Ultra Deep Field by Ace Boggess

Ultra Deep Field

"In these poems, Ace Boggess pursues the tough questions about what makes us tick, what makes us keep going, what makes us say enough is enough. With Boggess the pursuit is made with an abnormally brutal honesty and deft manipulation of image that creates poetry rich with surprise and revelation—definitely not to be missed. There are poems about the ‘ultra deep field’ of the universe, about garbage trucks, fake orchids, and what it’s like...

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TitleUltra Deep Field
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
PublisherBrick Road Poetry Press

Reviews Ultra Deep Field

  • Janet
    I didn't know the work of Ace Boggess or even know his name until this past summer. After his name worked its way into my consciousness, I realized I had seen his individual poems published in various literary journals. I re-read those poems and responded to his honesty and the freshness of his images, so I pre-ordered his new book Ultra Deep Field and was not disappointed. I admire much about this collection but nothing more than the ragged trut...
  • Marne Wilson
    In his 2014 collection The Prisoners, Ace Boggess used poetry to communicate the complex emotions that prisoners go through when they are locked up. This collection is billed as his follow-up to that one, and it consists largely of poems written during the first two years after his own release from prison. The Ultra Deep Field of the title is a highly-detailed image of a very small section of space captured by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2003. ...
  • Donna Merritt
    This is my first time reading Ace Boggess. I like his style. The book is broken into three sections: Being & Nothingness, Being & Time, Being There. I liked "Being There" best, though there were poems to admire throughout. I found it interesting that he avoids commas and writes all poems (at least in this book) in couplets (but not always self-contained, often utilizing the technique of enjambment). His outlook is realistic and sometimes a bit gl...
  • Keith
    Full disclosure: As editor of Brick Road Poetry Press, I published this book, so of course, it gets 5 stars! I just reread Ultra Deep Field by Ace Boggess to select poems for the 2017 Pushcart Prize nominations. "Jar-O-Pain" and "Breath" were my selections here. The sensory details in both these poems are astonishing. I love Boggess' use of couplets throughout this collection. And I'm impressed by the range of his topics and tones. In this collec...
  • Daniel McTaggart
    In "Ultra Deep Field", Ace Boggess sidesteps the straight-on way of seeing things. Where most of us merely see stars in the sky, he may perceive a stew of suffixes for unsaid sentiment. If I had trouble wrapping around his point of view, I simply sat back and let it wash over me. Like an envelope of moisture after climbing out of the pool, I let particulates peel away at their own pace. We can all be grateful for a poet that challenges our senses...