Heavy Vinyl, Vol. 1 by Carly Usdin

Heavy Vinyl, Vol. 1

When Chris joins the staff at her local record store, she’s surprised to find out that her co-workers share a secret: they’re all members of a secret fight club that take on the patriarchy and fight crime!Starry-eyed Chris has just started the dream job every outcast kid in town wants: working at Vinyl Mayhem. It's as rad as she imagined; her boss is BOSS, her co-workers spend their time arguing over music, pushing against the patriarchy, a...

Details Heavy Vinyl, Vol. 1

TitleHeavy Vinyl, Vol. 1
Release DateApr 24th, 2018
PublisherBOOM! Box
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Young Adult, Lgbt, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Heavy Vinyl, Vol. 1

  • Sara➽ (Ink Is My Sword)
    5 “New favorite” Stars ➽ FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED: I will lead this review with a list of things this graphic novel contains, browse and see if any of those things are for your liking bitch please, I bet everyone will find something, this has all of the best things: ✔ Puerto Rican girl✔ African American girl✔ f/f main couple✔ 2 interracial couples✔Girl with gay dads✔ 2 f/f couples✔ girl on girl crush heaven✔ Music✔ Humor✔...
  • Devann
    Cute art, cute story, cute girls [that have cute crushes on other cute girls], and awesome music - What's not to like? This is definitely a fun idea for a series and I can't wait for volume 2!Also I sent this page to my friend with the caption "i would be offended by the design of this girl asking where the new placebo album is if it wasn't so spot on" and she replied "lmao who let damien bloodmarch in here" so new headcanon accepted basically ;)
  • anna (readingpeaches)
    it's so cute & fun & also so effortlessly diverse!! two biracial couples one of which is sapphic! gay dads! another sapphic couple! black & puerto rican mcs!
  • Chad
    I loved everything about this. It's Empire Records crossed with Scooby Doo (or maybe Buffy without the supernatural). Set in 1998, Chris is the new girl working at the local record store. When the lead singer of a rock band goes missing, her co-workers invite her to join a secret underground fight / detective club. Chris also has a crush on another girl at the record store but doesn't know how she feels. Usdin does a fantastic job of capturing th...
  • Aleksandra
    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, PLEASE READ IT!Heavy Vinyl is awesome comic about a vynil shop, where all the employees and the boss are ladies, who are also in secret fight vigilante club, set in 1990s, USA! It's lots of fun, it has great diversity and the main arc is about missing music bands.The main character is Chris, she's sixteen, she started working in the shop a month ago, she's crushing on her co-worker Maggie. It's very cute! Then the singer from...
  • Bookishrealm
    This was such a cute comic with badass females and LGBT representation. I absolutely loved it. I was amazed by the plot line and the character development. The story was so easy to follow and it definitely kept my attention the entire time. I LOVED it. I can't wait until the second volume is released and I get the opportunity to see where the story goes. This is also a comic that takes place during the 90s so there is a lot of pop culture referen...
  • ashley (saidthestory)
    I'm sad there isn't more to this story. (Yet!). I found the characters cute and dynamic, while also being easy to relate to. There wasn't too many tropes, and every time I thought there would be, the writers surprised me by NOT doing it. Overall it was a very fun read all about music and girl power and LGBT positivity. Highly Recommend!
  • Gary
    I loved the concept but the execution left me wanting. It reads a little like a TV pilot; introducing lots of potentially interesting characters and ideas before running out of time to do much with them. The 90s setting also felt a little like a plot contrivance. I think the idea would work just as well in a contemporary setting.All that said, I'd totally read a second, more focused volume.
  • Sascha
    I was really excited for this and hadn't been able to grab a first issue so waited until the first volume was out. I ended up pretty disappointed. I think it comes down to me expecting too much out of Boom Box comics. They are aimed at a younger set, after all.This comic was marketed as a fluffy, lesbian-focused comic about a girl w/ a crush on another girl who works in the same record shop as her. I love music, and was looking forward to an all-...
  • Basma
    I'm enjoying these quirky, quick, fun and adorable comics that are being published and that are coming up my radar lately. The stories are cute and enjoyable, the characters are diverse, there seems to be a bigger emphasis on feminism and equality, there's always a bit of a cute or cliche romance but it's more focused on the action than the romance and the style of art and coloring is the kind that I love. And this comic is all of the aforementio...
  • bri
    "Well we can't let them do that. Music is about expression and identity. I'm trying to figure out who I am and they're doing literally the opposite of that." YALL!!! This has become one of my new favorite comic series. I read these as individual issues but I was too lazy to count each one as a single book soooo. Anyway we basically follow this group of 5 girls working at a record store in the late 80's and they're part of a fight club. AND THER...
  • Kristin
    Everything in this feels like lip service. The '90s setting, the diversity, even the plot. None of it has any thought or reason behind it. Black girl likes Lauryn Hill, TLC, and hip-hop. Hispanic girl isn't Hispanic until she gets a sudden call from her Papi in the final issue. Everyone's super chill about having two dads or being a gay teen, when that's very much not how the '90s was (It's sadly not even how *now* is).If this had been a fluffy, ...
  • Rod Brown
    It's my second super-diverse disappointingly generic Scooby-Doo adventure in a row. (See Moonstruck, Volume One: Magic to Brew) An appealing cast of characters goes to waste in a silly fight club that also fights crime and a convoluted missing person story that doesn't even wrap up in the first volume. Not sure I care enough to find out how it ends.
  • Heatherblakely
    I grabbed the first volume when I was in San Francisco, and I'm so glad I did! I loved these characters, and watching a girl have a crush on another girl warmed my heart. I want more.
  • Annise Blanchard
    What an amazing graphic novel series! Based around 4 teenage girls and one super fine store owner working in a records store and fighting the patriarchy. Super feminist, LGBTQ+ friendly, and overall amazing and empowering. I can't wait to read more!
  • BookBlerd
    I liked it fine. The romance between the tomboy music lover & the preppy girl was nice. The artwork had a modern day Archie comics feel.I feel like the premise could've been executed better. I was expecting them to be in a secret band, so was a bit disappointed.
  • Kris Ritchie
    Fantastic start to what might be my favorite Boom Box series since the Backstagers. Having it set in the late 90s also provided me with mini-culture shocks on pop culture refs such as hearing characters talk about catching up on the latest episode of Buffy the Vampire slayer and then referencing season 3 material.
  • rebeca
    please this is so so so so cool i'm the definition of 'heart eyes' right now... i NEED the vol 2!!!!!
  • Lindsey
    I loved that there was not a fantasy element to this book. It is a lot of girl power.
  • Mckinlay
    I’m so sad cause this was really good and was getting better and it was canceled 😭
  • Artemis
    CODE VIOLET! RECOMMENDED BOOK! RECOMMENDED BOOK!Great artwork, and cute, diverse girls throwing punches as members of a femme, patriarchy-smashing fight club. Plus there's a deep knowledge and passion for music, going back to before the 21st century - the comic is set in 1998 - when vinyl records were the best. Still are to a lot of people; music fans and collectors.Part 'Scooby-Doo', part 'Misfit City', part every-other-contemporary-comic-about-...
  • Jen Jesse
    So, just to reiterate what others have said, yes, this comic is very cute and fluffy.I picked this up because I immediately fell in love with the concept since I'm a sucker for music-driven stories and anything that involves music history and trivia. A comic about a group of girls working at a local record store in New Jersey in the '90s felt right up my alley for me, a music lover who grew up in New Jersey. I admittedly wasn't really into the se...
  • Danielle Booey
    I can't believe it took me so long to read this! I saw this series when it was first shown in Previews forever ago and thought, "dang that looks good". Then it came out in graphic novel form and I saw it come in at the library, but I never grabbed it. Big mistake. This is a fantastic graphic novel about music, friendship, and girl power. Oh yeah, there is a mystery and a fight club style girl gang too.The characters are all fun and three dimensio...
  • The Lost Dreamer
    I have LOVED every page of this. Girls who love good music and kick ass? Dude, this comic is about me! This is lovely, in every possible way. I love those four kids. They are all parts of myself. I would have loved to read this when I was 17, so I could identify my fears and my shyness with Chris'. I love that strong kicking-ass women can also be diverse, lovely and femenine. And gosh, this is SO QUEER. I know in the 90's things weren't as easy a...
  • Candice
    I absolutely loved volume 1 of this new comic! The main character, Chris, is an awkward teenager with anxiety issues (I could totally relate) who gets a super cool job at Vinyl Destination, the local record store, in 1998. She works with other awesome women in this music driven atmosphere, hoping that this dream job will help her figure out who she really is. All of the main characters are badass women who fight the patriarchy, know how to throw ...
  • Waffle
    Cute, fast, low stakes. Josie and the Pussycats if that movie was five minutes long and allowed to be as gay as it should have been. Wish it had gone deeper!
  • Emily
  • Kayla
    As suspected, I loved the girl power!! I can't wait for Vol. 2.