Little Shoes by Pamela Everett

Little Shoes

In the summer of 1937, with the Depression deep and World War II looming, a California crime stunned an already grim nation. Three little girls were lured away from a neighborhood park to unthinkable deaths. After a frantic week-long manhunt for the killer, a suspect emerged, and his sensational trial captivated audiences from coast to coast. Justice was swift, and the condemned man was buried away with the horrifying story.But decades later, Pam...

Details Little Shoes

TitleLittle Shoes
Release DateMay 29th, 2018
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
GenreCrime, True Crime, Nonfiction, Mystery, History

Reviews Little Shoes

  • Marialyce
    I found this book hard to place a star value upon.Reading about this horrific crime was heart wrenching. The wanton murder of three little innocent girls, Madeline and Melba Everett and Jeanette Stephens was a crime that heralded in the age of the sex crime unit and provided the country in 1937 the news of these young girls murders. They were only seven eight and nine and their young lives were tragically and mercilessly cut short by their killer...
  • Sarah -
    It's very difficult to rate this book at all, given the horrific nature of the crimes - which I am glad are not given in detail. The generalities were bad enough. The books is full of heartbreak and tragedy, and justice not served. I wanted to know more about Godsey, and what else might have been known about him from after the girls' murders, to when he died within a decade later. I do not believe Dyer killed them. Full review to come.++++My full...