The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds

The Word Collector

Some people collect stamps.Some people collect coins.Some people collect art.And Jerome?Jerome collected words . . . In this extraordinary new tale from Peter H. Reynolds, Jerome discovers the magic of the words all around him -- short and sweet words, two-syllable treats, and multisyllable words that sound like little songs. Words that connect, transform, and empower. From the creator of The Dot and Happy Dreamer comes a celebration of finding y...

Details The Word Collector

TitleThe Word Collector
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
PublisherOrchard Books
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Poetry

Reviews The Word Collector

  • Barbara
    In this picture book, Peter H. Reynolds does for words and literacy exactly what he's accomplished with his previous titles on art, he makes them cool and wraps them in a clever, philosophical package.Jerome collects words, and he even organizes them into categories. But an accident leads to the realization that sometimes words that seem to have no relationship to each other actually gain new meaning when placed by different, unrelated words. Not...
  • Rita Shaffer
    The power of words! Cute story to show the importance words hold.
  • Jana
    This clever picture book would be great to share with young readers who love learning new words. And for those children who maybe aren’t particularly interested in vocabulary, this book certainly would inspire them to read and listen a little more closely. The little boy in this story loves collecting all sorts of words. He organizes them and makes special boxes and scrapbooks for them. When an accident mixes the words up, Jerome sees an opport...
  • Anna Louise
    A beautiful story about the power of words. The illustrations are so wonderful and so welcome to see the main character as someone who is brown and is valued in the story (it is so sad how infrequent this is). I love this story, the words, the bright colorful clothes the characters wear, and the engaging imagery the illustrations tell. I also love the last page of the book and the question it poses to the reader.
  • Ruth Ann
    This is a joyful story about words and the boy, Jerome, who collects them and, ultimately shares them.At first, he keeps his words organized. One day, he slips and his notebooks of organized words go flying and become "jumbled." "Words he had not imagined being side by side..."become poetry and music.And this is not the end of Jerome's story.
  • Elisabeth
    I love the worlds (and words!) of Reynolds
  • Karrie
    Reynolds just makes lovely feel good stories. This one centres on Jerome, he collects words, all sorts. I enjoy that the words are not all simple, how else can you learn new ones? Poems, stories and songs are as varied and have power.
  • Julie
    While it’s not about poetry, it’s such a gem to open a poetry unit talking about the power of words. Peter H Reynolds has another marvelous hit on his hands.
  • Julie
    so cute!! Makes me want to start my own word collection..........;)
  • Jeimy
    Jerome collects and classifies words. He then realizes what happens when words from different categories intermingle and chooses to share his discovery with others.
  • Amanda
    Love the power of words in this.
  • Fran
    Five stars and them some...!!!!
  • Kathryn Allen
    Love this beautiful picture book about how words change the world! Will certainly use this one when discussing vocabulary with preservice teachers.
  • Melinda Bender
    Beautifully told story about the power and simplicity of words. When words are put together or shared they become even more special.
  • Danielle
    So good.
  • Sarah Wiwchar
  • Earl
    I can see why people have been raving about this. An inspiring story of the power of words even to those who already have such a love for them.
  • Amy Oberts
    The premise of Reynolds' most recent picture book is intriguing...and older listeners and readers are sure to be captivated by the various words Jerome collects, as well as their pronunciations and definitions. Unfortunately, the second half of the story doesn't quite match the authenticity of its beginning; the parting message is a familiar chorus rampant throughout most of Reynold's tales. The illustrations are whimsical and inviting, inclusive...
  • Brooke Beeson-king
    Any book that is a love song to words is perfect to me!
  • Mindi
    Such a good book.
  • Pauline
    Powerful mentor text for teaching Word Choice to children. This book illustrates the JOY of words, not merely vocabulary as drudgery...
  • Jillian
    I really loved the beginning of this book - and even the middle! (Get this kid a magnetic poetry set, stat!) I love that he started stringing words together and making poetry and songs.But then... it got a little....preachy? It became much less a story about a "real" boy who liked to learn new words and more about an allegorical boy who changed the world, one word at a time. Which... if it had *started* like that, it wouldn't have annoyed me at a...
  • Susie
    Perhaps I am biased because I actually got to see Peter Hamilton Reynolds read this aloud on its book birthday in Indianapolis. (He told us that this is the first book that uses his full middle name, at his mother's request) It was a delightful evening. I could envision teachers doing so many things with this book! The obvious one would be to have students collecting their own words, then participating in many of the same activities that Jerome d...
  • Jordyn Barber
    Summary: Jerome is a collector of words. Whenever he hears or sees a word that is interesting to him, he writes it down in one of his word books. One day while carrying all of the books that sort the words he has, Jerome slips and all the words written on paper fly out of his sorted books. Words that do not go together were touching one another giving him an idea. He hung the words on a string that would never go next to each other and made song ...
  • Kristie
    Jerome's hobby is words. He collects them. He classifies them. He loves them. One day, Jerome's collection is scattered, and his well-organized words are in complete disarray--the mayhem this causes results in... poetry. And songs. And a greater realization of the power of words. Even the most simple of words like "thank you," and "you matter." Jerome decides to unleash the power of the words he has gathered, and he releases them into the wind. W...
  • Sharon Coffey
    I’m a huge fan of Peter H. Reynolds. He has a unique gift for words and is able to reachdeep within the reader’s emotional core. THE WORD COLLECTOR goes beyond the spoken and visual form of words and gets deep into the heart of the magic and power words provide.Jerome loves words so much he collects them. All shapes and sizes. Dreamy words. Science words. Poetic words. He writes each word, cuts it out and organizes them into scrapbooks. As hi...
  • Miya Gaub
    I fell in love with this story just by simply hearing the storyline from a kindergartener in a classroom I student teach in. The wonderful picture book is about a boy named Jerome who collects words on individual pieces of paper. He collects the words in an orderly fashion, and writes down a new word every time he hears one he likes. One day, he collection of words combine together. Jerome learns that the words can be put together in unique ways ...
  • Kendra Simpson
    Peter H. Reynolds does it again with this clever and creative childrens book about words, their meanings, and the feelings they can create. Reynolds tells the story of a little boy named Jerome who collects words. To do this, he writes down the words he likes when he sees, reads, or hears them, and then adds them to his collection. Jerome soon discovers how powerful words can be, especially when combined with others, and begins to create poems an...
  • Linda
    Yes, I have now read this marvelous, happy, sweet and clever new book by Peter H. Reynolds that many of you love. Dear Jerome, unlike other collectors who collect things like bird feathers and baseball cards, collects words. And what happens when he has thousands, has organized them and they spill? Magical things happen because Jerome begins to string his words together, words he had not imagined side by side. They become poems and songs, powerfu...