Eight Ghosts by Rowan Routh

Eight Ghosts

Rooted in place, slipping between worlds - a rich collection of unnerving ghosts and sinister histories.Eight authors were given after hours freedom at their chosen English heritage site. Immersed in the history, atmosphere and rumours of hauntings, they channelled their darker imaginings into a series of extraordinary new ghost stories.Sarah Perry's intense tale of possession at the Jacobean country house Audley End is a work of psychological te...

Details Eight Ghosts

TitleEight Ghosts
Release DateSep 28th, 2017
PublisherSeptember Publishing
GenreShort Stories, Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal, Fiction, Gothic, Ghost Stories, Holiday, Halloween, Anthologies, Ghosts

Reviews Eight Ghosts

  • Amalia Gavea
    ‘’There is melancholy in lights glimpsed from a distance’’, she said, ‘’A party to which one has not been invited.’’ When I am in the car and the night has fallen, I love gazing at the lit windows of the houses that pass over my eyes. Thankfully, I don’t drive, so I can enjoy the scenery to my heart’s content. Some windows shed too bright a light, most are dimly lit and soothing. I always wonder what kind of people live inside...
  • Blair
    A collection of brand new ghost stories by a strong selection of highly regarded authors, inspired by historic English Heritage sites; Eight Ghosts was a must-have, a book I just had to buy as soon as I laid eyes on a copy. It didn't disappoint. Although I liked some more than others, I enjoyed every one of these tales, with those by Sarah Perry, Stuart Evers, Kamila Shamsie and, particularly, Max Porter standing out as highlights.The stories are...
  • Stephen Collins
    A one day wonder no.7 A good collection of modern stories I loved both Mr Lanyard's Last Case & They Flee From Me That Sometimes Did Me Seek
  • Lotte
    My favourite story was the first one, They Flee From Me That Sometime Did Me Seek by Sarah Perry – gorgeously written and deliciously creepy. I also really liked Mrs Charbury at Eltham by Max Porter and Foreboding by Kamila Shamsie. Some of the stories just didn't work for me, for instance, I felt like I didn't understand half of what was going on in Mark Haddon's story and there's something about Andrew Michael Hurley's writing that just alway...
  • BookishSteph1
    Review to follow.
  • Barbara
    As in any collection, there are some stories that are better than others. The concept behind this book was to ask 8 British authors to create a ghost story set in historical English sites. Most of the stories are set in castles (no surprise), but my favorite The Wall by Kate Clancy, was set in the ruin of a fort. As I read, I realized I knew the place (unnamed in the story). It was Housesteads Roman Fort along Hadrian's Wall, which I visited in 2...
  • Samantha Marie
    Interesting book idea; picked because of Jeanette Winterson's inclusion; some short stories worked well - of particular note - Sarah Perry; Kamila Shamsie; Winterson's 'As Strong as Death' did not disappoint.
  • Jenna
  • Julie Bozza
    I really enjoyed this volume. This was my 'read on the plane' book during a trip this week.It's such a cool idea: eight ghost stories by some cracking authors, each set in a different English Heritage property. There was quite a range of style and subject matter, and each had its merits - though it's no surprise that I am fondest of the queer story 'As Strong as Death' by Jeanette Winterson. The stories are followed by Andrew Martin's look at the...
  • Catherine Mason
    If it hadn't been for Jeanette Winterson's excellent story As Strong As Death, I would have given this book one star. I didn't like the other seven stories in this volume. The one I disliked the most was the first one by Sarah Perry. They were horror rather than ghost stories. I prefer a different kind. The fictional stories generally didn't show any love for history or historical places and weren't really about the places themselves. I was very ...
  • Sharon
    I loved the concept behind this collection of creepy stories - eight British authors were given time to explore haunted English Heritage sites, and asked to contribute a ghost story afterwards. The tales make fabulous use of their settings, drawing on existing folk lore, or architectural features of the locations, to recount fictional hauntings. While each story is quite different, they are united in their creativity and eeriness. Sarah Perry, Ma...
  • Marivi Sanz
    Wonderfully creepy stories. Most of them 4 stars, but Sarah Perry, Max Porter and, my favourite by far, Jeannette Winterson's deserve a solid 5 stars. Some of these gave me actual chills while I was reading them at night.Just wonderful.
  • John Brunton
    Eight ghosts takes the reader on a journey through eight ghost stories, these are the ghosts that lurk in English ruins and large historical mansions. In the back of the book there is a guide to some of the place you can visit where may or may not be haunted, like many of these books some stories work and others well at least they try. But if all your looking for are ghost stories to be read out loud around a candle flame late on Halloween eve. T...
  • Kelly Pells
    I was so excited when I heard about this collection. You have to admit it’s a fantastic idea; eight authors, eight haunted locations, and eight ghost stories based on places the reader is able to visit in real life. I was expecting a lot from a group of stories by writers including The Essex Serpent author Sarah Perry, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time author Mark Haddon, and The Loney author Andrew Michael Hurley. Thankfully, I...
  • Galina
    Eight Ghosts: The English Heritage Book of New Ghost Stories is a collection, created by eight authors.The premises of this series of ghost stories was inspired. Eight authors were offered a choice of the English heritage sites to create their story around.As a concept for spinning new tales of horror, it works on many levels.The stories differ in quality and length. Some of them feel like a sketch which hasn't been finished, but have a potential...
  • KL Caley
    This book is pretty much as the cover describes, eight authors were given after hours access to eight English Heritage sites to create this new series of ghost stories. The book immediately peaked my interest, I have been an English Heritage member for many years and I am always intrigued by the histories of the properties. I also enjoy a good ghost story, so this book seemed to offer the best of both worlds.The collection of stories is really qu...
  • Patrick
    This is a nice idea for a book: a collection of ghost stories specially commissioned by English Heritage, each inspired by one of their properties. One could wonder why they approached these writers specifically rather than those who specialise in horror or weird fiction. But it makes for an eye-catching package, I think, though it never quite shakes that sense of being a slightly rushed exercise, as if it were the product of a jolly weekend semi...
  • Jay Maxfield
    What a good idea for English Heritage to join up with authors to produce a collection of Ghost Stories just before Christmas - to produce a very readable collection of ghost stories that all share the theme of being set in or around an English Heritage site. I will mention however that the first two stories (I will list stories below with ratings & comments) are probably not suitable for under 14s. The third story which I really enjoyed (The Bunk...
  • Melissa Joulwan
    3 1/2 stars.The premise of this collection is GREAT: Eight authors were given access to a manor house to write a story set there. I expected to see a brief description/history of the house—and maybe even a photo—as an intro to each story, as well as a brief bio of the author. But the stories are presented without context. There are descriptions of all the English Heritage houses at the back of the book, as well as bios, but I wish they'd been...
  • Ann Wright
    This is a collection of eight ghost stories by well-known authors, each one about a different English Heritage site. It's a must read book for anyone like me who loves exploring old castles and forts, but even if you don't it makes entertaining reading for anyone who enjoys ghost stories, with a bit of history thrown in. Each author evokes the atmosphere of their chosen site, along with some of the history. I've already visited some of the places...
  • Ben Truong
    Eight Ghosts: The English Heritage Book of New Ghost Stories is an anthology of eight short stories about ghosts and hunted sites from eight contributors edited by Rowan Routh. The English Heritage Foundation allowed eight authors to spend a night of the site of the choosing to be inspired to write this collection of ghost stories inspired by the site.For the most part, I really like these ghostly short stories – it really got me into the mood ...
  • Pam Winkler
    Absolutely fantastic book. Everything was good. More than that, it felt like a lot of the old ghost stories but new and interesting. That was just awesome. They Flee From Me That Sometime Did Me Seek by Sarah Perry was good and kind of horrifying. Mr. Lanyard's Last Case by Andrew Michael Hurley was good and kind of brutal.The Bunker by Mark Haddon was not what I expected. It seems to be a lot more of a science-fiction story than a ghost story. F...
  • Sarak77
    This book of eight original ghost stories set in various English Heritage properties is beautifully designed, but the stories themselves are a little disappointing and I found myself wondering why these authors were chosen in particular. They were given after hours freedom, but most of them have responded to their featured buildings as they are today, as tourist attractions, and, in spite of some accomplished writing there is a strong sense of pr...
  • Laura
    These stories were a bit hit and miss for me. I picked this up every now and then over quite a long period of time so for the earlier ones, it's been a while now since I read them.Favourites were:The Bunker - Mark HaddonAs Strong as Death - Jeanette WintersonMrs Charbury at Eltham - Max PorterThere's also an interesting 'Gazetteer of English Heritage Hauntings' at the back of the book which includes a short bit of history and reported hauntings o...
  • Colin
    Eight newly commissioned ghost stories set in English heritage properties. They are something of a mixed bag. Those by Sarah Perry (They Flee from me that Sometime Did Me Seek) and Andrew Michael Hurley (Mr Lanyard's Last Case) succeed in imparting what M. R. James described as the key to a good ghost story, that is 'a pleasing terror'. Kamila Shamsie's story Foreboding is thought-provoking and shocking in equal measure. The others all have somet...
  • Sonja
    „English Heritage“ ist eine Einrichtung in Großbritannien, die über 400 historische Orte und Gebäude verwaltet und pflegt.Für „Eight Ghosts“ haben sie acht Autorinnen und Autoren eingeladen, je einen dieser geschichtsträchtigen Plätze zu besuchen und sich dort zu einer Geistergeschichte inspirieren zu lassen.Herausgekommen ist eine vielfältige und kurzweilige Shortstoriesammlung, die sich nicht nur an Halloween gut lesen lässt.Man...
  • Annette
    Loved this book. In conjunction with English Heritage eight authors, including Mark Haddon and Jeanette Winterson, each visited an English Heritage site and wrote a ghost story based around the site they had visited. The result is a collection of English ghost stories that you would not normally expect to read with a few surprises along the way. The book also gives information on English Heritage sites and supposed hauntings and also a small biog...
  • Peach Berry
    A chilling collection of ghost stories by a fantastic array of authors - all based on visits to English Heritage sites around the country.Steeped in myth and suspense, each short story uses the atmosphere and environment of a chosen location, to create a fictional ghost story rich in gothic imagery and mystery.Loved each story - and immediately wanted to visit each location to find my own inspiration.
  • Stephanie Wasek
    A solid little bunch of ghost stories (although very much on the safe side, in case a bit of shock and gore is more your thing), and the bonus 'gazetteer of English Heritage hauntings' at the back is excellent for sparking the imagination and inspiring wanderlust. Perry, Shamsie and Porter are the super-standouts for me, and Winterson's tale is ultimately a love story that warms even my Arctic heart.