X-Men by Ed Piskor


Over six tumultuous decades, the X-Men have carved a singular place in comic book lore and popular culture. From their riotous birth in the '60s, to their legendary reboot in the '70s, to their attitude adjustment in the '90s, to their battle against extinction in the '00s, the X-Men have remained unquestionably relevant to generations of readers, the ultimate underdogs in an increasingly complicated world. Now, New York Times-best-selling author...

Details X-Men

Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Marvel, X Men

Reviews X-Men

  • Logan Aube
    I really don't know where to begin with this book.Perhaps I should describe the yellowed pulp paper, or the thick line work, or the Kirbyesque faces and costumes.Maybe I should be praising the way Mr. Piskor has so beautifully highlighted the strangeness of the Silver Age X-Men while molding it into a single, tightly-woven narrative.Or maybe I should just shut up and implore you to GO BUY THIS FRIGGIN' BOOK. If you love or have ever loved or have...
  • Blindzider
    I like the idea of this and being a fan of the X-Men this project appealed to me. After reading it though, I'm underwhelmed.In this volume, Piskor takes all of the stories starting with the Lee series to just before Claremont's run, condenses them and puts them in a chronological order. Basically, if you read all of the original issues straight through, what were they key points that you would remember about each character and what happened? That...
  • Adam Stone
    The X-Men were the characters that got me into comics. I picked up all four issues of the X-Men Vs. Fantastic Four in the first comic book store I ever went to, and immediately fell in love with comics, and then read X-Men: Days of Future Present and was so confused that I stopped reading comics for several years.I've occasionally tried to read as much of the full run of X-Men and related comics (X-Factor, X-Force, Generation X, New Mutants, etc....
  • Jamie Connolly
    Meh. It was ok. Maybe if I was a bigger X-Men fan I’d enjoy it more. It read like a summary or history of the X-Men. Very little dialogue.
  • Nicholas Palmieri
    The first half of this was great, because Piskor got to weave together all of the disparate elements of X-Men history from before the actual series started, previously only referenced here and there via flashback. The second half was a much more straightforward retelling of the events of the 60s X-Men series (1-2 issues worth of story represented on each page), so it ended up feeling bland and disjointed. His cartooning is excellent throughout, t...
  • Dan Barker
    If you enjoy old underground comicsInteresting take. Piskor gives a general history of the X-men, but changes the timeline and the history to create his own story, mixing up what happens in the actual comics and bringing the Shiar in way early. Still, it is interesting, especially for anyone who likes the old underground comics from the 60s and 70s. That's the kind of artwork in this book. It is not your typical comic book. I would have been disa...
  • Shane Perry
    Read this as single issues, but I couldn’t resist this collection. It’s a miracle that Marvel allowed this to be published. This book is so indie in its style and so different from anything Marvel does. The oversized format is the way this book was meant to be read and it makes Piskor’s art pop like nothing else. Piskor puts together disparate comic stories from the last 50+ years to create a coherent timeline of continuity. Absolutely wort...
  • Chris W
    2.5 stars. This is basically a summary and love letter to Stan Lee's run on X-Men. If you like that run, then you'll absolutely adore this graphic novel. If you prefer Clairemont's take or more modern renditions of X-Men, you'll find this to be extremely cheesy and extremely outdated in terms of story and dialogue. The art and coloring are exceptional and bring the perfect sense of nostalgia to the novel. However, it's clear that before Chris Cla...
  • Edward
    Fantastic introduction to classic X-Men for someone who has only watched the films
  • Nick Nguyen
    Fun re-telling and re-framing of the pre-Claremont X-Men stories that suggests that there was indeed a grand design to those early serial narratives.
  • Dus T'
    Reminded me why I love X-Men and what they used to mean for fans and comic readers before the Marvel/Disney movie invasion and hijacking of the comic culture.
  • Ramon
    Nice, retro-flavored trip down memory lane, streamlining and summarizing the X-men's adventures right up until Krakoa took the original team. Some of this stuff I'd outright forgotten!
  • Simon MacDonald
    Absolutely gorgeous re-telling of the early X-Men comics by Ed Piskor. Fans of the X-Men and comics in general will really love this volume.