Canto Bight by Saladin Ahmed

Canto Bight

Soon to be seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, welcome to the casino city of Canto Bight. A place where exotic aliens, captivating creatures, and other would-be high rollers are willing to risk everything to make their fortunes. Set across one fateful evening, these four interconnected stories explore the deception and danger of the lavish casino city. - An honest salesman meets a career criminal as a dream vacation turns into the worst nightmare i...

Details Canto Bight

TitleCanto Bight
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherDel Rey Books
GenreMedia Tie In, Star Wars, Science Fiction, Fiction, Short Stories, Novella, Fantasy, Science Fiction Fantasy, Anthologies, Space, Space Opera

Reviews Canto Bight

  • Khurram
    A very disappointing book. One of the reasons it took me so long to finish this book is I could not really summon to motivation to carry on reading it. For short stories, the stories are very slow paced. I did not really care for most of the characters, and it DEFINITELY DOES NOT add anything to the Last Jedi movie. The one think I did like in this book was that as were re-used/mentioned from story to story.I could have learned everything I neede...
  • Lata
    3.5 stars. Like the collection of short stories "From a Certain Point of View", this collection of four novellas focus on the little guys in the background, the ones you might catch for a second before turning back to the main action. Canto Bight is where the rich of the galaxy go to play, and the rest, well, they get to keep their lives, if they're lucky. Though each author focuses on a different main character, there are characters common to ea...
  • Jordan Anderson
    Canto Bight may be the richest, most fantastic place in the galaxy but you sure as hell wouldn't know it based on these stories...As has come to be pretty much par the course with all these new canon tie-ins, Canto Bight is a huge disappointment. In and of itself the idea and the concept behind getting fans super pumped up and excited for the events on Cantonica in the upcoming The Last Jedi are good ones. Just think how much more fun Naboo and K...
  • Matthew Sciarrino
    This “prequel” in the road to the Last Jedi features a location that will be a setting in the upcoming movie. It features 4 novellas that take place in Canto Bight. Canto Bight reminds me of the many Cantinas and Casinos in the Star Wars games, i.e Knights of the Old Republic etc. It also makes me wonder why Lando Calrissian isn’t in this movie. This is his kind of place. Han, too would have been right at home. The 4 stories are very good. ...
  • Shane Phillips
    Bleech. This did not have the feel of being Star Wars related. This could have been any generic 'casino' science fiction book. Maybe the "Last Jedi" movie will change that. I am posting this 1 week before movie comes out. It might have been better to listen after the movie.
  • Josh
    I’d suggest reading Canto Bight after watching the Last Jedi. The film gives some context and perspective to the casino town which is hard to imagine from the limited exposure the 4 novellas offer. Whilst good in their own right, the lack of a predefined visual aide dampers the atmosphere in the novellas – the casino town is not Las Vegas nor does it compare in the film to it as such, so having a preconceived notion of the cityscape is recomm...
  • Brandon St Mark
    Over all none of these are bad stories, but none of them are that great. Kind of a reoccurring thing in the New Canon. None of the books are bad (well, except for the Aftermath books, a majority of them are bad sadly), but they just aren’t that interesting to me. And, Phasma aside, the ones I do like have to do with the Jedi. Which apparently is something the New Canon just doesn’t want to follow.
  • Timothy Martin
    The stories we see in this book each do a good job of of keeping you interested while making you care about the characters. Being able to see a planet so thoroughly built and described is a rarity in the EU, and it is very refreshing.However, given that it is full of short stories it is still difficult to get too invested in characters and you more of feel the obligatory "good guy should win" feeling. Overall, a good read for those already invest...
  • Jason
    Canto Bight is a collection of 4 short-to-medium stories about the Legendary gambling City of Canto-Bight on Cantonica. This is the place to go if you want to be involved in gambling of any sort, and those involved in the high stakes are always at Canto Bight. Lando and Han would have LIVED at Canto Bight back in their time if it had existed. Whilst these stories don’t follow any of the main characters, they give us the feel for Canto Bight, th...
  • Peter Hammond
    I started to get depressed reading Canto Bight. So I furiously started mapping out the new canon with magazine clippings and twine and big question marks like Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind. Then I got online and started making petitions, spent all my money on billboards, and turned on fandom like a jackal nipping at the tail of an elephant. I sank down into a deep, dark, lonely hole. Just screaming into the abyss. Finally I awoke from this fe...