Who We Are and How We Got Here by David Reich

Who We Are and How We Got Here

A groundbreaking book about how technological advances in genomics and the extraction of ancient DNA have profoundly changed our understanding of human prehistory while resolving many long-standing controversies.Massive technological innovations now allow scientists to extract and analyze ancient DNA as never before, and it has become clear--in part from David Reich's own contributions to the field--that genomics is as important a means of unders...

Details Who We Are and How We Got Here

TitleWho We Are and How We Got Here
Release DateMar 27th, 2018
PublisherPantheon Books
GenreScience, Nonfiction, History, Anthropology, Biology, Genetics

Reviews Who We Are and How We Got Here

  • Jayesh
    This was a fantastic condensation of modern research on genomics and it's effect on our understanding of anthropology and history. Really, what is it with biologists that they are able to write these books understandable to a relatively lay audience without hiding entire detail about how the scientists go about doing their research and draw conclusions:We scientists are conditioned by the system of research funding to justify what we do in terms ...
  • Biafra
    Due to Goodreads limits, this review is cropped. The full review can be found at http://bahanonu.com/syscarut/articles/204/.=======This review will likely be updated as I mull over or re-read the book. […] when we discover biological differences governing behavior, they may not be working in the way we naively assume. — David Reich, Who We Are and How We Got Here.Reich has done a tremendous job condensing the work of many people and disparate...
  • Peter Mcloughlin
    Traces the general history of humanity from its origins in Africa and the subsequent lineages that went to Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Australasia, The Americas and subsequent African lineages as they changed in the genetic record up to the present. Also covers the detective story behind the discoveries in DNA research which has given us a way more complete history than the archeological record. Tells the varied stories of humanity.
  • Xenophon Hendrix
    The author, David Reich, is a eminent population geneticist whose work is shedding light on questions of archeology and history. This book is primarily about the origins and movements of the ancestors of persons today. When it sticks to that topic, the book is excellent, except for the occasional awkward sentence.Unfortunately, the author finds it necessary to make disparaging, and in my opinion misleading, remarks about Nicholas Wade, Henry Harp...
  • Steve Van Slyke
    Having read earlier books on this topic by Svante Paabo, Spencer Wells and others I was anxious to read something current. I wasn't disappointed. This, as others have said, is an excellent summary of the state of genetic research using ancient DNA to determine how we all got to where we are today. The only downside is that the rate of advancement in the field--as the author states--is so high at the moment that unless you read this within two to ...
  • Willy C
    Willy Chertman03/29/2018"Who We Are and How We Got Here" is great book with some flaws. As a one-stop guide for catching up with the ancient DNA revolution, it is unequaled. It is also a refreshingly honest look into the life of a practicing prominent scientist in the age of large research labs and giant research consortiums. Coming along for the ride are some lucid explanations of many of the statistical tests used in ancestry mapping, like the ...
  • ChickCounterfly
    This is primarily a book about cutting-edge advances in ancient DNA, but there are also some detours into highly controversial current-day population genetics and behavioral genetics issues.The ancient DNA stuff is fascinating, and made even cooler by the fact that Reich and his lab at Harvard are at the forefront of all the big discoveries. This isn't one of those pop science books where a journalist summarizes research for you. Reich gives a fi...
  • Thore Husfeldt
    Human pre-history based on very recent genetic data. Highly informative, both about scientific processes of DNA-based models and about the history of how and when humans settled the planet. As exciting as it gets.
  • Paul Vogelzang
    Fascinating book.
  • Betty
    I can say a lot of research went into this book.
  • Vincent Archer
    This is one of those books that will require a revision every 5 years for some time.An excellent summary of the current state of the field of ancestry genetics; the study of how genes inform us of who might have been our ancestors. Up to the genetic revolution, the idea was that the current ethnic groupings - races - had mostly sprung during a 50k-year old expansion from Africa, and had evolved on their own. But Reich argues and shows that the ra...
  • Todd
    While not light reading by any means, "Who We Are and How We Got Here" is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the latest genetic research regarding the origins of modern humans. So, who are we? Genetic mutts. How did we get here? Through a series of migrations and mixings, the extent of which we are only now understanding. Does it all mean that race is antiquated term? In many ways yes, but not in all ways; we are better off ...
  • Gaurav Lele
  • Tamir Damari
    Not for beginners, but by far the most up to date and comprehensive treatment of historical genetics. Thought provoking and full of surprises.