Nothing Left to Burn by Heather Ezell

Nothing Left to Burn

The autumn morning after sixteen-year-old Audrey Harper loses her virginity, she wakes to a loud, persistent knocking at her front door. Waiting for her are two firemen, there to let her know that the moment she's been dreading has arrived: the enormous wildfire sweeping through Orange County, California, is now dangerously close to her idyllic gated community of Coto de Caza, and it's time to evacuate.Over the course of the next twenty-four hour...

Details Nothing Left to Burn

TitleNothing Left to Burn
Release DateMar 13th, 2018
GenreContemporary, Young Adult, Romance, Fiction, Young Adult Contemporary

Reviews Nothing Left to Burn

  • Kai
    "I never wanted a fire to claim."And I never wanted to get burned but this book is on fire.Let me tell you about my love of this novel. I fell in love when I saw the cover last year. Honestly, the colours, the pool, the fire reflected in it and this amazing title. It was love at first sight. It was one of my most anticipated 2018-releases and it did not let me down.The two things that make this book so unique are the piercing writing style and th...
  • emma
    Reading this book was an extremely weird experience.When the synopsis of a book is “thrillerish contemporary in which a girl who just lost her virginity wakes up to a wildfire evacuation and the story expands from there, growing into an ever-darker web of lies and abuse and darkness,” you don’t exactly wanna be like…“Relatable.”But as a wise group of extremely wealthy British men once sang-said: You can’t always get what you want.Th...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    I thought that this book was okay. It was one of those stories that I liked but didn't love and will ultimately find rather forgettable. I am really not sure what caused me to add this one to my reading list since the cover does nothing for me and the synopsis is only mildly appealing. I did find this book to be a fairly quick read and I was entertained but it was never a book that was hard to set aside.This book jumped around in time quite a bit...
  • Nicole (Read Eat Sleep Repeat)
    A compelling coming of age story, Nothing Left to Burn is Heather Ezell’s debut novel – and a fairly impressive one, at that.“…I don’t know how to say what I don’t yet understand.”This book is told in two timelines: one in the present that follows the twenty four hours after Audrey is woken to the firemen evacuating her community due to an oncoming wildfire; and another in the several months prior leading up to the night before the ...
  • H.L.
    Heather Ezell's thrilling debut novel, Nothing Left to Burn, is one of that will make you stop and think for a long time after you finish reading. When I first started reading this I had no idea what to expect (okay yes that is a small lie I did read the blurb so in that aspect I new exactly what the main gist of the story was) but before I realized it I was already halfway though. This novel is the perfect coming of age story. It has humor, myst...
  • Kayla
    Couldn't put this one down. This book is dark and compelling and chilling, lingering yet compleeeeeeetely intense, with the most beautiful prose—if any/all of this sounds like your thing, please put this book on your TBR and/or preorder it! (Also, I highly recommend going in blind to this one—I read the Kirkus review after reading the book, and while it's a good review, it's somewhat spoilery!)
  • Mandy
    *I received an ARC of this from the publisher - thanks so much to Penguin for sending me over a copy but it didn't change my opinion of the book at all!!Okay, 2018 needs to simmer down because I’ve read 3 2018 debuts in a row and they have all be ridiculously well written, and if this keeps going, I’m so unprepared for this goodness.This book was a twisty, dark tale full of complexity, depth, and a lot of twists and turns. I’m going to warn...
  • Sara (sarabara081)
    You can find more of my reviews at Forever 17 Books.Nothing Left to Burn is a novel that captured me. A story about being swept away in young love, the cost of secrets, and survival when faced with the flames aiming to consume you.The story is told in alternating chapters as we follow Audrey being evacuated from her home in the wake of a wildfire threatening her neighborhood and the hours that follow along with chapters that provide a backstory o...
  • Gray Cox
    *Screams*I expected this book to be one of those trashy romances with an abusive glorified relationship, and I was so surprised because it turned out really good???? This book shows how twisted and scary abusive relationships can be and how the victim often feels like it's their fault. It's such an important story and just YES. I AM HERE FOR THIS. Content warnings:-Some swearing-Mild makeout scenes-A mentioned sex scene that is mostly glazed over...
  • Vicky Who Reads
    5 starsTaking place over 16 intense hours, Heather Ezell's debut, Nothing Left to Burn tells the story of sixteen-year-old Audrey who is navigating her tumultuous and all-consuming relationship while also juggling her family's evacuation from the path of a deadly wildfire sweeping through Orange County, California. Audrey not only wrestles with the possibility of losing her family home, but also with the secrets from her boyfriend's past coming t...
  • Laura Namey
    Nothing Left to Burn is one of those novels that left me staring at the wall in front of me when I got to the words, The End. I blazed like the fire in this story through chapter after chapter, finishing it in only two sittings.What just happened? That’s what I was asking myself while trying to adequately round up my thoughts on Heather’s stunning debut. This novel is paced beautifully, with this undercurrent hum of discomfort and tension, an...
  • Lauren
    *4.5* Nothing Left to Burn has been high on my wish list ever since I first heard about it, and as the buzz continued to build over these last few months my excitement did as well. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy! Now that I've read it I can definitely say it was well worth the wait. Nothing Left to Burn is fiery and enthralling...the kind of book that calls to be read in one sitting. It's about the secrets a person keeps and the lies t...
  • mith
    my review can be found on my blog as well!---At the time I'm writing this review, it's 11:00 PM on a Wednesday night.I've spent the entire day reading this book. I'm going to spend the entire night thinking about this book and how it made me feel, how it's making me feel.As a general rule, I try to stay away from contemporaries that don't have a happy ending, or something like that. Gritty novels make me feel things and I don't really like the fe...
  • Laurie Flynn
    Apparently I forgot to review this book after I read it... I blame baby brain! This is such a captivating debut. I couldn't stop turning pages because I absolutely had to know what happened. The external conflict-- a raging fire, leaving people with no choice but to depart their homes-- mirrors Audrey's internal turmoil as she grapples with her complicated relationship with the boy she loves. Not to mention, the complicated relationship she has w...
  • Aneta Bak
    A dangerous wildfire has started in Orange County, California. Audrey only has twenty minutes to gather her and her families belongings before she has to evacuate her family home. As the days events play out, Audrey looks back on the past three months to the events that have lead her here.Audrey is a very captivating main character. She really knows how to tell a good story both from the past and the present perspective. Audrey calls herself a lo...
  • Marochka
    Честно говоря, от книги я многого не ждала. Но оказалось все довольно интересно и необычно. Оригинальное повествование, необычный сюжет и «непростые» загадки. Не припомню, чтобы читала нечто подобное. Мне, в целом, понравилось, не жаль времени.Чем-...
  • Melody
    This is one of the handful of manuscripts I fell head over heels in love with while a literary intern reading queries, partials, and fulls. A must read. Cannot wait to read the published version!
  • Suzanne (The Bookish Libra)
    3.5 Stars rounded up to 4. Full review to come.
  • Resch Reads
    *Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*This book had the potential for greatness with a sizzling, unique plot, but the writing is so confusing. I honestly spent the first 30% of the book wondering what the heck was going on. I didn't know who characters were, I didn't know how they were related and connected, nor did I know who was dating who. But wait, there is more. The confusion doesn't stop there as the chapters which are someti...
  • Beth Summer
    I just finished this and WOW. It's mind bending, exquisitely written and perfectly paced, and just overall unbelievable. Audrey is a rich, flawed character dating Brooks who's...well...I won't spoil anything. All I will say is that Brooks is one of the most incredibly unique characters I have read in YA in a LONG TIME. This book was unpredictable, and a thrill ride. I couldn't catch my breath. I loved the setting as well. I learned so much about ...
  • Sarah Glenn Marsh
    WOW.Just like the fire threatening Audrey's home quickly spirals out of control and becomes all-consuming, so too does the tension in this book! Full of beautiful writing, smartly rendered characters and complicated relationships- emphasizing truly just how complex and messy life is (Audrey's feelings toward ballet are a great example)- this is a book that will elevate your heart rate and stay with you for a long time after you've finished.*Side ...
  • Marie
    Compelling, dark and quite fascinating, too. A really, really good debut, more of a 4,5 stars, actually. Definitely recommend. Full review coming soon on the blog, Drizzle & Hurricane Books :)
  • Katherine Paschal
    **Review on **I am a child of Southern California and the wildfires that consume everything were such a huge part of my life growing up. There were plenty of times that we received notices to be prepared to evacuate, school closed due to poor air quality, and people walking around with face masks as ash rained down. When I saw that this book was about a California fire, I was interested to see how the book wo...
  • Amber ~ The Reading Addict
    This book is a fiery, powerful, emotional rollercoaster told through the eyes of a girl just starting her journey into womanhood. Seriously, keep your seatbelts on, because Nothing Left to Burn is one twisty turvy ride. Audrey is a fifteen-year-old who falls madly in love with a dark, intriguing older boy. I know what you're thinking: (a) that's creepy and (b) that's cliche. Lemme stop you right there because this book is in no way fluffy or unor...
  • Nicole
    Nothing Left to Burn is a touching and moving novel about Audrey Harper who needs to pack her belongings and evacuate her home. A fire is engulfing Orange County California at a rapid rate and Audrey has no choice but to abandon her home all by herself without the physical support of her family.The novel spans within 24 hours alternating between present time and back to before the fire even started. Just like the fire, Audrey's life is unpredicta...
  • Tara Gilboy
    Nothing Left to Burn is one of the best YA novels I’ve read in a while. Often literary novels that explore serious issues like mental illness, unhealthy relationships, and first love can be a bit “quiet,” without a high stakes premise, but this novel has all the suspense of a thriller, with a structure that kept me flipping pages, upset that I had to leave for work because I needed to read “just one more chapter…” The narrative moves ...
  • Jessie
    What struck me beyond the beautiful writing and clever storytelling in this book was Audrey Harper, our narrator and main character. Audrey is every teen girl in the sense that she's lost, looking for her "thing," and when a beautiful broken boy takes interest in her, she gets swept up in his sad, intense world, forsaking so much of herself for him. He becomes her thing. For a while, without really knowing it, Audrey becomes "that girl." The one ...
  • Jessica Pennington
    Oh man, this book. It was supposed to be something I read when I needed a break from writing. I told myself I'd read a chapter here and a chapter there, during stints of writer's block. Except this book sucked me in SO quickly, and then never let go. It had so much feeling...I was right there with Audrey for the highs and the lows, and I cared...right from the get-go, I cared so much about Audrey and Brooks, and their story. I loved the relations...