Ryker (Owatanna U Hockey, #1) by R.J. Scott

Ryker (Owatanna U Hockey, #1)

This New Adult book is the first in the Owatonna U Series, a spin off from the best selling Harrisburg Railers Hockey Series.Ryker is hockey royalty, Jacob is a poor country boy. Can two vastly different people find common ground and become the men they want to be?Ryker comes from a long line of championship-winning hockey players. Playing college hockey to develop his game is his only focus, and nothing will stand in the way of him working to be...

Details Ryker (Owatanna U Hockey, #1)

TitleRyker (Owatanna U Hockey, #1)
Release DateSep 26th, 2018
PublisherLove Lane Books
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Sports and Games, Sports, Hockey, Contemporary, Academic, College, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance

Reviews Ryker (Owatanna U Hockey, #1)

  • Cadiva
    It's not often I read a Young Adult romance because invariably I find myself rolling my eyes at the antics or - understandable given their ages - lack of maturity often used in the narrative to create plot tension.However, as this is a spin off from the Harrisburg Railers series and it comes from the pens of two of the finest writers of sports romance in the genre, I knew I'd get little of the above.There is a wee bit of what could be described a...
  • Kirk
    If the testament of a great story is you laid in bed at 4am, eyes as wide as saucers, with a satisfied smile on your face, then yes, this was a really damn good one.Ryker, what a beautiful soul, so guileless and carefree, and Jacob, the big, stoic cuddle monster who bears the weight of the world on his shoulders. Misconceptions abound when Jacob first meets Ryker and I can’t blame him for that one little bit, but the more he gets to know Ry and...
  • CrabbyPatty
    FYI: "Ryker" is in the "Harrisburg Railers" series universe and runs concurrently with that series, but it easily read as a stand-alone. Although if you haven't read Harrisburg Railer's #6 "Goal Line" please be aware there ARE spoilers for that series here.When Ryker Madsen and Jacob Benson meet at a Canadian hockey camp, sparks fly ... eventually. For Jacob, hockey is the means to an end and his dream is not playing in the NHL but rather getting...
  • Natalie
    R.J Scott and V.L. Locey continue their successful collaboration with a new series about college hockey with a more NA feel. If you’ve read the Harrisburg Railers series, you’ve met Jared’s son Ryker and you’ll know what happened at the end of the last book. Most of Ryker’s story runs concurrent with Goal Line but can be read as a stand alone. (Go read the first series; you know you want to!) Meeting at a hockey conditioning camp, Jacob...
  • Emily Seelye
    This was so good, I practically read it it one setting! This is the first book in a spin-off series of the Harrisburg Railers. Ryker is Jared’s son and he’s just been drafted. As much as he’d love to drop out of college and start in the AHL (or even ECHL), his new team wants him to stay in school. He ends up going to a hockey camp in which he meets Jacob and the rest of the Owatanna U team. He realizes he fits in with them better than his c...
  • Karen
    This one's a spin-off from the authors series 'The Harrisburg Railers' and damn did they get things off to a good start. Full review to follow soonish!
  • Amanda
    Like any other reader who followed the Harrisburg Railer series, we are so eager to start on this spin off series. My main reason is definitely follow up on what happened to Ten and Jared. They both are an integral part of Ryker's life, but I'm glad to see what this story isn't all about Ryker's dads. In fact, almost the entire book actually took place before the event at the end of Harrisburg Railer. I have soft spot for Ryker even since I knew ...
  • Amanda Viecelli
    Loved it. Feeling all the feelings.*Review to be posted closer to release date*
  • Elle
    Absolutely loved this. So worth the wait.Jacob is a farm boy and sorting things out in his life, trying to choose what's right for him. Ryker is, as the blurb says, ice hockey royalty, but he's also niave and pretty clueless about just how real life works. Jacob is intent on staying away, but that's not how things work out.I have to say that I loved these two together, how their relationship progressed through friends to lovers, and then seeing t...
  • LeeAnn
    Where to begin? This was a book I have been waiting for. We all have, those who follow The Railer's series. We met Ryker when he was younger and loved him and wanted him to have a HEA of his own. Once he got old enough of course.I loved how we got to see into Jacob's life , meeting his parents and seeing the dynamic of his relationship with his dad. We see it before meeting Ryker, during his time @ both camp and college and at the end of the book...
  • Jenny Wood
    So, I feel like this might be a spin-off from another series maybe? Maybe one including Ryker’s dad Jared a former pro hockey player and his boyfriend, Ten, current pro hockey player… Ryker comes from several generations of hockey players, and has worked hard to follow in their footsteps. Though he’s had a lot handed to him, hockey is most important… Going to a hockey camp for the summer, before starting in the big leagues with a team tha...
  • Laurel Looney
    Ryker was definitely worth waiting on. I could have continued to read about Ryker and Jacob. Jared did an amazing job raising Ryker. Ryker is a guy that you would want to hang out with regardless of who his fathers are. He is a sweetheart and when he loves you he really loves you. Jacob is someone anyone would be proud to call their son. He is so focused and knows what he wants. Ryker and Jacob together are simply awesome. I hope that we are bles...
  • Xanthe
    Yet another great start to a new series from RJ Scott and V.L. Locey. We can always trust in having some wonderful characters and a really good story line. This is a New Adult book and has a couple of characters from the Harrisburg Railers Series but it's not necessary to have read those to understand this book.We are first introduced to Ryker. With hockey in his blood being third generation he always knew what his future held and he worked towar...
  • MJ's Book Blog and Reviews
    Review by: Jennifer(4 stars)Ryker is a generational hockey player, and even though he is still in college, he is destined for the NHL. The fact that his dad and step-dad are famous hockey players has had its benefits, but Ryker has still had to work hard to get where he is. When he goes to a summer conditioning program to hone his skills, he is unsure whether or not to stay at the school he is in, and feeling pressure from all sides. He is gonna ...
  • Elle Kay
    VL Locey and RJ Scott have hit it out of the park in their first instalment of the Owatonna U series. Long-awaited (by me) Ryker is a captivating tale of Jared’s son’s experiences as a young, university-aged man.My favourite thing about this book was the realistic passages about sexual exploration; I laughed out loud at Ryker’s reaction to his first oral encounter. This added a realism to this N.A. novel.Ryker is a likeable character, made ...
  • Dan
    I love it when I start a book and plan to read a chapter or two and the next thing I know it's been a couple of hours and the book is over. Ryker always had my interest while reading the Railers series, being the bi son of Jared. And because he was declared bi in changing lines then I knew it was just a matter of time before he got his book. Jacob is a nice boy, and has my stamp of approval for boyfriend material. He's a cute gay farm boy who dre...
  • Stacey
    Ryker and Jacob initially come across as an odd couple. Other than hockey, Ryker hasn't had to work for anything. His toughest challenge is finding people who like him for who he is, instead of trying to use him to get to his father and his father's boyfriend. Jacob, on the other hand, is playing hockey at college so he can afford to be there and get a degree that will help out his family's struggling farm. Despite the fact they shouldn't work as...
  • Ramona
    Jacob has worked hard to get where he is. Knowing that when he graduates college he will return to take over the family dairy. A hockey camp is a luxury that is barely affordable. When he meets Ryker, the privileged son of hockey royalty, he immediately see’s a spoiled rich boy. The reality of Ryker is much different. Against his will Jacob is drawn to him. They begin to fall for each other but when the camp is over they have to go their separa...
  • Amy
    O M G ..... a spin-off series, an absolutely fantastic start, Ryker Madsen and Jacob Benson, opposites do attract!! I loved this entire book, start to finish. The writing was superb and the storyline was awesome!!!! Ryker goes to Hockey camp to refine his skills, to learn, to get faster, learn more but when it’s over he has to go back to Leicester College, where the team just doesn’t gel! He is rooming with Jacob Benson. He’s farmer, trying...
  • Jodi
    I was sad to see the Harrisburg Railers series end BUT what a start to a new series!!! Jacob and Ryker come from different backgrounds but their story is a true never judge a book by it’s cover you could be surprised. Jacob considered Ryker a spoilt rich kid who was handed everything he wanted while Jacob had to rely on his hockey and continuous studying to make it through college. Ryker has a hard time understanding why Jacob isn’t beating d...
  • ButtonsMom2003
    A fantastic start to a new series!I'm a huge RJ Scott fan and fell in love with her books a little over 2 years ago. When she began writing the Harrisburg Railers series with V.L. Locey I soon became a fan of her books as well. Ryker is the first story in the Owatonna U series of New Adult stories and kind of a spin off of the Harrisburg Railers series. Don't worry if you haven't read any of those books because the authors give you all of the inf...
  • Susan65
    The Blogger GirlsI was such a fan of hockey player’s, Jared and Ten, that I knew I would like the story of Jared’s son, Ryker. What I didn’t expect was the amount of face time we got with Jared and Ten, and the tragedy that befell the little family. Harsh, dear author, harsh. But at the same time, I am now fully invested in both the second book for this series, and the follow up to Jared and Ten’s story. I know, I know, this is the first ...
  • Anu
    A new series continuing from the very lovely Harrisburg Railers series. These books are a more young adult than the main series, but still sexy but with a little more sweet mixed in.Ryker is literal hockey royalty, he comes from a long line of very successful players and for him mingling with NHL superstars like Tennant Rowe is just normal life (though, Ten is dating his dad so there is also that). Jacob is a farmboy with talent but for him playi...
  • DTM
    Ryker(Owatonna U Hockey #1) by Rj Scott and Vicki Locey is LIVE!! I have been anxiously waiting for Ryker for a while!! A spin off of the Harrisburg Railers series, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, RJ and Vicki have brought us Ryker, a beautiful N/A read. College hockey players; Ryker comes from hockey royalty, and Jacob is a farm boy just trying to make ends meet and both are trying to make it in to the pros. There was definitely some animosity between ...
  • Lora
    4 1/2 out of 5 starsRyker and Jacob couldn’t come from more diverse backgrounds. They couldn’t have less in common and yet hockey brings them together for a summer that’s impossible for Ryker to forget. The characters were well crafted. The story was well paced. I enjoyed getting to see Ryker come into his own as a main character rather than Jared’s son and Ten’s more-like-friend-than-stepson. Jacob’s story almost broke my heart and t...
  • Jackie Ziegler
    Ryker has it all.. Son of Jared Madsen and step son of Tennett Rowe. He has grown up privileged, has amazing hockey skills and is good looking too.Jacob grew up on a farm, works his butt off to get through school and knows he won't go pro because he has to get back to the farm. He just wants to get through camp and avoid anything to do with Ryker the golden child. Even though he would like to get to know him better on a personal levelWhen Ryker a...
  • Pjm12
    I came for Ten and stayed for Ryker and Jacob (of course. As it should be). Ryker is an endearing character - young and spoilt yes, but also aware of his privilege and luck to be surrounded by love and support. Jacob's intensity and loyalty offered a strong contrast, but one that is welcome and fresh.Ten's story stays with me, and I look forward to seeing more, but this HFN ending was unexpected. I guess these stories are becoming more serialised...
  • Abby Cee
    More, more, more! I want more!If you enjoyed the Harrisburg Railers series, you will love this book, except it's way too short! Jacob is perfect for Ryker and I fell in love with him from the start. I NEED more of him and Ryker, and I NEED to see him meet Stan and all the rest of the Railers. This is a great start to a new series and it left me wanting more!
  • Bridie
    Likeable main characters, very well done first person alternating POV, and a hockey plot I enjoyed, but a few conventionally dramatic turns towards the end that actually really undermined my final impression of this book.
  • Novel Ninja
    Ryker’s bookThis book, in which Jared’s son, Ryker, stars is a fun read. Ryker meets Jacob at a hockey camp, and despite all their differences, they fall in love. It is very sweet. 3.5 stars