Harbor of Spies by Robin Lloyd

Harbor of Spies

HARBOR OF SPIES is an historical novel set in Havana in 1863 during the American Civil War, when the Spanish colonial city was alive with intrigue and war related espionage. The protagonist - a young American ship captain by the name of Everett Townsend - is pulled into the war, not as a Naval Academy midshipman, as he had once hoped, but as the captain of a Havana-based blockade-running schooner. Even as Townsend gets entangled in the war effort...

Details Harbor of Spies

TitleHarbor of Spies
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherLyons Press
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Military History, Civil War, War

Reviews Harbor of Spies

  • Katie B
    3.5 starsI stepped out of my comfort zone a bit with this one as I don't typically read Civil War era historical fiction. But the reason this book caught my interest was the setting was Cuba rather than the United States and it explores the role shipping played in the war. Slave trade by other countries besides the United States is another subject that gets brought up in the book. This is why the book is unique rather than just another typical ba...
  • Ethel (artisanwriting.blogspot.com)
    Harbor of Spies by Robin LloydIt's 1863, America's Civil War is raging and 19 year old Captain Everett Townsend steers his blockade-runner schooner into the harbor at Havana. This young man had taken over the command of the schooner unwillingly when the original captain met his end during a horrific storm. While overnight at anchor in the harbor, upon hearing the cries of "help" a man called Michael Abbott was rescued and brought aboard. Colonial...
  • Toni
    My thanks to the author/publisher and Shelf Awareness after winning this book in a Shelf Awareness drawing. Harbor of Spies, so aptly titled, is filled with history, intrigue, mystery, murder, espionage, romance, Havana, sugar can plantations and slavery. Lloyd has a flair for descriptive writing without being overly verbose; very enjoyable. He gave imagery of what harbor and sea life was like in Havana during this time period. The story was set ...
  • Ruthie
    This novel offers another, little know story of the role Cuba paid during the Civil War. Cuba was still a Spanish Colony, a slave colony, and they offered trade with the Confederates via blockade runners who moved uniforms and arms in return for cotton. England, Spain and Mexico were all involved in this scheme. The fictional novel is set in this background, and it is obvious that the author has done extensive research. The author gives us a lush...
  • C.R. Elliott
    *I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*Harbor of Spies was an unexpected delight. A work of historical fiction that doesn't dwell too heavily on the romance or the lessons of history but instead just throws you into that world. The book follows a lot of the usual structures of an "every man" story because Everett is able to slip in and out of many worlds easily and if the story was about his internal world...
  • Lynn
    I received this book from Goodreads. Transported to Cuba during the American Civil War, I learned how critical Havana was in blockade running. The brutality of Cuban slavery was another revelation. Recommended!
  • Loraine Oliver
    Harbor of Spies is an intense and well written historical fiction novel set during the Civil War, (1863) and taking place from Havana to the USA to other parts of the gulf coast from Florida to Texas and many other places. There is a lot of action and intrigue in this book and it was hard to put down once I started reading this book. A lot of things happened in Havana and there was plenty of wealth due to the sugar crops. A lot of this book takes...
  • Lisa
    A Wonderful readMr Lloyd has written a book that not only grips the reader from the first pages but holds on through the twists and turns it takes. His words bring to life the time and place of Cuba in the mid19th century in a way that makes one feel as if a part of the story. It was educative while entertaining and I find myself hoping that there will be a sequel. This being his second well written book, I can only hope he is on a roll.
  • Jan Phillips
    Such a good book, I love that historical facts have been woven into the story. I admit that I was unaware of the major role that Cuba played in the Civil War, but now want to find out more. This story tells the tale of Everett Townsend, a young man from Maryland, who has his hopes dashed when he is kicked out of the Naval Academy. From there he signs on as first mate of a schooner headed to Cuba to deliver a load of lumber. When the ship's Captai...
  • Gretchen
    Harbor of Spies is an historical thriller set in Havana at the height of the American Civil War, when the Spanish colonial city was alive with intrigue and espionage. Slave trading, spies around every corner, blockade running and a black cat that brings good luck are just parts of an incredible story that brings to life a city that was vital to the Confederacy’s survival.Harbor of Spies is a richly drawn portrait of Spanish colonial Havana in a...
  • Jackie
    I received this book from a Goodreads giveaway. I give it a solid 4. The author did a great job describing Cuba and the Civil War period, politics, and culture. The history ranks a 5. I wasn’t a huge fan of the author’s description and dialogue at times. He was a bit wordy and he tended to repeat ideas and previous events a bit too much. I felt that most of his sentences started with “he” or the mans name. So that part got a 3. Plot wise ...
  • Claire
    A sailing tale of the Civil War Era is a travelogue of Cuba in the 19th century, fraught with contradictions and danger, treacherous for abolitionists and defenders of the Union. Lloyd skillfully blends fact and fiction and sails will delight in his details. With an ambitious aim to illuminate the European support for the Confederacy and a British tacit blind eye, the author raises the stakes. Principles and self preservation are at war within th...
  • Suzanne Eastman
    This historical fiction book follows a young man as he attempts to uncover his heritage in Cuba during the American Civil War. A fascinating account of how Cuba was used to aid the confederate army and the effects that spy’s and double agents no doubt played. A little romance and very little objectionable language would make this a good selection for upper middle school to adult. Book clubs that enjoy historical fiction might want to add this t...
  • Ruth
    Really enjoyed this book. Had to remind myself that Townsend was a young man, his level of responsibility was great. The story line about the smuggling and the blockade running around Cuba was right on target, it is such a part of the American Civil War. Never knew who to trust, spies, counter-spies and just a touch of romance to make this a truly great read. Looking forward to the sequel?!
  • Jeff
    Excellent book. I like historical fiction that really paints the picture of the place and time. Often the author has a story and just plops it into a time period so it doesn't feel very authentic. Lloyd does a good job blending characters, setting, and history. I especially liked the descriptions of Havana. The conclusion to the story felt a bit rushed but certainly worth the time to read.
  • Fran
    Really enjoyed this. History, intrigue, romance. What's not to like. Well written, easy read.
  • Laurie Ferrell
    A novel that describes a part of civil war history involving the Cuban blockade runners that were arming the Confederates in exchange for cotton. Great read!
  • Patti Parker Markgraf
    3.5 Stars. An interesting account of the role of ships during the American Civil War.
  • Amber
    I was excited by the description, but found the book to be just average. I wish the story was better developed, it felt like there was little detail about a lot of different subjects.
  • Ann
    I enjoyed this fast-paced historical thriller, based in Cuba during the American Civil War for its well-researched details, its action, and its interesting plot. However, many of the characters were bilingual and when speaking to each other, they had a tendency to say the same thing, first in Spanish, then English. Real people don’t do that! Respect your readers enough to let them figure it out from the context, or just write in one language.