Kill Zone by Rick Acker

Kill Zone

For fans of inspirational and Christian Thrillers! Here are ten brand-new, never-before-published novellas of suspense, intrigue, and thrills from ten of your favorite authors. This special anthology is available for a limited time only! Rick Acker Christy Barritt Patricia Bradley Braxton DeGarmo Luana Ehrlich Heather Day Gilbert Heather I. James Robert Liparulo Jordyn Redwood Jan Thompson SECRETS by Rick Acker Everyone has ...

Details Kill Zone

TitleKill Zone
Release DateOct 3rd, 2017
PublisherGeorgia Press LLC
GenreSuspense, Mystery, Christian Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Thriller

Reviews Kill Zone

  • N.N. Light
    I didn't what to expect from the box set because I hadn't read any of the authors before. I rather enjoyed it. Each story was pretty fleshed out with a mystery to solve and exciting suspense. Will look for more from these authors. My Rating: 4 stars
  • Melissa
    Read Secrets by Rick Acker and Undercut by Heather Gilbert. I really enjoyed both of these thrillers--surprisingly well developed for novellas and lots of action, romance, and intrigue. See my full review here and pick up this entire collection for a low price!Life Fully Booked Review of Secrets and Undercut
  • Julie
    Great collection of stories!I enjoyed reading works from several different authors. They kept you wanting more from each one. I hope there's another collection like this soon.
  • David Marcia
    I loved the book and authors. Getting to know the characters gives my my next great reads!
  • Nancy
    Due to time, I have only read one of the books in this collection so far. The book by Heather Day Gilbert. I found it to be filled with suspense, even though it is a Novella. I was gasping at times because I didn’t know what was happening next. I’d say that’s a well-written suspense novel to cause me to do that! I look forward to going back and reading more of this collection.
  • Ellen
    I've finished the first two stories and have just begin the third. So far, so good! The stories have been suspenseful featuring international espionage and serial killers, but yet clean and not too graphic.A variety of relationships is explored including a mother and daughter caught on opposing sides of a company lawsuit, a victim and her budding relationship with an investigator, and a detective considering whether he should postpone an engageme...
  • Janet Sketchley
    This is a powerhouse anthology with some seriously-acclaimed contributors, both traditionally- and indie-published. Of the 10 authors, I had previously read novels by Christy Barritt, Braxton DeGarmo, Patricia Bradley, and Heather Day Gilbert. And most of the rest were on my “to read” list. So I knew the collection was a safe bet.Story by story, my thoughts:Secrets, by Rick Acker: This a new-to-me author, and I’m glad to see he has a number...
  • Katherine Jones
    On Undercut by Heather Day Gilbert, part of Kill Zone anthology: I can count on any book by uber-gifted Heather Day Gilbert to hit the mark, especially when it comes in the form of a compact thriller, one a busy reader can easily enjoy in a leisurely day. Her writing is crisp, her characters well-defined and plotting precise — all of which suit novella-length fiction perfectly.I don’t know any author who has published in more genres than Heat...
  • Elizabeth Kling
    So many authorsI enjoyed getting to know new to me. Spies, suspense, Christian without being preachy are the books i gravitate to. Had all of this with twists and turns . Cant go wrong with this boxed set. Going to check out these new authors.
  • Pam
    I read The Wrecking which Is a captivating thriller that keeps you guessing. Will the FBI discover who the killer is in time to protect Samantha and keep him from killing another victim? Read and find out. As always Christy Barrett writes an exciting read and I highly recommend.
  • Susan Snodgrass
    I love a good suspense tale and this collection sure provides that. Honestly, I would have bought it on the strength of the names of Jordyn Redwood and Heather Gilbert alone. I have read both their contributions so far and they're great! Redwood's feels like a full length novel. I can't wait to get to the rest of the novellas. I will update as I do.
  • Kim
    Prepare yourself for extreme danger and suspense from a collection of masterful action mystery artists. Each entry in this set is a stand-alone drama full of questions and twists. These thrillers offer a sample of each author's work coupled with good, clean fun. The biggest benefit is for those of us with a limited time or numerous interruptions. You may choose to read one or a couple of the offerings in a sitting. In the future, I'll be checking...
  • Jan
    The novellas in the mystery anthology, “Kill Zone” deal with a myriad of topics, from serial murders to human trafficking to high tech crime. The two that held my attention the best were “Secrets” and “Wrecks.” “Secrets” was suspenseful murder mystery. I appreciated the obvious research. Aspects of the story were relevant to today’s concerns abouts security, with the revelations of the NSA’s information collection and more and...
  • Connie Saunders
    I have just finished reading 'Malicious Intent', one of the novellas included in this Kill Zone collection, and author Jordyn Redwood has set the bar high for the other authors. Her story introduces the two detectives who are featured in Redwood's Bloodline Trilogy and we get to witness the first case that they worked together. Nathan Long is trying to atone for what he considers as grave errors during his time working for the FBI and Brett Sawye...
  • Gloria
    I am working my way through this great collection of suspense stories and reading some new to me authors. I am certainly going to check out other of their books. I have read Secrets by Rick Acker, The Wrecking by Christy Barritt, Ten Seconds Braxton Degarmo, and Malicious Intent by Jordyn Redwood.Secrets by Rick Acker is a story of international competition in the race for space travel. Things start off with a bang when Scott Sherman, ow...
  • Susanne
    Malicious Intent by Jordyn Redwood 4.5 stars - People close to author Lexie Sloan begin to die in ways that mirror the plots from her books. Is someone trying to set her up, or has she really come up with the perfect plan for murder? - Even though this story is part of a collection of novellas, the author does a great job of making this a complete story. This case brings together detectives Nathan Long and Brett Sawyer for the first time. To read...
  • Delores Topliff
    Patricia Bradley, the author of Revenge in this collection, writes gritty, inspiring Romantic Suspense about believable people struggling with, or learning to acknowledge, real-life problems--whether they face the past to make sense of it to heal, or unravel long-standing mysteries to understand the present and move forward. The hero or heroine interacts with suitably challenging love interests, but must conquer the obstacles between them to reac...
  • Cheri Swalwell
    Malicious Intent was a book I didn’t want to put down and continue to think about even though I’m done. I loved it. It kept me guessing from the very beginning and I had no idea who the killer was. I love how the author takes real life issues and puts a sinister twist on them, making the reader wonder, “what if????” I felt as though I was in the house with Grace and Lexie and then again with Brett and Nathan. I could live the scenes like ...
  • Kathleen
    A Great ReadI really enjoyed reading Killzone as it introduced me to new authors whose books I hadn’t read yet. A must read as it will whet your appetite for more. A great way to find new authors whose books you may like.
  • MrsKat
    Good selection of exciting suspense stories. I bought it primarily to read Robert Liparulo's Full Draw.
  • Todd
    Most of the stories were very good, but a couple were not really my style. My favorite one was by Robert Liparulo, which brought together the characters from two of his series that I have read.
  • Carmen Lang
    4.5 Enjoyed the variety of mystery/suspense novellas.
  • Caryl
    I enjoyed reading this collection of thrillers. The intrigue and danger kept me turning the pages.
  • Paula Shreckhise
    Kill Zone is a sampling of novellas from 10 authors in the thriller genre.Each has a keen level of suspense. This is a good book to get if you want to get a taste of what each writer has to offer. They are quick reads because the excitement level keeps you interested. Some of my favorite authors are included: Pat Bradley. Jordyn Redwood. And Carrie Stuart Parks.Test the waters and pick your favorite next read from among these awesome authors. *I ...