The Temptation of Forgiveness (Commissario Brunetti, #27) by Donna Leon

The Temptation of Forgiveness (Commissario Brunetti, #27)

In the twenty-seventh novel in Donna Leon's bestselling mystery series, a suspicious accident leads Commissario Guido Brunetti to uncover a longstanding scam with disturbing unintended consequencesThe memorable characters and Venetian drama that have long captivated Donna Leon’s many readers are on full display in The Temptation of Forgiveness. Surprised, if not dismayed, to discover from his superior, Vice-Questore Patta, that leaks are emanat...

Details The Temptation of Forgiveness (Commissario Brunetti, #27)

TitleThe Temptation of Forgiveness (Commissario Brunetti, #27)
Release DateMar 20th, 2018
PublisherAtlantic Monthly Press
GenreMystery, Cultural, Italy, Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Temptation of Forgiveness (Commissario Brunetti, #27)

  • Diana
    Vídeo review aquí el 23 marzo 2018 :)
  • Linda
    Venetian Commissario Guido Brunetti has another puzzling case, this one involving drugs. Is someone selling drugs in an exclusive local private school? Is there some irregularity involving the drugs sold at a certain pharmacy to elderly Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients? And what really happened to the man found with severe head injuries on a bridge at the dead of night? Donna Leon crafts another well-written mystery, a must-read for fans ...
    Guido Brunetti is a thoughtful, compassionate, and even-tempered man, who is well-read and curious about human behavior. Even he might admit that his job as Commissario di Polizia in Venice is not particularly taxing. Brunetti relies heavily on the expertise of the incomparable Signora Elletra Zorzi, who apparently can hack into any database at will. When Brunetti needs medical, employment, or financial records, many of which are confidential, th...
  • Aylavella
    3,5He vuelto reencontrarme con el Brunetti de siempre. Novela entretenida y bien resuelta.
    And also this time I had my fix of Donna Leon's Brunetti, which is my sort of northern Montalbano, even if she wrote way worse than Camilleri. Another case for Brunetti, who got the wrong person twice before being helped.E anche stavolta ho avuto la mia dose del Brunetti di Donna Leon, che é un po' il corrispettivo nordico di Montalbano, aggiungendo il fatto che Camilleri scrive milioni di volte meglio dell'autrice inglese che dopo piú di 20 an...
  • Linda
    This was the 27th book in the Commissario Guido Brunetti series and he continues to be intriguing, engaging, likable, and usually very much on target. In this story, he is not as much on target as in past books and the story seems to meander around while he tries to figure out how an accountant wound up under a bridge with a concussion a week after his wife came in asking if the police could do something about drug dealer at her son’s school. C...
  • Alison C
    A colleague of Paola’s at the university comes to Brunetti, troubled that her son might be dabbling in drugs. Brunetti isn’t sure what she expects him to be able to do about it, but before he has much time to mull it over, a man is discovered unconscious at the bottom of a bridge, apparently a victim of crime although that is not certain. When Brunetti learns that this man is the husband of Paola’s colleague, he begins to wonder if there mi...
  • Kathleen Gray
    Fans of this series will find the latest (27th! wow!) as rewarding as the previous novels. Those who have not read Leon before will also find themselves eagerly devouring not only this one but the previous novels as well. Commissario Guido Brunetti's Venice is not the Venice of the travel magazines. It's a real city, with all the problems one can possibly imagine. What Leon has done is create in Guido a classic often beleaguered new age (sort of)...
  • Gloria Feit
    Where there are government programs, there is always room for fraud. And Italy is no exception. Commissario Guido Brunetti discovers a clever scheme while investigating an apparent assault case involving the husband of a colleague of his wife, who had previously visited him because she suspected drugs were being sold in her son’s school.One thing led to another. Brunetti found the drug dealer, who also was operating a clever scheme to distribut...
  • Mary Robinson
    As I've said in prior reviews, Donna Leon never disappoints. Her Commissario Brunetti series of literary mysteries are well crafted and beautifully written. The sense of place and of character so well developed you feel and see the sights of Venice and are truely transported by her words. Her stories are complex, and The Temptation of Forgiveness definitely fits that bill. Brunetti is visited by a colleague of his wife, who fears her son is takin...
  • Bebe (Sarah) Brechner
    As always, the incomparable Donna Leon provides another satisfying mystery and general commentary on life, Venetian and otherwise, featuring her longstanding protagonist Commissario Guido Brunetti. Leon writes with a philosophical, wry, dark tone that well suits the intricacies of Italian life, politics, and culture. Where else will you find a police commissioner reading the plays of Sophocles and musing about their meaning or commenting on Argum...
  • Sara
    Another good one from Donna Leon. No repulsive villains here...just "ordinary" people doing their best to live, one way or another, in the swamp of Italy. As long as there is football on television, no one pays much attention to the swamp. Brunetti "glanced at the headlines on a copy of the Gazzettino and was puzzled by how familiar it all sounded until he glanced at the date and saw that it was yesterday's edition. He closed it, wondering how it...
  • Lizanne Payne
    The beauty of Donna Leon's Brunetti novels lies not in the mystery itself but in the characters, both the people and (cliche alert) the city of Venice as a character. This 27th novel shows the sweetness, greed, hypocrisy, and nobility that humans can display. As always, the denouement is subtle and inconclusive, like much of life. If you like mysteries with crisp and intricate plots, look elsewhere, but then you will miss the beautiful nuance of ...
  • Judith
    Again an excellent mystery in the series. I enjoy looking at the end paper maps of Venice and my own more detailed one. Due to having visited many times I can recall what some of the streets and squares look like. However, I don't recall the Post Office's remodeling into a "mall". I like the picture of Brunetti's family, a little more on Patta, etc. " Old friends" And a lot of humanity expressed by Brunetti.
  • Sara
    I love this series. Brunetti is such a likable character who goes about his work with honor and cares about his city and his family. This time a mother comes to tell him she's worried her son has gotten into drugs. That night, a man is found unconscious and then it is discovered that he is the father of the same son.
  • wonderwomand
    Excellent writing. I am reminded of my visit to Venice, Italy when I read the Brunetti novels set in Venice, Italy.I remember being warned that you could get lost in the mazes of Venice.
  • Joan
    Another excellent novel in this police procedural series
  • Helen
    Love the characters as always and the lovely descriptions of Venice. BUT, the series seems to be wearing out.Where would Brunetti be without Signorina Elettra and her computer skills?
  • Jessica Howard
    Excellent and depressing all at once. Full review coming for Shelf Awareness.
  • Doreen
    3/7/18 Full review tk. I wanted to like this a lot more than I ultimately did.