Blink by Sasha Dawn


When Chatham begins to understand more about a crime she witnessed a decade ago, she disappears . . . in a blink. Finding her means more than simply saving her. It could also be the key to the town's longest unsolved mystery. Joshua's in love with Chatham and he's determined to find her and untangle the web of lies and mystery surrounding her. But who is Chatham really and what is her connection to the crime that was committed so long ago?

Details Blink

Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherCarolrhoda Books

Reviews Blink

  • Amy's Book Reviews
    GRADE: AOh Sasha Dawn, how did I not know you existed before BLINK?When Josh was four, a four-year-old girl disappeared from the beach. Twelve years later Rachel is still missing. Josh now spends his free time watching his four-year-old twin sisters while trying to keep his mother’s abusive ex from violating the restraining order with an invitation from his mother. When new girl Chantham comes to town looking for her runaway sister, Josh falls ...
  • Anne
    Another YA winner for me! When sixteen-year-old Josh meets pretty newcomer, Chatham on the beach one day, he is smitten and taken in by her story of the disappearance of her sister, Savannah who has apparently run away to this very town. Adding to the mystery is the long-ago abduction of a local girl, Rachel, whose disappearance is still in the minds of the townspeople as a child's bones are discovered. And yet another layer is the story of Josh ...
  • Kristi Housman Confessions of a YA Reader
    Blink was a mystery that pulled me in right away and kept me wanting to know more until the end.Josh lives in Sugar Creek, a small town in Illinois. His mother had him young and their relationship is really toxic. Josh has to take care of his twin sisters while his mom works, which is a lot. He is also trying to get through school and maybe get a football scholarship. Josh is protective of his sisters. Their father is abusive and they have a prot...
  • LitPick Student Book Reviews
    Chatham Claiborne is unlike any other girl that Josh has met. She’s feisty, secretive, and mysterious. Josh falls hard for Chatham. But then news starts to resurface about the murder of a young girl by the name of Rachel that happened 12 years prior. Josh starts suspecting that maybe Chatham had something to do with it or that maybe she knew something. Will Josh find out the truth in time?Opinion: I must admit, I had high expectations for this ...
  • Jenny Ashby
    I found myself disturbed by Joshua's home life and that sense of disquiet overshadowed a lot of the rest of the story for me. It seems obvious that we are supposed to be unhappy with his mom and former stepfather so Dawn did a good job of weaving some low level dread throughout most of the book, but that didn't make the book as enjoyable for me. I also was not taken with Chatham as a character. Something about her didn't connect for me so I had l...