The Home for Unwanted Girls by Joanna Goodman

The Home for Unwanted Girls

Philomena meets The Orphan Train in this suspenseful, provocative novel filled with love, secrets, and deceit—the story of a young unwed mother who is forcibly separated from her daughter at birth and the lengths to which they go to find each other.In 1950s Quebec, French and English tolerate each other with precarious civility—much like Maggie Hughes’ parents. Maggie’s English-speaking father has ambitions for his daughter that don’t i...

Details The Home for Unwanted Girls

TitleThe Home for Unwanted Girls
Release DateApr 17th, 2018
PublisherHarper Paperbacks
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Cultural, Canada, Adult

Reviews The Home for Unwanted Girls

  • Eden Church
    Joanna Goodman has written a beautiful novel containing the entire range of emotions experienced by the human heart. The Home for Unwanted Girls tells the story of Quebec in the 1950s-1970s, but more specifically of Maggie, a young girl living in the Townships with an English-speaking father and French-speaking mother. At fifteen Maggie falls in love with the poor French boy from the next fair over. Under questionable circumstances, Maggie is for...
  • Kristen Beverly
    The first part of this book is pretty tough to read- because of the content. An important story to be told, for sure. It’s just a tough one to finish and say “I loved it!”, again because of the content. Would be great for bookclubs though, as there is plenty to discuss.
  • Shilpa
    Greed is the ugly underbelly which society cannot toss aside, and with the choice placed before them, the impoverished orphanages in Quebec see their opportunity for getting a slice of that pie. This of course comes at a cost. Young orphans who are already in these homes, find themselves placed in the crossfire. As the orphanages begin the transformation to psychiatric institutions, the existing "unwanted" children must go somewhere. There are he...
  • Sandra
    What a tough, depressing, but oh-so-fantastic book.
  • Pat
    This is a very well-written novel, made all the more riveting since it is based on true events. It takes place in the Canadian province of Quebec in the mid-20th century where there is a long-standing rift between English and French residents. It is also a time when an unwed mother is shamed, as is her family and, most unforgivably, the child.Maggie Hughes, the oldest daughter of an educated English father and a French mother from an impoverished...
  • Shannon Dyer
    Sad but lovely. Review to come at AAR.
  • Maureen Timerman
    This story takes place in rural Canada, near Montreal, and during a different period, the 1950’s. We are shown a family where there isn’t really a lot of love shown, the parents don’t seem to like one another, he is English and she is French, and like the Province they are like oil and water.A young couple get caught up and the result is an unwanted pregnancy, and at that time it was an embarrassment, and the child was put up for adoption, ...
  • Cat
    Too sad a story. Doesn't say much for the older generations and their intolerance, religion, society , etc... does it? They messed up so many innocent lives. Just gummed up their whole family- and over what?- a simple, sweet baby! So stupid and hurtful.
  • Joan
    Review of Advance Uncorrected ProofFifteen-year-old Maggie Hughes, the daughter of an English father and a French mother living in Quebec, falls in love with Gabriel Phenix. Her parents disapprove; her father believes the poor French boy is not good enough for his daughter. To keep Maggie away from Gabriel, her parents send her to Frelighsburg to spend the summer with her aunt and uncle. Before the summer is over, Maggie is pregnant and she must ...
  • Kim Overstreet
    Set in Canada and spanning decades, this story of a teen mother who gives a baby up for adoption and her daughter caught in an orphanage converted to a mental institution is hard to put down. I consider most stories I have read about orphans (and dogs too) to have been poorly done - too many coincidences and obvious ploys to tug at heartstrings. I am happy to report that The Home for Unwanted Girls does not fit into that category! Joanna Goodman...
  • Janet
    Thanks to Goodreads for an advanced copy of this book. I couldn’t put it down! Intriguing , highly readable story about a baby put up for adoption in Quebec In1950.Much of the story had me in knots and waiting to see how it would turn out. this was a horrible period in Canadian politics that I knew nothing about. Reminiscent of Orphan Train or Before We Were Us—— I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good read!
  • Maggie Holmes
    This was becoming a slog so I skipped to the last section. I can see where it might be interesting to people who liked The Language of Flowers and Before We Were Yours. The characters did not grab me, I don't know why.Thanks to Edelweiss and Harper Paperbacks for my advance copy.