Hold Back the Dark (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #18; Dark #3) by Kay Hooper

Hold Back the Dark (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #18; Dark #3)

An SCU team investigates an inexplicable string of murders committed by men and women with no memory of their crimes in the latest in this New York Times bestselling series.Madness has taken ahold of Prosperity, North Carolina. Residents are killing one another, as if in a dream, and waking up with no memory of the monstrous acts they've committed--or why. As the death toll climbs, the local sheriff's department is further rocked by a murder carr...

Details Hold Back the Dark (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #18; Dark #3)

TitleHold Back the Dark (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #18; Dark #3)
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherBerkley Books
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Romance

Reviews Hold Back the Dark (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #18; Dark #3)

  • Chloe
    Prosperity a small peaceful town in North Carolina is being attacked by some kind of negative energy . Energy that is driving ordinary people to kill and commit heinous act . Meanwhile psychics with different abilities are being summoned to Prosperity under Hollis’s leadership to stop this energy before it escapes and spreads its evil all over the country. Hold back the dark is the 18 book in the SCU unit and it was fun reconnecting with some o...
  • Linda Strong
    3.5 StarsMediums. Clairvoyants. Empaths. Telepaths. Empathic Healers. Psychics of all sorts are being summoned from within. Severe headaches, blackouts, strange colors, and those whispering voices ... all are saying the same thing .... go to Prosperity.Prosperity is a small town in North Carolina that has had more than its share of paranormal activity over the years. The warning now is the evil that emanates there must be stopped and stopped now ...
  • Kim
    Thanks to NetGalley and Berkley for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.4 1/2 StarsI’ve been a fan of this series since the first book, Stealing Shadows, was released in 2000, and one of the main reasons why is because every time I pick up the latest addition I feel as though I’m meeting up with old friends.nHold Back the Dark was no different. Although it seemed a little slower to start this, that may have been because somehow...
  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    Very creepy addition to the series. A psychic blast was sent out and received by small group of psychics to come to Prosperity, North Carolina. Something evil is going on there and only this group can stop it. Noah Bishop and his wife felt the blast but were not part of the invitation but they do provide the place in North Carolina for everyone to gather before heading to Prosperity. Hollis Templeton and her partner/lover Reece DeMarco along with...
  • Amanda Cummings
    I won this book on a giveaway.Though it is #18 I wondered if I was going to be clueless on what was going on, Thankfully you don't have to read all the other books to pick up what's happening it fully explains, all though it took me several chapters in to start putting it all together. The book itself has a good story line though not a page turner for me, I still enjoyed it. i would recommend reading the "Psychis terms and Abilites" at the back t...
  • Sophia
    After seeing Hollis and Reese come together as a romance pair as well as FBI Special Crimes partnering, I was tickled to see them back and fabulous as ever against a resident evil. They are working with an unconventional team this time around and I enjoyed meeting all these new players.Hold Back the Dark is the eighteenth book in this long standing paranormal thriller romance series and is also the sixth book in the sub-series within the larger o...
  • Eva Millien
    Early Review! Hold Back the Dark (Bishop Special Crimes Unit #18) Kay Hooper!   An SCU team investigates an inexplicable string of murders committed by men and women with no memory of their crimes in the latest in this New York Times bestselling series. Madness has taken ahold of Prosperity, North Carolina. Residents are killing one another, as if in a dream, and waking up with no memory of the monstrous acts they've committed--or why. As the...
  • Eva Millien
    Bishop’s team of psychics is back and this time they have been summoned along with some all new psychics and there are up against an evil that is pushing for a blood bath in this chilling paranormal suspense that had the hair on the back of my neck standing up on end.Kay Hooper’s suspenseful world of psychics is full of wonderful characters that are strong and captivating, always adding lots of depth to each and every case as they try to solv...
  • Monica
    I received this book as an ARC from the author and Goodreads for my honest opinion. I give this book 4 1/2 🌟.The SCU and 6 psychics, known as the Chosen, are sent to Prosperity. Madness has taken hold in this town. The residents are doing unimaginable things. It starts with a headache. They commit unimaginable acts, then have no memory of these terrible acts they have done.It will take all the teams talents to get to the bottom of what is goin...
  • Sheila Melo
    FINAL DECISION: I ended up tremendously disappointed in this book which began as an amazing story with a whole bunch of characters I was interested in, but ended up being resolved (mostly offscreen) in the space of only a couple of pages. In fact, the book felt like a half book with the author's synopsis at the end. I'm hoping there will be more with this group in the future.THE STORY: Something is happening in the town of Prosperity. A call has ...
  • Charlotte
    Even though this is the 18th SCI novel with special agent Bishop it's unique and amazing. I have read these books since the very first one. I love how the author gives each character their very own personality and circumstances. Bishop swoops in to recruit or help a physics, he does which ever is needed.In this book, Hollis is the team leader, she had an extremely traumatic physics awakening and in now like a physics super woman, she is still lea...
  • Angela
    3.5/5. The book had me hooked from the start and kept my interest until the very end. By the time the ending came however I'd gone from "Wow what a great story this is." to "That's it? That's how everything gets wrapped up after the super evil did such horrible things and barely all of the characters had any spotlight!?" The book ends really abruptly, I actually went back to see if any of the pages had gotten stuck together and I'd missed somethi...
  • jeannette marsh
    Leaves you wanting moreI always enjoy the Bishop/SCU novels. Kay Hooper has a way of drawing the reader in that is unmatched. In this latest addition, though, I found an important aspect of what makes these stories hard to put down missing. The SCU is a special branch of the FBI. Their quarry is often unspeakably evil and is directed by energy that underlies and drives that unspeakable acts committed. To fight this energy requires a team of psych...
  • Denise Belt
    A dark and evil presence is attempting to destroy the balance between good and evil, to save the world the Chosen have been summoned to Prosperity. This small town in the mountains of North Carolina has always been peaceful until strange deaths start occurring, the likes of which they have never seen. The SCU is called in to help with the investigation as well as the Chosen. It will take all of them to stop this evil from destroying everything. ...
  • Donna M O'Neil-Wheaton
    Worth the wait... YesI’m always up for creepy and horrific and Kay Hoopers great a deliver just that, however, one draw back with this latest offering, I was disappointed in the overall length of this novel, for some reason, we are cheated out of a decent ending, the story was building up quite nicely then.... it simply ended, wrapped up in a few disappointing pages, honestly where is the last 25 or 30 pages too this book. I really want the kin...
  • Emilie Davis
    Great addition to the series!As usual, Kay Hooper has written an intricate mystery with our old friends in the SCU ,Haven and a few who do not want to belong to either group. I sometimes wonder where and how she developes her plots because they are unique. I would have appreciated a bit more information on the wrap-up of the story. It just ended. However, this does not detract from the overall excellence of the book! I am anxiously awaiting the n...
  • Lisa
    Won my copy early in a giveaway with Good reads so my opinion is my own. I did enjoy the novel as I love all of Kay Hooper's books but I feel that once the agents arrived in Prosperity, NC the action went too quickly. I would have liked to read more about Bishop and some of the other members. Liked the closure it offered at the end but feel like we were skimming the main events rather than the more in depth action I have gotten used to with previ...
  • Angela
    Good read. Quick paced. Not as scarry as some past books in the series, but that was fine with me this time around. This story had a lot of background about the characters which I liked, but not as much in depth story line. The ending seemed a bit rushed. It was a good ending for a next book though. One city saved, but other's are on the 'grid' that can be affected by the evil within the mountains.
  • Cheryl
    I find that I can't put books in the series down once I start them. Hold Back the Dark was no different. I really enjoyed the story. We meet six psychics who are not part of the SCU or Haven. They work with Galen, Hollis and Reece to form a team to fight evil in Prosperity, North Carolina. An engaging read. It was great to see the continuation of Reece and Hollis's story and how they have grown together as a couple an in their psychic ability.
  • Cindelu
    I won this book on Goodreads. I have read several of the other Bishop/Special Crimes Unit novels and enjoyed them. I love the characters and their abilities and personalities. Unfortunately the ending of this book was a bit disappointing. It was too brief and stopped rather abruptly tending to bundle the answers to all of the questions into a couple of pages leaving one feeling a bit dissatisfied. Still I like it and it was a good read.
  • Sharon L. Bulloch
    WHAT HAPPENED?!!What a major disappointment, the beginning was so very promising. I was all set for an epic psychic showdown. Then...nothin’, it was over, and I was left with way too many unanswered questions. I just didn’t see the ending coming so abruptly, after all of the buildup.
  • Sara Covington
    In a town called Prosperity unusual things start happening and an evil force makes its presence known. This book continues with the SCU unit of paranormal investigators. The initial part of the story was great, however the ending left me hanging. I feel like the author spent a lot of time to the build up and that just ended the book.
  • Diana Eickhoff
    DisappointingI have loved most of Hooper's books, but this was disappointing from the start. The plot dragged (even with all the murders), and their was no real character development. Everything seemed shallow, and then it just ended. If this is the direction Hooper (or the ghost writer) is going to take, I won't be anxiously awaiting the book in the series.
  • Shirley Alvarez
    HOLD BACK THE DARKAnother great book. I especially enjoyed it because I grew up close to Prosperity, SC. Thought about moving there about 33 years ago. This Prosperity perfect fit. Anything with Hollis and Reese is a perfect read! Great series!
  • Breane Ross
    This one took me a little longer to get into. Don't have a reason why, it just seemed slower moving than the others in these series. I recommend it anyway but once things start moving along, it is a great book!
  • Tracey Krasniewski
    Not up to normal standardsToo many characters and not enough story. The ending was very abrupt and unsatisfying. I’ve read all the SCU books and this one was quite a disappointment.
  • Rhonda
    This book was not as good as the past ones. While it had a good storyline, there was not really a good vs. evil battle that left any of the paranormal crew with new abilities, and it also didn't really have a climax. Still love the series tho!
  • Ron
    Enjoyed most of book. Great premise. Paranormal CSI. Extremely disappointing ending. Super anti-climactic.
  • Betty
    Loved that the Special Crimes Unit and Haven team members joined forces! Kay Hooper does not disappoint!!
  • Angie
    Thank you Penguin Random House for this ARC. All I can say is WOW!!!! Another great book with the SCU and Haven folks. Kay Hooper does it once again!!!!!