Wanderlust by Lauren Blakely


From #1 NYT bestselling author Lauren Blakely comes a sexy new standalone romance! The first time I met him, his sexy British accent almost talked me into giving him my number on the spot. The second time, he nearly charmed the panties off me with his wit. Then I learned he's the key to success in my new job in Paris. The man who tempts me into fling-worthy dirty daydreams has turned out to be my personal translator, and his accent is the hottest...

Details Wanderlust

Release DateMar 20th, 2018
PublisherLauren Blakely Books
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Audiobook

Reviews Wanderlust

  • Lauren Blakely
    ★★WANDERLUST is available on all retailers!!!“Wanderlust is a sigh-worthy, timeless romance teeming with the beauty, magic and wonder of falling in love in Paris.” -Mary Dubé, USA Today Happy Ever After ✦Kindle US ➜ http://amzn.to/2DF9CYF✦Kindle UK ➜ http://amzn.to/2IykviO✦Kindle CA ➜ http://amzn.to/2G3yaQr✦Kindle AU ➜ http://amzn.to/2G2nxO1✦iBooks ➜ blkly.pub/Wander-apple✦Kobo ➜ blkly.pub/Wander-Kobo✦Nook ➜ b...
  • Kim Carter
    5 + stars!!! "Take a chance on something that terrifies you"....oh how I adored listening to this story. Lauren Blakely takes us on a journey of love that has me just smiling like a loon. Richard Armitage...this man could read me the telephone book and I would swoon like those cartoon characters with hearts popping out of their eyes and heart thumping like mad...Grace Grant ain't too bad either :) I loved the interaction between Joy and Griffin, ...
  • Heroesinbooks
    5 Truly Romantic Swoony StarsI bought this on audible because I was too impatient to wait for March 20th for the ebook to come out. I'm so glad I did because this book as an audiobook is PERFECT!Joy is a sassy, bold, smart and gorgeous American woman who decides to jump headfirst into her new job in Paris, France. She has relocated from Austin, Texas after a break up and she is determined to seize life with both hands. She meets the very handsome...
  • Kim
    This is probably Lauren Blakely's swooniest, dreamiest, and most romantic and beautiful love story to date. The Parisian setting is as enchanting as the characters themselves. Joy Danvers-Lively is going on a much anticipated adventure to Paris for a new job and a new life. She's ready to leave her past behind and live her life on her terms. She's sassy, vivacious, smart, creative, and energetic. But it is hard navigating a new foreign city with ...
  • Ryan - Sweet Red Reader
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of the book. Wanderlust is officially my favorite Lauren Blakely book. It moved me in ways I can't yet explain. And time will tell, but I think it may have even changed my life - or my mindset at least (and isn't that truly the beginning of real change?). This may seem a bit dramatic, but I mean it sincerely. There were so many aspects of the book, from the setting to the characters, that truly resona...
  • Jennifer Garcia
    Loved. I love all the Blakely books I've read, but this one seems to top them all. Destination books seem to be the ones that leave a long-lasting impression on me, and this one definitely did. Paris has always been a place I'd love to visit, but now it's a must. And, I know I'd explore it in a different way than I would have before reading Wanderlust. Joy and Griffin were a delight and their banter was so much fun. Watching characters grow in a ...
  • Janice
    A Review of Wanderlust by Lauren BlakelyJoy and Griffin - 5+++++ StarsAhhh, Paris! I had the pleasure of going to Paris just a couple of months ago and I LOVED it! I got to go to England to spend some time with my daughter and her family and she took me to Paris for my birthday! The connection between Joy and Griffin was immediate and even though both of them said they weren't looking for anything, I knew they would end up together in some way. W...
  • Laura
    Le livre entier a touché mon coeur et mon âme. C’était un beau, romantique, émouvant périple à travers Paris et les coeurs de 2 personnes qui étaient destinés. **Have you been to Paris? If you have, you will smile your way through this book, as it is as much a love note to one of the world's amazing cities as it is about the romance between Griffin and Joy. If you haven't been to Paris, this book will make you feel like you have...readi...
  • Carol Ann
    This book is incredible! I love every book that Lauren Blakely writes, and have listened to almost all of them too.Wanderlust has taken over the top spot in her books. The audio version of Wanderlust is simply delicious. Richard Armitage with his ever so sexy British accent, and Grace Grant are superb as Griffin and Joy. Lauren made me feel as if I was walking the streets of Paris with all the attention to detail. This book gave me so many feels,...
  • Patricia
    Once again I feel like I've experienced a new adventure in this book. Better narrator's could not have been chosen. I fell hard with the accent along with the vibrant descriptions of Paris. The story inspired feelings of contentment and left me with a yearning to visit myself. Great story, perfect narrator's and endearing characters. Everything needed to earn a 5 star rating . I am hopelessly addicted to Lauren Blakely and her wonderful imaginati...
  • CrazyDaisy
    5 Crazy Ass Must Listen Stars!!!!!This is a must listen if there has ever been one. Grace Grant. I absolutely love her voice. She just has this way of coaxing you into the world she's narrating. I get lost into every story that she's narrated. Then throw in Richard Armitage and all those luscious accents. I'm a puddle of goo. I loved the storyline. It was fresh, sweet, sexy, funny, and everything in between. I loved how swept away I felt with thi...
  • Katie Kelly
    I absolutely adored this book! I am a huge fan of British accents (2 ex boyfriends were English), so the words in the beginning spoke to me! “A sexy accent is the truest aphrodisiac.” This book taking place in Paris was perfect. The romance and magic of the city Lauren writes about transports you. Having spent time living abroad I found I could relate to the magic described! I absolutely adore Joy’s perfume collection/obsession and her abil...
  • Lynn Mullan
    WOW! What an amazing read. I always enjoy Lauren's books as they are sexy, but fun, too.But this book...the feels! Sheesh...she had me ugly crying at times, and I can't remember EVER crying over her books before. Joy, an American chemist, goes to work in Paris, and meets Griffin (her translator) who just happens to be British - her favourite accent. Working closely together, they decide to be just friends, but all their jaunts around Paris - to h...
  • Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*
    Loved Loved Loved It!Oh my gah! This book is so fracking amazing! I’m head over heels in love with Griffin and Joy! The narration is amazing, the characters are fantastic, and the story is so romantic and perfect! The backdrop of the city serves as a secondary character in the best possible way. It's an amazing and swoon-worthy romance. One of Lauren's absolute best!Here's the breakdown: Fresh off a recent breakup, Joy moves across the pond to ...
  • Alex in Spades
    All the Moments StarsBeautiful, amazing, enchanting. Full of love, heart and discovering what you love can be the best feeling in the world. Lauren did it again. She created a wonderful tale, and based it in Paris, making it even more magical. Joy and Griffin have my heart. Simply go read it (or better yet, listen to it)!Though now watching The Hobbit will be a bit weird. Oh Mister Armitage. Damn, you have a mighty delicious voice *blushes*
  • Lauren Lascola-Lesczynski
    ohh la la...who would have thought that a dirty talking Brit living in France and speaking the language would get me going? Ohhhh wait...I mean that sounds like a effing dream!!!!!! Griffin has ALL the things I want...ALL of them! I would stroll with him through the streets of Paris and just day dream away of all the naughty things he would do to me once we got back to his flat. Ohhh sorry...you prob want to hear about the book...not my dreams......
  • Virginia
    Wanderlust is the most romantic book I have ever read. Set in Paris, Wanderlust will take you on a trip that is not only romantic, but beautiful, breathtaking, and sensual.A hot British guy. An American woman. Both in Paris for different reasons. An epic love story that will stay with you for a very long time and is my favorite read of the year.Wanderlust is not only a beautiful story, but it is beautifully written. Lauren has captured everything...
  • Melissa
    **Audio ARC provided courtesy of InkSlinger PR**It's no secret that I adore Lauren Blakely. Her writing never ceases to amaze me but Wanderlust? It just blew me away. The story is so incredibly full of love and passion-both characters and life in general- that I was moved to tears more than once. This is a book that I will come back to over and over again.I quite simply adored Joy and Griffin. I was grinning from the moment the book began. I don'...
  • J. McCoy
    I'm enchanted. Wanderlust has put a spell on me. Its romantic and beautiful and I was captivated from start to finish. I want to go to Paris. I want to experience the magic of Paris the way Joy and Griffin did. It's been a few weeks since I read Wanderlust and just thinking back on it makes me tear up and gives me a tiny ache in my chest. If two people were ever so deserving of each other it's Joy and Griffin. Selfless, unassuming, only wanting t...
  • Cyndi Marie
    ***Audiobook Review***I want to go to Paris now!!! I truly could visualize everything in this book. I could tell by the descriptions of everything that Lauren Blakely wrote about what she saw while visiting the city or did some great research. I think that was my favorite thing about this book, seriously I could taste the chocolate with berry's and lime juice and to me that is awesome writing.Griffin is a seriously great character because he was ...
  • Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog
    Review and Behind-the-Scenes footage of Richard Artimage for Wanderlust at Of Pens and Pages.Overall Rating: 5 starsStory: 5 starsPerformance: 5 starsSTORY OVERVIEW AND REVIEW:Wanderlust, a perfect title for a story that will give you a major case of wanderlust, is definitely Lauren Blakely's sweetest novel yet. It's set in one of the most romantic cities on earth, with two strong and charming characters you'll root for from the start.While one ...
  • All Booked Out
    6 starsThis is without doubt my favourite book of Lauren's to date.It took me on a journey through Paris, and I could see, almost taste, smell and feel everything the characters were experiencing. Griffin and Joy have a connection off the bat, and in the bedroom they are certainly a match for each other! OOH la la!I tell you, If there is ever just 1 book (and there isn't) of Lauren's to put to film, this is it. Or do this first!! I have to see th...
  • Virginia Hill
    Wanderlust was much more than an audiobook. It was a lovely romantic adventure. I’ve never given a lot of thought to Paris—knowing I’ll never visit—but Lauren Blakely’s descriptions of the Paris that Joy and Griffin adored charmed me immensely. Richard Armitage performed his first contemporary romance so dreamily! And Grace Grant was fabulous, as usual. I’m so glad to have found Wanderlust, and that it was available to listen to as pa...
  • Yvette ~ Nose Stuck in a Book
    As if I needed another reason to want to read a book by Lauren Blakely, she made an announcement that had me inwardly squealing and not-so-inwardly jumping up and down with glee: Richard Armitage would be one of the narrators of Wanderlust. If a crystalline picture of the handsome British heartthrob doesn’t immediately form in your mind, do yourself a favor and Google him. That way you know just who is whispering sweet nothings in your ear whil...
  • Heather Pollock
    QueenZany 5 Star Review WANDERLUST by Lauren BlakelyWANDERLUST is utter swoon worthy perfection! Talk about melt your heart sexy and just divine storyline. Plus throw in that broody, sexy Brit, the and the city of love Paris. Boom a 5 star hit, that will guarantee to make you a swoony mess. Plus OMG Richard Armitage voice!! !If there could be death by a voice I would be a goner. Yes, this could have happened.
  • Chris
    Sexy, swoony, romantic, funny, this had everything. The narrators for this audio book were amazing and made the story come alive. #1 I love this author's books and grab each one as they come out. #2 I grabbed the audio book specifically because the male lead is performed by Richard Armitage. I mean, hello! Also, Grace Grant is fantastic as well. All in all, this is a fantastic story and I would listen again and again.
  • Berit☀️✨Traveling Sister✨
    5 OOHLALA STARS with a chocolate croissant on the side🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🥐Aww this book was just SWEET..... from the adorable swoon worthy love story,to the delicious chocolates and other treats, to the lovely perfume.... Lauren Blakely does it again!Joy is starting over with a new dream job in Paris.... I love this girl.... I would love to go to Paris and have a chocolate croissant with her and talk about fragrance with her (I just so happen...
  • Thelma
    What an amazing book!!Joy is an American working in Paris trying to escape from her past and her heart. she is not looking for anything, specially not a sexy man with an English accent. She just wants to experience Paris and learn the language.. but she wasn't prepare to meet him.. him the sexy man, with the sexy accent. a man that will change her life forever. Griffin is in paris working as a translator. Trying to fulfill a bucket list and achie...
  • Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers)
    Wanderlust is Lauren Blakely's newest adventure. I have read all, yes all of Lauren's books, and I have to say this is up there with my favorites! It's one of her more romantic books. Yes, it's set in Paris, but along with the city, the characters are just swoony and fun and sexy. An American and a Brit in Paris. Both living there temporarily for two very different reasons. They meet and there's instant attraction and electric chemistry. Griffin ...
  • Pam Sherman
    I love it. Just love it! I finished it Friday night, but had to let it settle a little before writing a review. I have never been to Paris, but feel much like I have now! I really enjoyed the way the City of Lights came to life along with the romance between Joy and Griffin. Joy's name certainly is fitting. She is just full of joy, and when something happens to bring her down, she pumps herself back up quickly. She is very determined to enjoy her...