The Last Jedi by Pablo Hidalgo

The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi(TM) The Visual Dictionary is the definitive guide to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, revealing the characters, creatures, droids, locations, and technology from the new film. Packed with 100+ images and information as penned by Star Wars(TM) scribe Pablo Hidalgo, it's a must-have for all fans who want to go beyond the movie experience.(c) & TM 2017 LUCASFILM LTD.

Details The Last Jedi

TitleThe Last Jedi
Release DateDec 15th, 2017
PublisherDK Publishing
GenreMedia Tie In, Star Wars, Science Fiction, Reference, Fiction, Fantasy

Reviews The Last Jedi

  • Stacey
    Staaaaar Wars, do-do-do Star Wars, do-do-do Star Wars, StarWars StarWars!It's a book about Star Wars. With lots of fun little Star Wars details and extra tidbits. And pictures of Star Wars. Star Wars.
  • Spencer
    This was a really interesting book, it provides an overlook of the aesthetics in The Last Jedi but most importantly contained lots of information about the film. There are factoids littered throughout, some are forgettable but some fill in the various questions I had and also provide background and context to many other aspects. As a Star Wars super-fan I really enjoyed this book, but I would also recommend this to anyone that remotely enjoyed th...
  • Linhog02
    In the Swedish version they accidentally wrote Kyle instead of Kylo and I can't stop laughing.
  • Diz
    It was fun to look at all the pictures of characters, aliens, ships, and technology. It helps you to appreciate how much work and thought went into the design of this film. On the downside, it focuses far too much on trivia rather than deep insights into important characters or the plot. I'd rather know more about Luke's motivation than what kind of leather a minor character's jacket is made from.
  • Austin Martin
    Reading this was fun because it was full of information about the characters, the movie, and the locations where events are taking place. Seeing the detail that went into making everything and the descriptions of each individual character and their purpose was my favorite part of the book. I saw the movie a few days ago and it was awesome! Reading this helped me understand what was going to happen in the movie and what to expect. The other part I...
  • Zara
    I wanted more information that we didn’t know about characters! Like who IS snoke?? But overall, great book! And, to be fair, it is a _visual_ dictionary. So 5 stars!
  • Kodie
    Although this on is on the lighter side of the Visual Dictionaries, the content is superb and adds even more great layers to the film and world.
  • Lisa
    I happen to find this at my library and I was super excited to check it out. This book is great even if you have or have not seen the movie. I learned a few things that I had missed watching the movie three times. Some things were explained that my not have been clear before.
  • Brandon St Mark
    This was a great read, and gave a lot of background information for the film. Between this and the art book, I'd recommend this a thousand times more. I'd go so far to say this is required reading for any Star Wars super fan (especially those people who make "theory" videos on youtube but don't read any of the comics, books, or other non-movie Star Wars media (can you tell those people irritate the shit out of me??)).I think my favorite pages wer...
  • Venus Maneater
    A lovely hardcover with beautiful photography that shows all the details that went into the costume/character/set/world design! Stuffed to the brim with trivia and factoids about the big characters (a Finn and a Rose), the smaller characters (a slave child) to the characters that hardly have any screentime. (a fat lady, who sings) While all the titbits are fun to read, it does feel an awful lot like fanservice, not unlike all the EU content that ...
  • ArwendeLuhtiene
    +1 An enjoyable read with interesting data about TLJ and lots of non-sexualized empowered female representation :D (which is the kind of SW and the kind of sci-fi all women need). -1 The only point I would criticize from a feminist point of view, in this case, are the strict gender roles of the Lanais society, complete with sexist notions of 'modesty' for the females :/ Most definitely not what I would describe as 'balance', and an unnecessarily ...
  • Joe
    Whatever problems I had with "The Last Jedi" (and there were many problems to be sure), I had no problem with it's visuals. "The Last Jedi- The Visual Dictionary" by Pablo Hidalgo, the next coming of George Lucas, was a delightful read.It fleshed out many of the characters, items, and places only briefly seen in the film. The imagination and detail put into the tiniest facet was amazing. Except for the space cow that Luke milks. That needed a lot...
  • Daniel
    These books are always my favorite to get more details and answer some questions I have after each new movie. The author is amazing and I say that as someone who followed his role at Lucasfilm since the old Hyperspace Webcam back in 2003. Altogether a great reference for those wanting to know more and a must for anyone doing any costuming from the new film.
  • Chloe (thelastcolour)
    great reference book for the last jedi - lots of facts, some interesting, some forgettable but would definitely recommend this for any star wars fan :)
  • Christopher Lutz
    These books have grown to be essential for mega fans like me who want context and the nitty gritty details of the plot of these new Star Wars films.
  • John Lamb
    There is a line pointing to the eyes of General Hux labeled "Remorseless gaze" in case you couldn't figure it out for yourself.
  • Stephen
    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Jedi: The Visual Dictionary is a 80 page hardcover showcasing the characters, ships, vehicles, creatures, droids and equipment of the film. No matter what your age, there’s some fun visuals and information in this book. Whether you’re looking for the name of a character or a better image of one of the Canto Bight aliens, there’s a good chance you’ll find it.If you’ve checked out the previous visual dictionaries,...
  • Todd Stansbury
    If you've ever been interested in exactly Vice Admiral Holdo's jewelry looked like close up or wondered where Snoke's praetorian guard came from then this is definitely a book worth reading. Like the other visual dictionaries of its kind, it gives the die hard fans a little something extra that the want to know; where did Captain Phasma's armor come from?; while helping the more casual viewer, or those new to the franchise better understand some ...
  • Carla
    This gorgeous large hard covered book covers one of the most beloved series of all times, Star Wars and more specifically The Last Jedi.Star Wars fans waited eagerly (and somewhat impatiently) for this movie to come out so that we could learn more about Rey, Finn, Poe and Kylo. We learned more about these incredible characters and uncovered secrets from the Star Wars past. This book takes us on an adventure (and in my opinion somewhat better than...
  • Matt Ely
    It precisely what it claims to be, a detailed look at the many details that are hard to catch when watching a movie. I enjoy seeing how much thought is put into the designs and character backgrounds, especially those that are on screen for a few seconds or less. Books like this can help answer some questions that are too lore-heavy to be compelling in film format. The one disappointment was that the “data file” segments had a habit of adding ...
  • Erika
    If you have just seen The Last Jedi and want more into, this is the book for you. From a great galaxy map of the planets to details of everyone’s rings and bracelets; it has a plethora of obscure facts! It talks of every character from the seemingly nameless beings walking around the casino to all the main characters. It has back story, minutia details about guns and ships, and lots of relationship info. I love that it includes all the animals ...
  • Sir Laguna
    Recuerdan a las cuidadoras que habitan la isla en la que Rey encontró a Luke? Se llaman Lanai y ahora se todo sobre la forma en que viven, su tipo de escritura, su árbol evolutivo y hasta sus costumbres de apareamiento.Se de donde proviene el Chromium con el que Phasma hizo su armadura, conozco los nombres de los jockeys que montaban a los fathiers en la carrera de Canto Bight, conozco las artes marciales usadas por la guardia pretoriana de Sno...
  • Shawn Walcott
    Still leaves many questions unanswered but does reveal some intriguing information about characters and plots in the movie. The organization and flow of the book left something to be desired, especially when it ended on a boring low note.
  • Ron Turner
    A great companion book for the movie that fills in some much-needed backstory. I especially enjoyed learning who all of the background characters were, from The Resistance fighters to the various aliens in Canto Bight.
  • Monika
    Za približných 12€ získate niečo ako "základný" obrazový slovník z posledného filmu. Nie je tam toho veľa, ale tak ako vždy, kniha veľmi pekne spracovaná. Keďže ide o obrazový slovník textu je naozaj málo ale určite odporúčam pre jej pekné spracovanie.
  • Pannita
    I enjoyed this book a lot as a fan of Star Wars and an artist. The photos and descriptions present in the book is vary useful for creating fan art works! I also think that it’s also good for cosplayers. :)
  • Carter Deering
    I loved this book, It gives you all you need to know about the The Last Jedi and more!!Porgs, First Order Invasion Force and Stormtroopers have to be my FAVORITE!!!
  • Ninit
    Very informative visual dictionary with sleek layout and detailed illustrations.
  • Jen
    Yes, I read the whole thing. Shut up.
  • Readergirl77
    Nathan enjoyed that it had so much information about Star Wars. He likes looking through the DK series of books to learn fun facts and see the characters.