The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan by Gia Cribbs

The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan

No one wants me to tell you about the disappearance of Sloane Sullivan.Not the lawyers or the cops. Not her friends or family. Not even the boy who loved her more than anyone. And most certainly not the United States Marshals Service. You know, the people who run the witness protection program or, as it’s officially called, the Witness Security Program? Yeah, the WITSEC folks definitely don’t want me talking to you.But I don’t care. I have ...

Details The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan

TitleThe Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan
Release DateMay 29th, 2018
PublisherHarlequin Teen
GenreYoung Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan

  • jessica
    alright, you guys. only 12 of you have added this book as to-read and that needs to change ASAP. so consider this review as a PSA of sorts - please read this book! i would say this is your perfect summer YA contemporary read, except the main character is in witness protection and she is on her 19th alias. quite the thriller! i loved seeing sloane trying to navigate her senior year of high school, including parties and prom, whilst also discoverin...
  • Carrie
    Sloane Sullivan is not your average teenager. She’s become a master of blending in and going unnoticed after years of being in the witness protection program. Now however Sloane can see the light at the end of the tunnel when her handler Mark has promised that this will be her last identity change and there will be no more running after the men she’s hidden from have gone to jail.With only a couple months left until Sloane is released from th...
  • Berit☀️✨
    4.5 Sloan Sullivan Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5This book was just so much fun to read... I enjoyed it from first page to last... The book was like a mash up of a YA contemporary and a thriller.... and warning to my thriller loving friends, the first 60% of this book is filled with quite a bit of teenage angst.... I found it a perfect blend, however it is a slow building thriller... but well worth it!Sloan is a typical teenager... with the same dreams...
  • Laura
    Now this was different than your typical YA thriller. I don't know that I've read any other witness protection YA thrillers. It was engaging to the point that I finished it in one day. Sloane Sullivan is in the witness protection program. She's on her nineteenth identity. Sloane witnessed a crime when she was twelve years old and has been running ever since. Any time someone comes close to finding out who she really is or that something is off wi...
  • katwiththehat
    Wow, this book is amazing! One of the most suspenseful YA thrillers/mysteries I’ve read this year and a really awesome debut! Not going to say too much because reading the unfolding mystery is the fun, but Sloane has been on the run and in witness protection for years, moving every few months before the bad guys close in, her only family, her US Marshal who protects her. Action-packed nail-biter with lots of twists and turns. Some trigger warni...
  • Michelle
    For a debut Young Adult thriller this is very impressive. Sloane Sullivan is your typical teenager but doesn't have the typical life. She is in the witness protection program and has been since she was 12 after witnessing a murder while out with her father. Her mother ends up murdered by the same people and her father commits suicide shortly after. This leaves her in the care of federal agent Mark who promises to always take care of her. She is o...
  • Karlita | Tale Out Loud
    Full Review at Tale Out Loud | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramSloane Sullivan was on the run since she was twelve and had nineteen different identities, make it twenty if you include the real her, within the last six years of her life. Her parents were dead—her mother was killed by those who were after her and her father, who was tired looking over his shoulder and jumping from one identity to another, died by his own hand.Being under the care ...
  • Paula Phillips
    When Sloane Sullivan was 12 years old, she witnessed a murder and then her parents were killed, and she was quickly put into the witness protection programme under the guardianship of Agent Mark. For years they have been changing names and moving around, now that she is nearly 18 years old, this is her last stop and then she is free to go to college and become Sloane Sullivan for good. Sloane has been great at keeping under the radar until the fi...
  • Danni lynn ❤
    This book is awesome...i put off reading it because I'm not a ya fan....i loved it crazy suspenseful fun read😁
  • Carrie Ann
    This is a really, really good YA thriller, and honesty, a great contemporary with a dash of suspense as well. It has super swoony bits, amazing characters who will surprise you over, and over, and over again, and a twist ending that made me re-read the whole book! (and I'm normally prettyyyyy good at catching twists.) I know this probably sounds like the vaguest review ever, but the twists start at about page twenty, and DONT STOP, so I'm afraid ...
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    *https://mrsbbookreviews.wordpress.comA debut thriller aimed at the young adult reader range (14-18 years), The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan is a book about taking charge of your life and learning the art of concealment along the way. It is a fast paced and smart thriller that has a few surprises or two up its sleeve for the reader.The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan begins with keynote character Sloane Sullivan, who in her short life has ha...
  • PinkAmy loves 💕 books📖, cats😻 and naps🛏
    Sloan Sullivan, her nineteenth WITSEC name, is biding her time until she graduates high school and can leave the witness protection program for college. Orphaned by a mob hit and a suicide, all she has is her handler Mark, posing at her father. She never expects to find her old friend Jason at her new school. Instead of telling Mark, Sloan keeps the secret. Jason doesn’t even recognize her with the brown contacts. In WITSEC, Sloan knows she mus...
  • Amanda
    WOW!I had no idea what to expect from this book but what I got was AMAZING!I don’t even know where to start, but one thing I defiantly don’t want to talk about is the plot. You need to experience that on your own so you’re as blown away as I was because believe me, everything about this book is intense.I was instantly hooked on the characters, especially Sloane. She is brave, funny, and so sassy. I was hanging off her every word because her...
  • Charlotte
    I couldn't put this book down. I was hooked from page one. Sloane Sullivan is just one of the many names 17 year old Sasha Abbott has has since she was 8. Her dad saw something done by the Rossetti mob family and she saw it to, even though she doesn't remember, it's WITSEC for them to stay alive. Sloane's mother has already been killed, her dad commits suicide, now it's just her and her WITSEC agent, Mark, or at least this is what she has been to...
  • Amitaf0208
    entertaining and surprising. enjoyed it.
  • Katherine Moore
    One of the most clever books I’ve read all year, and I don’t see author Gia Cribbs disappearing from the writing scene as a result, for an extremely long time (no WITSEC for her!). I chose this as my second book during a recent ‘readathon’ (I think I’d been subconsciously waiting for some excuse to be able to just lay there and read it without being bothered), and it really was the perfect choice for that.The premise is entirely fresh, ...
  • Melinda
    I won a copy of this book from the Goodreads giveaways! Sloane Sullivan has had 19 different identities in almost 6 years. On the run and hiding from things and people she can't remember, Sloane is in the Witness Security Program. She's only got a couple months left of her senior year, a plan for college and hopes of finally being free. She just has to get through the next couple months with no trouble. Smooth sailing, until she runs into Jason, ...
  • Paperback Princess
    This review was originally posted at Paperback Princess.Sloane Sullivan witnessed a murder six years ago, six years she's been in WITSEC (Witness Protection Program) and soon she is exiting the program, all she has to do is blend in at school, don't draw attention to herself, and she will finally be free off WITSEC, free to live out her days as Sloane Sullivan, her 19th and last identity. So when Jason Thomas pops up at her new school, a childhoo...
  • i.
    Just an entertaining summer read with a few twists and some
  • Lindsay
    Even though this was supposed to be a thriller, this was nothing but high school drama mixed with a few reveals at the end. The final chapter was predictable because Sloane is selfish enough to choose her boyfriend over her family and safety so you know what's going to happen based on her actions from page one. There wasn't anything suspenseful about this novel unfortunately and Sloane was an unlikable character from the beginning. Despite spendi...
  • Lauren Deal
    Great thriller with so many twists right up to the end! There were a few times I thought I had things figured out but I was wrong - which is my FAVORITE kind of mystery. Excellent book!
  • Erin Arkin
    I love a good thriller so when I picked up The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan, by Gia Cribbs, from my to read stack, I was immediately excited as I read the summary and I’m glad I grabbed this one! Thrillers and mysteries are always hard to review as I never want to give anything away so don’t be angry with me if I am somewhat vague about the actual details here.Sloane Sullivan is in another new town and another new school. As someone who h...
  • Vicky Who Reads
    3.5 starsI did enjoy reading this and sped through it relatively quickly, although it was a bit slow at first.I found the concept to be very cool and I'm not usually a thriller reader (mysteries I'm fine with, but thrillers are usually pointless to me, i.e. Genuine Fraud and In Her Skin) but I actually liked parts of this thriller, so that was definitely a win when the genre was working against me.In this review I unfortunately can't really comme...
  • Madison
    The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan is a mystery thriller with some amazing twists that I never saw coming and it touches upon some pretty dark crimes, but on the whole it is quite a lighthearted book, focusing on interpersonal relationships, high-school drama, and romance. The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan is an easy book to read and enjoy, with a likeable main protagonist and some intense relationships.Sloane knows how to stay hidden in pla...
  • Nicole
    Wow, this was an amazing thriller ! From the first pages of the prologue my heart was pumping. This is such an amazing read and this is the authors debut published novel. I am so excited to read more from this author.This novel had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. It's a super quick read because you need to know what is going to happen. I guessed a twist within this novel, but did not realize the depths in which this twist went. This is...
  • Tiffany Brownlee
    Just finished reading this AMAZING book, and OMG it's so good! Had me on the edge of my seat right up until the last page. If you're looking for a YA thriller with tons of twists and turns, then this book is a must-read for you!
  • Joyce
    A very good read. Characters hold the reader's interest. Cannot put down until the end. Filled with surprises especially the end. Enjoy.
  • Yara
    I started reading this thinking it would be your average YA mystery, however I was very much mistaken. It was a million times better than I anticipated, so much so that I couldn’t put it down, reading it in an afternoon (I can’t believe I forgot to eat lunch!). The author does an awesome job of weaving past memories into the present without confusing the reader, it totally blends. I loved Sloane- her quick funny banter, quick on the uptake, a...
  • Maureen
    This books starts very slowly, but once it picks up speed, it is quite good. Sloane and Mark Sullivan are the assumed names of two people in the Witness Protection Program. Sloane, a high school senior, yearns to make friends and fit in. Mark protects her like a father. However, someone from Sloane’s former life attends high school with her, and when a photo of her hits social media, it appears she and Mark have been discovered and they’ll ha...
  • Christy
    Ok wow, this was not the type of thriller that I was expecting, but in a good way!!.Y’all know that I’m a sucker for a good thriller so when The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan appeared on my radar, I was super excited to read it! It sounded awesome plus I had already begun to hear great things about it!.There’s not really a whole lot that I can say without giving things away and I do not want to do that because it will ruin everything so ...