The House of Broken Angels by Luis Alberto Urrea

The House of Broken Angels

The definitive Mexican-American immigrant story, at once intimate and epic, from an acclaimed storyteller.In his final days, beloved and ailing patriarch Miguel Angel De La Cruz, known affectionately as Big Angel, has summoned his entire clan for one last legendary birthday party. But as the party approaches, his mother, nearly one hundred, dies herself, leading to a farewell doubleheader. Across one bittersweet weekend in their San Diego neighbo...

Details The House of Broken Angels

TitleThe House of Broken Angels
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreFiction, Literary Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews The House of Broken Angels

  • kglibrarian
    A touching novel that follows the patriarch of a complex Mexican-American family as he faces his final days of life. Infused with Spanish phrases, cultural dishes, and vivid Mexican landscapes, Urrea highlights the importance of heritage and family loyalty, while also depicting the realistic hardships that immigration and class status present. Heartbreaking, hilarious, and moving.
  • Jill
    Luis Alberto Urrea's latest book is about our better angels and how the guide us to purpose and meaning. "All we do, mija," the oldest brother, Big Angel, says, "is love. Love is the answer. Nothing stops it. Not borders. Not death."Miguel Angel de la Cruz - aka Big Angel - is dying and he wants one last big birthday party. His entire huge and rambunctious family, including Little Angel - the son from his father's second life and a stand-on for L...
  • Kalen
    So much love for this book. Urrea writes about family like no one else. It's funny, it's sad, it speaks truth. Along with The Water Museum, this is up there with my favorite Urrea books.
  • Scott Neuffer
    One of the best novels of 2018. A Mexican-American family saga full of adventure, humor, pain, loss, love, healing, and magic.
  • Christine
    I received this book as an ARC.This is a book that honors family. Family is who we love the most but we also have the ability to hurt the most, where passions roar and sorrows are deep. This is shown often throughout the story of the De La Cruz family. My favorite part is the love story between Perla and Big Angel, a lifetime together, of shared love. Big Angel is at the end of a battle with cancer. Most of the novel, he is reflecting on his life...
  • Anne
    One of my favorite authors has a new novel about a big, unruly, multi-generational Mexican American family on the eve of their patriarch’s final birthday. Here are a couple of quotes that I think really reflect the beauty of the writing in this book:"La Gloriosa was up early. She didn't know why everybody thought she was late to everything. Cabrones. She was usually up before almost everybody else. It took time to be this fine--you didn't just ...
  • Dave
    This is a sweeping family epic that is deeply personal, and passionately told. Big Angel is the patriarch of his multi generational Mexican and Mexican-American family who are getting together for two days. The first day is for his mother's funeral, and the next is for his birthday, the birthday that he knows will be his last because he is dying of cancer.The author uses multiple points of view to tell everyone's stories, with numerous flash back...
  • Kristina Harper
    I wish I could give this 10 stars. This is really a joyful tale although it centers around the death—no, the dying, of patriarch Big Angel de la Cruz. It is in equal parts funny and sad and touching. I’d like to sit right down and read it again, but I’m going to wait a bit—give it time to marinate in my brain.
  • Patricia Romero
    Big Angel doesn't have much time. Cancer is eating away at him as he buries his mother and prepares for his own death.An eye-opening look at life on the border of two very different cultures. A passionate story of family, life, love and loss and the regret of things done, as well as not done in one's life. Told from several viewpoints, it was easy to follow and so well written I didn't want it to end. I wanted to know more about this Mexican-Amer...
  • Lynne
    A family epic- I mean a large family epic! Don’t try to remember everyone the first time you meet them, they are all there throughout the entire story! This story is rich with Hispanic culture, language, and some food. Sadly, we learn that our fast food addiction has invaded multigenerational family celebrations too. While parts are difficult to read, overall this book definitely adds to your knowledge base. Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.
  • Paula
    4 1/2 stars. Oh my gosh, I would read Luis Alberto Urrea's grocery list if that were the only thing available to me! So disclaimer: I am totally biased to love anything he writes. And this big, brash, rollicking novel just swept me into its embrace and made a Mexican-American out of me. Well, not really but I feel like "House of Broken Angels" is sort of the Mexican version of "A Big Fat Greek Wedding" yet with bigger themes like life and death! ...
  • Mary Holstein
    This well-crafted story of a Mexican American family centers around an eventful weekend. The de la Cruz family members travel from far and wide to attend 100-year-old America ‘s funeral and the final birthday party for Big Angel, the dying patriarch of the clan. Funerals and final birthdays inspire reflection, storytelling and connecting with others in special ways. Big Angel and other family members relate tales of how they came to America and...
  • Erika
    The House of Broken Angels, or as my spouse like to tease, Housebroken Angels, was a good read. I really devoured the first third of the book. But when it regressed into the past, the momentum really died down for me, and in those last two-thirds of the book, even though mysteries were solved, the story became darker and more conflicted, leaving me unsatisfied.I was excited about this story because I grew up in SoCal and miss the culture there. T...
  • Lindsay
    A poignant multi-generational saga that really occurred mostly within a single day. What stood out to me most was how life is relentless even in the face of death. There were a few OMG sort of moments, which, thinking back, kept the plot interesting but also gave the ultimate arc of the story a little perplexity. In true Urrea style, we meet some fantastic characters, but it was hard for me to follow at times. I always felt like I needed to learn...
  • Mark
    The House of Broken Angels is the story of a multigenerational Mexican-American family, straddling the border in both time and space. History is gradually revealed by flashbacks. I struggle with nonlinear narratives. I re-started my reading a short way into the book so that I could compile a running biography and genealogy of the characters. There is much to like in this book. The characters will be real people to you by the end of the book, simu...
  • Laura Chase
    I read a readers copy of this book. Living in Lawrence MA, I was intrigued by the fact that it was an immigrant American novel. I found the writing to be disjointed and occaissionally hard to follow. I'm not sure if that's Urrea's writing style or the fact that I'm a WASP and don't have the Mexican connection. I did find that I enjoyed the 2nd half of the novel much better than the first. I felt that the Birthday party of Big Angel's was more inc...
  • Sherilyn
    The House of Broken Angels gets a mixed review from me. I loved the characters, Big Angel, Perla, Little Angel, La Gloriosa, and even the minor characters. I loved the stories, the food, the telling of the complex dynamics of this large Hispanic family.I did not love the disjointed telling of the story. Found it very distracting and irritating. It made it difficult for me to get involved in the book. Kept picking it up and putting it down. The se...
  • Sara Leonard
    This book is a marvel. Urrea created a book focused on the lives of a single family over one weekend, and somehow made each and every character feel fully explored and developed. I could easily read a full novel featuring any one of the protagonists, but the chaos of bringing each complicated person under one roof made for a beautiful disaster. This is my first Urrea, and I can't wait to dive into his other novels.
  • Michael Travis
    The positive reviews of this book, this story about Big Angel and family, were accurate. It was a book that brought more sadness to the forefront of this family. Life can be a tough road. I am blessed.
  • Carlos Vasconcelos
    4.5*A very good author.
  • Jamie
    This is an exquisitely beautiful novel. A descendant from Garcia Marquez, it's simple in its beauty. When the end comes, what really matters?
  • Regla M. Monkan
    Excellent book!Brought back many memories of my own family. And yes, we also have a parrot story. Anyone with a crazy family will appreciate this story!
  • Patricia
    An extraordinary book about a family of immigrants from Mexico. Gives a true sense of Family and the good and bad sides of it.I recommend for book clubs. It has a lot of subjects to discuss.