The Last Jedi (Star Wars: Novelizations, #8) by Jason Fry

The Last Jedi (Star Wars: Novelizations, #8)

Rey continues her epic journey with Finn, Poe, and Luke Skywalker in this thrilling novelization of Star Wars: The Last Jedi written by New York Times bestselling author Jason Fry.

Details The Last Jedi (Star Wars: Novelizations, #8)

TitleThe Last Jedi (Star Wars: Novelizations, #8)
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherRandom House
GenreMedia Tie In, Star Wars, Science Fiction, Fiction, Fantasy, Audiobook

Reviews The Last Jedi (Star Wars: Novelizations, #8)

  • Khurram
    Easiest 5 stars every. I am a huge Star Wars fans and loved the Last Jedi movie. I love this book even more then the movie. It does exactly what a book should adds to the story , adds to my Star Wars experience and great continuity between the books and the comics. Some people do not like having read other books/comics or play the game. I love this continuity. I am so glad Disney continued it when they took over the franchise.From the intro the b...
  • Bookdragon Sean
    Star Wars novels are always hit and miss, and the movie novelizations almost always seem to be misses. This one was somewhere in the middle.A good movie novelisation needs to expand on the film. If it’s just an exact repeat of what we saw on the screen then it’s just not worth reading. It gives us nothing new. What this book expanded on was the connections between characters. Leia’s ability to sense through the force was considered in great...
  • Alejandro
    The slowest space pursuit ever! Once again, fellow readers in the Force, if you have been reading my reviews about Star Wars film novelizations, you already know that I’ll do several spoilers in this review (which is quite the opposite to my regular kind of review, but with Star Wars movie novelizations is quite hard not to fall into spoilers in the reviews about it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! SITH’S ADVOCATE OK, most people didn’t li...
  • Avery TheLibrariansDaughter
    Ship Reylo? Who, me? No way! I don't like Reylo at all! They hate each other and I definitely don't think that there is any kind of romantic subtext there AT ALL. Nope! Don't ship it! ...I hate myself...Like... I hate this ship but I also love it?Also, did Kylo Ren learn how to propose from Mr. Darcy?Cuz literally, that whole "You're nothing, please rule the galaxy with me" thing Is like when Darcy proposes to Elizabeth the first time and he's li...
  • Kat
    This really picked up in the second half. Enjoyed the scenes between Rey and Ren, especially, and thought the author added a lot to those scenes, and especially the conflict between Ren on whether to stay dark or go back to the light. I am neutral on the whole shipping debate. Personally, I have always pictured them as siblings, but don’t really have a dog in that fight. I also found it interesting at the VERY very end where it was included thr...
  • Nicis
    WOAH. This was so much better than the novelization of TFA! And I actually liked that one, but Jason Fry's work feels like, like, a real book. Like something completely new even when you can tell the source and not just a retelling of events in a screen.A lot of new scenes, a lot of thigs that aren't mencioned in the movie (Snoke's background and past, How did Rey managed to beat Kylo at the end of VII, Ben Solo's past as a padawan and feelings, ...
  • Ririn
    I have a terrible flu so I can't write a coherent review yet ;__;=========================================eta: =========================================So, because I was bored, and it was the holiday, I decided to watch The Last Jedi LOL even though I heard some butthurt fanboys hated this movie. Aaaaaaannd holy shit why is Adam Driver's acting SO GOOD???!! He delivers as Kylo Ren. I was mystified and confused because I don't remember liking him...
  • Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner
    So much hate in the Star Wars fandom. It's insane. God forbid you say The Last Jedi is your favorite movie in the whole franchise or that you ship Reylo.
  • Beatrice in Bookland
    ”You’re not alone.”“Neither are you. It’s not too late.”Was the book perfect? noWas the movie perfect? definitely noWas the Canto Bight scene still boring and unnecessary? yesWas Rose's character unnecessary? ... eh yes (I adore Kelly tho)Was Phasma's death anticlimactic and a complete waste of what could have become a very interesting character? yesWas Finn's crush on Rey annoying af? oh my god yes, in the book he's literally obsesse...
  • Lata
    3-3.5 stars. Interesting and helpful to get some background and details on character motivations. Much of the story action made more sense.The audio was well done with beeps, boops and booms in appropriate places. I did not care for Marc Thompson’s interpretation of Rose, though I liked his version of Luke.It was a little hard seeing Leia in action in the story, knowing the woman who had inhabited her for years was gone.
  • Christa
    I'll be perfectly honest, I skimmed most of this book and read it for the scenes with Rey and Kylo.
  • Elaina
    ~4.5 stars~This was another audiobook read, and I enjoyed it a lot! Loved the sound effects and music that are in there occasionally :) It has been a little while since I finished this...I really need to write my reviews AS SOON as I'm finished reading the book XD Or at least within a day or two lol So I apologize for another not so great review. I did enjoy it though and I can't wait for the next Star Wars movie to come out so I can see how this...
  • Emma
    The novel helped me view the movie better, I liked it, but the writing wasn’t my favourite. I felt it didn’t flow well. 2 1/2 stars.
  • Shadowdenizen
    3.5 stars.I'll preface this by saying I -liked- the Last Jedi. (Feel free to ask me why, but it's too long to go into here.)I'll also say that the "New Canon" have been hit or miss with me: while there's been a few standouts ("Lost Stars" springs right to mind), none of them have truly spoken to me.This book follows that trend: while it expands pleasingly upon some elements of the film, it still feels a bit rushed and anemic to me. (The best nove...
  • AleJandra
    Si han estado al tanto de mis estados habrán notado cuanto disfrute este libro, y por mucho se catapulta al mejor libro del 2018, y se va directo a mi lista de favoritos.Voy a disfruta muchísimo hacer esta reseña, así que probablemente me tarde un poco en publicarla…
  • Lisa
    I have waited for this for what feels like forever and avoided leaks for at least two weeks and I have finally read it!SO much better written than TFA novelization - you can tell they were really putting effort and resource into this. I genuinely enjoyed reading it as a novel in its own right, not just for the extra insight into the film. I loved the little glimpses into the heads of people (and droids!) we don’t get much of in the films - BB8 ...
  • Ashley
    The movie did it better. To be fair, the movie always does it better than the novelization. Novelizations are nearly to a one marketing ploys. But after having read the novelization for Rogue One, I am now spoiled for all future movie novelizations. That book was fantastic. It was a piece of art all on its own, and I nearly liked it better than the movie.This was not that. It was competent. Nothing was wrong. But most importantly, it didn't reall...
  • Jerry
    DISCLAIMER: I have not seen the film this book is based on, so, my thoughts here will be solely on the novelization. Also, if you don't want the novel/movie spoiled, don't read any further.When I first saw The Force Awakens, I was shocked to see Han Solo get killed. He wasn't my favorite character or anything, but, after hearing and reading many complaints about Chewbacca's death in the first New Jedi Order novel, I knew many fans were going to ...
  • Scott Rhee
    Rian Johnson’s “The Last Jedi” was a phenomenal “Star Wars” film, and an excellent film in general. Let me start with that, mainly to clarify where I stand with my fellow Star Wars fans, many of whom either have problems with the direction in which the franchise is currently heading or simply didn’t like Johnson’s contribution to it.I loved the film. It’s everything one could ask for in a “Star Wars” film---action-packed, funn...
  • Hara
    This book is exactly like the movie, with a few exception.I really wanted more from this book than I got. You would assume going into a novelization that you would get more internal dialogue, maybe some important thoughts going through character's heads in emotional scenes? While you do get some of this, most notably from Luke and Snoke, its never to the extent I wanted.The best scenes were the scenes that weren't in the movie, clearly Jason Fry ...
  • fyt
    Read Jason Fry's book for the very first time and was completely blown away.He captured beautifully the emotions and the untouched scenes crafted by Rian Johnson. I'm glad we get a little tidbit into Snoke's mind, Hux's past, Luke's struggle on his heroic persona and Ben Solo's never ending disappointment in the people he loved who failed him time and time again.I may be the minority that loved the people Luke and Leia (and Han, may he rest in pe...
  • Aisyah ♡
    I live for the reylo moments
  • Carri_1111
  • AleJandra
    Cuando una historia es buena, no importa el medio en la que te la cuenten, es del mismo modo disfrutable.Este es el mejor audiolibro que he escuchado.Reseña pendiente…