The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds

The Word Collector

Some people collect stamps.Some people collect coins.Some people collect art.And Jerome?Jerome collected words . . . In this extraordinary new tale from Peter H. Reynolds, Jerome discovers the magic of the words all around him -- short and sweet words, two-syllable treats, and multisyllable words that sound like little songs. Words that connect, transform, and empower. From the creator of The Dot and Happy Dreamer comes a celebration of finding y...

Details The Word Collector

TitleThe Word Collector
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
PublisherOrchard Books
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Storytime

Reviews The Word Collector

  • Danielle
    So good.
  • Mindi
    Such a good book.
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Reynolds, Peter H. The Word Collector. PICTURE BOOK. Orchard Books (Scholastic), 2018. $18. 9780545865029Jerome loves collecting words. Any word that catches his ear and eye and heart. One day as he is transporting his collection, he has an accident. As he picks up his words he starts to see them in brand new ways and realizes he needs to share these fabulous words with everyone.What a fun book to share with any child who is complaining about exp...
  • Lynne
    I always enjoy Peter Reynolds' books. They make great read-alouds, offer some really good ideas for teacher to use within their classes to spark some creative discussion and activity, and are just fun. This is no exception. Jerome collects words like some people collect coins or stamps. I loved looking at the words he collected as much as I liked the story! This got me to thinking about words I love to hear and use, the words that make such great...
  • Andrea
    The Word Collector is in my opinion Peter H. Reynolds' best book yet! Jerome collects words... words he heard, words he read, short words, sweet words, perfect-sounding words... until one day, he used his words to make a poem, then a song and he realized how powerful simple words are, so he gave all his words to others and that was the just the beginning... How will you make the world better with your words?Reynolds' message resounds in my mind a...
  • Susie
    Perhaps I am biased because I actually got to see Peter Hamilton Reynolds read this aloud on its book birthday in Indianapolis. (He told us that this is the first book that uses his full middle name, at his mother's request) It was a delightful evening. I could envision teachers doing so many things with this book! The obvious one would be to have students collecting their own words, then participating in many of the same activities that Jerome d...
  • Briony
    Beautiful! Stunning! Everyone should read this book. Reynolds captures how words by themselves can be inspiring, but words put together, are powerful. Words do not have to be complex to convey meaning and that the simplest words can have most feeling. Best of all, sometimes no words are needed.
  • Pam
    Jerome collects words and sorts them into categories. When he accidentally mixes up these collections, he discovers the beauty he can create by blending them together. At the end, he shares this with the world. Reynolds never disappoints.
  • Anna DuBose
    Fantastic illustrations and a wonderful message! Words are powerful, magical, important... This one resonated deeply with me.
  • That One Librarian
  • Debbie
    Purely joyful and heartwarming! A celebration of words and the ideas, wishes, and dreams they convey!
  • Marcie
    Love this for word study that was discussed at Adams County IRA by Lori Conrad which was where I got the f&g.
  • Mary Librarian
    A reach for your dreams and the power of words are the themes of this book.From advance reader copy.
  • Jane
    This book is a lovely inspiration to enjoy our language and immerse ourselves in its beauty.
  • Pauline
    Powerful mentor text for teaching Word Choice to children. This book illustrates the JOY of words, not merely vocabulary as drudgery...
  • Lauren
    Another gem from Peter Reynolds
  • Gayle
    Again, Peter Reynolds NEVER disappoints. I love this one as much as his others.
  • Jen
    Absolutely beautiful book! I loved it!
  • Lorie Barber
    Reynolds has done it again. Beautiful and inspiring. I can’t wait to share this treasure with my students.
  • James Bailey
    Wonderful, marvelous, brilliant, and fantastic are just a few words I collected to describe this book! I love Peter H. Reynolds and love this book!