Twice Bitten (Argeneau #27) by Lynsay Sands

Twice Bitten (Argeneau #27)

Thrilling, witty, and oh-so-sexy, Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau novel brings together a beautiful Immortal and the man who is her destiny… For someone who’s been around for over a hundred and forty years, immortal Elspeth Argeneau hasn’t done a whole lot of living. Now that she’s moved away from her controlling mother, she’s tracking down rogue vampires and enjoying some overdue freedom. A fling would be fun. A life mate can wait. Yet to ...

Details Twice Bitten (Argeneau #27)

TitleTwice Bitten (Argeneau #27)
Release DateMar 27th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vampires

Reviews Twice Bitten (Argeneau #27)

  • Louisa
    This book was hilarious! So good, and a lot going on-I wonder how it meshes with the timelines of the previous books, since the barn ambush was mentioned in this book. Also, there are a lot of ways to try to kill someone without being sure if it was actually a murder attempt or an accident, and fire has happened at least twice in this series, now, that I can remember.
  • Linda
    Elspeth is immortal—similar to, but not a vampire, as she explains, because I’m not dead. It’s not always easy though, especially now in her new home in Canada. As her friend GG says, “You sure lead an exciting life” and goes on to detail all of the efforts made to harm her. Who is behind all of these violent acts? Her friends, both mortal and immortal, aim to find out while acting as bodyguards, trying to keep Elspeth safe. This group ...
  • Wendy
    After Immortally Yours (#26 in the Argeneaus series) I was almost getting detox issues of waiting since November last year for another story from the Argeneau clan. In Twice Bitten we turn back to Elspeth, daughter of Martine Pimms and niece of Marguerite Argeneau.Elspeth, at over one hundred and forty years, has finally 'moved out' of her parental home and she starts to feel as an adult. Helping Mortimer out as a rogue hunter and doing 'grown up...
  • Tara Dorough
    Twice Bitten by Lynsay Sands is her newest Argeneau novel. After 27 novels the series just gets better. The characters are amazing and so full of life. I've always loved that Mrs Sands brings in characters from throughout the series to pull every one together. Twice Bitten has some of our favorite pass characters, Aunt Marguerite is back and helps save the day again. Every family needs an Aunt Marguerite. Of course for every family that has a won...
  • Debra Taylor
    This book was laugh out loud funny ! Lynsay Sands scored again with this book. I loved Elspeth and Wyatt ! They were amazing characters and this book had so much going on in the story that it's hard to choose just one shining moment. I had to feel sorry for poor Elspeth because of everything that kept happening to her. Over and over again she proved her strength. She was such an amazing heroine who had the patience of a saint for putting up with ...
  • Becky Damoth
    I have loved this series since the beginning and this newest book just adds to the fun and sexiness that Lynsay has given to us! The characters are all amazing, especially Grandma Meri. I loved Wyatt and Elspeth and really wanted to do harm to I was so frustrated by her abuse. I had a hard time reminding myself to sleep instead of reading this all night, it was so hard to put down. I would highly recommend this to the patrons at my...
  • Jenn
    I received a digital ARC from Edelweiss. This did not effect my review.Sands is very good and creating a quick, fun read with excellent sexytimes. This one was a bit of a departure for me in that I REALLY disliked one of the characters. It made for fantastic reading and I definitely enjoyed it!
  • Jessica Weida
    Received an ARC the publisher via Edelweis for an honest review.As always Lynsay Sands delivers another spicy and humorous chapter in the Argeneau series. This novel follows the usual outline of immortal and life mate meeting with one of them in peril. While it was an enjoyable quick read, I would really like to find out more about the hunt for Dressler story line that came about in #25.
  • Michelle Cable
    Received digital ARC from Edelweiss
  • Nelle
    My first read of the year. I needed the hilariousness of the Argeneaus. I got that of course, but Lynsay brought her A game with this one. I didn't expect the plot or villian of the story at all. Elspeth is one strong woman, she fought for what she wanted and I admired her very much for doing what she could to find her own foot and break the hold her mother had on her. Wyatt was her perfect match, he's strong and fierce and willing to let her be ...