Worth Killing For (Julia Gooden Mystery, #3) by Jane Haseldine

Worth Killing For (Julia Gooden Mystery, #3)

Detroit newspaper reporter Julia Gooden returns in a twisting, superbly assured new mystery, where a brutal murder and a father's sudden return may provide the answers she's spent decades searching for . . . or lead deep into a fatal trap.The past never really leaves us. Crime reporter Julia Gooden sees proof of this every day in her stories. A dark childhood, a negligent parent, early abandonment--any one of them can seal a person's fate as eith...

Details Worth Killing For (Julia Gooden Mystery, #3)

TitleWorth Killing For (Julia Gooden Mystery, #3)
Release DateMar 27th, 2018
PublisherKensington Publishing Corporation
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Worth Killing For (Julia Gooden Mystery, #3)

  • Nicki
    Many many thanks to Jane Haseldine for sending me a proof copy of this gripping,riveting mystery.Over thirty years ago when crime reporter Julia Gooden was seven years old,her nine year old brother Ben disappeared.Ben was Julia`s hero and protector and had promised that he would always take care of her.Even though the case went cold a long time ago,Julia has never given up hope of finding him.Now the sudden reappearance of Julia`s conman father a...
  • Amy
    So I find my self once again jumping into a new series without reading the previous books, and honestly, I’m wondering why I didn’t do this years ago! I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about the Julia Gooden series so I knew I had to take a chance and I’m really glad that I did because I loved this book!Julia is a journalist which is always an angle that I like in crime fiction, it’s a unique viewpoint and provides a fresh perspec...
  • Maranda
    "Worth Killing For" is the third in the Julia Gooden Mystery series and is just as good as Haseldine's prior two installments. Must read all in series to really absorb the depth of her characters and understand the complexity of these mysteries. Julia Gooden is a crime reporter who has had tragedy in her family history but has also been blessed with two amazing sons. A good reporter and a mind for unraveling puzzles Julia also has an in with the ...
  • Jessica
    Thanks to Kensington Books and TLC Book Tours for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review. Check out my blog for more about the author. It seems that lately I haven't been very good at starting series when I should and I end up jumping in wherever I can. However, for WORTH KILLING FOR by Jane Haseldine, I've actually read one of the other books in the series! Last year I read book two, DUPLICITY, in the Julia Gooden series, and I loved...
  • Donna Hines
    We may sometimes feel like we're living in the age of facades, charades, fantasy that is full of deceit, trickery, manipulation on a daily basis.Mark my words, Good Trumps Evil and Love Trumps Hate. One thing you can never outrun is the truth!Now on with the show..."Blood is loyal, baby" Could you put a price tag on someone's life? Could you risk losing a loved one to pay a debt to society? Would you use children as pawns in a crazy as shite game...
  • Kaleena Zagrzebski
    Worth Killing For is the story of crime reporter, Julia Gooden’s, search for her brother who disappeared over thirty years ago. Growing up, Julia’s family didn’t have much. Her mother was an alcoholic, and her father was unreliable, but her brother Ben, was always there for her. When her dad walks out on their family, and her brother disappears one month later, Julia and her other sister Sarah, end up living with their aunt. Thirty years la...
  • Book Him Danno
    This is the first in the series and while it is number 3 it can be read as a stand alone novel as well. The Author has the ability to keep readers engaged with a mystery that keeps readers wondering who is the con man and what happened to her brother.Jane Haseldine has the ability to write a story that pulls at readers heart string while keeping them on their toes as the Julia digs deeper into her past.Readers will not want to put this book down....
  • Beth
    A sign of a well written series is the ability of any one book in that series to stand alone. Jane Haseldine’s WORTH KILLING FOR is one such book in her Julia Gooden mystery series. Although this is her third book in the series and I haven’t read either of the first two, Haseldine did not leave me in the dark but ensured that I always knew at least what Julia knew. There, again, is a sign of a good mystery, that the reader makes discoveries a...
  • Sandra
    Wow! I am the biggest fan of the heroine Julia Golden, a tough crime reporter, devoted Mom, and truth seeker who battles her past and present but always does the right thing, even when putting herself in danger. This time her past comes back to haunt her when she teams up with her con man father, and her estranged sister. All have their own motives but Julia is ever closer to finding out what happens to her brother when they were children and he ...
  • Laura Rash
    I’ve read all three books in this series and have enjoyed all of them. Each one is actually quite different & unique but all containing a joining storyline & amazing characters. Each one could also be read perfectly fine as a stand alone but it’s better knowing more of the back story with each book. Julia Gooden is one kick ass heroine! Thanks so much to the author & publisher for this early copy:)
  • Jeanne
    Tense, smart and plot with a twist that makes sense. I liked that Julie worked wit the police instead of some characters having a me against them attitude. The point was solving the case. Not ‘I’m smarter than you’
  • Patty
    Worth Killing For by Jane Haseldine is the 3rd book in the Julia Gooden Mystery series, and another great addition. Wow, this book is a roller coaster ride from start to finish. I really enjoyed this book and strongly recommend it for people who enjoy a good mystery/thriller. I also enjoyed the first two books in the series, The Last Time She Saw Him and Duplicity. Worth Killing For can be read as a stand alone, but you get a deeper understanding...
  • Diane Saul
    Julia Golden is a crime reporter in Detroit. Her brother Ben was kidnapped when he was 9 and Julia was 7. Julia was in the same room but has no memories of the kidnapping. She has been trying to find her brother ever since. Now Julia’s con man Father has showed up after disappearing 30 years ago. Her Father has enemies and Julia is now a target. When he disappeared her Father stole something very valuable from some very dangerous people who wil...
  • Patricia Romero
    This is the third Julia Gooden mystery. Julia is a crime reporter. She sees things every day that haunt her. Not the least of which is her own childhood. A con man father who abandons them, a mother who climbs into a bottle and neglects her children. And the most haunting of all, the disappearance of her brother Ben when she was 7 and he was 9. He was more that a brother. He was her protector, her person.After the drama of everything that has ha...
  • Barbara Tobey
    Had to dry my tears before I could write a review. The brutal murder in the first chapter almost had me quit reading. But then I had to keep reading, faster and faster, so this evil person could be stopped. Interesting family issues. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy via NetGalley for my voluntary review.
  • Lori L (She Treads Softly)
    Worth Killing For by Jane Haseldine is a highly recommended suspenseful, tense mystery and the third book in the Julia Gooden series.Detroit newspaper reporter Julia Gooden's editor assigns her to cover the bow-and-arrow murder of Angel Perez, a college student. Detective Raymond Navarro's partner informs Julia that there were similar crimes in the past and this may be indicative of a serial killing becoming active again. After leaving the scene,...
  • AmAtHome
    The past never really leaves us. Crime reporter Julia Gooden sees proof of this every day in her stories. A dark childhood, a negligent parent, early abandonment--any one of them can seal a person's fate as either a villain or victim. Julia, who experienced all three, seems to have beaten the odds, finding happiness raising her two sons and a blossoming relationship with detective Raymond Navarro.This is the third book in the Julia Gooden series....
  • Renee
    This is a first! I don't think I've ever cried while reading a mystery. My goodness, Jane Haseldine sure knows how to make the connection between characters and reader! She has a hit on her hands with this one.While I loved the previous book in this series, Worth Killing For pretty much gutted me (in a good way!). It offers readers a look at Julia's childhood and all the pain and hurt that shaped her as a child and now as an adult. Ms. Haseldine ...
  • Christine
    Julia Gooden has been a crime reporter in Detroit for nearly 15 years. Julia is still haunted by the abduction of her older brother Ben thirty years ago. Julia is trying to focus on her latest story - murder of a city councilman's nephew which could be the work of a serial killer. However, she is distracted when has a chance meeting with a man she hasn't seen in many years, which brings up old memories and makes more determined than ever to final...
  • Janie Hickok Siess
    Worth Killing For is a worthy follow-up to the first two Julia Gooden mysteries from Jane Haseldine, the Last Time She Saw Him and Duplicity. Worth Killing For is an entertaining thriller, at the heart of which is Julia, an empathetic protagonist to whom, as her oldest son puts its, “stuff always seems to keep happening.” It is impossible not to cheer for Julia, her young sons, their cantankerous but loyal housekeeper and nanny, Helen, not to...
  • Bernie
    Worth Killing For is the excellent third book in the Julia Gooden Mystery series written by author Jane Haseldine. Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the advance copy.
  • Thomas Bruso
    Family feuds and a sequence of murders are at the heart of Jane Haseldine’s satisfying third Julia Gooden Mystery, “Worth Killing For.”Crime reporter Julia Gooden, who never stopped looking for her brother’s killer, sets out to investigate a cold case involving her older brother Ben who disappeared three decades earlier.While working a case involving the death of a city councilman’s nephew, Angel Perez, Julia’s past comes back to haun...
  • Calista Andrechek
    A story of Julia Gooden, a crime reporter, searching for her brother after many years missing and gets caught up in all sorts of criminal activity when her father reppears in her life. I didn’t realize when I purchased this book that it wasn’t a stand alone, that it was actually the third book of the series, but you didn’t need to have read the first two to understand what happens in this novel! This novel is a fast past, tense thriller tha...
  • Wally Dole
    This was a stellar 3rd book in this series about passionate and gritty crime reporter Julia golden. Filled with emotion, suspense and a tear jerker ending. This book shows Julia growing more and puts awesome characters like Ray Navarro and even her sister and father in spotlight. Don’t miss this book!
  • Terry James
    Tremendous story! It’s my first book in this series and can’t wait to go back and read the others. I received an ARC of this!
  • Jessica Higgins
    When her past comes back to haunt her, Julia Gooden uses all she has learned as a reporter to solve a cold case that has been clinging to her for decades.Julia Gooden is a crime reporter that just can’t let go of her past. Her parents neglected her and her siblings growing up and then left them for good when her brother disappeared. Julia has tried and seemed to be succeeding in overcoming the odds of such a difficult childhood. Her boyfriend, ...
  • Everydayreader1
    Julia Gooden, Detroit newspaper crime reporter, investigates the death of a city councilman's young nephew, and finds a string of murders going back years. The kidnapping and of her brother, Ben, thirty years ago, is never far from her thoughts. And, in a bizarre set of circumstances, what is happening now may be linked to her past--if she can just fit all of the pieces together and solve the puzzle. But doing so may cost her her life, and maybe ...