Flying at Night by Rebecca L. Brown

Flying at Night

An emotionally charged debut novel, told through the voices of three family members, who learn that when your world changes, so does your destination....Stay-at-home mom Piper Whitman Hart is too close to her nine-year-old son Fred to realize that his idiosyncrasies are signs of something more. And just when his diagnosis of autism sends her life reeling, she's dragged back into the orbit of her emotionally abusive father, Lance, after a heart at...

Details Flying at Night

TitleFlying at Night
Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherBerkley Books
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Literary Fiction

Reviews Flying at Night

  • Angela M
    None of us are perfect and the things that happen to us aren’t always fair. This is precisely why this novel felt so real. The characters are flawed, their relationships are imperfect and life doles out some things that are difficult to accept and deal with. There are dysfunctional relationships between a father and his children and between a man and his wife. A devoted mother is in denial about her nine year old son who is diagnosed as being o...
  • Liz
    This is a well told debut novel about a family with issues. Piper is the mother of an autistic son. She’s still trying to adjust to that diagnosis when her father suffers a heart attack that leaves him with brain damage. The book is told from three perspectives, Piper, her father and her son, Fred. You see right away that Piper doesn’t recognize her son’s idiosyncrasies for what they are. And her father is a real piece of work; an asshole o...
  • Meredith
    Heartfelt read about a woman struggling to come to terms with her son’s autism diagnosis, while at the same time having to care for her emotionally abusive father. Piper, a former illustrator, lives in a fragile existence rife with anxiety. She ignores the problems in her marriage and brushes aside her nine-year-old son Fred’s odd behavior. She is aware that Fred isn’t like other children, as he struggles to form connections with people an...
  • Cheri
    ”Heaven bless the one who flies A pioneer on frontier skies The world was dark and your only mark Was the light of the northern star I imagine what was in your eyes The seeds of rust and days gone by Your wings hang in a gallery sky I wonder how you're flying” -- Heroes and Heroines , Mary Chapin Carpenter, Songwriters: Mary Chapin CarpenterThis begins in autumn, with Piper Whitman-Hart - named for the plane, mom to son Fred, as our first na...
  • Brenda
    When Piper Whitman Hart received the call from her mother to say her father had had a massive heart attack, her feelings were of quiet relief – she knew her mother would feel the same, as would her brother Curtiss. Lance was a well-respected pilot but at home was an emotionally abusive man and had been all their childhood – all their mother’s marriage. He wasn’t expected to live – but he did; his brain damage was severe.Piper’s son Fr...
  • Bam
    This extremely poignant and well-written debut novel is told from three points of view--that of Piper, a young wife and mother living in Wisconsin; Fred, her nine-year-old son; and Lance, Piper's father, a commercial airline pilot.Fred has recently been tested and diagnosed as being on the high end of the autism spectrum. Piper is devastated, wondering if something she might have done could have caused this to happen. And why wasn't it noticed ea...
  • Sarah Joint
    Thoughtful and poignant, this is an impressive debut from author Rebecca L. Brown. I do not have much experience with autism, but I am an aunt and caregiver to a child with special needs. My situation has not been completely similar to that of the main character, but there were moments I found myself identifying with her anyway. I think that'll happen to a lot of readers, caregivers or not. It's brutally honest - though Piper is certainly a good ...
  • Kelley
    Novel read upon request of publisherI wish I could give this novel 10 stars! Rebecca Brown will hit close to home with many different readers: Mothers with autistic kids, women taking care of older parents, adult children survivors of abusive parents, husbands and wives who've disconnected. The scope of this novel is incredible!Piper has spent years in therapy learning to deal with the verbal abuse heaped on her and her brother by her father. Her...
  • Dianne
    Three voices, three stories, three generations, all woven within the fabric of “family.” Witness the good, the bad and the love in a family riddled with flaws, yet in the end has the glue that gives strength and teaches lessons on life.Piper couldn’t see that her young son, Fred had a disability. He was serious, quiet and would zero in on his current interests with an obsessive enthusiasm to the exclusion of all else, including the social a...
  • Joseph
    This is a lovely novel. Wonderful characterizations, believable situations, terrific tension. A great read.
    Four plus stars. This debut novel, Flying at Night, by Rebecca L. Brown had me a little nervous because expectations. And fears. I pretty much review all my reading but with a formal request to read and review came an added sense of responsibility to do right by the author and I will straight up admit that I was afraid of too much cheese filling. I am relieved to report this deserves the praise it has received and after a slow start I grew to app...
  • Sharon May
    Thanks so much to NetGalley, Berkley, and Rebecca Brown for the opportunity to read and review her debut novel - I loved it. I think I'm a sucker for books that really delve into characters and quirky characters to boot - this one was all that and more.Piper was raised by a strict, controlling, verbally abusive father, Lance. Her brother left at the earliest opportunity and has very little to do with the family. Piper was always mad at her mom fo...
  • Gina Baratono
    The world seemed to love Piper's father Lance when she was growing up, and why not? They called him a hero. She had to admit he was a fantastic pilot, deserving of the nickname "The Silver Eagle". It was his expert piloting that allowed him to successfuly take a plane through a horrific emergency landing.At home, though, Piper's dad was not exactly a hero. Away from the spotlight, he was overbearing, bossy, a man of very few kind words, and a mic...
  • Charlotte
    This was a GoodReads giveaway win.Definitely an emotionally charged book. Lance "Silver Eagle" Whitman has a wife, a daughter (Piper), and a son (Curtis). He had a hard life with an abusive father. Lance turned out to be verbally and emotionally abusive to his family. His wife never intervened for the children or herself. Curtis left after college and cut ties. Piper married and had a son, but still lives close.This story tell about the different...
  • Amber Garabrandt
    Summary:This book is about a family learning to reconnect after several emotional and medical blows.Piper: Once an illustrator, now a stay at home mom for her nine year old Fred. He has idiosyncrasies, but to her the sweet boy is perfect. Highly intelligent and driven toward his interests, she only wants to encourage him. Yes, she would love is those interests were something other than war…. but what’s a mom to do? When the rest of the world ...
  • Jeanie
    What an incredible (first) novel! It is emotionally tumultuous, allowing the reader to consider her own family relationships through the safety of reading about someone else. The characters are thoroughly revealed through the three characters whose eyes we see the events through. This is written so well that this reader not only has empathy for those we read about, but also empathy for what the author must have experienced while writing it.Piper ...
  • Kathy
    4.5 stars.Flying at Night by Rebecca L. Brown is a bittersweet and touching novel of healing.Piper Whitman has a lot on her plate when she unexpectedly becomes her father's caretaker. Her husband, Isaac Hart, is a law professor who is also part of The Innocence Project so he works long hours and even when he is home, he is not always engaged with his family. Their nine year old son, Fred, is a delight but his many quirks and idiosyncrasies exhaus...
  • Phyllis
    This is a powerful story packed with emotions; it’s not a happy book but probably portrays many people’s situations. Don’t let this put you off reading it because the writing is excellent and the story keeps you involved. Piper is the mother of Fred, a nine year old who has different ways and is not sociable in the accepted way; she is finally forced to accept the diagnosis that Fred is on the autistic spectrum. She is the daughter of Lance...
  • Joann
    What a great read.
  • Jenn
    When I first started this book, I thought this is going to be cheesy exaggerated characters and they will do heartwarming things like a Hallmark movie. But once I gave it a chance past the first few chapters, I could not put it down. I was absorbed in the story, and loved how each characters flaws came out in a real way. At times I just wanted to grab Piper and say "Why can't you just forgive your father?!?" or "Stop yelling at Isaac, he's doing ...
  • Lauren loves llamas
    Trigger warnings: verbal and emotional abuseThis was a hard book for me to read. Besides being the mom of a child with autism, we had a health crisis in the family a few months ago that closely mirrored part of the book. So, basically, I’m putting it out there that while I normally try to be objective while reviewing a book, this was highly personal for me.“Though I was used to adjustments for Fred’s quirks, I had been raised to prize polit...
  • Carolyn Chambers
    Thanks to First to Read for an advance galley of Flying at Night. The author Rebecca Brown says that “Flying at Night is an ode to mothers who fight impossible battles for their children every day without blinking, go to sleep and get up and do the same again. We never know the hidden struggles that others are waging unless we bring our own pain and heartache out of the darkness and share it. We share it for one reason: so others know they are ...
  • C.E. Hart
    Flying at Night is different than anything I’ve ever read. That’s the simplest way to describe it. My experience is as if I watched the scenes from between my fingers—my hands shielding me from the full anguish of this dysfunctional family. These characters (who feel so real it’s eerie) are raw, unyielding, and to be quite honest, unlikeable—initially.The story involves three generations of the Whitman family, told from their individual...
  • Kathy
    I received a free digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.Flying at Night is an interesting premise though the book is uneven. I particularly enjoyed the author's note at the opening of the novel explaining her inspiration for writing the book, and it explains how she is able to capture the nuances and idiosyncrasies of a child on the autism spectrum. She similarly captures the experiences of an adult living with brain injury and these two c...
  • Diane Perry
    Thank you Berkeley Publishing for an advanced copy. Stunning, compelling and an emotional rollercoaster. That is the best way I can describe this book. I'm not even sure how many tissues I went through. Fred is a delightful boy that will steal your heart. His Mom, Piper, is trying to come to terms with learning her son has been diagnosed with Autism. She also comes from a dysfunctional family that has left some deep scars. The storyline with her ...
  • Cheryl
    This book is another one of those that is driven by characters. Yet, in this book I found that emotional connection with the characters lacking. Even though, Lance and Fred did get some of my sympathy. The innocence of Lance and Fred was sweet. However, because the emotions, I agree with other readers that it seemed to be over-empathized in what the characters were going through. The flow was a bit forced. Although, I did keep reading this book t...
    2018-04-15 At NightBy Rebecca L. BrownISBN 0399585990 (ISBN13: 9780399585999)rlbrownbooks.comBrought to you by OBS Reviewer JeanieSynopsis: An emotionally charged debut novel, told through the voices of three family members, who learn that when your world changes, so does your destination….Stay-at-home mom Piper Whitman Hart is too close to her nine-year-old son Fred to realize that his idiosyncrasies are sig...
  • Teri Parks
    Every person with autism is different. And each family's story is different as well. I tried to remember that as I read this book.As writers, I would assume that much research and life experiences go into each story that is give a confidence of being somewhat of an expert on a subject matter. The writer even states as much in her letter to the readers that the book was written based on her own life experiences. But, even though each...
  • Peg
    Wow, I can’t believe Flying At Night is a debut novel! This book is written with rich details, colorful characters, authentic dialogue, and a compelling plot. Flying At Night is told from three points of view, Fred, a nine-year-old boy with Autism, his mother, Piper, and Lance, Fred’s grandfather. My favorite was experiencing the world through Fred’s eyes. This book is not only about Autism. It’s also about growing up in a toxic environme...
  • Sue
    Being part of the sandwich generation means that you are taking care of children and parents at the same time. The main character in this debut novel is doing just that but with the added pressure of having a child and a parent with numerous problems. I found her life to be difficult and depressing but the way she handles it all is fantastic and is what makes this such a wonderful book.Piper's father is an arrogant man who made her life and the l...