Where There's Hope by Elizabeth Smart

Where There's Hope

Elizabeth Smart follows up her #1 New York Times bestseller, My Story—about being held in captivity as a teenager, and how she managed to survive—with a powerful and inspiring book about what it takes to overcome trauma, find the strength to move on, and reclaim one’s life.Author. Activist. Victim—no more.In her fearless memoir, My Story—the basis of the Lifetime Original movie I Am Elizabeth Smart—Elizabeth detailed, for the first ti...

Details Where There's Hope

TitleWhere There's Hope
Release DateMar 27th, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Self Help, Biography, Inspirational

Reviews Where There's Hope

  • Janell
    Although I did not read Elizabeth Smart's first book, 'My Story,' I received a copy of "Where There's Hope," through a Goodreads giveaway. I don't always read books of this genre, so I was a little hesitant to pick it up. But now I admit, I appreciated much of what she shared, and thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's easy to read and easy to read a few chapters at a time and then ponder on how much attitude has to do with one's outlook on life. Thr...
  • Rissa
    Where theres hope 4⭐If you were broken and torn apart after reading “My Story” then this is the hope and redemption you needed to read. To see her move on and get past her tragedies and try and love and live her best life. Where theres hope 4⭐️If you were broken and torn apart after reading “My Story” then this is the hope and redemption you needed to read. To see her move on and get past her tragedies and try and love and live h...
  • Jessica
    I received this as an ARC.This wasn't a bad book, but I don't think it does well what it sets out to do. The book is mainly a series of interviews that Elizabeth Smart conducts, mostly with people who have gone through some horrible event, like an assault, a loss of a loved one, or cancer, to name a few. The chapters each have a theme, like "The Red of Rage", and each chapter ends with a couple of questions to ask yourself (except for chapter 6, ...
  • Sharon Huether
    Elizabeth Smart tells of her kidnapping and the hope she had of being found . Later in the book, she expresses her faith.I would put faith before hope.She has conversations with different survivors, to get an insight on what helped them.Forgiveness is so important, not so much to the perpetrator,but to the victim to help them go forward with their lives. As she stated.I won this free book from Goodreads First Reads.
  • Patricia Ann
    I struggled with writing a review of this book because it is aimed at the general public as an audience. My struggle was with how a person who had been victimized or traumatized might perceive the book. I received it from GoodReads for an honest opinion. I found the book to be similar to a "cozy"mystery. Good for some purposes, enjoyable, and missing the deeper involvement and details of a James Patterson/Clive Cussler. Elizabeth Smart interweave...
  • Sheila
    I received this book as an advanced readers edition. This is a very powerful read to understand how different people from different background and tragedies find Hope and Healing after the situation. This book is one that I will definitely recommend to others. Life is too short. We all have the power to rise above and stronger than what has tired to pull us down. Understanding Hope and Healing is the key to our lives. Thank you for the strength t...
  • Melody
    I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway. Here is my review: Elizabeth Smart is one amazing young lady and I really admire her. How do you go through what she went through and come out okay in the end? How do you take a situation that was bad and turn it into something that changes people's lives for the good? How do you have hope that things will get better? In this book, Elizabeth interviews different people who have had a variety of strugg...
  • Jessica
    I won this book from goodreads. I didn't know what to expect. I had not read Elizabeth Smart's previous book, but I recall being intrigued about her after her experiences as a 14/15 year old. I was surprised when I couldn't put it down. I was anxious to hear the next person who had made such a positive influence in her life. Her perspective in life is admirable. She went through such a traumatic experience, yet has come out on the other side, hea...
  • Diane
    Elizabeth Smart is an amazing woman. This is a true story. As a child, she was abducted and brutally tortured and sexually assaulted during the nine months before she was rescued. In her book, Where There's Hope, Elizabeth interviews other survivors who have gone through different challenging experiences looking to discover how they coped and what got them to where they are now. Throughout the interviews, Elizabeth interjects more about the horro...
  • Amy Vey
    What an uplifting book!! No matter what we go through as humans, this book goes to show us exactly how resilient we can choose to be. It's all about our choices splashed with forgiveness, endurance, our tribe that supports us, our faith, and so much more. The examples of others listed in this book will have you thinking, "wow, I didn't/don't have it so bad" in comparison. It definitely will put perspective on where you are in life, where you want...
  • Donna
    This is a difficult book for me to rate. This happened in my neck of the woods, so I feel emotionally tied to the whole story. I admire her strength and that of her parents. I like the idea behind this book. The author included some inspirational stories from different people who have suffered tragedy in their lives. There were some quotable quotes in this. It had an overall "feel good" feeling when it talked about strength, faith and forgiveness...
  • Amber Spencer
    This book was completely different from what I expected. Probably one of the best books I’ve ever read. Pulling from her own horrific past, Elizabeth Smart interviews others who have gone through the most difficult trials and pulls together stories of hope and healing, bringing to light the very best of human nature and that we all have the ability to dig down deep and make of our lives what we choose, despite the worst that may happen. This bo...
  • Larry
    I read and loved her first book, My Story, so I picked this up as soon as it came out. It might even be better than the first book. She interviews other victims of tragedy or people who inspired her and asks them how they got through their personal hell or what makes their lives so worth living. The book is incredibly positive and hopeful. Its overall message is overwhelmingly motivating, that life is good, that terrible things can happen and tha...
  • Cathy
    I loved the way this book is written. The author wrote about her own experience, but that’s not really what the book is about. This book is about many different people, in many different circumstances and how each and every one of them found the hope they needed to be able to go on.Hope is one of those abstract concepts. I mean…we all know kind of what it means. Hope is defined as a feeling of trust or expectation that a thing is going to hap...
  • Deb
    I read Elizabeth Smart's first book and enjoyed it. This one tells a little more of her story interwoven with other people's stories. There's a lot of hurt and healing expressed in this book. There's hope too. It's a very uplifting book. I am most impressed by the personal connections Smart makes with each person and what she learns from them. She's able to apply their stories to her own life past and present and expresses that very well. Smart c...
  • Carrie
    I vaguely remember the media coverage surrounding Elizabeth Smart's disappearance and subsequent rescue. She's only a year older than I am, and I didn't really pay attention to news until I got to high school at least. I remember her disappearance and her eventual rescue, but I didn't know any of the details. When I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway, I decided it'd be better to have more of an understanding of her ordeal. I listened...
  • Emma
    Where There's Hope was a wonderful surprise. In this book, Elizabeth Smart sets out to interview all kinds of inspiring (I don't like the word but it's the only fitting one) people who've been through various tragedies and hardships and have managed to keep going and even turn their pain into doing good things for other people in this world. While doing that, she also revisits her own story and adds little glimpses of what her life as an activist...
  • Hope Harbeck
    I am glad I purchased and read this book. I don’t typically read books of this type/genre. My sisters were visiting me from out of town and we went to hear Elizabeth Smart at a book signing at a local Independent book store I support. We all enjoyed it and bought her book. I have not read her first book, a memoir, with which she had help writing. She wrote this book on her own. She did a very good speaking job in spite of the fact she says she ...
  • Alycia
    I admire Elizabeth Smart for all she does. This book is an easy read and pretty good. She talks to a diverse group of people and her writing style is so casual it makes me laugh, in a good way. For a moment she touches on a LDS acquaintance who came out as gay, didn't find much support from his community, and ended up dying in, her words, an accident or suicide. Given the very high rate of suicide among the LGTBQIA community in Utah, it would hav...
  • Morgan Lyons
    Meh. I should probably just stop reading her stuff (which is easy to say since she's only published two books and I've now read them both), because I'm never overly impressed by it. Once again, the stories shared here are inspiring; the writing less so. In fairness to Elizabeth, I think there were actually two lines in this book that made me chuckle, which is two more times than her first book, and her writing is MARKEDLY improved, but it still h...
  • Sandy
    Incredible. The stories in this book are almost unbelievable. How can so many people treat each other so badly. My heart cried with the people she interviewed. I rejoiced in their conquering forgiveness and not allowing their circumstances to dictate their lives. I had to read this in 2 days because it was just gut wrenching. I am so grateful to all of the people interviewed for sharing their stories. Thank you Elizabeth for writing this book
  • Chrysta
    This was an AMAZING book! So many different perspectives with some great advice! Uplifting and encouraging! I would highly highly suggest this for everyone to read, regardless of your walk of life she has interviewed so many people with stories of encouragement! How these people have moved on and thrived after their own personal traumas. Many of the points I will definitely reflect on in times of trouble for myself! Great great book! ⭐⭐⭐⭐...
  • turney12
    Love her. Inspiration. Read this book. Learn about Elizabeth and many others who have suffered adversary. A wife. A mother. A author. She will not let mine months of capativy define who the person she is now. You want to be her friend. Loved this book because of the inspiration stories. Amazing mother and father.
  • Linda Epach
    "Where There's Hope: Healing, Moving Forward, and Never Giving Up" by Elizabeth Smart was anassortment of stories/interviews with people who like Elizabeth Smart have managed to survive a horrific event. Very inspirational book filled with faith and grace. She is a remarkable young woman as are the people included in her book. It is an easy read and something you can read as chapters and walk away as each chapter is a stand alone.
  • Stephanie P
    I won an advance copy of this book from a goodreads giveaway. The book comes out at the end of March 2018. I have always been really interested in Elizabeth Smart's story and how she has been able to turn something awful into something powerful and influential as she helps so many other people. I read her first book "My Story" and really enjoyed it, but was curious to hear a little bit more about what happened afterwards and how she was able to a...
  • Lindsey
    "We all leave this earth. We all die, and we don't get to know what comes next. It takes a lot of courage just to live life."In "My Story", Elizabeth Smart put into words the account of her kidnapping and captivity. This book doesn't rehash that experience, other than a few paragraphs here and there. Mostly, this book is about how Elizabeth Smart was able to keep her faith and heal from the trauma she experienced. In each section, Elizabeth explo...
  • LD
    I had two initial assumptions when I received an advanced reader's copy of this book: 1.) the author would be divulging intimate details of her kidnapping and 2.) the self-help message would be dominated by religion. The foreword quickly dispelled both of my assumptions. The purpose of the book is to discuss resilience, hope, and moving forward with respected individuals or people of importance in Elizabeth Smart's life. I didn't find any earth-s...
  • Linda
    I received this book in a giveaway and am so glad that I did. I have not read her first book , and truthfully I would never have thought to get this book on my own to read. Elizabeth Smart writes an inspiring book. She gives a little of her own background and what inspires her and she has interviewed several people who have suffered hardships or setbacks and their testimony about their ongoing faith and positive outlook for their future is inspir...
  • Tennille
    I received this book as a First Reads book from Goodreads.This was a well written, thought provoking book, with splashes of humor. It does not shy away from the harsh realities of life, but it always has a hopeful, uplifting view of the future. While interviewing people who have faced great difficulties in life, Elizabeth's refrain is that we are not what happens to us in life, but how we choose to respond to it. I especially like the fact that s...
  • Ione
    I received this book as part of the Giveaway and am glad I had the opportunity to read it. It is a fast read but well written and has a good message. I appreciate that Ms. Smart did not force feed her audience religious accolades. Instead, she talks about her faith and at the same time is very respectful of others. I find this refreshing, especially in today's world. By interviewing people with varied backgrounds, lifestyles and faiths she has ma...