Cobalt Squadron by Elizabeth E. Wein

Cobalt Squadron

Rose and Paige Tico are sisters, refugees from a planet devastated by the fearsome First Order. After their escape, Rose and Paige join General Leia Organa's Resistance to make sure that no other worlds will suffer the way theirs did. Paige is a top-notch gunner for the Resistance bomber group Cobalt Squadron, and Rose is a technician who helps make sure the ships run smoothly. While investigating reports of a First Order blockade in the Atterra ...

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TitleCobalt Squadron
Release DateDec 15th, 2017
PublisherDisney Lucasfilm Press
GenreMedia Tie In, Star Wars, Science Fiction, Fiction, Young Adult, Childrens, Middle Grade

Reviews Cobalt Squadron

  • Khurram
    A very disappointing book. Personally I think there was a huge waste of potential. The story’s main characters are Rose and Paige Tico. There are cameos from general Leia and Vice Admiral Holdo, and there side characters of Hammer (heavy bomber/Star fortress).There is not much good I can actually say about this book. This book The pacing of the book is very slow and there is very little action, apart from a couple of tense moments not much goin...
  • Christy
    After TLJ, I was like, I really want a Tico sisters book. Well past Christy is smart...she had preordered this book and it showed up yesterday. So great. Finished it from the time I woke up this morning!
  • Amy Sturgis
    Cobalt Squadron is a short YA novel that describes a mission undertaken by these Resistance fighters (think of the Berlin Airlift) that ends up coinciding with the First Order's attack on the Hosnian System. The story ends with the squadron following Vice Admiral Holdo as she goes to assist the evacuation of the Resistance base at D'Qar, thus blending seamlessly into the first scenes of The Last Jedi.Though this is a brief work, readers get a cle...
  • Jeramy Lord
    Obvious lead in is obvious. Clearly a book designed to give is background info on Rose, who I an quite fond of. They damn well better not make her a love interest of Finn. Because Finn and Poe belong together....anyway.Good background on Rose. An interesting story....still doesn't justify the existence of those ugly ass bombers. TL:DR Backstory on Rose. Fun story.
  • Shadowdenizen
    3.5 stars. I confess: I loved the Last Jedi, but don't hold it against me. (That's a discussion for another time!)That said, I love teading more about Paige and Rose (who I found to be an endearing character in the film). But was this the greatest SW novel ever written? Not by a stretch: personally, I would have liked to see what Claudia Gray could have done with these characters!
  • Lucille
    Awww my heart 💔 it was really nice reading about Paige and Rose, understand their background and relationship, what led them to be where they were on The Last Jedi. A really nice short novel
  • Trin
    I love the Tico sisters, but I am unfortunately reminded that I find Elizabeth Wein to be an incredibly boring writer.
  • Neil Coulter
    Elizabeth Wein had an uphill battle for me with Cobalt Squadron, because I really don't care much about the central character, Rose. (And I don't mean any criticism of Kelly Marie Tran; she did her best with very weak material in The Last Jedi.) But I was still curious to see if some backstory could help me appreciate Rose a little more. As it turns out, it didn't help much, and I found the story a little bland. But the end of the book has an int...
  • Emily Hebert
    Ahhh, I loved this book so much! I listened to the audiobook because it was narrated by Kelly Marie Tran, and her narration combined with the fantastic, emotional storytelling made for a great read! This story helps connect Rose, her sister Paige, and—surprisingly—Amilyn Holdo to the events in the Force Awakens. More importantly, it provides a great look into the relationship of Rose and Paige, and I’m sure I’ll be crying over it the next...
  • Julia
    Ich bin ein großer Fan des aktuell noch neusten Star Wars Films „The Last Jedi“. Passend zum Film kam eine ganze Reihe neuer Star Wars Bücher raus, die begeisterte Fans mit neuen Infos rund um den Film versorgen. Die Kobalt-Staffel ist eines davon und sofern ihr diese Rezension auf meinem Blog lest, findet ihr untern alle weiteren Bücher dieser „Reihe“. Besonders Die Kobalt-Staffel zog mich jedoch an, da sie sich mit den Tico-Schwester...
  • Lizz
    3.5 stars. The mission/plot of the story was okay but the book shines in the scenes between Rose and Paige, when we get a chance to see how devoted to and protective of each other they are (were). Because The Last Jedi just wasn’t sad enough. Will someone please hug Rose for me?! Godspeed, Rebels.
  • Lata
    Not as tension-filled as I was hoping, though it was wonderful to focus on Rose and her older sister Paige and their close and loving relationship. Most of the story’s action takes place while a squadron of Star Fortresses (those ridiculous looking bombers in Last Jedi) make secret drops of vital supplies on a planet suffering under the First Order. Rose is responsible for creating and maintaining baffle systems to muffle each bomber’s energy...
  • Ross Buffa
    I really didn’t care for this book. It was like the X-Wing books in the Legends where there is just a lot of fighting in space. Reading that isn’t like seeing it. If that is enjoyable then the book was okay. The only thing that was great was Roses’ backstory and how she relates to Episode VII. So the last part of the book was good. Overall, worth reading as a tie-in, but it’s just a really boring time.
  • Shane Phillips
    Just ok
  • DiscoSpacePanther
    This took me far too long to get through than a lightweight children's Star Wars novel ought to. Perhaps I am burnt out after reading too many of these children's novels in quick succession (the Star Wars completionist in me insists that I must read them all), this being the fifth one I've tackled in the last few months, but I found myself struggling with the lack of depth in characterisation in Star Wars: Cobalt Squadron.Like Star Wars: Before T...
  • Marlowe
    After watching The Last Jedi, I wanted to know more about Rose Tico. She's an intriguing character who doesn't get much exploration in the movie, but just enough to hint at a lot more depth.Unfortunately, she doesn't get much exploration here, either. The story is about Rose and her sister, Paige, trying to help a local rebellion on the planet Aterra Bravo. Set before the outbreak of war with the First Order, Rose and Paige have to operate in se...
  • Jean
    Beautifully written, as expected from author Elizabeth Wein, of Code Name Verity fame. I liked the tone, steering away from the typical Star Wars kind of adventure and more towards suspense. Again, as expected from the author of Code Name Verity. And I'm sort of in awe of how well she fits the story into the timeline, how masterfully it's done.But I had a few basic problems. For someone who is not used to "doing talking" with Resistance heroes, R...
  • Rachael
    "Rose swallowed. Then, suddenly, she gave a sharp nod. She let go of Paige's hand. She knew that now she was going to be able to navigate new uncharted stars alone." Probably more like 3.5 stars! Damn the whole star only Goodreads rating scale. To begin: Rose Tico was definitely a standout character in Episode 8. She felt so realistic and naive yet hardened at the same time. That characterization was definitely reflected here in COBALT SQUADRON....
  • Lisa Burgess
    damn! I don't even know where to start. nach the last jedi wollte ich DRINGEND mehr über paige und rose tico erfahren so I bought this book. ich fand es allein deswegen ganz nett (und ich meine das wirklich), weil ich mehr darüber erfahren habe, was die resistance noch so alles tut - also abseits von großen schlachten, you know. das buch war nett, durchaus unterhaltsam, aber kein wunderwerk. die meiste zeit hätte ich ihm 3 sterne gegeben, abe...
  • Alicia
    2018-01-04 you FREAKING KIDDING ME?!? How did I not know that Elizabeth Wein, author of my beloved Code Name Verity, wrote one of the STAR WARS TIE IN NOVELS?? Just imagine a chorus of angels singing right now to fully understand my feelings on this matter. Anyway, this focuses on awesome sisters Paige and Rose Tico, flying spaceships and jerry-rigging equipment and doing reconnaissance missions for the Resistance...
  • Jonathan Hord
    As a book intended for younger readers it doesn’t wow with beautiful prose or deal with heavy emotional issues and yet it packs an unexpected powerful punch. This book explains not just the backstory of the brilliant Tico sisters but also successfully explains away the absence of Bombers and Holdo from The Force Awakens while setting up their entrances into The Last Jedi. A few of the New Canon books have taken side-quests that meant little to ...
  • Christian
    There are no epic space battles in this novel. Leia appears briefly. This is an intimate look at the deep relationship between Rose and Paige Tico and the lives of the rank and file members of the Resistance. It shows how limited the Resistance is and the treacherous political climate. The novel is very understated and that, for me, is what gives it its sentiment and poignancy. Briefly, the Tico Sisters aid a planet against the First Order by dro...
  • Annika Barranti Klein
    This is, remarkably, the first Star Wars book I’ve ever read. It’s a lovely look at the Tico sisters, told mainly from Rose’s POV and taking place between TFA and TLJ. Wein’s writing is gorgeous as always—no one else can make technical jargon sound so interesting and smooth—but the book suffers from an apparent lack of editing (I’m guessing the publishing timeline was rushed) and includes jarring moments like a single paragraph from...
  • Matej
    I have Rose colored glasses about this book, surely, but after watching the Last Jedi I really wanted a deeper view into the Tico sistes and their bond, and it was perfect. A lovely short book with a gorgeous view into the new resistance, and it ties in perfectly into the Episode VIII. If you liked the Rose character and want more background, I cannot recommend this enough.
  • Matthew S. Zielinski
    Builds the relationship between Paige and Rose Tico that shows the impact that the opening events of The Last Jedi have on Rose. Explains why the bombers and Holdo weren’t in The Force Awakens but were at the start of The Last Jedi. Shows us a different angle of the battle between The First Order and The Resistance. Shows the impact of the Hosnian Prime destruction on other parts of the galaxy. A nice young reader novel that gives you a little ...
  • Shawn Walcott
    A slow story, made even more dull with lazy and cringe worthy writing. The stakes seem low and the plot unfolds in a bland and predictable way. The whole point of the book seemed to be to demonstrate how incompetent and childish Rose's character is, making it even harder to take her seriously in "The Last Jedi".
  • Wendy
    Not the greatest entry in the Star Wars saga, but still worth it for the extra details that it adds to the ever expanding (new) lore. This book focuses on Rose Tico and her sister Paige, members of Cobalt Squadron, and missions they were running directly prior to the evacuation that takes place in The Last Jedi. TLJ firmly established the strength of the sisters' bond, but this also gives us a chance to see Rose's skills, something that is largel...
  • Matthew Sciarrino
    The YA novel, like many in the new cannon nicely fills in some gaps. Here we get the story of Rose and her sister. The book clearly adds to the beginning of the The Last Jedi as it tells the story of a Resistance mission to aid a planet under First Order control. It explains how Rose was on Hoda’s ship, and you do get a greater appreciation of her character. You also learn about the bombers and the squad. The book spans the time of The Force Aw...