Manster (Hammered, #4) by Cari Quinn

Manster (Hammered, #4)

I’m a rockstar on the run from the memories of my past. And pussies in palaces.   Record scratch. Rewind.   My name is Hudson Wyatt, and I raced cars until an injury ended my career. Now I pound the skins in Hammered, a successful rock band. But I still enjoy living recklessly, hooking up and partying all night.    Lately, I’m wondering if I'm missing something deeper, and not just how far I can sink my—   Sorry, deleted. Anyway, it’...

Details Manster (Hammered, #4)

TitleManster (Hammered, #4)
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
PublisherRainbow Rage Publishing
GenreRomance, Music, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Manster (Hammered, #4)

  • Dali
    Fun, cute and sexy. A lighthearted rocker romance. Ex-racecar driver Hudson Wyatt is currently known for this skill behind the drums of well-known rock band Hammered, and his penchant for partying and womanizing. But with the love bug going around in his band, he’s been feeling a bit left out and pondering if he’s missing out. He never expected Cupid would pair him with a sexy, oddball cat lady with a quick wit. Can he convince her that they...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    I don’t know where to start with the latest Hammered story. Between the innuendos, the miscommunications and the cats, I wasn’t sure where the story was going or how it was going to get there.First, I am not a cat lover. Sorry! So, when Hudson walked into the Pussy Café and shuddered, so did I. Well, I wouldn’t have been able to walk in without downing a bottle of Benadryl but, that’s not the point. He shuddered because of his designer c...
  • Dali
    4.5 starsSexy sweet rock & roll stars!Review pending
  • Valeen Robertson
    Maneuvered is the latest sexy, fun entry in the Hammered rockstar series.Piper runs a cat cafe called the Pussy Palace. You know from that name alone that this will be funny and irreverent and sexy, and it is. But it's more than that, Piper and Hudson are real, layered characters with a palpable chemistry that kept me engaged til the very last page.When Hudson and Piper meet at Callie's Jack and Jill baby shower, she's intrigued by the huge, hot ...
  • Kim
    RomCom lovers, this one’s for you! MANEUVERED is a lighthearted, fun, and steamy story featuring the guys & gals of Hammered, plus their significant others. The hero is drummer Hudson Wyatt, and the heroine Piper Lockwood, a friend of a bandmate’s wife. He’s about as far from a typical rockstar as one can get. But that isn’t unexpected since he’s a cool-headed, former race car driver. Piper has focused on building her businesses, so has...
  • Karen
    These ladies slay me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The whole Oblivion-verse is just so real to me, and every time I start one of these books, I know I'm in for a TREAT. I'll start my review by talking about the main characters. We got a nice taste (oh how I WISH, amirite?) of Hudson Wyatt in Manipulated, and I was one-hundred-percent ready to read more about him by the end of that book. I didn't expect full-on Wyatt attitude. And he was throwing it from P...
  • Tricia
    Maneuvered is a wonderful light hearted, hugely funny rom com and a complete joy to read. Although this is a rocker romance, I have to say the star of the show for me is Piper. She is unfiltered, totally awkward and the stuff that comes out of her mouth is hilarious. She realises that she is lacking in certain social skills but is oblivious to the fact that her responses and reactions to those situations make her completely endearing. I love char...
  • Doris
    Hunter Wyatt is the drummer for the rock band Hammered and he is anxiously waiting to get back on the road with his bandmates. One of the holdups is his bandmate and friend Owen and Piper Blackwell are waiting on their first child which will make his/her arrival any time now. A friend of Callie’s, Piper, happens to own a very unique café/coffee house and she was throwing a Jack & Jill baby shower for the expecting couple. That’s where Hunter...
  • Ann
    4.5 StarsI loved this sweet & unlikely pair.Hudson is a Rockstar and Piper owns a cat cafe & is basically a “cat lady”. They are two people who have nothing in common except unexpected attraction. So can Piper keep his interest? Hell yeah, she can! When they come together, things are unbelievably hot! And Hudson was sweet the way he falls hard for the awkward Piper even though at times she had bad timing with the off the wall things that came...
  • Janice Somers
    I have always loved reading Rocker stories and this one went beyond my expectations. This was one I really loved not only because of the chemistry that each character had but how personable they were. Wyatt and Piper are so made for each other. There is a proposition made, lessons to be learned and the mighty fall.
  • Sandy S
    4 starsABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date November 1, 2017I’m a rockstar on the run from the memories of my past. And pussies in palaces. Record scratch. Rewind. My name is Hudson Wyatt, and I raced cars until an injury ended my career. Now I pound the skins in Hammered, a successful rock band. But I still enjoy living recklessly, hooking up and partying all night. Lately, I’m wondering if I'm missing something deeper, and not just how far I can si...
  • Rebecca Austin
    Piper Lockwood owns Rosie & Hank's Pussy Palace Cafe but it is now better known as the "Pussy Palace". When she is asked to host the Jack & Jill baby shower for close friend Callie who is married to Owen, the guitarist for Hammered she jumps on the chance. But nothing prepares her for the cat-hating drummer that walks in the door.Hudson Wyatt is best friends with Callie and would do anything for her - even spend the day in a cat cafe. What he doe...
  • Michelle Quintana
    This book was sent to me by the authors for an honest review. I liked Hudson right away but it took me awhile to warm up to Piper. Piper does come across as the crazy lonely cat lady while Hudson is the sophisticated foreigner. Hudson is getting anxious while waiting to get back on tour but is getting bored with his current lifestyle. Piper, on the other hand, feels uncomfortable around men. She feels attracted to Hudson but know that someone of ...
  • Jen
    Note: This ARC was provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review. The full review can be found at Dog-Eared Daydreams.I absolutely adored Hudson and Piper! You may have noticed that I've chosen to call him "Hudson" rather than "Wyatt". Well, that has to do with Wyatt being more of his Hammered persona and Hudson being the man who slowly revealed parts of himself to Piper throughout the book. Either way, I loved the guy as a whole. He m...
  • Chera
    Manster is the fourth in the Hammered series, starring Hudson Wyatt and Piper Lockwood. Hudson was a world famous F1 (Formula One) racer until he was involved in a severe crash that took him out of the cockpit of his race car and put him behind a drum kit with Hammered. Behind the rest of the band Hudson may not be front and centre of the band, but he didn't give up his fast lane lifestyle; he's gone from F1 star to Rockstar.. He still dresses in...
  • Sandy Kelly
    This is the fourth book in the Hammered series. It can definitely be read as a stand alone but I highly recommend the previous books in the series as they are excellent and explain some of the relationships that are happening on the sidelines. This one covers Hudson Wyatt and Piper Lockwood. Wyatt is the drummer for Hammered. Piper is the owner of a coffee shop called the Pussy Palace (and not for what your mind would naturally think of LOL!). Th...
  • Becky
    "Maneuvered" is the latest in the Hammered series. This story focuses on Hudson, the drummer for the popular rock band Hammered, and Piper, the close friend of Callie (the heroine from the last book in the series and wife of Hammered bandmate Owen). This is truly an opposites attract romance with plenty of humor and heat!Piper is a more introverted, often awkward, and self-proclaimed cat lady who owns a cat café/coffee shop. Hudson is a cool-und...
  • Carole
    Delightful, fun, charming, sexy, quirky - Loved It. One of my 2017 'feel good' stories with very little angst and misunderstandings are resolved quickly.Unfiltered, self-conscious and awkward Heroine Piper is the heart of a story with charm and has the Reader cheering for the Cat Lady and her furry entourage to have a happy ending.Interesting getting to know Wyatt as he adapted to all the changes with the band now that most of them are in committ...
  • Nancy
    One great laugh out loud sexy read! Piper is a somewhat socially awkward sweetheart who has no filter. Having been raised by a straight forward dad, she learned to speak her mind. She owns the coffee shop which she named Rosie & Hank's Pussy Palace Cafe, she makes and sells cat furniture, and has a cat room for her cats and others that can be adopted - cat lady all the way. Piper hosts Callie's Jack & Jill baby shower at the Pussy Palace where al...
  • Cathy
    I will just say that I LOVE CATS! Piper owns a cat café (I wish I had one close to me) and has 2 as pets. But to me the cats/kittens stole the show in this book especially Maya. Hudson HATES cats and yet he is at a baby shower at Piper's café...but besides thed amazing coffee (come on we all have that one coffee that we LOVE) he was drawn to Piper from the beginning. While Piper was drawn to the HUGE guy coming in the door with his sunglasses o...
  • Jean Marie
    This is book 4 in the Hammered Series by two of my favorite authors! To me, this one was very different from the authors and I enjoyed it just as much!Piper owns a cat café called the Pussy Palace (do you see where this is going). She's best friend's with Callie (who is married to Owen from the rock group Hammered). Hudson Wyatt is the drummer in Hammered and a retired race car driver. Wyatt is impeccably dressed and equally upset about the cats...
  • Misty - The Erotic Book Blog
    If you haven't gotten to know the boys of Hammered yet, you don't know what you're missing.Since the beginning, I've been intrigued by Hudson Wyatt, our sexy race car driver turned drummer. And he didn't disappoint. Mysterious, sexy, sweet, and a little bit broody, Hudson is a complex guy. And when he turns on his charm and flashes you that sexy smirk, your ability to resist him is nonexistent.Piper couldn't be more different than Hudson's typica...
  • Kathleen
    Piper is the woman we all wish we could be. She is straight forward, speaks her mind, loyal to her friends and cats and knows her own faults but isn't quite sure how to overcome them.Hudson is a race car driver turned Rockstar drummer, he is cool and somewhat aloof.He meets his match at Callie's baby shower.This is a wonderful read. The two main characters well developed and lovable. You'll laugh at Pipers self depreciation and the conversations ...
  • Sharon M.
    Another fantastic book by this duo. Piper meets Wyatt when she hosts a Jack and Jill baby shower for her friend Callie. Wyatt acts like a jerk but they still notice each other. Wyatt thinks Piper is a crazy cat lady and Piper thinks he is the jerk that REALLY likes her hickory coffee. Piper asks Wyatt to teach her how to act like a girl, or more precisely, " to not be me." Wyatt turns her down but, eventually, decides it would be a good div...
  • Trader (RedHotBlueReads)
    Hudson Wyatt, drummer for Hammered, meets Piper Lockwood, a success cat entrepreneur. Yep, cat entrepreneur. I must admit, it's a fresh idea and Piper's made a bunch of money on her love of the little furballs.Hudson is intrigued in a way he's never been interested before in Piper, and when she asks him for lessons, he's all in. Hudson is all too willing to open her eyes to her own sexuality, especially when he's the guy showing her the ropes. It...
  • Christine
    This book was sort of like drinking skim milk. It kind of looks like milk, but tastes like it was watered down. The book just never delivered any solid punches to me. Maybe I was too tired when I read it.It was OK. The authors can and have done a lot better though. Hudson is a nice guy, and Piper is OK. She's kind of hard to figure out. The action all happened rather abruptly for me. It seemed perfunctory and way too formulaic. No surprises.I als...
  • Maura
    Book #4 in the Hammered series does not disappoint. Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot write romantic comedies that are fun to read.Piper has a very unique business model. She owns Rosie and Hank's Pussy Palace which incorporates cats and coffee. She is unfiltered and so different from a stereo typical "cat lady". Hudson Wyatt is the ginger Adonis drummer in the band "Hammered". His hest friend is a woman and he isn't afraid of much.The main characters ...
  • Suz
    Manster / Maneuvered is the latest entry in the Hammered series, and while I’ve really enjoyed all the other books, this one is by far my favorite.Piper is adorably awkward and determined to have Wyatt teach her how to become less like herself and more like the women he typically gets involved with. What Piper doesn’t realize is that her ‘differentness” is what is continually knocking him off his game and wraps him up in her quirky charms...
  • Pam
    Hunter Wyatt , drummer for Hammered, is bored and can't wait to get back out on tour. Piper Blackwell is the owner of quaint coffee shop that also has a room that houses Cats awaiting adoption. Piper feels she has very little social skills, which makes for very few suitors. At a Jack and Jill shower she is hosting for a friend, she meets Hunter. They find themselves very comfortable around each other, which leads her to ask Hunter to give her a f...
  • Jill
    Piper and Hudson are delicious!I absolutely loved this book. It definitely has all the hot and steamy you expect from Quinn and Elliott!Piper, the unusual and unexpected owner of a cat cafe, says it like it is. Her honesty is so refreshing. She not a likely candidate for a rock star girlfriend, but Hudson Wyatt is not your usual rock star. He’s sophisticated to her eclectic-don’t-give-a-dam style. He’s into race cars and she’s into cats. ...