Rat Queens, Vol. 4 by Kurtis J. Wiebe

Rat Queens, Vol. 4

The Queens are back! Palisade is still a rat-infested hell hole, and Violet, Hannah, Dee, Betty, and the brand-new Queen, Braga are the only hope of saving it! It’s been a long time since they’ve done a good slaughter, so join them as they get back to the basics of killing monsters and drinking away the profits! This is a fresh, hilarious new take on the RAT QUEENS with new artist OWEN GIENI! Collects RAT QUEENS, VOL. 2 #1-5

Details Rat Queens, Vol. 4

TitleRat Queens, Vol. 4
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy, Graphic Novels Comics, High Fantasy

Reviews Rat Queens, Vol. 4

  • Chad
    The Queens are back in town and Braga joins up. There's not many subplots here, just the girls questing to earn enough money for booze and candy. Violet's insufferable brother Barrie has decided to stick around to make Vi's life miserable. The book is still witty and fun and irreverent as ever with lots of laugh out loud moments like Milton the Gut Merchant.
  • Emily May
    I love this series! Easily one of my favourite graphic stories of all time.Rat Queens, Vol. 4: High Fantasies is not the strongest instalment so far, but at this point I love the characters and the dynamic between them so much that I hardly care. There is something just so delightful about this rugged band of drinking, swearing, killing women. Here they are joined by newest member - Braga - and, of course, mayhem ensues.Both Hannah's embarrassing...
  • Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    I still love this series as a whole but I felt this was the weakest so far, it seems to have lost that sense of adventure and the naughtiness it had at the beginning.
  • Misty
    There are still some flaws and bad habits that need to be overcome in the writing, but for the most part, as this went along, it started to feel like the story was getting back on track. I'm not going to get my hopes too high, because lord knows, they could build it up just to dash it all again, but so far, I'm glad to see the Queens back at it.
  • Pop Bop
    Most Definitely Back on TrackI was very much taken by the first Rat Queens volume. So I was a bit disappointed by the second and third volumes. They had less humor, action, and manic energy and got a bit too angsty and backstory-ish for me. I very much like all of the Rat Queen characters and didn't want to see the series turn into a soap opera. Well guess what? This fourth volume is a total hoot. It starts strong and then just keeps getting bett...
  • Jesse Nicholas
    This felt like a new beginning for the Rat Queens! With the same fresh storytelling, we also got a new Queen added to the group, more humor, more sass, and more badass women taking charge!The art style has changed but still suits the story well. The characters are still their crazy selves too. I can't wait to see where the writer and artist take these amazing ladies!
  • Stefan Fergus
    Not as consistently entertaining as past volumes, but two pages made me laugh out loud (first time in a while that a comic’s done that). So, it gets an extra star. Still one of the more interesting, amusing, tongue-in-cheek series published at the moment.
  • Bonnie McDaniel
    I wasn't sure what to make of this volume at first. I've since done some research and discovered that this is a "soft reboot" of the Rat Queens storyline by Kurtis J. Wiebe and new artist Owen Gieni, after controversy with the previous artists. (Short version: Original artist Roc Upchurch was arrested for domestic violence and dropped; replacement artist Tess Fowler, brought in for Vol. 3, left acrimoniously amid accusations that Wiebe tried to b...
  • Becki
    Rat Queens is seriously one of my favourite comics of all time. And I am so glad that this issue has the same feeling as the first one. Which made me love them in the first place. They’re back to their drinking and mercenary ways. With the addition of Braga the Orc. The graphics is superb. Gone is the overly robust figures we saw in volume 3. there are some discrepancies from the volume 3 to this one some questions have just no answers. And I a...
  • Ron
    Volume 4: High Fantasies drops the Rat Queens plus new member Braga back in Palisade but with additional baggage. Hannah's dad is along providing coffee and other consumables and Violet's brother shows up with his own "team" of adventurers who keep interfering with the Rat Queens' quests. And then there is The Chorus, the "investigative" arm of The United Religions. Why are they in town? And will the Queens survive their temple looting, crevasse ...
  • H.
    The strengths of Rat Queens is the interpersonal dynamics among the group, the dungeon crawls/monster-killing quests, and poking fun at both modern life and D&D murder hobo propensities. Volume 4 has a lot of that, and it is all enormously fun.Rat Queens has never been very good at family drama. Unfortunately, I find Violet’s brother as annoying as she does. But, thankfully, he plays only a small role, leaving plenty of time for the more entert...
  • Matt Britton
    Not up to par with the rest of the series. The author made an odd choice to keep referring to the continuity disconnect with Hannah and her father without actually addressing what the new plotline was. I wouldn't have cared if they just ignored it but these side-references to "happy to be back" formed a big part of the emotional tenor, which was confusing. I spent the first 15 pages thinking this was a dream/coma sequence or something, and that w...
  • Jen
    I love Braga as an addition to the Queens. The Cat Kings were amusing, as well as The Chorus. The monsters were great. I just felt like the dialogue wasn't quite as good this time around and the reboot was messy, which was what kept me from rating this higher.Edited to add: I decided to look up what was going on with the reboot, and let's just say there are some problematic things going on behind the scenes with this title and I'm not sure how mu...
  • Saruuh Kelsey
    Can I be a Rat Queen, pretty please? I can't fight like Vi but I can swear as well as the rest of them...These girls are a riot, and I freaking ADORED the addition of Braga. Every comic in this is rife with tension and drama and action and snarky awesomeness. There's honestly no better gang than these ladies, and I devoured this volume in one sitting (and wished there was more!) The writing, the art, the characters, their friendships, there is no...
  • Mary Beth
    A return to form after the misconceived storytelling and distasteful art of volume 3, Rat Queens is once again a lot of fun in volume 4. Wiebe reunites the titular team (and adds Braga!) for quippy irreverent questing, playfully drawn by new artist Gieni. There's still some darkness creeping at the edges, but it's a welcome counterbalance rather than an overloaded burden.
  • Anastasia
    I don't get it. Was it rebooted? Why are people different? Actions don't have consequences? It's like they decided to forget parts of the story? Was it on purpose? Confused.And overall very so-so volume. Hope it'll get better.
  • Jaysen Huculak
    Some really good chuckles and gags. Really confused about where this story fits in. Did they ignore the end of Volume 3? This is almost a new beginning and the confusion distracted me from enjoying the book. Still had fun.
  • Nate
    Not quite as good as the first two volumes in the original series, but it's pretty good and I'm happy to see these characters back. This volume started out kind of slow; however, it picked up towards the end.
  • Adam
    In this new arc of Rat Queens, we follow our beloved, sword-wielding queens as they attempt to return to their former glory. It’s definitely a weak plot line (not much happens), but the writing and characters are what drive the story forward. Decent.
  • Kayla
    I liked this but after reading up on Upchurch and Wiebe Im a little disappointed. I’m glad that we have a new and good artist who I liked and if Upchurch doesn’t return then I think I will continue to read these. I love these girls.
  • Grant
    What happened here? Not much in terms of story and I wasn't a huge fan of the new art style.
  • Rachel Ayers
    I laughed a lot.
  • Heather
    Overall, I liked the reboot. I am definitely wondering about some lack of continuity from the last trade... unless the title, "High Fantasies" is deliberate.
  • Leslie
    I read this while I was in a really shit mood, and that may be part of the reason for the low rating, but a lot of the dialogue felt super forced. Like it was trying to capture the feel of the previous books, but missed the mark. Also, how in the heck can you justify completely ignoring that huge cliffhanger from the end of the third volume????