Yesterday I Was the Moon by Noor Unnahar

Yesterday I Was the Moon

yesterday i was the moon is a collection of poetry by noor unnahar - it explores courage, self-love, culture and the struggles of making peace with your heart and art. it contains black & white photographs paired with poetry pieces; giving it a photo diary feels.

Details Yesterday I Was the Moon

TitleYesterday I Was the Moon
Release DateJul 16th, 2017
PublisherCreatespace Independent Publishing Platform
GenrePoetry, Contemporary, Fiction

Reviews Yesterday I Was the Moon

  • TeaAndBooks
    Writing: 5/5Originality: 5/5Style: 5/5 “yesterday — i was the moontoday — just an eclipse something in me travels; some days it’s to the darksome days it’s to the light”yesterday i was the moon is a collection of poetry written by Noor Unnahar, a Pakistani author. This book explores a variety of themes including art, people, home, courage, self-love, strength, culture, acceptance and survival. The actual layout of the book was stunni...
  • Areeba Siddique
    the only poetry book I can read a hundred times <3
  • Merel
    When I first read Noor's poems on her Instagram, I immediately fell in love. Although English is not her first language, Noor has the power to create beautiful poetry. For me, her words motivate me to get out of bed every day and do something great with my life. I love how Noor can take her pain and change it into something beautiful. What I find unique about it, is how Noor has the courage to write about her life in an honest way, without any sh...
  • dana
    to the person whowill want to fall in love with mei have been a sky all my lifefull of life and light and angerif you're not coming withthunderstorms; do not comeat all i love poetry and i love this. i tabbed so many poems bc they were all so beautiful and woww she is just so talented im in awe
  • Lisa
    This is just an honest review about how I felt. I'm a massive modern poetry fan. "Insta Poetry" as some like to call it. I like the millennial angst; I am said millennial. I like the socially acceptable dive into sadness; I often need something to tip me over the edge so that I can deal with my issues. I like the stark reality of relationships in poetry, written in ways that makes you examine the feelings you may have felt once; because relations...
  • Sydney Heitzman
    noor unnahar's first publication shows a lot of promise. through reading the book, i found myself bookmarking and underlining about every other page. half of the poems in the book were profound, just as good as and if not better than what i've read on her stunning instagram portraits. however, the other half showed a mixture of lack of inspiration and strange word usage, something not completely surprising as the author is not a native English sp...
  • Krystal Galvis
    I've read some of her work on her Instagram and fell in love with her art pieces. I really liked her book of poems because it's relatable and she's not hiding on her thoughts about herself, religion, and her family. "Be kindfor this is somethinga lot of peoplecan never be."
  • Margaryta
    "art doesn't askto be perfectpoeticpreciseit asks to existto breatheto bethis is what it has always been about" (p. 75)I've been really determined to stay open to the different styles and new ideas appearing in poetry, and have been trying to stay more in the know about what titles are published annually. "Yesterday I Was the Moon" caught my eye because of its title and promising summary, and though I really not a fan of "Insta/Tumblr poetry" - m...
  • Hana
    I spontaneously picked this book up and am very glad I did. It's a pretty solid, quick to read poetry book. I enjoyed about 70% of the poems, LOVED 20%, and felt neutral on 10%. There are poems on all types of issues...from being in big cities to feeling out of place with yourself. Pass it on to a friend. :)My favorites: "you'll have to learnthe art of loosing, choosing, and refusingto win what we call the game of life"
  • Marie
    I don’t read a lot of poetry. In fact, I’m not sure I know how to read it. I sit down and read a book like this in a half hour. But then there are some that I go back to a re-read ten times, or find myself thinking about all the time - that was some of these poems. I picked this up in the airport after dropping my parents off, and the first page I opened to spoke about travel and home and I knew the book was coming with me.
  • Astre Hernandez
    For the past year I’ve been really into reading poetry & it’s mostly been heart break & dark poetry. Because that’s that mindset I was in. Now that I’m no longer on that vibe, this is the first book poetry book I picked up about self help, love, community, happiness, and I love it! So many good poems that I can relate too as far as finding myself & towards change ! Definitely recommend her ! ❤❤❤ For the past year I’ve been reall...
  • Ida
    I found many of these poems beautiful and relatable, but unfortunately some I didn’t connect with at all. It’s still a four star read for me tho, because it would be really wrong for me to judge it because I can’t relate to these kinds of things. Plus, I absolutely love the photographs throughout the book!
  • Perla ElAhmad
    i love love loved this book, noor's pieces are so beautiful and relatable, one of my favorite poetry books.
  • Dani
    I liked the drawings and the writing was okay, but as a whole it felt like home. A nice collection to read in bed with a cup of tea.
  • Abby
    absolutely loved this. Some of my favorite poetry
  • Abigail Kohl
    3.75⭐ 3.75⭐️
  • Karina
    Wow. I related to this book so much. I just randomly picked it up at Target and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.
  • Noa Bash
  • Erin Icaza
    i loved this poetry book. the photos in the book are absolutely admirable.