Mesmerized (The Mad Morelands, #1) by Candace Camp

Mesmerized (The Mad Morelands, #1)

The only way to fight a powerful darkness is with a powerful loveOlivia Moreland prides herself on discrediting charlatans, particularly the false mediums that flock to London. But when Lord Stephen St. Leger requests her help in investigating an alleged psychic’s claims, she can’t deny the ominous feeling she has within the walls of his ancient estate—or the intimately familiar connection she has with Stephen himself. The last time he’d ...

Details Mesmerized (The Mad Morelands, #1)

TitleMesmerized (The Mad Morelands, #1)
Release DateDec 26th, 2017
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Mesmerized (The Mad Morelands, #1)

  • Nikoleta
    Απο τα πιο ωραία, στο είδος του, βιβλία που έχω διαβάσει... ρομάντζο (ευτυχώς καθόλου σαχλό) και φαντάσματα (πολλά απο δαύτα!)4,5/5 αστεράκια
  • Christine
    Mesmerized is the story of a paranormal skeptic, Olivia Moreland, who has made it her mission to debunk fraudulent mediums and psychics but who finds herself faced with truly inexplicable phenomena. The story was good, but I'm afraid it fell short of great or even very good. The biggest problem with all of the various subplots, I felt, was pacing. Most of the last half of the book dragged on as the characters rehashed the same ideas and conversat...
  • Andrea
    I've never read anything quite like this before - historical romance, with a solid haunted house plot to boot! I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main characters were likable, particularly the heroine - a bit more prone to fainting than I'm usually okay with, but intelligent and spunky nonetheless. The paranormal plot wasn't scary, but it did present a good mystery, and the glimpses of the past were intriguing...
  • Mishelle LaBrash
    It has been such a long time since I have actually read this book... But it stuck with me. This was one of the first Camp books I had read, and to be honest is scared the [email protected]$!! outa me... It was an awesome love story, with a little historical paranormal thrown in the mix... I loved it.
  • Kit
    Very different from any romance that I've read lately. The backdrop of a love story of long ago along with the whole pychic phenom that became so popular in the late 1800's gave the story an unusual flair.
  • Aggeliki Katsimardou
    I didn't like it....I loved it!!!!!!
  • Nadine
    I love Candace Camp's book and this one is no different and I am he'd over heels for it!I have read books for the Mad Morelands series in complete disorder and I just love Olivia's story and pretty much her whole family.Mesmerized is truly well written, entertaining and the characters are pretty much wonderful and I am not doing them justice using "wonderful" because they are all so much more than that!Honestly, you just need to read the book and...
  • Lisa
    Nothing like reading #4, and then #1, this one was so much fun. This had a touch of the super natural, in it. The haunting kind of reminded me of a gothic novel, with strange goings on. The two main characters romance seemed a little hard to believe, but their evening chats could have brought them together, where they feel that comfortable. I wish that there had been something more involved with the unused wing of the house. That seemed interesti...
  • Sara
  • Mareena
    “All her life, Olivia Moreland has denied her psychic abilities, preferring instead to use her talents to debunk false psychics. When Stephen St. Leger comes to her for help in debunking a psychic that has targeted his mother, she cannot deny the feeling of deja vu she has after their first meeting.Stephen St. Leger returns to England after a decade in America to inherit his title on his elder brother's death. After he mistakes Olivia Moreland ...
  • Melody
    This book was not quite as described. The heroine did not have special paranormal abilities. In fact she did not even believe in ghosts until both she and the hero began seeing and feeling spectral visitations together. The ending while exciting was a bit illogical. There was no real rationale or explanation for how and why the villain did what he did but it was dramatic. I liked that the jealous other woman played only a small ineffectual part. ...
  • Sarah
    A good book with plenty of twists and turns, but those same twists and turns stopped this book from achieving anything higher. There were so many things going on but the people in the book didn't really go anywhere, or interact with others. There were three or four different plots going on in this book and that is not mentioning the sub plots. You almost end up losing interest because you get bounced around so much from one plot to another and th...
  • April Hollingworth
    So I started this book late last night and only planned on reading a chapter or two, four max, but I ended up finishing it instead. This book gripped me and didn't release me from it until hours after I'd finished it. I was brought back in time to the 1800's and loved it. The characters were amazing. Fierce and loyal Olivia and Stephen were determined to de-bunk a phychic preying on Stephen's mother's grief. What happened next was pure pleasure t...
  • Mcfree
    What a disappointment. I really like Candace Camp as an author, but this book fell flat. This is such a badly written book that I googled her to find out if it was an early book. As this was published in 2003 and her first book was published in 1978, that was clearly a wrong supposition. I have 2 theories: she dashed it off for a quick sale, or she dug it out of her childhood stash of unpublished work.The dialog was stilted, the character acting ...
  • Stephanie
    There were many mixed reviews about this book, but I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly. I'm a big fan of paranormal romance and this had just the right mix of both. I liked the equality between the couple - both of the same social class and wealth, both socially awkward, etc. I liked the slow build up of genuine affection. Some reviewers noted that they saw the ending coming, but I was completely surprised and thought it had a unique twist. I've n...
  • Cherolyne
    Nice book.. a little bit horror on romantics book, nice touch. there weren't many scary scenes, and the scary scenes weren't that scary. but nicely put and describe. i jumped when my mom open my room door, hahaha.. And the history twist, is cleverly put.. all along this i thought that two lover ghosts are really die together on the siege. Thank Candace to put a beautiful ending to those two lovers..
  • Carla
    I found it to be a very atypical romance since it dwells mostly on séances and past lives, ghosts and such. Although I liked the story, the romance part didn't really satisfy me and it actually bored me a little since I don't really think there was any cause for the protagonists to be apart and the whole "I must not be foolish and fall for the sweet talk" just made me roll my eyes. But the story seemed well done, I thought I had it figured out b...
  • Lynda
    too fantastical story for me. I am not a fan of supernatural phenomenon. ugh .
  • Kelley
    I really enjoyed the interwoven elements of this story of the story of the past and present.
  • Debby
    Unusual story, very clean, reasonably well done.
  • Catsalive
    2.5 ★ -
  • Manju
    there were not much evidence of olivia's clairvoyance abilities. Also the mystery in the book was really vapid
  • Leyre H. Palacios
    Reseña de El poder del amor
  • Gloria Lorraine
    Had potential but it was lost as the story dragged on. Disappointed!
  • Benazeer
    nice book...i like it a lot...
  • kewpie
    A fun, quick romance novel.
  • Cordelia Blake
    Loved this! Terrific story, mystery & romance!