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Star Wars

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TitleStar Wars
Release DateDec 15th, 2017
PublisherDK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
GenreScience Fiction, Art, Fiction, Reference, Fantasy, War, Military Fiction

Reviews Star Wars

  • Stephen
    Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Incredible Cross-Sections is more than just a look inside the ships and vehicles of the movie, it’s an all out guide to them inside and out. Much like the previous Incredible Cross-Sections for The Force Awakens, this book pulls double duty by providing cross-section artwork as well as technical details, explanations on how they work, how they’re used and some of the history behind them. For fans of the ships and veh...
  • Steve Davala
    Excellent resource book for the ships of the Last Jedi. There seemed to be more information packed into this book over other "cross-section" books I've read in the past. I was in love with the bombers in TLJ and so I was glad to see them fully detailed here. So much detail!Every ship you could think of was here, and I especially liked the scale drawings of all of the ships together... from the Supremacy to the tiniest ship. What great sense of sc...
  • Christopher Lutz
    I’m more impressed with the vehicle design of The Last Jedi when compared to The Force Awakens. I particularly enjoy the Resistance MG-100 bomber. Feels like the iconic Boeing WWII bombers with ball turrets, bomb bay, and the same type of overlapping flight formation to defend against fighters. I feel like more thought was put into the new designs this time which I appreciate.
  • Rob
    Some nice illustrations from the Last Jedi. Wish there were a handful more true cross-sections and better descriptions / accompanying text. Otherwise a solid, but not spectacular Star Wars DK output.
  • Misbah
    Amazing illustrations of the ships seen in the Last Jedi. It's so cool to see the breakdown of each ship. These pictures make the movies seem even more real. I really liked how they put drawings of the actual characters in the ships acting out their individual duties as seen in the movie.
  • Craig Little
    Just as good as the cross section book for The Force Awakens, with just about the right level of detail on each of the vehicles included.The couple of larger panoramic photographs were neat, but I'd rather have had even more cross section and technology breakdowns instead.
  • Jorge Figueroa
    Este libro sufre en físico, casi todos los vehículos tienen un splash de ambas páginas, y por el encuadernado de pierdes de mucho.Recomiendo guantes para leerlo, uno de látex para voltear las páginas y uno de Tels para mantenerlas planas.Poco aporta, la nota es generosa.
  • Cat
    I loved the ship size comparison in the back!
  • Abraham Ray
    Great Star Wars Book about the technology from the last film!
  • Justin
    Yeah, I am a Star Wars nerd.
  • Aaron
    I wish it contained a few more ships, and a few more of the gorgeous two-page stills from the movie, but still a good book. And, yes, I am a Star Wars geek.
  • The Brothers
    Asher (11yo) read.
  • Michael
    I like all the cross section books.
  • Tim
    This edition is very interesting because of the many new designs for the movie. It even includes some of the landspeeders seen in Canto Bight. An excellent companion for the Visual Dictionary.
  • Craig
    Interesting look at the vehicles of the movie (as always).I always feel like I want a little bit more from these books for the price, though...
  • Tom Gilson
    Excellent cross-sections and for me, as a Star Wars LEGO fan, a good 'LEGO idea book'. Only for fans who liked The Last Jedi
  • Travis Bong
    Cool pictures, but like the visual dictionary it’s kind of anemic on information
  • Bob Harris
    Fun reading the back story. Better as a movie.
  • Paul Hartzog
    Not too happy with this one. My least favorite of all of the cross-section books. Alas.