Almost Dead by Lisa Jackson

Almost Dead

A WOMAN WHO WANTS TO GET EVEN . . . The first victim is pushed to her death. The second suffers a fatal overdose. The third takes a bullet to the heart. Three down, more to go. They're people who deserve to die. People who are in the way. And when she's finished, there will be no one left...WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES FOR REVENGE . . . Cissy Cahill's world is unraveling fast. One by one, members of her family are dying. Cissy's certain she's being...

Details Almost Dead

TitleAlmost Dead
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
GenreMystery, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Suspense, Fiction

Reviews Almost Dead

  • Christine Kirchoff
    I read this awhile ago but I never rated it on here. Great book!
  • Vin9
    I am so annoyed by these so called "thriller writers" who disguise the book cover and plot on back cover to make the novel seem a first rate thriller whereas the novel is a harlequin romance duplicate with a few pathetic "suspense moments" thrown in.A few dreadful things about this book-* Heroine Cissy is a spoilt narcissistic bitch who thinks she is superior to everybody and is clearly rude to all her family members who even care to give her a t...
  • Susan
    I have read many Lisa Jackson books and have liked them all. I found this book to be very long and boring. There seemed to be no plot at all and the ending was predictable. This was one book that I considered not finishing. I was glad when I finally got to the last page.
  • Anita
    Personal biases aside, this was actually not as bad as I had been expecting, though not as great as I'd hoped for either.  While the beginning was kind of slow to get into, and the characters were hard to really relate with or like, this was overall pretty entertaining with a plot twist that was actually quite startling, in a good way.Still, lots of plot holes, and try as I might, I couldn't really get myself to like any of the characters.  Eve...
  • Juanita
    Review: 1CAlmost Dead 1D by Lisa Jackson. This is a great book. I recommend it to all lovers of suspense, muders, mystery, thriller and most of all REVENGE. It was a book I had a hard time putting down. The story was amazing and keep me on guard. I would think one way the story was going and it just kept changing. It was an intriguing and an exciting book to read.The story was about a well known three generation Family. In that family there was o...
  • Sheila
    Pretty involved murder mystery involving the rich and privileged in San Francisco. When the matriarch of the wealthy Cahill family is murdered in her mansion the suspicion falls on her daughter in law who recently escaped from prison. Several murders follow and things aren't always what they appear. Good story.
  • Paula Brandon
    This features - hands down - the most horrid main character I've ever had to endure in a book. Ever! I HATED Cissy. HATED!!!! I wanted the killer to finish her off. She was HORRIBLE.Did I mention how much I hated Cissy?!? Oh my God, she was awful. Stuck-up, snotty, entitled, belligerent, name it!
  • Steffanie
    Another good book, I thought I had it figured out pretty early on but there were quite a few twists & turns I hadn't thought of. A good read, quite a few times I found myself not able to put it down.
  • Rebecca
    I'm not sure I will be reading anymore Lisa Jackson books as I've found the more I read them, the weaker I find them. I felt this one especially was really, really repetitive. Cissy would tell Jack to leave, he would stay, she would accept it. The next morning she would 'come to her senses', he would leave - then return the same day, and she would make weak protests and accept it. Meanwhile her family members are getting bumped off so a bit of th...
  • Teena in Toronto
    This was a big book ... there were a lot of pages. Which was fine but it didn't have to be. It could have been cut down a lot.The writing style was okay. The story was so-so ... kind of convoluted. I didn't buy the ending ... the "whodunnit". At the end, I said "whatever". If I say too much, I'll give it away so I'll leave it at that. And I didn't really care about any of the characters except for Coco, the dog.Would I recommend it? No.
  • Adreanna
    I couldn't even finish this book, sadly. I love Lisa Jackson but this book was so dull. it seemed like the only thing going on was one character complaining about her ex husband. then another character complaining about never leaving the house. someone dies and there is MORE complaining. couldn't finish it
  • Larry
    Just about fifty pages in, here's my review: insipid, dull, insulting.
  • Laura Agnella
    I love mysteries and Lisa Jackson is definitely a well known author in this genre. I've read a lot of Julie Garwood's mysteries and this was recommended to me by a friend. This was a good story and I really like when I can't figure out who the murderer is, but it lacked the edge of your seat/can't wait to turn to the next page feature. The story was interesting and enough to keep me going and there were definitely some moments of suspense and int...
  • Nour Hajeer
    "Almost Dead" is by far a highly cultivated combination of dexterity and perplexity!If you are a reader looking for a thriller/suspense novel then THIS IS YOUR BOOK!♡You'll be over-your-head and on-the-edge-of-your-seat due to all the enigmatic events!!!!And IF you try to speculate what's going to happen and foresee something, don't hold your breath! Because you'll dumbfounded and flabbergasted of all the unanticipated, mind-boggling and startl...
  • Annette Watson
    Great suspenseI definitely would recommend this series. Lisa writes and keeps you in your toes. I hope she is able to bring the Cahills back for another story.
  • Mahareni Sukadi
    Berjam2 stlh bc buku ini,perut msh jg terasa melilit.Ntah krn blm ilang tegangnya,ntah krn emosi tlh diaduk2 tnpa ampun...I dont know.Mrs. Jackson sukses mnggiring persepsi pmbaca k arah kiri,sdg d akhir crita trkuak klo prsepsi pmbca hrsnya k arah knan.Bnr2 sukses bkin gw trkecoh bangeeet,smp was2.Stlh bc endingnya...legaaaa.Meski gw msh agak bngung dg motif trjadinya all that crime,tetep deh gw ksih 5.
  • Mirella Grace
    Ceritanya tidak seseru buku pertama tentang Marla Cahill. Tapi terus terang saja, cerita tentang Jack Holt bener bener bikin saya penasaran. Seganteng apa sih doi...Anyway anyhow, another good book from Lisa Jackson. jadi nyadar juga kalo di luar sono mungkin aja ada orang yang psycho seperti Deidre Lawson...
  • Alexis
    WOW. this book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Literally until the Epilogue. I don't think I've ever been so excited about a book. Just when you think you have bits and pieces figured out it throws you for a loop & then you're like "oh for sure I understand it all now..." NOPE. Definitely recommend if you enjoy Murder Mysteries. Cannot wait to start my next book by this author.
  • Judy Churchill
    The plot was complicated and well executed, but character development was somewhat lacking. It was a story so filled with bad people doing bad things that it made me a little nauseated. This book is marketed as a suspenseful book and that is definitely what it is.
  • Dani love
    This book was very good, it caught my attention at the very beginning. I was very confused because of the little parts of the girl in the hospital. At first I didn't know who she was, And when I realized who she was. I was shocked to the bone.
  • Joan
    Late for her weekly visit with her grandmother, Cissy Holt reaches Eugenia’s Cahill’s home, pizza in one hand, young son in the other . . . and finds her grandmother dead, apparently from a fall down the stairs. A second death follows shortly after Eugenia’s and Cissy realizes that someone [perhaps her escaped from prison mother?] is killing off Cahill family members. Will Cissy be next? Or can she solve the mystery of who is murdering her ...
  • Dale Safford
    I wasn't liking this book early on because I couldn't find anything likable about the main character, and she was divorcing her husband who was a perfectly good man. Then it got better as she and her husband reconciled and worked together to give their little guy a good life and combat the bad things going on around them.Cissy Cahill's prisoner mother Marla has escaped, and now her wealthy grandmother Eugenia Cahill is murdered in her own home. T...
  • Jodi
    I'm glad I read this rather than listened to it. This book is a somewhat sequel to If Only She Knew only this we are following Cissy Cahill, who is all grown up with a child of her own. Her mother has just escaped from prison and family members are dying right and left starting with Cahill family matriarch and it is clear that Cissy is on the list. At first, suspicion is on Marla but it just doesn't seem likely. Marla was an indifferent mother. W...
  • Dan Quigley
    I can recommend this book for young thriller readers that like action and don't demand a lot else from their story. I am not one of these. I liked that there was a tight plot for this novel and it provided some suspense, but I had problems with it too. For me the situations were handled in overly melodramatic fashion. Also, I like surprises, but those surprises are when one was given every opportunity to see that a situation was one way, but it t...
  • Amanda
    I received a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway.I've always loved a good murder mystery, but this one commits a lot of murder mystery party fouls. When the plot twists occur at the rate of three or four per page, they become predictable. There is no explanation for many of the turns, almost no background information on several of the characters, and honestly, not a whole lot of motivation for the killer. The ending seems extremely rushed, ...
  • Cassidy Ostergren
    Although Lisa Jackson is a decent writer, I feel as though half of her novels are nothing more than the characters' back-and-forth thoughts. This book could have easily been cut down in size if all the "telling" rather than "showing", repetitive internal monologues, and unnecessary dialogue between the H/H was reduced or removed. It certainly would have helped move the plot along. I could feel the Zzzzs coming on.
  • Maya
    I honestly disliked this book soo much. I don’t think I’ve ever found a book more annoying and repetitive in my life (And I love to read!), Cissy was constantly complaining about her mother and family. I get it, your personal life isn’t the best, but complaining isn’t going to change it. And the husband... it was a love-hate relationship with him. I pitied him because he was falsely accused of cheating, but he was so pushy. I just quit th...
  • Mary Katherine
    I liked this book a lot. I've never read anything by Lisa Jackson until now. I doubt I would've ever found this book if someone hadn't given it to me. It's a really good murder/crime thriller that held my attention. This book is the second of two that have the same characters. I haven't read the first one and I was fine reading this one (although I may read the first to get some more background).
  • Arlingtontexican
    Personally, I shy away form stories of revenge that take a lifetime to set up. A gripe about this particular story, way, way too much time focused on the seperation between the two main characters...we have murder after murder going on and all the main character can think of is being pissed at her ex. I have a sister in law been carrying a grudge so maybe it's genetic, attached to the X chromosome.
  • Jenna
    LOVED this book! Finished it in 2 days and absolutely could not put it down. Hands down the most exciting, suspenseful book I’ve ever read. So many twists and turns and just when you think you have something figured out, there’s a complete out-of-nowhere twist and you’re left mind blown. Wish I could give this book even more than 5 stars!!