Only Human (Themis Files, #3) by Sylvain Neuvel

Only Human (Themis Files, #3)

World War Z meets The Martian in the explosive follow-up to Sleeping Giants (“One of the most promising series kickoffs in recent memory”—NPR) and Waking Gods (“Pure, unadulterated literary escapism”—Kirkus Reviews).In her childhood, Rose Franklin accidentally discovered a giant metal hand buried beneath the ground outside Deadwood, South Dakota. As an adult, Dr. Rose Franklin led the team that uncovered the rest of the body parts whi...

Details Only Human (Themis Files, #3)

TitleOnly Human (Themis Files, #3)
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherDel Rey Books
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Fantasy, Audiobook, Adult, Aliens, Favorites, Science Fiction Fantasy, Adult Fiction, Novels

Reviews Only Human (Themis Files, #3)

  • Emily May
    It’s ironic, in a really sad way. There’s more closeness here, more love and acceptance, than anywhere else. White, black, brown, Christian, Muslim, all brought together by the greatest injustice of all. 4 1/2 stars. This has been such a fantastic series. I think Waking Gods will forever be my favourite, but there's many great things I can say about this final installment.While I felt the action was slightly toned down here (though still plen...
  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    4.5 stars. The giant robots are back!! On sale today, May 1, 2018. Review first posted on Fantasy Literature:Only Human wraps up Sylvain Neuvel’s excellent THEMIS FILES science fiction trilogy with some surprising plot turns. *Expect some spoilers for the first two books, Sleeping Giants and Waking Gods*At the end of Waking Gods, the robot called Themis was suddenly transported back home to her original planet by remote command of her alien mak...
  • Petrik
    4.5/5 starsA satisfying philosophical and thought-provoking conclusion to Themis Files trilogy.The Themis Files trilogy began with Rose Franklin finding an arm of a giant robot, since then, the first and second book has been pretty focused on the mystery surrounding this robot. Neuvel took a different direction in Only Human and like the title said, this is a book that’s centered around the source of almost every problem in the world, humanity....
  • Bradley
    The final book in the trilogy!This one's a hard one to review only because it bucks expectations. Maybe only mine, but still.Did I want answers and a big robot battle? Yes. Did I get answers and a big robot battle? Absolutely.The direction of the storytelling will probably take you for a wild loop, however. It did for me. The cliffhanger had all my sights on the alien homeworld (or it's war-staging area) and I'm totally into the epistolary nature...
  • Kayla Dawn
    I'm really happy with this. It was not a perfect book for me - neither were the other two - but I had fun. I think the series would've been perfect to me if it wasn't written in interviews and files and stuff. I just loved the story but sometimes I couldn't empathize with the characters that much due to the writing style. I'd still recommend this trilogy to everyone who likes stories about aliens. I had a really good time reading these books.
  • Karen
    Ohmygosh... The FEELS at the end! Neuvel rocked it once again with his series finale to the Themis Files. In Only Human, Vincent, his daughter Eva, Dr. Rose Franklin, and the General had been whisked off to the aliens' planet of Esat Ekt as the 4 were celebrating their victory while inside Themis. 10 years have passed and our crew finally manage to make their way back to Earth with Themis. Once again, the story is told in interviews, personal log...
  • Faith
    This is the final book of the Themis trilogy and I don't think it would work as a standalone. The giant robots that visited Earth in the last book have returned to their home planet, Esat Ekt. Unfortunately, Dr. Rose Franklin, Eva Reyes, her father Vincent Couture and General Eugene Govender were celebrating aboard Themis when the Council of Akitast (aliens who decide how their world deals with others) caused Themis to travel back to Esat Ekt. Th...
  • Liz Barnsley
    Oh my gosh I actually shed a tear when I got to the end of Only Human – possibly because of what happened in it but mostly because THIS IS THE END. What an amazing, entertaining, creative and brilliantly written trilogy.This series has had it all, amazing characters, heart stopping action, emotional trauma, and GIANT ROBOTS. Did I mention the GIANT ROBOTS?So Only Human completes the tale, here we find some of our friends living on an alien plan...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum a crazy ride it’s been. Only Human is the third book of the Themis Files trilogy, bringing an end to a saga that first began in Sleeping Giants, where as a child, protagonist Rose Franklin quite literally stumbled upon a discovery of a lifetime. While exploring the woods near her home in Deadwood, South Dakota, she accidentally fell into a square hole in the ground...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This was so good! The whole trilogy is really amazing. I actually remember reading the first book in the trilogy, Sleeping Giants, and thinking that it was just okay. Everything changed when I decided to try the audiobook for the story. I was really able to appreciate the story much more with the help of the narrators. When I picked up the second book, Waking Gods, I was worried that I wouldn't be as impressed by the book in print after my experi...
  • Kate
    4.25/5starsI had a revelation yesterday while reading this and toTALLY GUESSED THE VERY VERY END LOOK WHOSE CLEVER - IT ME.I did NOT on the other hand guess the big finale. That was definitely a shocker.Overall, this series was WONDERFUL and I can't wait to see what Neuvel puts out next. While this book didn't blow me away as much as the second did, and was much more like the first one, I really really enjoyed it. This series is just... really un...
  • Sana
    'Every movie we watch, every book we read, we see people who can solve every problem, face every danger all on their own. But in real life, Vincent, we just call the cops.'*WHAT DID I JUST REEEAAAAD?! THAT LAST PART WAS SO GREAT AND SOMETHING I REALLY HOPED WOULD HAPPEN AND I STILL WASN'T PREPAREDSo this book is basically a cautionary tale about what would happen if humanity as a whole lost its collective minds (which yes, is way, way, way worse ...
  • Carlos
    Thank you to folks at Netgalley for giving me access to a review copy of this book . First I have to tell you that I love this trilogy and I was immersed in this world as soon as I read “sleeping Giants” so I came into this book with a biased opinion. I won’t give any spoilers or a complex review until the official date of this book but I can say that I was satisfied with the ending , not completely happy but satisfied. Hopefully you guys a...
  • Manisha
    Neuvel and I have the same philosophies in life. I agreed with everything he said in this book about humanity and power. The cynic in me rejoiced. RTC
  • Veronique
    This was a much anticipated book, especially with the closing scene of Waking Gods. Once more, Neuvel doesn’t go for the easy solution, which is probably going to divide his readership. Several years have passed by and through a plethora of documents, we piece slowly together what has been happening to Vincent, Rose, Eva and General Eugene Govender on the alien planet, as well as on Earth. To show us Esat Ekt was always going to take some of th...
  •  ⇝LEAH⇜
    4.7 Out of 5 "Themis Inspired" StarsIf you love audiobooks, then this amazing series is a must listen. I know...I did read this. And, I only did so because I was preapproved for an ARC, and I couldn't wait until the release date to find out how this all ended. I will be listening on Audio, once it is released. I am sure that once I listen to this on Audio, my rating will be a full 5-STARS. My .3 deduction is because in book format; it's really ...
  • Lindsay
    The first entry in this series that I've done as an audiobook and after doing so, I'm finally beginning to understand the hype. This style of narrative works so much better as a full cast recording than in print.The story picks up years after the events of the previous book where Themis, along with Vincent, Eva, Rose and Eugene, transported to the home of the aliens. Themis returns to Earth and we get the story of what happens next interspersed w...
  • Ainslee
    A fitting conclusion to a fascinating trilogy
  • Lukasz
    I won't lie. I'm sad. Themis Files have ended. No more giant robots. Shame. On the other hand, I appreciate the way Neuvel has wrapped up the trilogy. I can say it was a satisfying conclusion to these brilliant series.Only Human takes place nine years after Waking Gods. The conflict we've experienced in previous books has changed the world. Significantly. Rose, Eva, Vincent, and Eugene have spent that time on another planet and when they come bac...
  • Pavle
    Možda i najhrabrija treća knjiga u nekom serijalu koju sam ikad pročitao. Stvarno, i dalje mi nije potpuno jasno kako je Nouvel (ištem oprost na sakaćenje prezimena) uspeo da napiše nešto ovako kvalitetno i nešto toliko suprotno od svih očekivanja, kako mojih, tako i onih zdravorazumskih. Elem, evo o čemu je reč: prva knjiga je bila blago palpi sajfaj knjižica koju je najviše izdvajalo iz mora sličnih naslova forma (niz intervjua, d...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    This is possibly my favorite of the Themis Files books. I ended up listening to the audio, which was a great experience. The author is even one of the voices! Since so much of this book will spoil the previous books, I'll put my comments behind a spoiler tag. (view spoiler)[So we know from the end of book 1 that the robots are alien-origin. And at the end of book 2, it seems like the robot has transported those inside to space. This book starts w...
  • J.M.
    I finished Only Human a day after it came out and have to say I'm quite disappointed with the book. I've read all three of the series (of course), and I truly liked the first two, but I would not recommend anyone else to waste money on this volume. Better leave it at two, even if it's a cliffhanger.The setup in book one and two was great. They were well organized and I tore through them in a day each at work. I pre-ordered Only Human immediately ...
  • Pamela
    What a perfect end Only Human was to an incredible trilogy. It was emotional, deep and satisfying. Despite the first book being far from perfect, The Themis Files has gone from strength to strength, culminating in a brilliant ending that had so much to say about humanity in the form of absolutely spot-on social commentary. "You build a revolution on ideas. If the population doesn't buy your ideas, it means they're not ready, or you're wrong...If ...
  • Joelene Weeks
    Wow! Sylvain Neuvel has done it again! I was so excited when I was approved for this ARC because I absolutely LOVE these books and Only Human is just as magnificent as the first two. I started reading it earlier this afternoon and finished it at a little after 1am; I couldn't sleep without knowing how it ended! I'll post a longer review closer to the release date, I need a minute to process all my thoughts on this one. Just know that it is an inc...
  • Tan Markovic
    Heartbroken this series is over...RTC
  • Clephiro
    Sleeping Giants was a a smash hit for me. I listened to it and fell in love. I read Waking Gods almost immediately after and then had to wait an eternity for Only Human.The audiobook for this series is AMAZING. Seriously, this is the way to enjoy this series. They have a full-cast recording and the voice acting is super strong.This book picks up right when Waking Gods left off after the alien invasion. Rose, Vincent, Eugene and Ava are transporte...
  • Amy
    When we last met our heroes, they were being whisked off to another planet by giant robots. Who wouldn’t anticipate the 3rd book in a series with a cliffhanger like that? The author opens by casually reminding the reader what happened in the first 2 books (which is always appreciated). Over the course of the book, we learn what happened on the planet--told through transcripts of recordings. In the last 2 books, these recorded interviews seemed ...