Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson

Live Fearless

Sadie Robertson, bestselling author and star of Dancing with the Stars, has an important message for her generation: you don't have to be held back by fear, anxiety, or loneliness anymore. In Live Fearless, Sadie takes you on a thrilling personal journey toward power, passion, and purpose as you live at the center of who God created you to be!Dear friends,I don't know about you, but I'm pretty tired of the struggle. You know which one I mean--fea...

Details Live Fearless

TitleLive Fearless
Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreChristian, Nonfiction, Self Help

Reviews Live Fearless

  • Alyssa
    This is such a wonderful book. I am a 26 year old woman and I have been struggling with fear, anxiety, and depression for quite a while. I picked up this book without a whole lot of belief that it would help much. I mean, what help could this young woman be to me. Turns out, a lot! I have followed Duck Dynasty and read the books by the other members of this wonderful family but I didn’t think I would learn so much from someone quite a bit young...
  • Amy Langmaack
    Despite the fact that it's definitely not my word for the year, fear seems to be taking a front row seat in my reading. Not only have I read a few books combating fear this year, the high school retreat we had a few months ago focused on Joshua and how he faced his fears as well.  Combating fear is never an easy task, but in her new book Live Fearless, Sadie Robertson reminds us that it is possible.I've been a Roberston family fan since the ear...
  • Kyle Robertson
    I originally wanted to read this book to see if it would be beneficial for my daughters to read once they enter their teen years. However, the more I read, the more I began to enjoy it and the message that Sadie pours out in it. Let me preface this review by saying I never really watched Duck Dynasty. I've only seen two episodes. Plus I do not watch Dancing With the Stars. I read this book as a Christian father with two young daughters that are g...
  • Michaela Bush
    I erronously pre-ordered this book expecting something that would tell me how to pursue a career including my God-given talents. I got something that is much more than that, and uncovered things I didn't even think about. Fear is something that is incredibly popular in today's society, to the point that maybe we're assimilating it into everyday life. But for me? No sir. No thanks. Nope...which is why I read the book, re-read it to take notes, and...
  • Sarah Neumann
    I highly recommend this book! We all deal with fear in one way or another. Do yourself a favor and READ THIS!!!!
  • Callie
    Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson…where do I even start? This book swept me off my feet. I know it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable, and this book was full of vulnerability from Sadie about times she was afraid and how she overcame fear.I loved everything about this book! I was afraid it was going to be a nice concept without much practical application, but Sadie made it personal and relatable and it really hit close to home for me. I rea...
  • Taffy
    Opening line:"After years of wrestling with being afraid of various things for various reasos, I can now say that I live a fearless life."Whether you're religious or not, this is a great book on learning to overcome, or conquering, fear, or what to do to center yourself in your life. Sadie uses her personal stories to drive home the points she's trying to make. With scripture and personal testimony sprinkled throughout each chapter, plus exercise...
  • Devri
    Currently, my walk in life is not as Godly as I wish it to be. At one point I was turning to God and felt like I was following his path. However, somewhere along the way, I allowed the fear that Sadie discusses throughout this book to encompass me. I am scared of what is to come in life. I am scared to see myself grow and what tomorrow will bring but the way this book is written allows you as a reader to not only reignite or even ignite your walk...
  • Diana
    "What if each day we used to the best of our ability what God has uniquely put inside of us to change the world?" by Sadie Robertson the author of Live Fearless.Let me begin by saying I was excited to read this book when I first heard of it and after I was able to attain it, I read it with great interest. Filled with quotes from scripture, encouraging words, and valuable life lessons, Sadie's book allowed me to stop and revaluate my Faith and mot...
  • Tzigane Monda
    I would recommend this well written and truly helpful book to those who are looking for words of encouragement, those who may be going through a tough time and need help getting through it, and those who are struggling to overcome their fears. I think it would be especially helpful to the teen getting ready to graduate high school (possibly sophomores and juniors as well) and also to the young adult who is finishing college and beginning life on ...
  • Michelle Kidwell
    Live FearlessA Call to Power, Passion, and Purposeby Sadie RobertsonThomas Nelson: CHILDREN'SThomas NelsonChristian , Teens & YAPub Date 06 Feb 2018I am reviewing a copy of Live Fearless through Thomas Nelson and Netgalley:In this book bestselling author as well as star of Dancing With the Stars reminds us what it is to Live Fearless in Jesus. It reminds us that it is okay to get tired of the struggle.Robertson points out that in order to overcom...
  • Jennifer
    I think everyone, religious or not, should read this book and at least take some of the lessons into your life. There is good advice in its pages. As I read the book, I constantly thought about some of the stories and messages. They stay with you even after you finish reading. The only thing that really threw me, was the different versions of the Bible used. I only use one version, so it felt odd reading verses with wording I didn't recognize. It...
  • BookOfCinz
    It is hard to live fearless in a world that makes you feel so fearful. What is even harder is to be fearless and put your trust in God and live by faith. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real- we all KNOW this but we don't KNOW KNOW. I appreciated this book, it is a timely reminder to cast ALL our fears on God and trust in him. Living in fear means you are not achieving your full purpose in life. I loved how the book had different prompts that ca...
  • Lovely Loveday
    Live Fearless is a beautifully written book that is full of encouragement. The perfect book for anyone who is looking for a encouraging word to help them go through a difficult time in their life. This would make a great gift to any high school graduate who is headed off to college. Live Fearless has activities that will help you on your journey of living a fearless life that is centered around scripture. When reading you will feel as if you are ...
  • Madison Loveday
    Live Fearless is the perfect book for any teenager who might be struggling right now with fear. Robertson shares how she has battled some serious issues in her life as a result of fear. She pushed through the fear and learned how to live fearlessly based on truth in the Scripture. Sadie and I are close in age and I found this book easy to relate to and understand. We both have dealt with some form of anxiety in our lives and this book has taught ...
  • Mandi
    Not just for teens.I feel like this book is probably marketed towards teens. Or at least that was my assumption when I started reading it. I thought I would read it first then pass it on to my 16 year old. I was so pleasantly surprised though.Full of truth delivered in such a sweet voice. I've heard Sadie on a podcast (and enjoyed it so much I listened a second time). I've even watched a few of her messages online. She is a young woman who is on ...
  • Lindsey Thomas
    I enjoyed the book and hearing from Sadie's heart. Her passion for Christ and love for all people is evident, and she offers great advice to new believers or believers who have never quite understood how to gone deeper in their walk. That said, the writing style is definitely geared more toward high schoolers (which makes sense, because I think Sadie graduated only a couple of years ago). Nothing super deep or profound here, but it was a light an...
  • Bailey
    Live Fearless is an amazing book about learning how to overcome fear and step outside of your comfort zone. Sadie Robertson gives very insightful ways and tips to living fearless and application to your life. Its a great book to sit down for 10 minutes and spend some time reading and taking notes, and spending time really understanding what it means to live fearless. Live Fearless is an amazing book about learning how to overcome fear and step...
  • Jessica Hoerner
    A guide to becoming fearlessLive Fearless is a real, honest, open discussion about one person's struggle with and ultimate victory over fear through Christ. A step by step, non-judgemental guide to finding freedom from fear through Christ, combined with the delightful and funny stories of one young servant of God.
  • Asha Joshua
    Simple delivery of the riches of God’s word. I loved the practical applications and the appropriate illustrations. The concept of living a life of a legend was so beautifully explained. I would recommend this book to any one who desires to life life fearlessly ,trusting God completely.
  • Emily Keith
    Over a month spent on this journey and it has been amazing. Sadie speaks GODS word encouraging you to overcome the chains of fear in HIS name! Great book, but only GOD can save! I am so thankful GOD has redeemed me in ways I didn’t know were even possible. I LOVE YOU GOD 🙏💕
  • Samantha Gould
    This is a must-read for Christian teens and 20-somethings. The writing style is very conversational. Sadie includes many powerful Biblical examples as well as real-world examples on how to "live fearless."
  • Faith Anna✨
    I’ve just read this book in a few hours, and it is a very beautiful read. Something very inspiring and true. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is struggling with fear, struggling with finding who you are. Read it with an open mind and open heart, it may change your life for the better.
  • NerdyBookishBeauty
    Such an amazing book for youth and those with young ones in the home. I adored how personally this was written and thankful for NetGalley and the publisher who gave me the chance to read this for my honest opinion. I recommend this to any youth group looking for a new study book for the new year!
  • Tasha
    Good book for young teens to read!
  • Miriam
    I am not the age group this book was written for but I did think it was well written and the gospel truth was spot on.
  • Isabel Hicks
    Sadie Robertson is an incredible role model to me! What she does and how she lives her life is magnificent! I don't know what I would do without a role model like Sadie! She is always so positive in what she says and does! I love that she does whatever God has called her to do! God has told her to 'live fearless' and 'live original' in her everyday life. And she does it! Sadie, you are truly an inspiration to me! Thank you Sadie for doing and bec...
  • Alley Marie
    so great!!!
  • Amanda
    Forth coming.