
    Content warnings: sexual assault, misogyny, suicidal thoughts, violence, brief physical torture, victim-blaming, slut-shaming, murder, betrayal. I will show you what a woman can do. When I was given the opportunity to participate in a blog tour for this book’s release, I was absolutely elated. I didn’t know much about the writing itself, but I knew that it was historical fiction (check), feminist (check), widely beloved by a slew of my favori...
  • Laura
    I wish menwould decideif women are heavenlyangels on high,or earthbound sculpturesfor their gardensBut either way we’re beautyfor consumption. This was really quite powerful and beautiful and devastating all at the same time. It is based on the true story of Artemisia Gentileschi, an iconic painter from the seventeenth century. Blood Water Paint is written in verse for the majority of the novel with the exception of the stories of Judith and S...
  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    This is a hard book to decently review. It's a verse novel, first of all. I think it's nigh-impossible to review a verse novel well. And this is not just a verse novel; it is a book that gets its chief power out of emotionality and importance.If you've read the blurb, you know this follows the story of 17th-century painter Artemisia Gentileschi. Or at least, the beginning of her story. When she was seventeen, Artemisia had taken on most of the du...
  • alice (arctic books)
    Simply put, BLOOD WATER PAINT is a stunning and heartbreaking novel. I finished this in one sitting, partly because it was in free verse so the pages went by incredibly quickly, and partly because the writing and plot were so captivating.BLOOD WATER PAINT follows Artemisia, a young artist living in 17th century Italy, who lives to paint, paints to live. In the aftermath of rape, Artemisia tries to find solace in a couple of her painting’s subje...
  • Mackenzi
    I LOVE this book. Official blurb/review to come.
  • Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)
    “I wish men would decide if women are heavenly angels on high, or earthbound sculptures for their gardens.” Wow. This book was so heavy and powerful and important. Blood Water Paint is a historical novel told in verse following the life of 17th century painter, Artemisia Gentileschi, from the loss of her mother at an early age to her rape and the trial that followed. Blood Water Paint is a moving story about women and power and resolve and i...
  • Rachael
    ”She is not small. She is not weak. She will never, ever be feebleminded. And above all, she is outraged.” This was a hard book to read in more than one way – and I eventually just had to stop around the 75 percent mark because it was getting to be too painful. I usually reserve two- and one-star ratings for books that I don’t finish, but this was, honestly, an excellent book!! Just not for me. Artemisia Gentileschi is one of my favorite...
  • Cindy
    I just finished this heart-stopping debut and don't even quite have the words to describe it. Joy McCullough's verse is spare and evocative, and her rendering of Artemisia is compelling. But what really sets BLOOD WATER PAINT apart is the phenomenal exploration of women's stories and women's power (or lack thereof). The touches of surreal magic woven through add a depth and richness that turns this into the ultimate ode to a woman's incredible st...
  • Amanda Rawson Hill
    I read an early version of this and Wow! I've read a lot of verse novels in my life, the poetry in this was one of the absolute best. I couldn't put it down and it stayed with me for days. Honestly, it's been six months since I read and I still find myself thinking about it. This will haunt you in the best ways.
  • Rachel Solomon
    Possibly the most powerful book I've ever read.
  • Nicole Brinkley
    Ellen Hopkins meets Ruta Sepetys in Joy McCullough's stunning debut novel. Artemisia Gentileschi is one of the most famous female painters in history—but first, she was a woman fighting for her own voice to be heard. This novel-in-verse tells the tale of her teenage years, of her stumbles into the women who would become the subjects of her most famous paintings and of the rapist who would take everything from her. Raw, unflinching, and ultimate...
  • Shan
    Beautiful. This is mostly written in verse, which was new to me but my YA-loving daughter tells me it's not that uncommon in young adult lit. The main story, based on the true story of the 17th-century painter Artemisia Gentileschi, is in verse, and the subplots about Bible characters Susanna (the one spied upon in her bath by lecherous elders) and Judith (the one who cut off the enemy army leader's head) are in prose. I expected it to be hard to...
  • K.A.
    It's not very often I read a book that understands much of the way my heart was broken so many years ago. That holds my hand and cries with me. That stands alongside me and stares the horror in the eye. These are not stories we like to talk about, not monsters we like to expose to the light. But they are stories that need to be told. And this story is one of them. BLOOD WATER PAINT is so powerful and empowering. The poetry, the art, the strength,...
  • Vicky Who Reads
    5 starsBased on the true story of the iconic painter, Artemisia Gentileschi, Blood Water Paint is a stunning debut in verse on feminism, rape, and justice in a historical setting.Artemisia Gentileschi's mother died when she was twelve and she now lives with her father, painting his commissions as he signs his name on her work. Rome in 1610 is a dangerous place as men take what they want and Artemisia is faced with a choice between a life of silen...
  • Alyssa
    This book is a beautifully tragic retelling of the story of Artemisia Gentileschi, a painter living in 17th century Rome. I cannot recommend it enough. Written in verse, this book simultaneously reveals so much in very little words while also describing details commonly left out in storytelling. I found that the verse style made the writing have a much greater impact on the reader, as it added a poetic feeling that flowed well but also showed the...
  • Aitana
    From the beginning, I knew that this was going to be a book that I fell in love with, and fall I did. The verse that McCullough uses throughout the book is lyrical and powerful at the same time, mirroring the writing of my favorite poets, and in conjunction with the importance of Artemisia's story makes for a book that all teenage girls should read, especially in a society where sexual harassment and rape culture are increasingly prevalent.Recent...
  • Julie
    This is hard to read. Not just because I'm not usually a verse person, but because it's so painful and real. Blood Water Paint is beautiful and haunting and it doesn't hold back. It tells the story of the women who have long been objects for men and the ways they fight back - a story that takes place in the past, but is painfully relevant today. I wasn't familiar with Artemisia before this book came to my attention and I'm so glad I've been given...
  • Heather Ezell
    Gutting and beautiful and devastating and wholly inspiring. This is without a doubt the most powerful, timely novels I've read this year and I'm already eager to reread post-release.
  • Jen Petro-Roy
  • Katherine Locke
    Well that was outstanding. I suspect this will be a Morris finalist or winner, and a Printz honor or winner. It's that good. Lyrical and powerful. A book that'll stick to my bones for a long long time.
  • Jessica Lawson
    I read an early version of this and was SO impressed. The depth of feeling and the conviction of all of the women (no spoilers, but the artist is influenced by others who have faced IMMENSE challenges) ...this is a powerful, heartfelt, gritty, visceral story and the writing reflects that. I believe it's the kind of novel that can save lives. READ IT.
  • Rachel Strolle
    Super good & beautifully writtenTW: Sexual assault
  • Eva
    5 stars. Wow. I think this book is what so many others try desperately to be: provocative, insightful, consuming, and relevant. This is the kind of genre and form blending that is as difficult to execute as it is thrilling to read. While written in verse, Blood Water Paint follows a plot much like any prose, and while based on the history of female painter Artemisia Gentileschi, feels decidedly modern in its themes (rape culture, feminism, justic...
  • Tara
    “I will show you what a woman can do” is the anthem for this book that I want to personally take to heart. Honestly, I thought the cover was beautiful, so I was delighted to find a story as beautifully tragic within the pages to match. Told in a free verse/short story hybrid that weaves the stories of Artemisia, Judith and Susanna, this book will wow you through the ordeal of women struggling in a male dominated society and fighting to stand ...
  • Liz Overberg
    This is the story of a talented painter in 17th Century Rome--who happens to be a teenage girl. Her father, a mediocre artist, forces her to complete his commissions to support the family, while he takes credit for her work. Always pushing her to become better, her father hires a handsome new teacher to tutor her in perspective. The teacher offers her lessons about lines, but also charms her with the promise of a different life. Our young woman b...
  • Niki Marion
    TW: sexual assault, rapeThis verse novel will slice you up. It's visceral, raw, and unique in that it tells a tragically all-too-familiar story about an important figure in the art historical world that many teens might not know of: Artemisia Gentileschi. McCullough interweaves the stories of two famous women (and subsequent subjects of Artemisia's paintings), Susanna and Judith, to craft a distinctly female creative community and network of supp...
  • Sharon Roat
    I read an early version of this gorgeous novel and it completely blew me away. I can't wait to get my hands on the finished book. Joy's writing grabs you by the heart and twists. Prepare to be breathless and awe-struck. Seriously. She's that good.REVISED TO ADD: I just read an ARC and whoa, it's even more stunning and gripping than I remembered. If you don't read historical fiction because you think it's not relevant, uh, hold onto your hat. I wi...
  • Krys
    A bold, fresh, and inventive take on the story of Artemisia Gentileschi, the first female member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. Told in lyrical prose, we fall in love with painting through Artemisia's eyes, and weep for her when her gifts are taken from her by others. Searing, brutal, painful, and passionate, this is a novel that screams with the power of its own voice.