Puck Me Baby (Bad Motherpuckers, #4) by Lili Valente

Puck Me Baby (Bad Motherpuckers, #4)

"You're going to be a daddy."Looking up into Alexi Petrov’s dark eyes as I break the news, I’m scared out of my mind. This man is the most terrifying defender in the NHL, and if it weren't for my sporty new baby bump, I probably wouldn't believe we hooked up that night. (Yes, I’ve sworn off margaritas for life.)But the Alexi who goes to my doctor appointments, moves me into his guesthouse, and cooks so many gourmet meals I look like I'm car...

Details Puck Me Baby (Bad Motherpuckers, #4)

TitlePuck Me Baby (Bad Motherpuckers, #4)
Release DateNov 30th, 2017
PublisherSelf Taught Ninja
GenreSports, Hockey, Sports and Games, Contemporary

Reviews Puck Me Baby (Bad Motherpuckers, #4)

  • Emily (Mrs B's Books)
    **My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**This is the fourth book in the series although it could possibly be read as a stand alone story.Its book like these that could get me into sports as we don't have anything major where i live, so i have to live through books. This is a book that hooks you in, gives you enough of the sport for you to feel a part of it, but also makes you take in each character as a fr...
  • Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers
    Puck Me Baby is the fourth book in the Bad Motherpucker series by one of my go-to authors, Lili Valente. I always know that I will swoon, tear up and laugh while reading one of her books. This series is a group of standalone books that are connected by one hockey team. The Portland Badgers. If you read Puck Aholic then you got a little tease at the end about what happened between Alexi and Amanda. Yes! There was a baby made in the making of the b...
  • April ♥
    After a crazy night of margaritas and dancing Amanda makes the risky decision to go home with the sexy, mysterious man who caught her eye. They spend an incredible night together but before things have a chance to get awkward Amanda sneaks off, without ever getting his name. Fast forward to a few months later at her best friend's wedding, where her sexy one night stand just happens to be friends and teammates with the groom. Now Amanda has no cho...
  • Tami Talbert
    Puck Me Baby is Lili Valente's newest addition to her fantastically sexy and romantic hockey series, Bad Motherpuckers. Yeah, with a series of that name you'd never believe how truly lovable and sweet her heroes are, but there is no denying that they most definitely are. Adding to it strong and courageous women who melt the heroes' hearts and you have an outstanding series which I just cannot get enough of. From book one I was completely hooked, ...
  • Marybeth
    Another fantastic 5 Star book in this series! Lili just writes the heck out of a romantic comedy. But while this story does have the funny components, it also has some pretty serious moments some of which just made my heart break for Alexi and so many incredibly sweet ones too. I love the storyline and Alexi & Mandy! Considering he is the enforcer on the Badgers he is the sweetest most caring, gentle protective man when it comes to Mandy. I love ...
  • Stacy
    Lili Valente really knows how to write a book. I was over the moon when I found out this book was coming out. I absolutely love this series. And I instantly fell in love with both of the characters, well maybe a little more for Alexi, hello he has an accent...nough said (and yes I read the whole book with a Russian accent in my head. Don't judge).I'm not going to lie, I cried during this book. Alexi tore my heart out when he was dealing with all ...
  • Debbi
    What a great story this was! Everyone who knows me knows I'm a total sucker for hockey players, especially a Russian hockey player. Good lord. Alexi Petrov is sweet, swoony, and he's smart! Mandy was funny and a girl that reminded me of myself. She was fearless and when she falls, she falls hard. I liked this story because it had a little more drama to it than the previous hockey books in the series. I was a little choked up at parts and I was wo...
  • Judy
    Oh my gosh! I can't relay how much I loved this book in this review!! The story and the characters were spot on!!Margaritas, dancing and a hot guy are never a good idea. So, when Amanda drinks, dances and meets a hot as all get out man..she does the only thing she can do! Have a one-night stand!! She sneaks out when he's asleep. Never (in her mind) to see the hot stranger again. Until she attends a wedding.....Alexi is a hockey player. He hooks u...
  • Lisa