進撃の巨人 24 [Shingeki no Kyojin 24] (Attack on Titan, #24) by Hajime Isayama

進撃の巨人 24 [Shingeki no Kyojin 24] (Attack on Titan, #24)


Details 進撃の巨人 24 [Shingeki no Kyojin 24] (Attack on Titan, #24)

Title進撃の巨人 24 [Shingeki no Kyojin 24] (Attack on Titan, #24)
Release DateDec 8th, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Comics, Horror, Graphic Novels

Reviews 進撃の巨人 24 [Shingeki no Kyojin 24] (Attack on Titan, #24)

  • Raeleen Lemay
    WOW WOW that was way better than volume 23 (which sucked) and I'm so excited for the next volume now! I really like how it's starting to feel like the series is coming full circle finally.
  • Farah Shamma
    It’s amazing how I’m always equal parts confused and interested. We spend more time with the new characters in this volume (so we can like them and have them killed off perhaps? Possible). The ending really makes me want to read the next volume ASAP!
  • ♪♫♪♫
    Omg Omg Omg that ending... Tbh I feel like the only one that loves the Markey arc (but I'm also one of the few that loved the uprising arc... So yeah)
  • Maria
    WHGJGJHHJ I was so happy to finally see eren’s face again I almost cried 😩
  • Natalie
    That ending! I cannot wait for the next book! Though this one did jump around a bit and took a little to get in to, it was definitely worth the read!
  • Farnoush Mellark
    WHAT?!!!! that ending, though!!!!! :-OI can't believe how Reiner is becoming one of my favorite characters.
  • Gabriela
    Capítulos 95/99La verdad es que me ha gustado muchísimo este arco de Marley. Isayama llevó la historia a un punto que no me esperaba y que no me termina de convencer, pero aún así me resulta entretenido y tengo ganas de saber qué sucederá en los siguientes capítulos.Notas: -Mi bebecito Eren ha madurado. Parece que medio fandom lo odia, pero yo veo un buen desarrollo en él.-No estoy de lado de ningún bando, pero si tengo que elegir, no p...
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  • Ines Gracia
  • Rod Brown
    This volume is not quite as awful as the last, but it is not much of an improvement either. All the flashbacks of secondary characters from the outside world finally start to catch up to the very first volume of the series. So we get to see the opening chapters from another perspective. A more boring perspective. A perspective I did not want or need.And one of the trio of main characters finally gets to appear in the closing pages of the book. Bu...
  • Callie Rose Tyler
    While I'm not crazy about the time jump and new characters, I did enjoy a trip back in time once I figured out what was going on.This book takes a look at Reiner's memory of when he and Annie and bertholdt were first sent on a mission to infiltrate the island. Plus the ending has a great reveal!
  • Ken Yuen
    Accidentally started 25 so I kind of knew how this would end, but it was still good. It's a little hurdle to meet the new cast of characters, but I love how they look like little kids around Reiner. The festival scene in particular was very cute. It's hard to tell which side to root for.
  • Calvinist Batman
    This book was wonderful! Those last two pages with floor you.As a sidenote, these time jumps keep making things a little confusing and a little more interesting each time.
  • Kevin
    I think I am officially done with AoT.
  • Allison
    To summarize this volume in one word: exposition.One thing I am beginning to really enjoy about this series is it's ability to flesh out nearly all of their characters, even the apparent "villains," which if you have stuck around this long, will realize that their world is way more complicated than it initially appeared.I loved learning about the background of some of these characters. Not only am I becoming more empathetic for some of these char...
  • Милен Димитров
    That ending! It is not that you can't see it coming but damn! I want another volume! I NEED another volume!
  • dania
    ~So, everything's fucked up.
  • Rolando Marono
    Esta serie me había estado decepcionando un poco con los últimos volúmenes. Desde que empezamos a ver a los habitantes de Marley, el universo de Attack on Titan se expandió demasiado rápido y eso aunado al no muy buen arte del maestro Isayama, la historia se volvió algo confusa para mí.Pero con este volumen se solucionan muchos problemas de la continuidad, de la situación socio política de Marley y Eldia y de dónde se encuentran nuestro...
  • Marianna Rainolter
    Un volume ancora a Marley con uno sguardo al passato, in particolare quello di Reiner, Berthold e Annie e sulla loro missione dentro le mura che ha dato inizio alla storia. Uno sguardo alla loro storia, ai loro progetti e a quello che hanno passato, mostrando quanto fossero simili ad Eren e i suoi amici nonostante avessero obbiettivi diversi. Uno sguardo anche verso la politica di Marley verso l'isola di Paradise e non solo, allargando lo scenari...
  • Sol González
    ch 95 Los titanes planean un nuevo ataque a la isla paraíso, para proteger al pueblo de los eldians deben proteger al reino. Reiner recuerda cómo fue organizado el primer ataque, en donde él y otros tres niños fueron enviados a la isla a recuperar al titan original. Parece que Reiner ya no está tan seguro de que la destrucción de la isla Paraíso sea la respuesta.Ch 96 Reiner continúa recordando la historia de cómo llegaron a la isla Para...
  • Paulina
    Permítanme decir que Hajima Isayama es un verdadero y completo genio. ¡ESE FINAL, POR DIOS!Gran parte del tomo podemos observar cómo es que la situación de Reiner y su tierra ha evolucionado a tal punto que están a nada de tocar fondo. También trata el pasado de Reiner, Annie, Bertholt y Marcel, los niños-titanes encargados de destruir el Muro y llevar de regreso al Titan. Igualmente, nos presentan el lado sensible de Falco al ayudar a la ...
  • Manu Db
    Io non ho piú parole per descrivere la bellezza di questa storia. Isayama é un genio indiscusso,crea mondi straordinari e personaggi impossibili da non amare,e riesce a collegare le varie sotto trame in maniera allucinante. Il confine tra cattivi e buoni è quasi inesistente e si fatica a capire chi sia il vero nemico,in fondo tutti hanno un po’di ragione,il mondo è in disperata ricerca di pace. I guerrieri e i soldati sembrano diversi,ma in...
  • Mark
    Oh, damn!!!That ending! OMG, you will not be expecting it.What we get with this volume is even more background on Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie. There's also another character, Marcel, who was supposed to be the Jaw Titan. He was supposed the be the leader, the brains of the operation, that was supposed to infiltrate Paradis Island and take the Founder Titan to end the war once and for all.But, tragedy occurs and Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie are left ...
  • Adam Fisher
    A Volume of mostly filler... has a fair amount to say, but mostly serves to begin to the merge of the Marley and Paradis storylines. Reiner, now home in Marley, has both flashbacks to his time during their original invasion of Paradis (which is very cool to see the opening scene of the series from the viewpoints of the Titans) and deals with some of the new recruits as they work through their pre-titan training.The only other plot point of releva...
  • Jessica
    I wanted to give this volume 5 stars, but the volume appeared to be jumping around in time. And that made it kinda hard to figure out when things were happening. The scenes with Annie and her crew were from the past since they were kids, but then there were the scenes with Gabi and those kids that I couldn't quite figure out if those scenes were from farther in past or if they are from the future. Or is everything that is happening, happening dur...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    That's a bit more like it. Things move a bit faster here as the focus on Reiner and Marley continues, and we're giving some decent reasons to root for him, since the situation surrounding him makes a bit more sense now. I'd twigged the twist in the penultimate chapter as soon as the guy turned up though, so we're gunna dock a point for that. Honestly, manga reviews are weird, because you don't want to spoil things for people but if you've read up...
  • Savanny Savath
    The series get better and better and the art has improved so much since the first few volumes! I am still impressed by the depth of this series and the multiple perspectives of many characters on different sides of "good and evil." Reiner's story is so sad, and it's nice to see a grown up Eren and his reunion with Reiner. This volume continues the flashbacks and the more political aspect of the series, so not really action-packed in terms of figh...
  • Rob
    Story I had a hard time following much of this volume. It's likely due to how long it's been since I read volume 23. Once I finally had a better understanding what was going on, I liked it a lot more, but much of this volume felt like setup for what's to come in the next one. Artwork The artwork has long been a point of criticism for me, but it continues to improve as the series has gone on. This one is no different as I no longer spend anytime t...
  • Fiction State Of Mind
    Coyer Summer BashWe get to see the other side of the world behind the wall as reiner returns home to supervise the next generation of potential titans. Reiner is haunted by the past as he sees the youth of his people falling prey to the deceit of the Marley's a shocking discovery at the end of this volume sets the path for the next big story arc.
  • Samantha Bustos-Hubeny
    Ahhhhhhhh!!! The second half of this book made me want to scream I got so excited!! 23 was a good setup but I was so upset at the time skip and pov shift I just hated that one. This one was awesome!!! They explain the other side of what was happening during a bunch of the previous book and open up some thrilling new plots!!! I am so excited to keep reading!