Sterling, Best Dog Ever by Aidan Cassie

Sterling, Best Dog Ever

Sterling the dog has always wanted a home. But no home has ever wanted him. So when Sterling sees a sign on the side of the Butlery Cutlery Company advertising free "shipping to homes around the world," he is determined to become the most terrific fork ever! For what home doesn't need flatware?Sterling is delivered on time and undamaged to the Gilbert family's front door. He is not, however, what they ordered. . . . But he may be exactly what the...

Details Sterling, Best Dog Ever

TitleSterling, Best Dog Ever
Release DateJul 10th, 2018
PublisherFarrar Straus Giroux
GenreChildrens, Picture Books

Reviews Sterling, Best Dog Ever

  • Amber Webb
    *Thank you to Aidan Cassie (author/illustrator) for giving #bookexcursion a copy to review*Sterling is the story of a dog who didn't know who he was supposed to be; a fork? a chandelier? a stick? All Sterling wants to do is find a forever home and figure out what he is supposed to do and be. He just wants to please and do exactly what he meant to do. But he doesn't know what that is. Thanks to a very patients and loving family, Sterling figures o...
  • Viviane Elbee
    Funny book about a dog who is a little confused. Kids giggled while I read this. The art is great too.
  • Jessie Oliveros
    A story about a dog, Sterling, who just wants a home and takes a circuitous route through a fork factory. Now that he has that home, having been delivered in a fork box, he'll do whatever it takes to keep it. The family takes in the dog and watches, bewildered, as Sterling behaves like a fork (because isn't that what they ordered?) Through the sweet, soft illustrations Cassie shows the hilarious attempts of the dog trying his best to be a fork an...
  • Lauren Kramer
    Sterling, Best Dog Ever by Aidan Cassie follows the adventures of one very confused Dachshund. Sterling hasn't had very good luck in finding a forever home. His owners seem to always lose interest, sending him back to the streets.One night, Sterling notices a sign at the Butlery Cutlery Company. Their utensils are being shipped to "all the best homes." He decides to hide in one of the boxes where he waits to be delivered to his perfect home. The ...
  • Laura Mossa
    A very special thank you to Aidan Cassie and Macmillian Kids for sending Sterling to my #bookexcursion group in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.Sterling is determined to find a home. Sleeping outside the Butlery Cutlery Company, he sneaks into a box of forks that are delivered to the Gilbert family. When the family opens the box and finds Sterling, the mom and dad are perplexed but the daughter ‘s and her baby sister’s ...
  • Karen Abbott
    Sterling has received a lot of rejection and needs a home and people to belong to. He wants love so much that he is willing to do anything or be anything to live with these new people want--even if that means being a fork. "Sterling," silverware, fork, get it? Sterling won't do anything he doesn't believe a fork would do, which is unfortunate since all this family wants is a dog! Sterling comes to understand that they will love him just the way h...
  • Carrie Cogan
    I really enjoyed this story about a people-pleasing dog, Sterling, who learns to please his people by just being himself. The illustrations are remarkably detailed, and infuse the perfectly-subtle text with so much humour and feeling. I particularly loved the scenes in the park, depicting Sterling's skewed concept of fetch. My sons read the book with relish on two levels--both as a funny story about a very-flexible dachshund, and as a welcome, no...
  • Rebecca
    Adorable book with beautiful illustrations! Sterling is a dog just looking for a fur-ever home, instead of living out of a box. He tries as hard as he can to fit in and do whatever his humans want from him. It takes him awhile to learn some life lessons about being true to yourself and accepting yourself for whomever you are. Great lessons for everyone!! Great read aloud for the whole family or classroom! Thanks to Aidan Cassie for sharing a copy...
  • Ariana Bacle
    What a beautiful, timeless story about wanting to fit in and ultimately realizing that just being yourself is all that really matters. Together, the delightful, humor-tinged writing and the gorgeous, vibrant illustrations bring the instantly lovable Sterling to life. I've been looking for the right book to gift to the young readers in my life, one that will make them feel entertained and happy and inspired all at once, and this perfectly fits tha...
  • Hannah Holt
    A lovable and unique story about a dog, living alone at a fork factory. One day Sterling rides the conveyor belt and is packed up and shipped off with a box of forks. The dog tries his best to pretend to be a fork. He really wants to fit in with the household and be just what they ordered (so they'll keep him). Of course, dogs weren't made to be forks, and the harder he tries the more difficulties he experiences.A heartwarming tale of self-accept...
  • Beth Anderson
    There are plenty of stories about being yourself, but usually they feature one creature trying to be another creature. In this book, a dog tries to be a fork, which is just wacky enough to tickle some giggles from a child. In order not to be rejected again, he tries to be other things, anything to be needed, and kept, and loved. The message comes through loud and clear, and the illustrations are totally fun!
  • Kate Narita
    I'm a middle-aged adult and I still haven't learned what the canine super-sleuth Sterling learns in this picture book-just be myself. Stop trying to be someone or something I'm not. Granted I've never tried to squeeze myself into the fork drawer, be the pillar in a block tower for hours on end or be a doormat. Okay, maybe I have tried that last strategy. As Sterling can tell you, it doesn't work well. If you're a fan of Harry the Dirty Dog, be su...
  • Michelle Cusolito
    I love the opening of this book. "Sterling slept in a mostly waterproof box on a slightly damp pillow. It was like a house. But not much like a home."Poor Sterling. Will he ever find a true home? He tries to be exactly what he thinks his new owners want him to be. A fork. A whisk. A rolling pin. Will he realize that what they most want him to be himself?
  • Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow
    This is funny story with a lot of heart about a dog pretending to be a fork (and many other things) to find a home. Visually, it also depicts a mixed culture (appearing to be South Asian and white), interracial family. In the end, this story helps children learn an important message: just be yourself!
  • Jillian
    This book is just too adorable. The illustrations are darling, and the story is so sweet. (I got so sad about halfway through, when the mom and dad were giving him The Look when he was just trying so hard (too hard) to be exactly what they wanted!)
  • Christy
    What an adorable book! Sterling wants a home, so he tries really hard to be just what his family wants ... luckily he realizes that his girl just wants him to be himself. Great story about a dog finding himself, and a home.
  • Margaret
    This was a cute story about a dog too busy being everything but a dog in an effort to find a forever home. Poor Sterling has been rejected so many times and I really felt for him, which made the ending all the more heartwarming. Adorable illustrations make this story all the more enjoyable.
  • Melissa Stoller
    Lovely author/illustrator debut by Aidan Cassie with an important message about being who you are where you belong. Sterling the dog is an adorable character who finds his forever home by just being himself. The text and illustrations sparkle in this heartwarming story.
  • Edward Sullivan
    Charming story about a dog who comes up with a clever way to find a home.
  • Kerri Kokias
    A clever and humorous story with an underlying message of how it's best to just be yourself.
  • Stephanie Delman
    This is a delightful, adorable book that can teach kids AND parents a good lesson about individuality and acceptance. Highly recommended!
  • Ampersand Inc.
    Sterling is a puppy who is desparate for a home…and he finds one by pretending to be a fork.
  • Kelly
    It's a fun book with good illustrations.
  • Sarah Lynne
    Expressive, dynamic illustrations for a cute, silly story!
  • Syntha Green
    A sweet story of a dog trying to find his place in the world, beautifully illustrated.
  • Marina
    When Sterling finally realized what he needed to be it brought tears to my eyes. So adorable and well-written. And the illustrations of Sterling trying to be other things were so clever.
  • Emyrose8
    Sterling thinks he has to be a fork to fit in with this family, but is that really what they want? The illustrations are perfect for this sweet story!
  • Cathy Mealey
    It’s a fork, or a dog, that stars in STERLING, BEST DOG EVER. Although no home has ever wanted to keep Sterling, he is determined to find a family. Outside the Butlery Cutlery Factory, he comes up with a plan to be shipped inside a package of utensils. Sure, he may have to disguise himself as a fork to succeed, but he’s resourceful!The Gilbert family is skeptical but accepting of Sterling, and their dog-obsessed daughter is delighted beyond m...
  • Margie aka The Bumble Girl
    *A finished hardcover copy of STERLING, BEST DOG EVER by Aidan Cassie was sent to me by the publisher, Macmillan, for free for an honest review. All thoughts here are my very own.A timeless story about a pup trying to find a forever home, learning to be himself, and accepting himself and, once he can do that, also accepting the fact that everyone else will love him too!Sterling trying to please his new owners in any way possible was funny and sad...