Heavy Vinyl, Vol. 1 by Carly Usdin

Heavy Vinyl, Vol. 1

When Chris joins the staff at her local record store, she’s surprised to find out that her co-workers share a secret: they’re all members of a secret fight club that take on the patriarchy and fight crime!Starry-eyed Chris has just started the dream job every outcast kid in town wants: working at Vinyl Mayhem. It's as rad as she imagined; her boss is BOSS, her co-workers spend their time arguing over music, pushing against the patriarchy, a...

Details Heavy Vinyl, Vol. 1

TitleHeavy Vinyl, Vol. 1
Release DateApr 24th, 2018
PublisherBOOM! Box
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Young Adult, Lgbt, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Heavy Vinyl, Vol. 1

  • Devann
    Cute art, cute story, cute girls [that have cute crushes on other cute girls], and awesome music - What's not to like? This is definitely a fun idea for a series and I can't wait for volume 2!Also I sent this page to my friend with the caption "i would be offended by the design of this girl asking where the new placebo album is if it wasn't so spot on" and she replied "lmao who let damien bloodmarch in here" so new headcanon accepted basically ;)
  • ashley (saidthestory)
    I'm sad there isn't more to this story. (Yet!). I found the characters cute and dynamic, while also being easy to relate to. There wasn't too many tropes, and every time I thought there would be, the writers surprised me by NOT doing it. Overall it was a very fun read all about music and girl power and LGBT positivity. Highly Recommend!
  • Aleksandra
    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, PLEASE READ IT!Heavy Vinyl is awesome comic about a vynil shop, where all the employees and the boss are ladies, who are also in secret fight vigilante club, set in 1990s, USA! It's lots of fun, it has great diversity and the main arc is about missing music bands.The main character is Chris, she's sixteen, she started working in the shop a month ago, she's crushing on her co-worker Maggie. It's very cute! Then the singer from...
  • bri
    "Well we can't let them do that. Music is about expression and identity. I'm trying to figure out who I am and they're doing literally the opposite of that." YALL!!! This has become one of my new favorite comic series. I read these as individual issues but I was too lazy to count each one as a single book soooo. Anyway we basically follow this group of 5 girls working at a record store in the late 80's and they're part of a fight club. AND THER...
  • anna (readingpeaches)
    it's so cute & fun & also so effortlessly diverse!! two biracial couples one of which is sapphic! gay dads! another sapphic couple! black & puerto rican mcs!
  • Heatherblakely
    I grabbed the first volume when I was in San Francisco, and I'm so glad I did! I loved these characters, and watching a girl have a crush on another girl warmed my heart. I want more.
  • Candice
    I absolutely loved volume 1 of this new comic! The main character, Chris, is an awkward teenager with anxiety issues (I could totally relate) who gets a super cool job at Vinyl Destination, the local record store, in 1998. She works with other awesome women in this music driven atmosphere, hoping that this dream job will help her figure out who she really is. All of the main characters are badass women who fight the patriarchy, know how to throw ...
  • Vanda
    WOW ??? i loved this so much ??? cute girls cute art and music?? also they are fckn vigilantes??? damn
  • charlotte
    i didnt realise this comic had only 4 issues total thats just rude
  • Jam
    I'll skip the synopsis and just say that this was a wonderful start to what I can only hope is a continuing series. I was so devastated with the cliffhanger ending. I want more!Anyways, I'll make a list of my pros and cons to keep things short and simple. There is way too much I want to gush about, otherwise. PROS:- Love, love, LOVED the art style! I find far too often that western comics tend to be ugly in either the obviously-traced-from-a-stoc...
  • Marthese Formosa
    Heavy Vinyl (formerly Hi-Fi Fight Club) is a graphic novel (for now it's a stand alone but it will probably continue) about a group of teens (and 20s) that works at a record store but are also members of a fight club that fight injustice.Chris is the 'new' employee and the story is told from her POV mostly. Then there is Maggie, Chris' crush and Dolores, Chris' 'archnemesis' and Kennedy, who kicks ass. There is also Irene, their boss.Chris is ver...
  • A
    YAS!! Was eagerly anticipating its release (thanks Autostraddle), and I loved it. Girl-gang banding together to protect against the scourges of their world. Chris as the lead of the ensemble was adorable as she tries to figure out who she is and how to get the girl of her dreams. Great for a first TP to actually have a (rad) story arc it finished, while leaving the possibility open for more. Now I'm eagerly anticipating the next one...
  • Gary
    I loved the concept but the execution left me wanting. It reads a little like a TV pilot; introducing lots of potentially interesting characters and ideas before running out of time to do much with them. The 90s setting also felt a little like a plot contrivance. I think the idea would work just as well in a contemporary setting.All that said, I'd totally read a second, more focused volume.
  • Dan
    Party Fight Club part Jem and the Holograms. This graphic novel is sheer fun and 90's nostalgia. I want to hang out with these girls!If you liked this, make sure to follow me on Goodreads for more reviews!
  • Celestine
    lovely art style, great diverse cast of kickass girls and an interesting conceptits definitely entertaining to readthe pacing of the first volume is a bit off for me personally, theres a lot happening in 4 issues that might have been better if it had been spread out a bit more, but its still fun
  • Anna Morgan
    3.5 this book was an adorable story of queer feminist ladies kicking butt, Riot Grrl style. I loved the artwork, and even though the story was a bit simplistic for my taste, I really hope it gets a second volume.
  • Heather
    Oh my god this is the best thing EVER. I have to read them all.
  • Woowott
    3.5 stars
  • KathleenB
    Cute characters and story but the premise is a little thin. Maybe a volume 2 can fill that out.
  • Claire
  • Emma
    Fight Club, meets High Fidelity, meets Josie and the Pussycats.
  • Heather
    This was a lot of fun. Maybe not the most realistic.Also Spoiler... the code that led them to the secret hiding place didn't make sense for the record company to have put it there.
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