All the Beautiful Girls by Elizabeth J. Church

All the Beautiful Girls

A powerful novel about a gutsy showgirl who tries to conquer her past amongst the glamour of 1960s Las Vegas--and finds unexpected fortune, friendship, and love.It was unimaginable. When she was eight years old, Lily Decker somehow survived the auto accident that killed her parents and sister, but neither her emotionally distant aunt nor her all-too-attentive uncle could ease her grief. Dancing proves to be Lily's only solace, and eventually she ...

Details All the Beautiful Girls

TitleAll the Beautiful Girls
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews All the Beautiful Girls

  • Diane S ☔
    Don't expect the to be an unbiased review, simply because I came to care so much about the main character Lily, and fell in like with a man called The Aviator. Lily is only eight when she loses both her parents in a car crash, the Aviator, the driver of the other car. She will live with her aunt and uncle, her aunt unable to show love to this young girl, her uncle sexuslly sbuses her. These scenes are relatively few, and quick. The Aviator makes ...
  • Yv
    Stel je voor.. na een afschuwelijke jeugd ga je naar Las Vegas om daar een danscarrière op te bouwen, maar tijdens je audities wordt er vertelt dat je het beter zou doen als showgirl... wat een práchtig een meeslepend verhaal ❤. Stel je voor.. na een afschuwelijke jeugd ga je naar Las Vegas om daar een danscarrière op te bouwen, maar tijdens je audities wordt er vertelt dat je het beter zou doen als showgirl... wat een práchtig een meesle...
  • Roman Clodia
    In lots of ways this follows a formula: victimised young girl achieves her dream through grit and determination, but then realises that material wealth can't cover the scars of her past. What gives it interest is the 1960s Las Vegas setting where Ruby is a showgirl - I loved this section: the absurd OTT glitz, the implicit sexism, the fakery that is Vegas that pretends the civil rights movement, Vietnam, are not happening. In some ways this remin...
  • Anne
    Elizabeth Church is now one of my favorite authors! Her writing is full of such rich, sensory description that on every page, I felt like I was right there. Kansas in the 50's. Vegas in the 60's. New Mexico in the 70's. From the very beginning, my heart was in sync with the main character, Lily who loses her parents and sister in a tragic accident. I felt protective towards her during the decade she spent with her abusive uncle and evasive aunt. ...
  • Patricia Doyle
    From the very first pages of this book, I was hooked. My emotions were already at a dead run. Pity. Sadness. Contempt. Revulsion. Kindness. Relief.After a traumatic childhood (which the author describes fully), with dance lessons under her belt, Lily left Kansas and lived her dancing dream in Las Vegas. For awhile, that is. Until pills turned her dream into a nightmare. All this was before she was twenty. Fast success. Failure. Success again. Fai...
  • Cathy Branciforte
    I absolutely loved this book! I started to love the character Lily/ Ruby right from the beginning as she is taken in by her aunt and uncle in Kansas and then moves on to Las Vegas as a showgirl in the 60’s. Rich with detail of the time period, and beautifully drawn characters ( although some were hateful), the writing was perfect. ( There was a part where the author was describing Sammy Davis Jr as he performed in Las Vegas, and for anyone who ...
  • Shannon Dyer
    This story contains all the glitz and glamour you could ask for. Review to come at AAR.
  • MomIsReading
    Review to come closer to publication date.
  • Pam
    Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC. An engrossing story that I could not put down about a strong, determined and damaged young girl who overcomes unbearable tragedy and abuse to become a successful Vegas showgirl in the 60s. She meets lifelong friends but continued hardships as her judgement is clouded by her damaged psyche. Friendship and guilt are strong themes. An emotional read that warms your heart in the end. I recommend this book for sure.N...
  • the bookish lover
    --------5/5 amazing stars---------You know that feeling you have when you finish a great book that you simply refuse to turn the page to meet a blank one or an Author’s note? That you do not want to let go of that story? That you try to savor every bit of detail and every word? That was me after finishing All the beautiful girls.I can not even wrap my mind around how absolutely incredible it is, I was so engrossed in the story, one minute I was...
  • Maggie
    Scrappymags 3-word review: Unmasking Vegas glamourAll my reviews available at scrappymags.comGenre: Contemporary Fiction (1960’s), Women's FictionShortest summary ever: Lily Decker is just a small town girl (insert Journey lyrics) wanting to make it somewhere - ANYWHERE away from her trapped-in-the-impossible life. And she deserves it. Orphaned by an accident that took her parents and sister, she is forced to live with an aunt with no feeling f...
  • Jennifer
    Elizabeth Church is without a doubt a writer of feminist stories. She writes stories about women for women that tackle issues experienced by many of us. Her first book, The Atomic Weight of Love followed one woman's awakening of her sense of self and her personal power. This book tackles domestic violence and the objectification of women according to their looks.Church follows the story of Lily Decker, aka Ruby Wilde, as she experiences exploitat...
  • Sarah Wagner
    *I received this book through a GoodReads Giveaway.*I really enjoyed this tale of a Las Vegas showgirl during the late 60s and early 70s - much more than I enjoyed the author's previous novel (The Atomic Weight of Love). Starting in small town Kansas, the story of Lily Decker starts with a tragic car accident and the orphaned Lily being adopted by her aunt and uncle. Sexually abused by her uncle as a child, Lily becomes a young woman conflicted b...
  • Gail Nelson
    3.5 stars. Enjoyable enough. Nicely written, with endearing characters. A little predictable toward the middle, but a relatively satisfying ending...
  • Diane Perry
    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I was unsure if I could finish this book in the beginning. It deals with physical and sexual abuse. Some of the scenes are extremely difficult to read. However, I am glad I stuck with it. Lily, who became Ruby in Vegas, was a powerful and resilient woman. She overcame so many odds to take Vegas by storm in the sixties. This was very well written, and to watch this character cha...
  • Victoria Sadler
    I selected this book as I am fascinated by showgirls. I was one, briefly, and I have been writing about them also. And in this book, which the promotional text sets out, we follow the trials and tribulations of a fictional showgirl working in Las Vegas in the Sixties, at the height of its glitz and glamour.Only that is not what this book is about AT ALL. And so my review is a little torn - this is a beautifully written book about a young woman wh...
  • Claire Mc Partlin
    I must admit I found this book quite difficult at first, it wasn't an easy read and I wasn't sure it was really my sort of book. There was child abuse which I didn't like, and a small animal was (in my opinion) unnecessarily killed (if I know an animal will be killed I won't read a book!) so I did speed read through the first part in the hope that it would get better, and luckily it did.Lily was orphaned at a young age when her parents and sister...
  • Kait's Bookshelf
    I received a copy of All the Beautiful Girls from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, and to be honest, I loved it. I was drawn right into Lily’s story. The early chapters are a bit depressing to read but I still couldn’t put the book down. Lily suffers a lot as a child, after losing her entire family and being taken in by a distant aunt and cruel uncle (not a spoiler – this is how the book opens). While sad at times, Lily’s story...
  • Christine
    I was lucky enough to win All the Beautiful Girls through a goodreads giveaway. One of the reasons I love the giveaways is that they can introduce new books and authors that I may not have otherwise come across. That was the case for me with this one. If I could've given the novel a 4.5, I would have. I really enjoyed all of it...until probably the last 60 pages or so. No spoiler alert here... I just didn't think the ending flowed w the rest of t...
  • Smbergin
    All the Beautiful Girls tells the story of the strong, smart, resilient, and drop-dead gorgeous Lily Decker. When only eight years old, Lily survives a tragic car crash that claims the life of both her parents and her sister. Her childless aunt and uncle take Lily in, and what transpires is at times difficult to read. Her uncle is nothing short of an evil monster. Her aunt is bone-chillingly cold, complicit in his sins, and hides behind her relig...
  • Janice
    I wasn’t sure I would like this book, since it was about a Las Vegas showgirl; I didn’t feel particularly curious about such a life, and didn’t think I would be drawn to the characters. But I had enjoyed Elizabeth J Church’s earlier book, The Atomic Weight of Love, so decided to give it a try. I was wrong about how engaged I would feel with this book’s story, and am glad I read it. Lily Decker has a childhood of trauma and loss. Her par...
  • Laurie
    Lily Decker is only 8 when an auto accident takes the lives of her parents and her sister. Her own survival with no injuries in nearly miraculous. She is sent to live with her aunt, who has no idea how to deal with a child or show affection, and an uncle who sexually abuses her from day one. Her only solace is dance, and a ‘mysterious benefactor’ – who she realizes right away is the man in the other car at the accident, a military pilot she...
  • Debra Smouse
    This was a beautifully written tale about a young woman growing up and finding how to love herself and others after a traumatic childhood.The book opens with the loss of Lily’s parents and sister in a car accident. She is taken in by her aunt, a cold woman, and her aunt’s husband, who abuses Lily for most of her young life.Dancing, though, saves her. As does the mysterious Aviator, the man involved in the accident that kills her family. Thank...
  • Laurie's Lit Picks
    The description of this book was a bit deceptive, in my opinion. Touted to be a book about a resilient girl, faced with adversity, who heads to Las Vegas in the 1960's to be a costume-wearing, dripping with jewels and feathers, showgirl, I would say this book is far more about the sexual abuse of a child, in great detail, and her battle against a variety of demons, both exterior and interior, to find some peace. Yes, there's some intriguing scene...
  • Brenda
    What an authentic story line! I really enjoy books like this that have something out of the ordinary for readers to experience. In this story we journey into the life of showgirls, high rolling gamblers and the fast paced life on the Las Vegas strip. There is a dysfunctional family, loss, and love all wrapped together to bring us into the life of Lily/Ruby Wilde.Lily/Ruby is a strong, lovable character and she had me in her corner from the first ...
  • Carla Suto
    ALL THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS by Elizabeth J. Church is a compelling story of a young woman, Lily Decker, who is emotionally damaged after a tragic car accident kills her parents and sister when she is only 8 years old and who is subsequently psychologically and sexually abused by the aunt and uncle that take her in after the accident. As soon as she graduates from high school, Lily flees to Las Vegas, changes her name to Ruby Wilde and eventually beco...
  • Kim McGee
    Lilly did not have an easy life after her parents died and she was raised by her strict aunt and too familiar uncle. The only escape she had was dance and her benefactor, the man who felt responsible for the car accident that took away her family. It wasn't too much of a stretch when she ran off to dance in Las Vegas. This was the height of Vegas glamour with all the shine - The Rat Pack, the never ending lights of the strip and the non-stop part...
  • Mainlinebooker
    Looking for a book to breeze through although it does contain serious topics? Look no further, as All the Beautiful Girls provides a secret voyeuristic pleasure. Eight year old Lily is forced to live with her stern aunt and perverted uncle when a man kills her parents and sister in an automobile accident. Life is difficult but due to the kindness of the man behind the wheel, his contributions to her life turn it around. Dancing is her life, and s...
  • Sherri Lewis
    *** I received an advanced e-copy from Net Galley in exchange for my honest reviewLily Decker loses her entire family in a car crash and is forced to go live with her aunt and uncle. Her aunt is a strict disciplinarian and seems to enjoy punishing Lily and her uncle molests her regularly. The dream that she clings to and which helps her endure this life, is the dream of being a professional dancer.This book follows Lily through the horrible condi...
  • Tiffany S
    Ruby Wilde ne. Lily Decker is a character you pull for as the book progresses. It starts in 1950s Kansas as Lily suffers a paralyzing loss of her immediate family. She is taken in by her aunt and deplorable uncle. She yearns for more than a miserable existence like her aunts and believes she has the skills to be a troupe dancer in Vegas. The book follows her journey as it changes from what she thought she wanted, to what she found, and to who she...