No One Ever Asked by Katie Ganshert

No One Ever Asked

Challenging perceptions of discrimination and prejudice, this emotionally resonant drama for readers of Lisa Wingate and Jodi Picoult explores three different women navigating challenges in a changing school district--and in their lives.When an impoverished school district loses its accreditation and the affluent community of Crystal Ridge has no choice but to open their school doors, the lives of three very different women converge: Camille Gray...

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TitleNo One Ever Asked
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
GenreFiction, Christian Fiction, Contemporary, Christian

Reviews No One Ever Asked

  • Beth
    No One Ever Asked challenged me, provoked me, and, I'll be honest, made me uncomfortable - and that's meant as a compliment! Although I don't make it a habit to read stories this heavy often, I trust Katie Ganshert as an author, and I also know enough of her personal story to believe that she would handle such a tough topic well. Not only does she handle the issues presented in this novel well, she also deftly handles three different points of vi...
  • Sarah Grace
    Wow . . . Just wow. Ganshert pens yet another emotionally moving, grippingly-real story. I can honestly say I have never read another book quite like No One Ever Asked. Split between the point of views of three different women in vastly different worlds, this book kept me engrossed in the story throughout every page. Each character is so incredibly realistic you can't help but empathize with and relate to them. I think Jen's storyline was probabl...
  • Emilee
    Jumping outside of my usual genre I read this one for a book club discussion. This novel is perfect for discussion. It's thought provoking in a good way. I was concerned it was going to be stressful but it wasn't. I related to these characters especially the feelings of inadequacy as a mom. I think that's one of the things I'm really going to take away from this book, how EVERYONE has struggles. Another thing is forgiveness. Forgiveness is beauti...
  • Mary Jackson _TheMaryReader
    Raw, honest, and deep, are just a few words to describe this book. I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this book.Ganshert was not afraid to write about a topic we all want someone to stand up and shout to the world about.I devoured this book and was left wanting more. This is Ganshert's best book and it is one you will not want to miss out on.I gave this one 5 stars two times and I HIGHLY recommend you preorder your copy!The Mary Read...
  • Kara
    Oh, friends. I don't even know where to begin. This is hard stuff. This is powerful stuff! This is an incredible journey from first page to last, but it is not for the faint of heart. This is for the hurting ones. This is for the uncertain ones. This is for all those who want to help and to make a difference, to bless and encourage, but have no idea where to begin. And ultimately? This is for all of us. A story of hard, yet a story of hope! It wi...
  • Loraine
    Having taught in North Carolina in the late 1960's during the middle of desegregation, I found this book very interesting. I taught in an all black school where the only integration that had taken place was the teaching staff. It was close to a military base and over half the teachers were military wives who would leave as soon as their husbands were transferred which meant some classes might have 2 or 3 teachers in the same year. My husband was ...
  • Molly Cafinated Reads Jaber
    I am only allowed to give this book 5 stars in rating? Why? Why can't I give it 5 stars ten million times? It's that amazing. Yes, yes it is. It is absolutely raw. Utterly captivating. Beautifully written. Heart stoppingly real. Every. Last. Page. Mrs. Ganshert takes every day questions, and every day situations and puts them into a novel that will consume you. Each of these characters jumped off the pages and told their stories to me like they w...
  • Toni Shiloh
    Oh. My. Wow. I knew when I picked up this book that Katie Ganshert would take me on an emotional journey that would challenge my intellect as well as my mind. And wow, oh wow, Ms. Ganshert did NOT disappoint.No One Ever Asked follows the journey of three very different women, or are they?But it wasn’t just these three ladies that captured my attention. That kept me turning the page. The secondary characters were so integral to this story. The i...
  • Clara
    "No One Ever Asked" is one of those books that require humility to read. I'm afraid I'm gonna jumble throughout this review, but if you don't remember/understand anything else, please take this to heart: you need humility to read this book .Each one of us in our day-to-day lives is put in positions of influence one way or another. Honestly, we might not even recognize we're in it, but don't doubt your influence. This is one of the reasons this b...
  • Dawn
    I don't think I've ever picked up one of Katie Ganshert's books and haven't loved it. But this one. Oh my goodness, it surpasses any of her others! It's highly appropriate for the current crazy world we live in. I think that I literally read this in about a day. I got completely lost in the story. I received a copy as part of the Blogging for Books program. Sadly, this is my last review for them as they are discontinuing the program. I was not re...
  • Pamela
    O U T S T A N D I N G!!! Proficiently and humanely written, historical (retro) fiction that is in step with our present times of profile divisions. Katie Ganshert is an amazingly adept author who flawlessly taps into the human condition - from all sides of an equation - and helps us to walk in each other's shoes with an attitude of GRACE. FULL Review to come...... Highly Recommended!!
  • Denise Hershberger
    This is the most relevant to current day issues book I’ve ever read. And honestly, it has only become more relevant since it was written. No One Ever Asked tackles the difficult conversations relating to racism and education and many other topics. Being a public school teacher myself I related even more to this book, but with three main characters and tons of side characters, everyone will find someone to relate to in this book.No One Ever Aske...
  • Rachel McMillan
    If you ever want to read an author's heart on the page, look no further. Thanks to Waterbrook for an early copy
  • Suzie
    Have you ever read a story that just gut-punched you? One that forced you to hold a mirror up to yourself and ask some hard questions?Katie Ganshert delivers exactly that with No One Ever Asked. Hold on friends, because I have a lot to say about this one!The thread that ties each of the three main characters together is one of integrating students from a failing school district—one that’s student majority is black—with the state’s top, pr...
  • Fiction Aficionado
    I have no words. Just tears and a swollen heart. I knew this would be an emotional read when I picked it up, but after having heard so many rave reviews I thought I was prepared.Not even.This book undid me so many times—sometimes in the little things, but other times in scenes that will stay with me forever.In the author’s note at the end, Katie Ganshert says, “Story is a powerful medium. It speaks to hearts in ways facts and articles canno...
  • Beth Erin
    Full review on Faithfully BookishCommunity. Compassion. Empathy. Love. This world needs more yet can these things truly be achieved without understanding (or at the very least, a desire to understand)? I think not.No One Ever Asked glows with rich, multi-layered authenticity and diversity. I found myself relating to each of the three main characters in at least a small way yet also learning from each struggle, situation, and background. We don'...
  • Theresa
    I liked this book but it fell far from the "love" section on my scale. It was for the most part pretty well written and had developed characters so if I just sat down and checked off criteria for a "decent" book it would meet all of those expectations. However, where it was lacking was the overall plot, story, and how it made the reader "me" feel. I felt it was a bit unrealistic and preachy. It definitely had an agenda and while I'm not going to ...
  • Michelle
    I have loved all of Katie's books and have been anticipating this novel for awhile! This book is SO good but also SO heavy. Get ready to feel and at times feel uncomfortable. Katie did an excellent job in writing current situations and difficulties not just in a school district but what goes on in our homes. Now I will add that there isn't much about religion or a relationship with God. While I didn't mind, I was a tad surprised to find not much ...
  • Victoria Bylin
    In her note at the end of the book, the author says she hopes readers come away from the story with empathy. I can't think of a more perfect word to describe the heart of No One Ever Asked. It digs about as deep as fiction can go, pulls back the veil on racism, and portrays real life people struggling to live good lives--and some people who aren't as willing to struggle. This story educates, examines, and empowers us all to look deep into our own...
  • Kathryn
  • Amy
    The cover is not my favourite, as in aesthetically appealing - however it accurately portrays the conflict - the school issue. The blurriness of the picture speaks to of the way in which most of the challenges posed in this book. Do we want to see it or accept it? As ever, the lines often seem blurred. Before I even began reading this book I was aware of the very real issue the author herself had shared regarding her own adopted daughter. She's p...
  • Catherine
    I was looking forward to this book the moment I heard about it. Katie Ganshert has been one of my favorite authors from the moment I finished her first book, so I knew I could trust her to tackle the sensitive issue of racism with grace, honesty and without preaching. No One Ever Asked is not an easy read. I don't think it should be. It is eye opening and heartbreaking. Ganshert shines a light not only on racism, but with a marriage in crises, se...
  • Crystal Zavala
    Initially I wasn't aware that this is a "Christian" book. I went into it with an open mind. However, I was immediately put off with the primary topic being racism from a white author. I did finish the book because I wanted to see where she was going with the story. I will say that I appreciate her honestly portraying the white perspective, I just couldn't be sure if her African American perspective is real because she isn't one herself. There wer...
  • Kav
    Sometimes a book comes along that pretty much discombobulates my reviewing capabilities and No One Ever Asked is just such a book. Powerful. Compelling. Uncomfortable. Frustrating....and hopeful. But it's a hard read. My heart still hurts. My head is still spinning. And my emotions are all over the place. In short, I'm still rattled so this review will be too. Fair warning!Ganshert tells the story from three points of view. Women who come from di...
  • Jayasree B
    No One Ever Asked is not a light book. It deals heavily with the topic of prejudice and discrimination based on the colour of a person's skin. There are instances written of how a boy was shot dead by a policeman for playing with a toy gun (this was in the news), but when a white boy actually ends up shooting his friend in a mad tussle he gets off with counselling. Where a white boy can come and go in a neighbourhood, Darius (Anaya's brother) has...
  • Courtney Clark
    Through three perspectives and experiences, these characters paint a picture of what mistakes and forgiveness, honesty and pain, and even joy and freedom look like in everyday life. To say I was caught up in the emotion and gravity of the story is putting it mildly. Katie Ganshert has a way with words that is a gift --- this story is absolutely riveting and RELEVANT. And, the fact that it is inspired by true events in a neighboring state makes it...
  • Jessica Baker (A Baker's Perspective)
    This is a book you are going to want to take your time reading. It. Is. That. Good. It is going to rock you to your core, make you question life and your surroundings, and make you look at things in a totally new way. It is a book that book clubs across the world need to take a look at, and then have civil discussions afterward about. It is a book that communities across the world should contemplate on. It is a book that we, as the children of Go...
  • Lori
    Thought provoking! At first, I was hesitant to start reading this book, as this is not a book I would typically read. I usually read at the end of my day and tend to gravitate towards lighter, happier reads in order to relax before going to bed. This book is heavy, challenges you, and deals with a lot of tough subjects. With that being said, I am glad that I read it! The book was well-written and eye-opening, particularly regarding misperceptions...