A collection of four all-new strange stories from the sleepy town of Gravity Falls in one original graphic novel. Written by Alex Hirsch. As told by Shmebulock.Illustrated by Asaf Hanuka, Dana Terrace, Ian Worrel, Jacob Chabot, Jim Campbell, Joe Pitt, Kyle Smeallie, Meredith Gran, Mike Holmes, Priscilla Tang, Serina Hernandez, Stephanie Ramirez, and Valerie Halla.


Release DateJul 24th, 2018
PublisherDisney Press
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy, Humor, Childrens


  • Ganseybluemchen
    absolutely amazing, 10/10, it was so good i want to c r y
  • Donna
    THAT WAS AMAZING!!! I frickin' love this franchise so much. ;v;
  • Claudio
    WOW. Really, if you like the show, this one is like having four more episodes to see. Alex himself wrote these stories so the atmosphere, all the secrets etc, it's all there. Plus, the art is exactly the same of the show so that it seems almost like their captured from an episode. Must read for people who liked the show, i would be happy to see more stories like these
  • Jade Lima
    This was so fun. It felt like I was like watching multiple episodes of Gravity Falls. Definite must for anyone who watched and loved the show.
  • Samantha
    5 Stars*1 star for major ship teasing*1 star for manga style gravity falls*1 star for thousands of Mabel puns*1 star for endless mystery twin feels*and 1 last star for more gravity falls, more mysteries, and more fun
  • Jordan Finch
    Gosh, I miss Gravity Falls so much. Luckily, Lost Legends is so perfect that I could pretend I was back in that crazy town for a while, running around with Dipper and Mabel and the rest of the crazy Pines crew.The funniest thing about these stories are that they're told by Shmebulock. Turns out the weird little gnome is under a Pokemon-esque curse, but he's chosen to use his one night free of the curse to share these lost stories. He also shares ...
  • Elf
    I loved this so much. I need more Gravity Falls, and now I want to rewatch the whole series.
  • evey
    hands down, the best book i've ever read thank you for my life
  • Amber
    Review posted on my blog The Writer's Library.Well, this was a nice little treat.... That being said, I've never reviewed a graphic novel before, so bear with me. I feel I should also make readers aware of spoilers in this review, not just from the graphic novel, but also concerning the show the stories are based on, Gravity Falls. If you haven't watched the show, I highly recommend you leave this review, watch the show in its entirety, and then ...
  • TwinFitzgeraldKirkland
    Si presenta un problema quando una serie tv ha il successo che ha avuto Gravity Falls (e se per caso non la conoscete, correte a informarvi su wikipedia e poi a visionare tutte le puntate a costo di non dormire la notte. Dopodichè tornate qui e riparliamone), ovvero che il rischio di prendere in giro il lettore con dei prodotti di merda che altro scopo non hanno se non qullo di strizzare il sangue dalle rape diventi estremamente alto.Qui nulla d...
  • Isaac
    Having watched and re-watched the Gravity Falls series, I had high expectations for this comic continuation and I have to say my expectations were exceeded!First and foremost, I was immediately impressed by the way all the characters' personalities felt exactly like the show. Comic tie ins for TV shows and movies almost always suffer from the characters just not "feeling" like their original versions. With a TV show that has exceptional voice act...
  • Kim Dyer
    Gravity Falls was a series that ended long before its time and so I was really pleased to hear about this graphic novel. The book collects four short tales, linked by the narrative of a familiar character, all of which were written by Alex Hirsch. Because of this, the stories all have the feel of episodes of the series, causing all of my nostalgia to come pouring back.The stories provide brand new adventures for your favourite characters, but I w...
  • Tib
    I was super excited to jump back into the world of Gravity Falls. We get to see some more antics with both sets of Pines twins and, of course, got some hidden fun in there as well. All four stories are introduced by Shmebulock during his short time being able to hold an actual conversation instead of just saying his name like an idiot, and I absolutely loved his comments on how Gravity Falls ended as summer closed out and talked about wanting a n...
  • Jim
    This was a fun way to revisit the series. My son has been waiting for this since we preordered it at Christmas, and I think it was worth the wait. There’s some pretty funny stuff going on here - I laughed several times. Of course, my son was so excited for me to read this (he had already read it twice, even though he had only gotten it a couple days earlier) that he was hanging on my every emotion. But I liked seeing him so excited about someth...
  • Scott Waldie
    Another case of an animation creative and artists successfully translating both the artwork and story tone of the show into the comic medium. I'm not lying when I say that the stories contained in here are well worthy of Gravity Falls, probably more than some of the episodes themselves, abundant in fun pop culture references, and they are all intertwined with a 'narrator' gnome. Essential if you dig the show, and since I Just got the Blu Ray set ...
  • Avery Cagle
    This book was such a joy to read! When I first heard it was coming out, I thought it would be an interesting read, but I didn’t think it would be as fun to read as Journal 3. Luckily, I was dead wrong. It’s so wonderful to have some weird, new Gravity Falls stories (with lots of laughs, of course). And the ending was really sweet. This is a great read for any Gravity Falls fan, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat.
  • Emily
    4.5/5 starsMore Gravity Falls. MORE GRAVITY FALLS. It is IMPOSSIBLE for there to be too much Gravity Falls. And THIS was Gravity Falls. As in it FELT like Gravity Falls, like everything that I love about Gravity Falls, that flair, that humor, those dang lovable hilarious characters. This graphic novel (NOT COMIC HAHA GET IT) was really so fun and aaaah I loved it a lot. :)
  • Gabe
    Feels exactly like the TV show in comic form. All the jokes have a good sense of timing, which I feel is especially hard to pull off when transitioning from TV to comics, but it nails it. Definitely worth reading as a followup to the show.
  • Briana
    Well. I finished that in only a couple of hours. I loved it.
  • Primo S.
    I miss this show so much.
  • Melissa Noël
    Book #29 of the 2018 Reading Challenge
  • Jil H
    Honestly I'm just a sucker for everything done by Alex Hirsch.
  • Saxitlurg
    This was SO amazing! I havne't enjoyed a comic this much in quite awhile
  • Melanie
    This book really reminds why I love Gravity Falls. So when is the movie?
  • Maddi
    A nice end to an already perfect series
  • Justin Decloux
    Everything you would want from a Gravity Falls comic book.
  • Ken Yuen
    Do you want more Gravity Falls? Then you've got more Gravity Falls!From the mind of Alex Hirsch!
  • Franklin
  • Jude
    the art? 10/10the really fun stories? 10/10ford pines? 10/10
  • Jennifer
    Great Book!I really miss the Gravity Falls show and this was a great book to bring me back into their world!