Women in Sunlight by Frances Mayes

Women in Sunlight

The new novel from the mega bestselling author of Under the Tuscan Sun about four American expats and strangers who become unexpected friends during one magical Italian autumnThree American women--new friends, all older single women--have taken a lease on a stone manse in Tuscany. They are escaping, reinventing, reevaluating, the fates expected of them as aging women in America. They are novices in a foreign culture, figuring out the day to day, ...

Details Women in Sunlight

TitleWomen in Sunlight
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherCrown Publishing Group (NY)
GenreFiction, Cultural, Italy, Womens Fiction

Reviews Women in Sunlight

  • Susan Johnson
    I really wanted to like this book better than I did. It has its elements. It's about three women in their 60's who decide against retirement home living and decide to rent a villa in Tuscan. What a wonderful idea. They are all healthy, talented and have money. They are not dependent on their Social Security checks. They drop $1000 on old books without a blink of an eye, They cart home cases of wine and armloads of flowers. They are not worried ab...
  • Olivia (The Candid Cover)
    Women in Sunlight by Frances Mayes is a book that will appeal to those who enjoy travel and learning about other cultures. The story has some wonderful elements that describe life in Tuscany and the concept is quite interesting. Unfortunately, there are just too many characters to keep track of in the novel, which distracts the reader from the main plot.Full review on The Candid Cover
  • Leigh Kramer
    2.5/3 starsWhat I liked: the focus on older characters (Camille is 69, Julia is 59, and Susan is 64), the way the three start fresh in Italy, one part of Kit's storyline (this may be a spoiler but it happens somewhat early on: (view spoiler)[she gets unexpectedly pregnant for the first time at age 44 (hide spoiler)].)Where I struggled:The structure was really confusing. This is written in first person and third person present tense. But it's also...
  • Christine Lussier
    I received a digital copy of Women In Sunlight from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I like some of Frances Mayes work, others, not so much. Women in Sunlight was a nice escape from the crazy February weather. Three random women meet at a senior living housing presentation, become unlikely friends & move to Italy. Kit & Colin are already living there, also from the States.The book jumps around depending on how the story is being told, w...
  • Bonnye Reed
    It took me about twice as long as normal to finish this novel because I had to stop and cook and eat so many times! This is one of those books that awake you to the extraordinary friends you need to touch base with, the pasta you haven't made lately, the clothes you don't have yet and the travel you need to erase from your bucket list and just order tickets. And if you paid attention you will know to leave the return trip date open. GNAB Three mi...
  • Kim
    I actually finished this book a few weeks ago. First, let me say how thrilled I was when I saw that Frances Mayes had a new book coming out, and then to request and receive a free copy of it electronically? I was thrilled!I fell in love with the book almost from the start. The characters are all at about the same point in life; women of a certain age and stage, all contemplating settling into life at a facility that makes life easier for seniors....
  • Terri
    This was the first book I've read through First to Read. I started the book and thought, "What have I done?" I was basically lost for at least the first half of the book. Lots of Italian words (although she does define some in later sentences) and lots of words in English that I didn't know the meaning of. I was glad I was reading on my tablet so that I could instantly look most of them up. However, it was very distracting and disruptive to the s...
  • Jamie Jones Hullinger
    I was a Goodreads Giveaway Winner! Here is my honest review:I found this to be a lovely story revolving around the power of female friendship.  Camille, Susan and Julia decide to take charge of their lives after being widowed and experiencing a upheaval in the family.  Each lady is contemplating purchasing space at a senior living complex but instead decide to become friends and reside in Italy for a year.  Clearly they made the right decision...
  • Stephanie
    WOMEN IN SUNLIGHT: A Fabulous Fable for the Forty Plus Fanhttp://fangswandsandfairydust.com/201...This book got a slow start for me. I was confused and it took me a while to become accustomed to Mayes clean and abbreviated style. She’s a little tell-not-show but it works because it is so heart-warming and shows the possibilities life can offer. The characters are interesting and, especially to me at my age, relatable (if a little older-feeling ...
  • Janet
    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. From the publisher --- By the bestselling author of Under the Tuscan Sun, and written with Frances Mayes’s trademark warmth, heart, and delicious descriptions of place, food, and friendship, Women in Sunlight is the story of four American strangers who bond in Italy and change their lives over the course of an exceptional year.She watches fro...
  • Carrie
    Thanks to Penguin Books for a free digital arc of this book. After having had the opportunity to live in Italy for several years, I was quite excited to read this book. I was looking forward to reflecting back upon the country that I fell in love with some time ago. With that said, after reading this book, I tend to believe this story will have a polarizing effect on readers. Readers who love it will fall in love with the atmospheric prose. The b...
  • Jo Dervan
    Three older women meet at an open house at Cornwallis Meadows, a 55+ development near Chapel Hill, NC. Two of the women, Camille and Susan, are recent widows. Julia, the third woman, has seen her marriage disintegrate and then discovers that her husband has a younger girlfriend. So Julia moves out and starts divorce proceedings. The women become fast friends and bond over a 3 day weekend at Susan’s oceanfront vacation home on a Carolina barrier...
  • Vickie
    By the author of Under the Tuscan Sun, this is another love poem to la dolce vita in italia. Three women, all suffering recent losses, meet when considering a move into a retirement community. These women are nowhere near ready for such living, form an instant bond, and take off for a year in a rental villa in Tuscany. There, they meet another American ex pat who is a writer and her companion as well as the local characters from their classic sma...
  • Allison
    I know this book will be a literary and financial success. How could it not be? Frances Mayes has already mined the Tuscan countryside for about a dozen celebrations of Italian life. If you liked Under the Tuscan Sun and all her other tributes, you know what you will be getting. Add to that, the stars of our drama are a trio of over the hill Southern women being forced to reinvent themselves as an alternative to going into a retirement community ...
  • Suzanne
    I am one of author Frances Mayes many fans, at least I thought I was. And she writes of places/topics close to my heart: the SF Bay Area, North Carolina, seasonal cooking, and replacement families forged from heartache. WOMEN IN SUNLIGHT touches all of those topics, dutifully. Therein lies the problem with this book. It lacks cohesion. There is always a problem when the narrator is required to explain the connective tissue of the various strands ...
  • Phyllis
    Camille, Julia and Susan meet when they are looking at possibly moving into a retirement home and soon forge a strong bond with each other. After a few weekends at a beach home belonging to Susan, they decide to spread their wings, regain some adventure and lease a house in the small Tuscan village of San Rocco for a year. They fall in love with the villagers, the town and the countryside quickly; they also form a close friendship with an America...
  • Christine Lussier
    I received a digital copy of Women In Sunlight from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I like some of Frances Mayes work, others, not so much. Women in Sunlight was a nice escape from the crazy February weather. Three random women meet at a senior living housing presentation, become unlikely friends & move to Italy. Kit & Colin are already living there, also from the States.The book jumps around depending on how the story is being told, w...
  • Sue
    Four stars - I guess. Some aspects of this new Mayes offering are such a strong four, and others drift dangerously close to three territory. I'm basing the four stars on the way I felt when I "closed" the book - as though I wanted to gather two favorite friends, and go live as a Tuscan ex-pat for a while. There's an aspect of the book that's both charming and frustrating - it ambles. This is not a quick, compelling read. I personally want a year ...
  • Emily
    Since I loved the story Under the Tuscan Sun, I was interested in reading this one as well. I loved the fact that three women over sixty became friends at a retirement home orientation and then decided to up and move to San Rocco, Italy for a year. This second chance at life to find themselves and their ability to keep thriving was moving. In Italy, the women discover and take part in new friendship, romance, art, gardening, and (of course) cooki...
  • Lisa Cobb Sabatini
    I won an Uncorrected Proof of Women in Sunlight by Frances Mayes from Goodreads.Women in Sunlight by Frances Mayes is multilayered, heartwarming, and, especially for readers of a certain age, inspirational.When three American women considering a retirement village become fast friends and, instead, opt for a year living in Italy, their experiences lead them down new paths of self-discovery. In Tuscany, they meet another American woman who has been...
  • Ashley at Reading Themes
    Women In Sunlight by Frances Mayes takes place in Italy. The descriptions of the villas and the food makes me want to travel back to Italy. Three older women meet at a retirement home in the United States. Instead of moving to the retirement home, they decide to rent a villa in Italy. During their time there they get a fresh beginning to explore their interests like gardening, art, and cooking. Their neighbor in Italy is a younger woman who is a ...
  • Sara Smith
    PopSugar Reading Prompt: Element of weather in the titleI received a free e-reader ARC of this book through the Random First to Read Program.I love reading books about Americans in Europe to see what their view is of the food, the people, and the history. This book is really several stories woven into one. It starts off a bit slow, but then it got more interesting as we delved deeper into each woman's life and explored the painful circumstances t...
  • Hannah Grace || BookNerdNative
    This book WAS lovely. The writing is elegant, poetic, and extravagant; however, at times the writing is so wordy and descriptive, that it distracts from the actual story. I found myself constantly having to re-read pages because I would let my mind drift from the story. There's no question that Mayes can write. She is incredibly gifted. But I'm not sure this style of writing was for me. I'm giving this three stars because I do believe that it's a...
  • Pat Probasco
    What a great vacation, I opened the book and before I looked around, I was in Tuscan. I met my new friends Camilla, Susan and Julia . We were in an old villa in Tuscan. The neighbor was Kit and her friend Colin. The flowers, the food, the sights and sound of Tuscan, stole my heart. I am so glad that if I want to get away for a while, I can open the book and spend some time in Tuscan. I loved the book and will read it again.
  • Sharon
    I was frustrated by this book. I was pulled in by the likable women who met up at a retirement center sales pitch and opted instead for a Italian countryside retirement. Their unlikely financial independence aside, I wanted them to buck the odds. I just couldn’t tell whose story this was with Kit Raines as narrator and her tortured history with the infamous Margaret. The descriptive language makes me wanting to visit Italy but it wasn’t enoug...
  • Katie Kulisz- McClure
    Copy received from Read it First for honest review.I really did like the story line. But, the beginning was too rambling. It was hard to catch what and where the story is going. The story of Margaret was distracting. I feel it would have been better to have the story of Camille, Susan and Julia running along side Kit's story rather than the rambling beginning. But know I will suggest this book to friends.
  • Elena Vrabie
    I loved the Italy that the book depicts as it's also the country that I saw while traveling. I enjoyed their stories and the message that the book conveys about starting fresh "in sunlight" and the bond that the women develop. It's quite something to aspire to. But I've also had a hard time following the plot. It was a bumpy ride from the beginning. I think I would've found this project one of the best of the year if it weren't for the style in w...
  • Kari
    I want to re-read this book again when I have more time to enjoy the descriptive prose of Frances Mayes. The story is good, but I was distracted with all of the descriptive copy--something I should enjoy. Definitely my issue not the authors. Putting this in the "read again when I have time to savor pile."
  • Chelse
    I enjoyed this book. I loved reading the descriptions of the food and learning about the lives of these women.
  • M.
    Another good read.