Dark Pines by Will Dean

Dark Pines

An isolated Swedish town. A deaf reporter terrified of nature. A dense spruce forest overdue for harvest. A pair of eyeless hunters found murdered in the woods.It’s week one of the Swedish elk hunt and the sound of gunfire is everywhere. When Tuva Moodyson investigates the story that could make her career she stumbles on a web of secrets that knit Gavrik town together. Are the latest murders connected to the Medusa killings twenty years ago? Is...

Details Dark Pines

TitleDark Pines
Release DateJan 4th, 2018
PublisherOneWorld Publications Point Blank
GenreFiction, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Dark Pines

  • Paromjit
    This is a taut dark, atmospheric crime noir, set in a remote town, Gavrik, in Sweden. Tuva Moodyson is a local reporter, deaf since she was a child, who moved here reluctantly after working in London. She has settled in rural 'shitsville' only because her mother is terminally ill, expected only to live for a year. Two people make life bearable for Tuva, her half-Nigerian editor, Lena, whom she admires and learns a lot from, and Tammy, her best fr...
  • Liz Barnsley
    Dark Pines is one of those books where I look up from the pages after finishing it, slightly dazed, going Yep THAT is what I am looking for.Beautiful beautiful writing, totally immersive from the very first page with a main protagonist that you just fall in love with and an atmospheric, haunting sense of things that will linger for a long time. Will Dean’s intuitive prose just sends you to Gavrik, a small town, a tight knit community, people ju...
  • Amy
    Do you need a new book to add to your TBR, one that has not only a chilly atmosphere but also a chilling plot? I’m assuming you’re nodding your head thinking, yes that’s exactly what I’m looking for, because that’s why you’re here, right?! There is nothing better than a reading a book that matches the current season, a beach read in the summer, a horror novel in the fall or a book like Dark Pines in the winter. It had a fantastic comb...
  • Rachel Hall
    Dark Pines is another overhyped debut of 2018 which proved disappointing lacking in the wow factor for me with its unconvincing attempt at capturing the magic of the Nordic Noir. After an inauspicious start which takes too long for the story to take hold, Will Dean’s insipid deaf protagonist, twenty-six-year-old Tuva Moodyson fails to inspire and is steadfastly behind the curve in journalistic instinct failing to gain any real traction for the ...
  • Abby (Crime by the Book)
    Read my full review here: http://crimebythebook.com/blog/2017/1...This is a strong debut thriller with a fantastic atmosphere and a compelling main character! Set in rural Sweden, DARK PINES has a strong sense of place that will appeal to fans of Nordic Noir. I loved Dean's vivid descriptions of the landscape. This book really took off for me around page 100 or so - the beginning was a bit slow/choppy for me, but I wound up really enjoying it!
  • Lucy Banks
    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.Scandi-thriller with some good characters.I'm not adverse to the occasional bleak Scandinavian murder novel, though in all honesty, I do feel they are becoming a little formulaic. However, this one had enough 'new' elements to keep me reading on.Tuva is a deaf young woman, who has returned to a remote part of Sweden to be nearer to her dying mother. Working for the lo...
  • Joanne Robertson
    I have only recently become a fan of “nordic noir” as I was never too sure whether it was going to be quite my cup of tea! But after I had read my first one, and LOVED IT, then I got braver about the variety of books I tried and my love affair with the genre has now gone from strength to strength. Still, I know some readers worry they won’t gel with a translation to English or lots of difficult to pronounce names or places. So I think that ...
  • Tracy Fenton
    I met the author Will Dean in July at Harrogate and was told by everyone to read his book so I immediately downloaded it in July and promptly forgot about it until mid December when I was politely reminded by Liz Barnsley to “read his bloody book now woman, you’ve had it for 6 months”.Dark Pines is more than just a crime thriller, it’s a story full of quirky characters with depth set in an atmospheric and creepy surrounding.With a wonderf...
  • Lavender
    Well, apparently I am in the minority here. I never found my way into the story. I also never connected to Tuva. To be honest, I did not like her. I found her actions and investigations quite stupid.Yes, there was a dark and disturbing atmosphere. The setting is creepy but the story itself did not work for me. I got bored and almost stopped reading. But I tent to finish books I got from NetGalley, just to give it a proper chance. Also there are a...
  • Noelle
    All reviews can be found on www.crimebookjunkie.co.uk OMFG this is such an amaaaazing book, I am not sure my review will do it justice! But I will give it a go!The reader finds themselves in Sweden facing loss; grief; differences; secrets/lies; discrimination; small-town mentalities; judgement; a search for the truth – all is not what it seems in the isolated Swedish town, that’s for sure!!Can I just say that the description throughout this d...
  • Janel
    Something I‘ve come to love in books is when a murder investigation takes place through the eyes of a journalist because the main protagonist, in this case, Tuva, isn’t bound by police protocol but instead has the freedom of a journalist and that leaves the plot wide open.Tuva is a wonderful character, who I liked instantly; she’s tasked with reporting on the latest murders to hit the small town of Gavrik, not only does this mean venturing ...
  • Laura Rash
    Fans of Enger, Jonasson & Aldridge will love Dark Pines! A very descriptive, chilling murder mystery set in the forest will give you a slight case of the heebie jeebies but you’ll enjoy it! Tuva, the main character, is deaf and the insight of using hearing aids & every day life for her was an education. I have to thank the author for sending me this signed copy from Sweden! 🌲🌲🌲
  • Rowena Hoseason
    Dark Pines seizes the core concepts of Scandinavian crime fiction and amps them up with a quarter-million volts of electric energy. It perfectly captures the eerie atmosphere of small-town rural Sweden, and blends it with the page-turning pace of an American thriller. You can feel the frost on your face and sense the menace in the twilight world of woods and wilderness. But author Will Dean doesn’t let the plot get bogged down by the stark beau...
  • Bandit
    And now for some international reading...with a twist. Twist being that this prototypical Scandinavian mystery is in fact written by British transplant author, who moved to middle of nowhere Sweden not even that long ago according to his bio. Looks like he certainly got to know the lay of the land pretty well. This is nothing like the progressive liberal Scandinavian country with some challenging climate that generously gave the world Abba...this...
  • Heidi
    Wow - what a great read! I really loved this book and it had everything I want in a good thriller - an enigmatic interesting heroine, a terrifying murder, a rich cast of strange and creepy characters and a remote setting in a dark broody forest. Even just the promise of such a story makes me want to snuggle up somewhere warm and cosy and settle in for a few hours of reading. Dark Pines was one of those hidden gems you stumble upon accidentally, t...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and Oneworld Publications for an advance copy of Dark Pines, a novel set in rural Sweden featuring local reporter Tuva Moodyson.Tuva, deaf since childhood, has moved to the small town of Gavrik to be near her dying mother. She works on the local weekly where it's all about the people and things that affect their lives as circulation is always an issue. All this changes when a man is found murdered in the woods and ...
  • Eva
    4.5* --> 5*I can’t quite explain where my recent fascination with Scandi-Noir comes from. For one, I absolutely hate cold weather and the mere mention of freezing temperatures and snow makes me want to run for the hills. And yet, when one of my dearest blogging friends couldn’t stop raving about Dark Pines, I dived right in and didn’t look back.Tuva Moodyson is a journalist, working for the local newspaper in the tiny town of Gavrik. When a...
  • Helen (TBC)
    A really polished and accomplished debut and I'm loving that this is going to be a series! Dark, atmospheric and at times claustrophobic, Dark Pines is well written, the characters are vividly drawn and I loved the witty and observant descriptions of life in the remote Swedish town. It's a tense and compelling mystery and Tuva Moodyson has joined the list of my favourite characters :) Thank you Oneworld Publications for the Arc of this book - I'm...
  • Anne
    Reading Dark Pines over the Christmas holiday, with no interruptions was perfect. As the rain battered the window and the fairy lights warmed the room, I was able to fully immerse myself into this slick and stylish story.Will Dean has created a lead character in Tuva Moodyson who is complex, intricate and utterly compelling. Her own story is slowly revealed alongside a plot line that is eerily creepy and full of tension. The reader is transported...
  • Robert Parker
    Without question, one of my favourite reads of the year. Dark, twisted, urgent and desperately atmospheric - so much so that if I shut my eyes I'll somehow smell pine, mud and blood. One of those books that will live with you long after reading not just because it was excellent, but because it's so far under your skin you can't possibly hope to get it out. Outstanding.
  • Claire Douglas
    A brilliant, gripping read! Beautifully written, atmospheric and really scary in parts. Highly recommended.
  • Carmen
    I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.After moving to a rural Swedish town to be closer to her terminally ill mother, Tuva Moodyson finds herself working on a once in a lifetime story for the local newspaper. Tuva starts investigating the murder in connection with a series of similar cold case murders that took place in the same forest. Unfortunately for Tuva, she is forced to keep facing her fear of nature by constant...
  • Andy Weston
    Having rejected adding this book at my tbr list for a while I changed my mind after a Guardian review from Alison Flood a week or so ago. I had originally thought that a British author writing Scandinavian crime was a bit too much like cashing in on recent trends, even though I believe Dean moved to live in Sweden in 2012. I should have trusted my instincts. I guess it’s aimed at the 25 - 35 age group who will probably appreciate it a lot more ...
  • Sandra
    This is an engrossing read which had me reading for an hour or two at a time without stopping, something that is not a common occurrence for me at the moment.  I’ve not read a book where the main character is deaf so this was a new experience for me but it seemed to me to be handled rather well. The fact that the character is deaf was clearly an ongoing point in the book as the story is told from her point of view but equally it was not labour...
  • David Stringer
    This is a bit of a genre jump for me, a crime thriller, not one I read a lot of. And I'm glad I gave this a go, it was a really absorbing, enjoyable and entertaining read. And no, I didn't guess the killer. What initially got my attention, along with the interesting and atmospheric front cover, was the setting of this thriller set in a deep, dark and menacing forest from Sweden. Nordic thrillers are a bit of a trend at the moment I believe, with ...
  • Laura Purcell
    Set in a small, claustrophobic town on the edge of the woods, Dark Pines skillfully builds tension throughout the narrative as a journalist hunts the Medusa murderer. In a refreshing twist, the killer's victims are all middle aged men. But that doesn't mean our heroine, Tuva Moodyson, is safe. As she delves deeper into her story, she encounters hostility from the town and strange, unsettling trolls keep appearing on her doorstep... This was an en...
  • Sam77
    A well-done Scandinvian crime noir that could make a good script for a TV series, but ultimately lacking any unique point about it to distinguish it from many others in the genre.
  • Tripfiction
    Dark thriller set deep in a forest - CENTRAL SWEDENDark Pines, already hotly tipped to be one of the books of 2018, is a very exciting, and very dark, thriller. Scandi Noir at its very best… and, perhaps surprisingly, written by a British author now living in Sweden. Will Dean is a great new talent.Gavrik is an isolated town on the edge of the 600 square kilometre Utgard Forest. Its local newspaper, Gavrik Posten, has a deaf reporter – Tuva M...
  • Thebooktrail
    Visit the locations in the bookInterview with the author - Interview with Will DeanI am a HUGE fan of Dark Pines. This book is everything I hoped it would be and more. It’s a very unique read with a setting and lead character which are just so different to what I’ve read before. First of all, we’re thrust deep into the dark forests of sweden in the middle of elk season.Now I was lucky enough to attend a gathering where people were out shoot...
  • Leilah Skelton
    The discovery of a body with all the hallmarks of the serial killer who struck the same area 20 years ago makes suspects of all kinds of people, and Tuva Moodyson, a local reporter itching at the constraints of the small, rural Swedish town to which she has found herself reluctantly bound, determines to get to the truth. Even, it seems, as the community quietly close ranks against her…I think I held my breath for the entire time that I was read...