Without Mercy by Lisa Jackson

Without Mercy

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson comes a pulse-pounding thriller that goes behind the doors of an exclusive academy with a terrifying secret . . . Ever since her father was killed in a home invasion, Julia "Jules" Farentino has been plagued by nightmares. Her half-sister, Shaylee, now seventeen, has had her own difficulties, earning a lengthy rap sheet. Still, when Jules learns of her mother's decision to send Shay to Blue ...

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TitleWithout Mercy
Release DateMar 27th, 2018
PublisherKensington Publishing Corporation
GenreMystery, Thriller, Suspense, Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense

Reviews Without Mercy

  • Ruth Turner
    I didn't like this...at all!Shay's a troubled teen sent to a remote school, the Blue Rock Academy, under judges orders. To me she's a spoilt brat and I just couldn't like her character.Jules, Shay's sister, discovers that one student from the school has recently gone missing and one teacher's been "let go". On this premise she decides that there must be something wrong at school and that she must therefore rescue her poor baby sister. The repetit...
  • Thomas Edmund
    Without Mercy is little more than a mish mash of contrivance and cliché. I’m not sure premises get much worse than two ex-lovers both posing as teachers at a ‘boot-camp’ style private school to investigate the disappearance of one of the students. Nevermind how a rodeo-rider come private-investigator successfully fakes being an experienced teacher – or how the two new-comers were completely looked past as suspects despite arriving around...
  • Linda
    Seventeen year old Shaylee Stillman is a hellion, and a judge has laid down the law. She must enroll in a school for troubled teens, or it's jailtime. There's something about the Blue Rock Academy that doesn't sit right with her older half sister Jules, who decides to take a teaching job there as a sort of amateur investigator, just to be sure little sis will be okay. Unbenownst to Jules, her former boyfriend Cooper, the love of her life whom she...
  • Purple Iris
    cheesy line: "Nona Vickers realized that she'd lost more than her virginity this night; she'd also given up her life." (p. 145). Eye roll, please. I am trying to just enjoy this as a light, relaxing read, but these lines are killing me: "The howl of the wind, as forbidding as Satan's laugh, shrieked through the canyon before licking the icy edges of Lake Superstition..." What the hell? Jackson describes in detail how one of the characters heats u...
  • Azeila Rose
    Minor spoiler warningHow this book has as high of a rating as it does is beyond me. I was so disappointed at the end. It felt like I'd wasted time on a wonderful story that was going to connect everything together, but instead it was clear that Jackson wasn't even sure where she was going with the ending. She sloppily tried to throw everything together in the last thirty or so pages, and it just didn't work. Jules was overly skeptical of a school...
  • Alison
    This is the first book I've read by Lisa Jackson; after reading Without Mercy, I look forward to her other books. This story caught my attention because it takes place in the mountains of Southern Oregon and the author refers to places I'm familiar with (Rogue River, Medford, Roseburg, Portland, Siskiyou Mountains) although the location and details of the story are fictional. Shay, a rebellious teenager, is sent to Blue Rock Academy by the court ...
  • Wendy Hines
    Blue Rock Academy prides itself on its beliefs, reaching out with God to help the wayward teens turn their lives around, but someone is twisting those beliefs for his own sinister purpose. Julia "Jules" Farentino doesn't trust the school that her half-sister Shaylee has been sent to. Blue Rock Academy is well known for helping troubled teenagers, and Shaylee had the choice of the school or juvenile detention. She thought she chose the better of t...
  • Mindy
    So when I reviewed this book halfway through, I gave it a 1. The only thing – and I mean the ONLY thing – that made me up the rating to a 2 is that Shaylee ended up in the psych ward. I disliked the girl from the beginning – she was selfish and superior and manipulative and I really wanted to see her come to her senses and get her life on track. The alternative – that she was the murderer – never occurred to me, but I like it just as we...
    I gave this book a 3. It started out captivating me but I got a little bored part way through. There were characters that didn't develop as well as I had wanted and therefore I couldn't connect as much as I wanted to with the book. I did like the ending , I was surprised by it for a few reasons. I really thought Lynch was going to be the evil man at the end and am still trying to piece together how it was the pilot. I understand the Cora Sue and ...
  • Jaime
    I thought this was just okay. It’s hard to like Shaylee, who is really a little brat at the beginning, and therefore it’s a little difficult to understand why Jules would go to the lengths she does, and why she’s so quick to suspect the school of wrongdoing. One missing student doesn’t really seem to be enough. Not to mention how quickly she gets hired as a teacher at such a specialty school, with a seemingly minimal background check and ...
  •  Marla
    1.5 stars. I realize that I don't like weak women and juvenile delinquents and this book is full of both. The characters are very one dimensional. Likes:* Possibility of romance* Trent sounded delicious, but not enough of him and why was he hung up on Jules? Everyone said he's so hot, again multiple times, I get it, move on(view spoiler)[* Deputizing insider* Some cool murders and murder scenes* Recap at the end was enlightening(hide spoiler)]Dis...
  • EZRead eBookstore
    I know, I know, the whole premise sounds so dramatic, but that is just what comes from reading a thriller like “Without Mercy.” Is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Well, it certainly is as hair-raising as described. You’d think you stuck your finger into a socket at the end of reading this. If it isn’t the gruesome killings and fear of more killings, than there is also the characters themselves that can keep a reader tense.As a correc...
  • Andrew
    About two thirds of the way through it finally dawned on me what was bugging me about this book: Take out the oddly placed sex scene and the occasional PG-13 content, and this book was basically every episode of Scooby Doo. I half expected the who-dunnit to be revealed at the end with the villain exclaiming "It would've worked too if it wasn't for those meddling kids!"An exaggeration? Yeah, but not much. "Something creepy at the isolated private ...
  • Leah
    Shay is a psycho. Maybe I'm slow on the uptake or something, but I never suspected her in Rip, Nora, Drew, or Maeve's murders. And that freaks me the hell out.I never suspected that the pilot was the leader of the cult. I honestly thought it was Father Jake. And Spurrier? That pilot is a freaking creeper. Who the hell creeps around watching people having sex? Apparently he does since he watched Jules and Trent through Trent's window!I absolutely ...
  • Nisa
    This is my first book of Lisa Jackson, who is known as a mystery/suspense writer. As a fan of thriller, I like how this story ended -- twisted ending, that is. I never did expect it that way.Rating: 3.5 starsSynopsisThis story is about how Shaylee Stillman, Jules' rebellious younger half sister, is sent to a correctional school for troubled teenagers. Jules does not agree with her mother's decision of sending Shay away to Blue Rock Academy, as th...
  • Cheryl
    Jules Farentino’s half sister, Shay is such a trouble maker. Unfortunately, Shay has used up all of her chances. Their mother sends Shay to Blue Rock Academy. A school for troubled teens. Jules has a bad feeling about Blue Rock Academy. Jules’s mother tells Jules there is nothing to worry about. Yeah then why has Lauren Conway, a student at Blue Rock Academy been missing for six months and no one knows of her whereabouts? Jules must find a wa...
  • Starre
    This was my first book by Lisa Jackson. It started out pretty good and then it just sort of fizzled a bit in the middle. I felt it was waaaaaay too long, over 500 pages of redundancy. So it was okay. The whole ending was a bit disappointing and the mystery just wasn't that great. The person they revealed as the "Leader" at the end just left me with a "meh" feeling and the reasoning behind all the mayhem was just so so. The ending left me feeling ...
  • Chana
    Pretty good for the genre of romantic mystery thriller. The story is tightly written with plenty of plot twists, tension, atmosphere and readability.Jules little sister Shaylee is being sent to a school for troubled teens. The school is located in the mountains of Oregon, very isolated, and even though all the literature looks great Jules is suspicious that all is not as ideal as it seems. She decides to investigate this school and get her sister...
  • Lori Henrich
    I really enjoyed this. It kept my attention until the very end. The ending made me wonder if there was going to be a sequel to this. Shay is sent to a private school for troubled kids in Oregon. She isn't happy about it and begs her half sister Jules to get her out of going. Jules tries to talk their mother out of sending her there, but it is an order from a judge so she doesn't really have much choice in the matter. Jules feels that there is som...
  • Jess
    I could NOT finish this book, and I very, very rarely give up on a book but this one irritated me from the very beginning. I couldn't take anymore of Jules' "poor baby sister Shay". I was yelling at the book... its #[email protected]#!! court ordered to go to the damn school... I guess juvy would have been a better choice?!?! Jules was not a character I could like or respect and that just did it in. Cooper wasn't much better. I struggled to even make it close t...
  • Sarabh
    Que dire de ce roman… Un pur thriller qui vous tient en haleine jusqu’à ses dernières pages. Un petit reproche, qui est aussi une force c’est le détail de certains passages qui font traîner le récit d’une part, mais qui nous sème le doute d’une autre part. Différents profils « dérangés » le nombre de suspects augmente et ce n’est que du pur plaisir. Un petit pavé de 600 pages qui à la 500ème page tu te dis avoir tout vu ...
  • The TBR Pile *Book review site*
    Enter Paperback contest here: http://thetbrpile.weebly.com/1/post/2...Two words: Loved it! Jules is fantastic. All she cares about is keeping her sister safe, despite Shay being a brat most of the time. Trent is delicious. The main focus of the story is the mystery, the secrets in this school and let me tell you, what a ride Without Mercy is! I was up until three am reading this, I could not put it down. The story progresses and theory’s of tru...
  • Amy Rosenkoetter
    She kept me guessing right to the end which I liked. Just when I was getting disappointed because the answer was rather mundane, she turned the tables and I was reminded of the one mystery that remained unsolved. Excellent piece!The one thing I rolled my eyes at was that at the beginning the main character's former boyfriend, who is, of course, her one twue wuv (gag) happens to be working at the same school for troubled kids that her sister gets ...
  • Wiam
    c'etait vraiment une lecture acharnante dans le debut du livre mais maintenant je trouve que tout est boulversé je commence à m'ennuyer en attendant ....(je veux pas donner des spoilers à propos de l'histoire mais bref je vais continuer ma lecture car il ne me reste que 150pages un peu près ...
  • Kris
    I thought this was pretty good! Not the outcome I expected..so that was good! Advice? Pay close attention to the characters in the first part of the book, no matter how insignificant they seem, they will matter later!
  • Jane
    I kept wanting to just get to the end of this book. The book was chaotic, with too many characters and not a lot of clarity. There were also some pockets of really bad writing with too many exclamation points. I've enjoyed Lisa Jackson books before, but would skip this one.
  • fleurette
    Nice story. I like the idea of the school in the mountains as an isolation place. Only the story of Julia and Trent was a bit too easy. Good ending.
  • Naomi Blackburn
    This book was OK..it really didn't pop but it did keep me entertained. I would probably give this author another try.
  • Veronica Wellington
    This book started out really well, and had me really interested. Then it all seemed to fall apart. (view spoiler)[I didn't care for the cringe worthy flirting. There were just too many smiles and light-hearted jokes in what should have been a thrilling and intimidating moment. I can really appreciate a blossoming romance between characters in novels, but it must be done in a realistic manner for the situation at hand. I don't mean to sound perver...
  • Athena
    Its alright, the repeating of info is mind numbing, and the romance is so "sweet" its a bit painful at times. however, flaws aside the mystery murders is interesting. some times its a bit corny but by the end it makes up for it by being super twisted.I've read this a few times over the year, and say that I second everyone that says this is a bit cheesy, simple and not super interesting. its not amazing nor will it change your life, but going in w...