Everywhere You Want to Be by Christina June

Everywhere You Want to Be

From author Christina June comes Everywhere You Want to Be, a modern tale inspired by the classic Red Riding Hood.Matilda Castillo has always done what she was told, but when she gets injured senior years, she watches her dreams of becoming a contemporary dancer slip away. So when Tilly gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend the summer with a New York dance troupe, nothing can stop her from saying yes--not her mother, not her fears of the...

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TitleEverywhere You Want to Be
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
GenreContemporary, Young Adult, Romance, Retellings

Reviews Everywhere You Want to Be

  • Erin
    Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced ebook in exchange for an honest review.I clicked on this YA contemporary fiction ARC for the Red Riding Hood retelling label and I stuck around for the incredible female friendships that Tilly has with her roommate, Charlotte and stepsister, Tatum and also for the world of contemporary dance. As an aside, when I owned a television I spent a couple of summers totally obsessed with SYTYCD USA & SYTYCDCanada. So m...
  • Lisa Mandina
    This is my 2nd book by this author, and once again I enjoyed it. You can read my review of the first book here: It Started With Goodbye. While both books are standalones, they both include the same characters. We met Tilly, our main character in the first book. But this time she gets her own story, as she goes off to NYC to hopefully make her dream of being a professional dancer come true, in what is her last hope she feels after the accident tha...
  • Christina
    Thanks to everyone who has read and rate/reviewed! I would be so grateful if you would copy and paste your review onto Amazon, B&N, and any other favorite retail site. Thank you!
  • Beth Summer
    I loved everything about this book. Like, so so much, I cannot even explain. I'm a huge fan of Christina June's debut, It Started with Goodbye, and was so excited to learn that this book's MC is Tatum's stepsister, Tilly (who's an antagonist for a good portion of It Started...) Tilly always fascinated me and I wanted so badly to learn everything about her, so this book is a gift!! Tilly is an incredibly rich and beautifully developed character. W...
  • Kate
    Center Stage meets Little Red Riding Hood! Christina nails the atmosphere of NYC and its magicalness. I love NYC and this book took me right back there (which I needed because I'm skipping BookExpo this year as it's still too soon after the loss of my mom to go on vacation). I loved this even more than It Started With Goodbye, although Tatum and Abuela make appearances throughout, which was lovely. I also tend to read a lot of YA thrillers where ...
  • Rachel Strolle
    Everywhere You Want to Be is the perfect book for anyone who has ever been stuck at a crossroads at an important point in life. Loosely inspired by Red Riding Hood, it follows Tilly as she fights to choose between a dream that doesn't belong to her and a dream that might not love her back. I absolutely adored it and can't wait for others to read it!
  • Leigh Smith
    I just adored this book. I loved watching Tilly navigate the city, new friends, and her newfound independence. And of course a cute fella. And cameos from Christina’s first book, which I LOVED. Highly recommend.
  • Lisa Maxwell
    Captures the magic of visiting NYC for the first time. Is an awesome follow up to fans of the characters from IT STARTED WITH GOODBYE, but you can read it as a stand-alone too.
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd http://mrsmommybooknerd.blogspot.com
    #FirstLine ~ I hated lying to my mother. This book was fantastic. Within this book there were some amazing characters who will take up residence in your heart. I adored that this book has deep themes and explores friendships, dreams and New York City. It is one of those books that makes you believe in dreams and in the people who chase them. Everywhere You Want To Be is a story loosely based on Little Red Riding Hood a book that you will not soon...
  • Melissa
    Last year, I read Christina June's debut novel, It Started with Goodbye, and could not get enough of it. I'm still recommending it all the time. I feel the same way about Everywhere You Want to Be. In fact, it's possible that I love it even more! Christina managed to make me laugh and cry several times. I also was smiling a lot and nodding in sympathy with Tilly. I loved seeing New York City through Tilly's eyes. It made the city feel even more e...
  • Katherine Locke
    I love this book so so much. If you love Stephanie Perkins and Miranda Kenneally, Christina June is your next addiction. Full disclosure: Christina's my CP ;) BUT I LOVE THIS BOOK. You should definitely read IT STARTED WITH GOODBYE and then join me in eagerly awaiting EVERYWHERE YOU WANT TO BE!
  • Katy Upperman
    Lucky me -- I scored a very early read. More on this book's adorableness to come, but for now, contemporary dance + NYC + cute drummer boy = yes, please!
  • Tonja Drecker
    Taking a nod at Red Riding Hood, this tale follows a girl's decision between dancing dreams or a path her mother laid out for her.Tilly is all set to go to Georgetown as soon as summer ends, but until then, she has the chance to dance with a temporary troupe in a show in New York. Little does her mother know she's actually already informed the college that she'll be enrolling first a year later. She's determined to use the troupe as a stepping st...
  • Laura
    I received a copy of this book from Blink publishing. All opinions expressed are my own.This turned out to be the perfect weekend palate cleanser for me. I've been rereading so many fantasy books that I haven't wanted to read anything. I picked this up on a Saturday afternoon and it just reinvigorated my reading brain! To that end, while I did enjoy every minute, I found it slightly forgettable. Allow me to explain.1. The characters. So this is a...
  • KayCee K
    I don't know where to start with this book because I just love it that much. I read It Started With Goodbye and enjoyed it; was one of my favorite reads of 2017. But this one blow past that one. I don't know if it was because it's based around dance, I love anything to do with dance. Or because of the lead character passion. Or because I already know a bit about this world & characters because of her other book. I just found that Christina's writ...
  • Jessica Higgins
    Labeled as a retelling of Red Riding Hood, Everywhere You Want to Be goes deeper with life lessons that hit home and should be taken to heart.After a serious injury takes Matilda Castillo away from her dream of becoming a dancer for a year, she is afraid all hope of achieving her dream is lost. But when a once in a lifetime chance comes her way, she jumps at it. She has been offered the opportunity to spend the summer in New York and perform. She...
  • Erin Cashman
    I loved this re-imagining of the classic Red Riding Hood tale. In this charming story, Tilly spends a summer in NYC to pursue her dream of becoming a dancer. She faces tough competition, but it's impossible not to root for the determined Tilly. This coming of age story has it all, strong friendships, a sweet romance, a realistic family dynamic, all against the backdrop of New York City! I highly recommend this fun, delightful book!
  • Lelia Nebeker
    This book is so sweet and honest and beautiful. GREAT characters--I love how the main character tries as hard as she can to show compassion towards the rival dancer who's making her life so hard. There's a sweet romance underlying the story, but it's really about following your dreams, even when it means risking everything. Plus, it will transport you to New York City!
  • Valerie
    I really enjoyed this book. We get to follow along on the journey of chasing down your dreams. I appreciated the characters and could see the challenges they faced. A good book!
  • Joli
    rating 4.5 out of 5; review coming soon
  • Jill Hart
    Very cute! A great follow up to It Started With Goodbye.
  • Suzette H.
    Reading this Red-Riding hood inspired story about Tilly and her dreams of making it as a dancer in NY was a breath of fresh air. Not only does Ms. June do a masterful job laying out the conflicts that occur in the pursuit of one’s dream, but she highlights the dynamic vitality of New York City. She gets all the details right. For those who have ever needed a reprieve from the doldrums of the day-to-day, this novel is for you. I highly recommend...
  • Jennifer Guyor Jowett
    Christina June is a master at weaving a modern day fairy tale. Her newest novel is even better than the first. I loved reading about Tilly, her dedication, and the challenges she faced. The appearances by familiar characters was an added plus.
  • Sarah
    I was so so honored to have received this ARC from Christina June herself at an event a few months ago! I absolutely loved this story and I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you all within the next couple of days! Be on the look out for a real review of this FANTASTIC book! 😊
  • Andrea
    *I received this book through NetGalley in return for a honest review*The world has been inundated with coming of age stories, but this book is one that brings something new to the table. Telling the story of Tilly an aspiring dancer recovering from an injury that could have ended her career and her last ditch effort to become a professional dancer with a summer in New York before she is supposed to start University.This story avoided so many of ...
  • JLP
    Noteworthy experiences while reading this book: Not much of a retelling in my mind. Check out author's other books? YesRecommend this book? YesNotes and Opinions: I had a few issues with this one but they are pretty minor. The first being it wasn't really a retelling. It was more of a girl trying to find her way in a world she really deep down I think she thought she wasn't ready for it. The next thing was about how the story constantly said her ...