The Stars Now Unclaimed (The Universe After, #1) by Drew Williams

The Stars Now Unclaimed (The Universe After, #1)

Perfect for fans of Firefly and James S. A. Corey's Expanse series, The Stars Now Unclaimed is a fun, adventure-filled ride around a far-future galaxy.Jane Kamali is an agent for the Justified. Her mission: to recruit children with miraculous gifts in the hope that they might prevent the Pulse from once again sending countless worlds back to the dark ages.Hot on her trail is the Pax--a collection of fascist zealots who believe they are the rightf...

Details The Stars Now Unclaimed (The Universe After, #1)

TitleThe Stars Now Unclaimed (The Universe After, #1)
Release DateAug 21st, 2018
PublisherTor Books
GenreScience Fiction, Space, Space Opera, Fiction

Reviews The Stars Now Unclaimed (The Universe After, #1)

  • Dee Arr
    There are so many good things about this novel that one might believe that it sprouted from the mind of an experienced author branching out into a new series. As a lover of sci-fi, I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of the future. The world-building started early and continued throughout the entire book. Truthfully, it was more galaxy-building, as author Drew Williams deftly juggled the different races, introducing them to us at a pace that managed t...
  • Nina
    The Stars Now Unclaimed IS a good space opera. If you’re in the mood for a book that is the equivalent of reading Star Wars, this may be for you. However, I personally prefer Star Wars on the screen, and while some elements of this novel were clearly developed and well thought through, there were a couple of things that just made it impossible for me to rate it a 3:1. The plot, while developed, is basically a string of fight sequences. While so...
  • The Captain
    Ahoy there me mateys!  I received this sci-fi eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  So here be me honest musings . . .Well, I have to admit that this was just an okay read.  One of me crew, Sarah @ theillustratedpage's review, accurately described it as:"The majority of The Stars Now Unclaimed is action scenes. I really can’t emphasize how much of this book is action. You mainly get a few paragraphs or pages between variou...
  • Mike
    A solid space opera yarn. Williams embroils readers in conflict right out of the gate with very little downtime for examining the headier elements of this setting. That said, Williams lays down some excellent character work here and lays a strong foundation for further explorations.
  • Shelley
    *Source* Publisher*Genre* Science Fiction*Rating* 3.5-4*Thoughts*The Stars Now Unclaimed is the first installment in author Drew Williams' The Universe After series. The story predicates on the theory that 1,000 years ago, the Pulse knocked worlds, most of them, back a few thousand years before spaceflight and electricity. The Pulse, which was supposed to stop wars and aggressive planets from conquering peaceful planets, wasn't a one time event. ...
  • Koeur
    Publishing Date: August 2018Publisher: TorISBN: 9781250186119Genre: SciFiRating: 2.7/5Publisher’s Description:Jane Kamali is an agent for the Justified. Her mission: to recruit children with miraculous gifts in the hope that they might prevent the Pulse from once again sending countless worlds back to the dark ages. Hot on her trail is the Pax–a collection of fascist zealots who believe they are the rightful rulers of the galaxy and who remai...
  • Nadine
    The Stars Now Unclaimed is marketed as a blend of Firefly and The Expanse by James S.A. Corey. I understand why they chose this comparison, however I would argue it’s for fans of The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers, but with more intense space battles.The Stars Now Unclaimed follows a soldier, Jane, as she travels across the universe in search of gifted children. Jane is a member of an organization that believes these childre...
  • Niki
    4 solid (unclaimed) stars for this one.The reasons why the book didn't get a full 5 stars from me were:1. Esa was criminally underused, I was so looking forward to getting awesome telekinesis scenes from her; I have a soft spot for telekinesis, it's my favourite super power and the one I wish I had the most (that, and telepathy) 2. The fact that the plot consisted of fight scene after fight scene grew tiring after a while, plus...3. ...How every ...
  • Tammie
    Jane Kamali is an agent for the Justified. Her mission: to recruit children with miraculous gifts in the hope that they might prevent the Pulse from once again sending countless worlds back to the dark ages.Hot on her trail is the Pax--a collection of fascist zealots who believe they are the rightful rulers of the galaxy and who remain untouched by the Pulse. This book is full of action and adventure. I feel like it depended far too much on actio...
  • Matthew Duffy
    Really enjoyed this book. Science Fiction can be tough to write while keeping grounded in a realistic setting, but this book delivered in spades. Some influences seem to be very obvious (Mass Effect, Star Trek etc), but the setting and story is different enough and uses these influences as a jumping off point to ensure that it is very much its own story.The characters are all likeable and believable, their morals are not black and white and they ...
  • Judy Lesley
    Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan - Tor/Forge for a digital galley of this novel.This book is so good for adults and it would be for middle school students and older except that there is so much profanity in it. And I do mean it is jam packed. That's a shame.Yep, five stars for a space opera. There aren't a lot of new concepts in this story except for the pulse which is the backlash from something that was supposed to be good but hasn't turned...
  • Azrah
    **I was provided with an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**Claimed to be for fans of Star Wars, Firefly, and The Expanse series this book was obviously going to grab my attention. After reading the premise I couldn’t grab the book sooner. The Stars Now Unclaimed is set in the universe many years in the future when a phenomenon known as The Pulse, set out to create universal peace, accidentally destroyed next to all forms o...
  • K.S. Marsden
    Jane is one of the Justified. In a world torn apart by chaos, she has to play her part in protecting it. This includes rescuing a reluctant teenager, and her mechanical sidekick, as they might have the strength to stop the newest threat.I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This was a slow-starter for me.It opens with an unnamed agent of the Justified, dropping in on a relatively peaceful, and unevolved planet (th...
  • Jared Shurin
    It is like if Destiny 2 and The Force Awakens had a love child?Who was then taught how to play Resident Evil? By Firefly?!Or, uh, all the serious parts of Simon Green's Deathstalker meet all the fun parts of Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice? All of which, of course, does The Stars Now Unclaimed a disservice, as this book is a) very much its own thing and b) that thing is very, very, very good. This is the very definition of page-turning - an utterl...
  • Rebecca
    I received a copy of this book to review, I can say all the opinions are mine.I thoroughly enjoyed this book although it was not an easy read overall. There were a few time in the first half where I was tempted to not finish but boy am I glad I carried on reading. If you’re looking for a high octane sci fi with lots of thrilling battle scenes and easily relatable characters then this is the book for you.There are bits that are slightly hard to ...
  • Alan
    As always, in the interest of full disclosure, I received an ARC from the publisher in consideration for an honest and fair review.If I'm a publisher and I want to set a first time writer up for failure make sure the back cover blurb includes references to The Expanse and Firefly. That's a sure fire way, IMO, to get a casual reader to set expectations so high for a book that said expectations can't be met. With Williams' freshman endeavor he does...
  • Amber
    I haven't read many sci-fi books recently so I can't compare this to anything else in the genre. But for me, it was an easy read. There was enough tech and science terms to make it believably set sometime in the future, but not so many I got confused or bogged down by them.There were tons of battle scenes in this novel. Luckily Drew Williams did a great job of leading the reader through them. They were fast paced and it was easy to imagine the ac...
  • Tara (Spinatale Reviews)
    The Stars Now Unclaimed was a fun, crazy, and wild ride through space. There’s a lot of battle sequences and daring rescues, which were definitely entertaining. However, I was originally drawn to this book because of the comparison to Firefly, one of my favorite TV shows. Unfortunately, this one lacks the heart and the strong characters that I was hoping for after hearing that comparison. Although I’d have liked more depth in general, The Sta...
  • Dan
    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway, and here is my review.Drew Williams is an excellent storyteller, and the only reason I rate it a 3 is because I got a little tired of the tone near the end. But that's just me. I think a lot of people would rate this book a 5 without reservation.In the first person style, we get inside the head of a woman whose job it is to find kids who are special, and bring them back home. But every step of the way, the...
  • Kat
    For fans of Becky Chambers, Starship Troopers, Matthew Reilly.An action packed, non-stop thrilling ride, from beginning to end, till will suit anyone looking for an unbridled masculine gallop through a universe torn apart by war and a phenomenon known as The Pulse, which dragged tech back, in some places, thousands of years.No excessive sappy love stories (but enough to make the characters interesting and worth getting invested into), this will a...
  • Jo (Mixed Book Bag)
    Something happened years ago and the galaxy changed. Before there were endless wars and the Pulse was supposed to story them. It did stop some but not all. Enter the Justified and Jane Kamali. They are trying to stop the Pulse from returning and doing more damage. The world building and back story are all excellent. There are also some interesting characters. While Jane is the main characters the group around her are well developed and diverse. T...
  • Laine Ricketts
    *had the opportunity to read an ARCIn Drew Williams’ debut The Stars Now Unclaimed you are thrown right into action in a complex and colorful galactic setting. Sci-Fi readers will enjoy the company of the leads: the mercenary Jane, the telepathic child Esa, and the robotic guardian Preacher—as well as their spaceship—as they battle the likes of a sinister galactic empire.This story has a great structure and is well paced, allowing for a smo...
  • Allyn Nichols
    I really enjoyed this book. Brimming with plausible science. The main character and party are incredibly well designed. A must read for fans of Anne Leckie / Ancillary series and Iain M Banks ( Culture novels). A real five star read!
  • Brett
    This is a fast paced science fiction, that is filled with action. The novel has a lot to offer and is a solid start to a series. I'm curious to see where the series heads.
  • Adam Yates
    I haven’t read a lot of Space Opera but I’d imagine this fits the genre perfectly.Anyone who reads Becky Chambers (A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet) should find something in this to enjoy although the numerous battle and space fighting scenes means that although it’s action packed, it lacks the heart of the Wayfarer series instead focusing on advanced weaponry, war tactics and savage races.
  • Virginia
    ***review to come***
  • Trish Leggat
    The Stars Now Unclaimed - Drew WilliamsThis was another NetGalley book that I was approved for. As with previous books, I was given a digital review copy of this in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was drawn to it (once again) by the cover and the cover alone. I really didn't know much about the book, synopsis or author. I wasn't even really sure which genre it sat in!Hang on... that sounds familiar! In fact its almost word for word what ...
  • Sarah (CoolCurryBooks)
    Do you love action sequences? If so, then this is the book for you!The mysterious Pulse swept across the universe, infecting worlds with various levels of technology-killing radiation, putting some planets pre-spaceflight or even pre-electricity. But alongside the Pulse, something else happened… children started to be born with unusual powers, and an organization called the Justified believes these children are the answer to defeating the Pulse...