The Fifth to Die (4MK Thriller, #2) by J.D. Barker

The Fifth to Die (4MK Thriller, #2)

In the thrilling sequel to The Fourth Monkey, a new serial killer stalks the streets of Chicago, while Detective Porter delves deeper into the dark past of the Four Monkey Killer.Detective Porter and the team have been pulled from the hunt for Anson Bishop, the Four Monkey Killer, by the feds. When the body of a young girl is found beneath the frozen waters of Jackson Park Lagoon, she is quickly identified as Ella Reynolds, missing three weeks. B...

Details The Fifth to Die (4MK Thriller, #2)

TitleThe Fifth to Die (4MK Thriller, #2)
Release DateJul 10th, 2018
PublisherHoughton Mifflin Harcourt
GenreThriller, Mystery, Suspense, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Fifth to Die (4MK Thriller, #2)

  • Meredith
    I'm not going to lie, The Fifth to Die pissed me off. At the same time, it was a riveting and intriguing read. *I am keeping this review vague to avoid spoilers. This also won’t make much sense if you haven’t read 4MK.* Let me begin by saying that The Fifth To Die is a whole lot of book to process. There are multiple story lines, multiple POV's and multiple bad guys. There’s just too much going on for me to even attempt to write a summary.A...
  • Susanne Strong
    4 StarsThe body of a young girl named Ella Reynold’s is found in a Lagoon, frozen under the ice, yet forensics show she drowned in salt water. The mystery, besides the fact that she has been murdered? She is wearing different clothes than the ones she went missing in. Turns out they belong to a different girl named Lili Davies, whose body turns up shortly thereafter, having drowned the same way. Porter, Nash and Clair & Kloz investigate and unf...
  • Debra
    "You can't play God, without being acquainted with the devil."4.5 starsThis is the second in the 4MK Thriller series. Although this does work as a stand-alone novel, I strongly encourage you to read the first book in the series, "The Fourth Monkey". Trust me, you will be happy you did and may perhaps even become a HUGE J.D. Barker fan in the process!!! I know I am! Anson Bishop, the Four Monkey Killer is still on the loose!!!! This guy is serious...
  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    The first book in this series The Fourth Monkey was one of my favorite reads last when I saw this sequel go up I started looking a bit like this.... I usually just jump into series books wherever I want too but with these you are going to have to read them in order because you'll be totally lost...and you will miss out on some crazy time goodness. Everybody is back from the first book and now some missing girls are starting to turn up. ...
  • Liz
    Let’s get one thing out of the way. Don’t even think of reading this book if you haven’t read the first in the series. It just will not work. There are lots of moving parts here, some of which require the in depth knowledge from 4MK. The story is told from multiple POVs as the timeline moves along. It’s well paced and the story progresses in a linear fashion. This book kept my interest the entire time. It’s another gripping, scary book....
  • Christine
    4.5 stars (rounded to 4 stars)Holy cow, what a thrill ride! Despite that, this one was hard for me to rate. There are some really 5+++ star features, but also some things that I really didn’t like.First of all, do not even try reading this without reading the first book, The Fourth Monkey. It is just not an option. I had to suspend reading early on and go back and re-read 10-15% of The Fourth Monkey (which I read a year ago) just to refresh eno...
  • (Bern) Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
    OMG this left me in a tailspin! Book 3 needs to happen sooner rather than later. Where do I begin? There was A LOT going on here but it's important to note that you can NOT dive in if you haven't read Book 1 - The Fourth Monkey. These books are highly intertwined and the storyline flows through each of them. You definitely need the backstory from the first book, in order to fully appreciate this one. In Fifth to Die Detective Porter is still ob...
  • Helga
    Where do I begin? I am confused and my head aches, but in a good way. I NEED to read the first book again! I loved The Fourth Monkey. We had a great relationship and understood each other. Ours was a considerably smooth journey. The Fifth To Die? I am wrecked! I feel like I have been thrown in a washing machine and then left to dry in a desert all by my lonesome! Our devastating liaison is scandalous and outrageous.I am using big words because th...
  • Carrie
    The Fifth To Die by J.D. Barker is the second installment of the 4MK Thriller series. A police procedural series in which the detectives have been tracking a serial killer known as the Four Monkey Killer. Picking up where the story had left off it would be best enjoyed reading in order to get to know the characters and what had happened up to this point.The story now has resumed with Detective Porter and the rest of the team having been pulled fr...
  • Krystin Rachel
    My book ish: Blog | InstaThis is what you have to know going into the 4MK series:This story is a marathon, not a sprint.And I’m not just talking about this particular book, number two in the series.J.D. Barker has crafted a rich, intricate world full of robust, personality-driven characters, and advanced story telling technique. And he is presenting it to us, the reader, one giant novel at a time.You don’t get conclusions around here. There i...
  • Ginger
    HOLY CLIFFHANGER BATMAN!!!!What the hell J.D. Barker?!!ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.The Fifth to Die is the sequel to The Fourth Monkey and you need to read it first before you ever get close to this sequel. So don't even read this book as a stand alone! You've been warned.I only gave this 4.5 stars due to a beginning that lags, and it took longer for the book to grip me. But by the 1/2 way point of...
  • Theresa Alan
    J.D. Barker will keep you awake well past the time you should go to bed. This is a taut, well-done thriller. I’d advise you to clear your schedule so you can do nothing but turn pages as quickly as you can. However, my other recommendation to you would be this: Unless you have a great memory, maybe wait until all the books in this series are complete so you can just read them one after the other. THESE ARE CLIFFHANGERS, NOT TRUE STANDALONES. I ...
  • Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    I have special ARC’s of this much-awaited sequel to The Fourth Monkey! Email me for your copy! I’m looking for bloggers for the HUGE blog tour (one in August and then December) for this or if you can review on your blog, Goodreads and Amazon email me to request your copy. Especially looking for bloggers in the USA and Canada for the August [email protected]————————————————————MY REVIEW:Oka...
  • Selene
    3.75 starsGenre: Mystery/ ThrillerPOV/s: (view spoiler)[Third-person, multiple (hide spoiler)]Darkness: 4/5The criminal mastermind responsible for orchestrating a string of gruesome murders in The Fourth Monkey (4MK Thriller, #1) continued his almost supervillain-like reign in this book! The thing is, Anson isn’t the only sociopath in this story . . .The FBI has taken over the 4MK case, two girls are missing at the start of this story, and Sam ...
  • Dave
    In real life, most criminals are neither smart nor clever. They simply live for the moment and get caught up in whatever they feel at that moment. But, nevertheless, we are all fascinated by fictional serial killers and the clever games they play. And, although there have been so many books about serial killers that everyone in the supermarket or at the bus stop starts looking super creepy. So why read another book about an ultra-clever serial ki...
  • Ellen Gail
    That cliffhanger needs to be unhung right now.Review coming your way as soon as I can get my thoughts together. Big thanks to Edelweiss and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for the review copy!
  • Sheyla ✎
    OH. MY. GOSH! May I please have the next book now?The Fourth Monkey Killer was one of my favorite thrillers last year. I was left wanting for more. J. D. Barker listened to his readers and he has given them a present in the form of The Fifth To Die. Like so many other readers, I was dying to know more about Anson and detective Sam Porter. I couldn't wait to know where was the story taking us!At the end of 4MK, Anson told Sam, he was ready to find...
  • Zoe
    Intricate, creepy, and dark!Great continuation of the 4MK storyline from the first novel with an ending that will leave you wanting more.Full review to follow shortly closer to publication.
  • Carrie
    The Fifth to Die, by J.D. Barker, was a thrilling break from all of the heavy reading I have completing thus far in 2018. A quick, easy read, this is the sequel to The Fourth Monkey. Thank you to Netgalley, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and J.D. Barker for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Detective Porter, while searching for Anson Bishop (4MK), works another case while combatting the FBI. However, Porter is still secretly searching for 4MK....
  • Laura
    Book reviews on www.snazzybooks.comI loved J D Barker's first novel, The Fourth Monkey, so couldn't wait to read the follow-up, titled The Fifth to Die. I'm pleased to report that it steps up to the mark as being deliciously twisted, dark and entertaining!We meet the characters from book 1, and various aspects of book 1 continue in this novel - I won't go into detail so as not to spoil anything. If you haven't read The Fourth Monkey then I'll jus...
  • Kim (booked4life)
    4.5 stars rounded up to 5! I need to wrap my head around what I just read before I write a review. However, this book was so good!!! You need to read The Fourth Monkey before reading this one, though. The Fifth to Die was fast-paced, chilling, and gruesome. The cliff hanger ending is so frustrating but also makes me want to read the next book. I loved the characters and the complex story line. Full review to come soon on booked4lifereviews.wordpr...
  • Stephanie
    4.5 to come..
  • Mrs. Europaea
    THAT'S HOW IT ENDS??? And just when I thought we were friends, Barker.Seriously, Barker kept the twists coming with the latest release of the 4MK series. Every time I thought I puzzled it out and put together the evidence, BAM , Barker changed it up to something even more clever. At times, I kind of root for Bishop, which is quite disturbing but the guy has talent. I felt like Porter's character changed a little, he wasn't as gruff, or such a tec...
  • Sana
    'I prefer not to collect my psychological and spiritual guidance from psychopaths.''Yet you recalled the words verbatim.'EXCUSE ME. I WOULD JUST LIKE TO KNOW ONE THING: WHAT THE FUCK? Like I was excited that there are now two serial killers but by the end, HOLY SHIT JUST WHAT IN THE WORLD HAS THIS BOOK UNRAVELED. I HAVE BEEN PLAYED.Honestly, it just all came together so well! I love the team of detectives working the cases and even didn't totally...
  • Shalini
    The history of this series is truly a saga, not the family kinds, but a tale of murder started in the first book The Fourth Monkey, a history of mutilation, first the ears then the eyes, the tongue and followed by the death (body). Sounds gruesome? That is awesome!This is 4MK, a.k.a Anton Bishop, a killer whose sense of justice is skewered… Killing the children kills the family… And he went on a spree in book1. He built his fame, got caught a...
  • Joyce
    5 plus starsDetective Sam Porter is called to the scene of a body under the ice. It may well be the missing girl for whom they have been looking. If it is, someone has dressed her in different clothing than when she disappeared. Her parents say that she doesn’t own any clothing like that. Porter had to leave the hunt for Anson Bishop, the 4MK killer, to look into this new case. Sam Porter, Brian Nash, Claire Norton, Edwin “Kloz” Klozowski a...
  • Lisa *OwlBeSatReading*
    After reading the first book in this series, I was itching to get my hands on another instalment from the fantastically talented and rather macabre -minded J D Barker.Without giving away any spoilers, and without sounding as warped as the story, this is my kind of serial killer tale!This was dark. This was clever. Those twisted characters, who's minds were riddled with murderous thoughts and intellectual madness entertained me, intrigued me, and ...
  • Anne
    I loved The Fourth Monkey so I was highly anticipating this sequel! When I finished I just stopped and said "What. Did. I. Just. Read?" Seriously, this book has your head spinning at every turn. When Porter and his team find a young girl underneath the ice, although they aren't sure it's the same killer who escaped in the previous book, it has all the trademarks of a twisted mind--perhaps a serial killer. More girls are missing and Porter must go...
  • Elisa
    I didn't see it coming. This novel completely blindsided me. I loved the first installment of this series, with a serial killer who is truly smart. A new spree of unusual and gruesome murders shock Chicago. Sam Porter, the cop who almost caught The Fourth Monkey Killer, is investigating. There is something unusual about these killings, but he doesn't think it's his old nemesis. He could be involved, but the Chicago Metro team is no longer in char...